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Can you get away with murder?

Developer: inkle
Category: Games
Price: $5.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.4.2
ID: com.inkle.overboard


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JULY, 1935. A MURDER HAS BEEN COMMITTED aboard the SS Hook, eight hours out from New York.

Only one problem: you did it.

Can you get away with murder?


Blackmail a spy. Fall in love. Murder a rival. Cheat at cards. Drug a witness. Lie, befriend, betray, console, sneak, seduce, steal, borrow, pray, eavesdrop, kill...

There are clues, evidence, suspects, accusations, secrets and lies.

You’ll need all your cunning, coercion and charisma to ensure that someone else takes the fall.


* Next-gen visual novel: go where you want, when you want, and say what you want
* Simulated story-world: other characters move and act independently, remember everything they see and hear - and everything you do
* Every minute counts: you have eight hours to escape justice. Time is always ticking!
* Who can you trust? Some characters are friendly, and some are out to get you. Who will you befriend? Who will you betray?

Built using the award-winning ink narrative engine, Overboard!'s narrative twists itself around every choice you make.

Play once for a thrill, or multiple times to uncover all the secrets and achieve an ideal ending.


One play-through lasts about 30 - 45 minutes, but achieving the perfect crime run will take a lot longer...


Version history

Minor layout fix
Full Spanish localisation.
- minor story fixes
Minor fixes. Optimised battery performance. Made the flooping profanity filter persist across runs.
Fixes to the story flow, making a couple of the other characters a little smarter in what they can accuse you of. You have been warned!

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4.4 out of 5
177 Ratings


Mr dr prof patrick,
Great game!
This interactive story game is fun to play and replay through as even when you succeed you may still find that there is more to the story, leaving room to go back and check for other paths and try to fix your current choices or even try to find another route. My only complaint is that some of the choices are not very clear as to the dialogue that will be given to them, for example, when it give the option to rest in your room, it would be nice to know that this means that you will sleep through the final meeting and essentially forfeit the round rather than nap until the meeting as I was attempting to do to pass the remaining 30 min or so till the final meeting. VERY daunting to have to restart and repeat all the same choices just to see if what I had would have worked >:/ ... Otherwise a great game and worth the cost.
Another Inkle Hit
UPDATE: Bumped up to 5 stars thanks to the recent update to optimize battery utilization.

This is - like all Inkle games - an extremely well-written game with a simple premise: get away with murder on a ship. For those unfamiliar with Inkle games, this is like a choose your own adventure with great depth. The dialogue feels natural; the graphics are clean and snappy; the sound is minimal and appropriate. Most importantly, the replayability and variety of choices is vast. The challenge is quite high, as you’re dealing with a large variety of dialogue options coupled with a time crunch to meet your goals. As you take an action, time passes. Each character is on a different part of the ship at a different time of day, so you need to be strategic about what you want to say / do / when you want to go to each section. Also with each replay, you learn something new and unlock new objectives. This adds to the challenge. For me, this is another slam dunk from Inkle that I’ll be sinking hours into.
Excellent Reverse Murder Mystery
With the amount of games about it out there, solving a murder is easy. Getting away with it is hard. This game confirms that. The forethought the writers did is excellent, I frequently found myself getting caught by assuming the fellow passengers would be stupider than they actually are. However, that made the eventual victory all the more for filling.

The only problem I have with this game is the amount of my battery that it chugs through. In the worst case, this means you can’t play the game for more than an hour at a time; but conveniently enough, the game’s repeatable format works very well in short segments.
Great game one suggestion
I really love this game it has some unusual so if you’re particular about your games keep that in mind. Great animation style and sound effects. There are lot of things you can do in the game that you won’t realize even after playing the game for a lot of time. It is $6 which is a lot for a game, but remember it’s made by a small indie studio. I think there should be around two new maps/stories added to the game to keep it interesting because it gets a bit repetitive.
Just wow
This is what I believe peak mobile gaming looks like. Unique concept, great art and art style, just fantastic. I really want to see more from these developers and story based games like this as I haven’t seen anything like it. Most story games on the App Store are cash grab garbage. This is truly one of the best most unique games on the App Store. Of course not without its flaws, but for a mobile game of this ambition, it deserves 5 stars
<3 Kimmy <3 :),
The sound isn’t working for me?
Hello! I just downloaded the game and I was excited to play but I don’t hear anything? My sound is all the way up on my phone and it works on other apps but not Overboard! I have the volume in game all the way up as well but still cannot hear things? I haven’t played it passed the beginning monologue because J want to get the story in full storytelling gameplay. I bet it’s good and I’m excited to play but I just want some sound help before I begin? Can anyone help me with tips or anything? Thank you!
All the visuals in this game are very stylish and engaging- they're what drew me in initially and I was even more impressed once I actually played through the game. I went in expecting a relatively short game, but the time-loop style structure offered an incredible sense of replay-ability even after I'd completed the main goals. Overall, very fun and worth a go!
Clever idea, disappointing
The premise is unique and could be really cool. The dialogue is good although I often felt obvious responses weren’t available. For the price of the game I expected it to be fully voice acted and to have interactive backgrounds, but essentially it is a text adventure with character artwork. If I had known that beforehand I would not have bought the game at this price. I would say wait for a sale if you want to check it out. The storylines are entertaining and I can see how the game would have decent replay value.
Will They Ever Be Another Ending?
I got all the endings, and I’m wondering, will they’ll be another ending, I have a great idea, after killing Clarissa, the ghost of Malcolm comes and tries to gives us a scare, Veronica wakes up only to reveal it’s been a dream, we then can take two choices by telling Malcolm that they had a dream or ordering champagne for Malcolm, leading into a route to poisoning Malcolm, that’s my idea
-Art is good.
-Obviously effort was put into the storyline.

-Overpriced for what you get.
-There’s no way to mute the sound only some of the background music.
-Every time you reset the game back to 8am (and you will often) you have to watch the opening & credits all over again… & again… & again… & again…
-While im sure its probably possible to win its quite trying to have to repeat things over & over trying to figure out the exact magic sequence that will let you win because theres apparently only one.
-Logic doesnt seem to play any part in this. Im debating if itd be worth the effort to try to create my own flow sheet to track the responses. A big part of me doesnt think this game is worth the effort tho.

So. 1 star for art & 1 star for effort. Minus 3 for so many annoying issues.