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Developer: Jani Tantarimaeki
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.9.12
ID: com.takomogames.pocketroguelike


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Pocket Roguelike is a hack & slash action RPG with procedurally generated levels, tons of loot and permadeath. Find treasure chests, trade with merchants and fight strong bosses. Six heroes to choose from, each having unique equipment layout and 12 powerful skills to decimate foes in your path.

● 65 randomly generated levels
● 250 + loot to find
● 6 hero classes (Templar, Rogue, Barbarian, Mage, Druid and Necromancer)
● Total of 72 powerful skills
● Each class has unique equipment layout
● Trade with merchants, open treasure chests, find hidden stashes
● Permadeath

After a thousand years of peace in the realm, an ancient evil has formed a binding between the realms of light and dark. Demons and beasts are crawling through and ravaging the lands like wildfire. Brawest of heroes are called upon a quest to end the Corruption.

Start a journey from the snowy Haven's Peak, travel through spider infested caves, dense forests and sinister dungeons. Can you survive to the Corruption and sever the dark binding between realms before it is too late? 65 randomly generated areas to fight through.

Find weapons, armors and jewelry with magical properties. Collect SETS of items. Find rare ancient LEGENDARY class items with epic properties. Pocket Roguelike has over 250 items!

Play as a TEMPLAR a devoted knight sworn to purge the unholy, skillful archer ROGUE or get ready to brawl as furiously strong BARBARIAN. Descend the dungeons as a MAGE, the master of elemental magic, decimate your foes as a shapeshifting DRUID or raise your own skeletal army as a NECROMANCER. Each class has unique powerful skills and equipment layouts.

No roguelike would be a roguelike without permanent death, so tread carefully hero.

No hero should have to handle heavy lifting. Travel with your trusted mule companion and let him carry all your loot. Mule can also visit the nearest town to sell items you don't need.

Pocket Roguelike is actively developed (by one guy) and players' suggestions and ideas are listened, i'll keep my best to answer all of them. You can send me email at [email protected] or follow the development from my twitter channel at https://twitter.com/takomogames

Pocket Roguelike has an original soundtrack made by The Great Red. You can find more tunes by the artist from their Sound Cloud page at: https://soundcloud.com/thegreatred.

Version history

* All challenge areas now have time limit.
* Changes to some enemy behavior.
* Increased stackable item stack size to 50.
* Fixed issues with keys in mule inventory.
* Other minor bugs fixed.
* New Challenge area: Bandit Base! (Finish before time runs out!)
* Mimics
* Mercenaries (hireable minions that can use spells!)
* Changed minimap location

* Balance changes
* New quest areas: Sandpit and Dark Forest!
* Minions follow hero between areas! (but as weaker lifeforms lose 50% of their health in the process)
* Dark Merchants!
* Increased skill damages and lowered mana consumption (except minions and buffs)
* Lowered skill cooldowns.
* Separate music for boss arenas.
* Fixed issue with ads
* Minor bug fixes.
* New quest areas: Sandpit and Dark Forest!
* Minions follow hero between areas! (but as weaker lifeforms lose 50% of their health in the process)
* Dark Merchants!
* Increased skill damages and lowered mana consumption (except minions and buffs)
* Lowered skill cooldowns.
* Separate music for boss arenas.
* Minor bug fixes.
- Increased Mule storage slots by 30.
- Bug fixes.
- New Challenge Area: Abyss!
- 5 new legendary weapons!
- Fixed issue of rewarded ad could not occasionally load
- Nerfed orc archers (removed chance of bleeding)
- Added mute all sounds setting
- Updated Ad platform SDK's
*New hero class: Necromancer!
*Cluster arrow explosions have less scatter
*12 new items, including 3 new legendary items
*Lots of game balance changes based on player feedback: Increased exp from enemies, adjusted item level requirements, lowered enemy damages.
*Training level change: Maximum base damage lowered from 300% to 150%. What this means: all your points in that category will be doubled and any excess returned as coins.
*Vases are destroyed by walking on them
* Changes to in-game UI.

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4.1 out of 5
52 Ratings


I want to love this!
I’ve played through a few runs thus far and love the concept, but something is just missing. I understand the need for ads to generative some revenue, but if I could spend $3.99 to sell my gear without watching an ad or progressing 5 levels, I’d pay it gladly. I’d even spend a couple bucks to buy some gold to upgrade a little bit or a bundle package for $9.99 to unlock all heroes. Perhaps even some money to keep inventory on death each time. You have to pay yourselves in order to want to continue improving the game. There’s so much potential here.

For new players, watch the first boss on floor 5, it will stop and a red exclamation mark will appear, the boss will shoot out a bunch of spikes. If you’re too close, it will kill you in one shot. Took me 2 runs to figure it out.
Slasher Review,
Excellent Lite Roguelike
While there is nothing particular complex about this aRPG, that can be a good thing if you are only looking to play a quick dungeon crawl. The game in its current state is well polished, and I have been able to reach the end of the basic primary campaign without spending an excessive number of attempts (though I am sure the various challenges will greatly expand the potential content and difficulty).

At this point, I can only notice a few flaws:
1) The left “movement” joystick is a little too finicky about exact finger placement to start movement. This can get annoying when you occasionally fail to accurately evade a monster rushing towards you.

2) Like other posters have complained, the orc bowmen are too powerful for their first appearance. I was not amused to be held up at 4-3 for four runs, only to reach the final boss fight on my very next run. Consider nerfing the orc bowmen and buffing the difficulty curve afterward, so the challenge growth remains consistent.

3) I have noticed that random events like merchants, shrines, challenge huts, and chests only appear in a level if you have not previously save and quit. I do not know if this is a bug or an effort to thwart save scummers, but at least I like being able to play games in short breaks without feeling punished for it.

Sorry if it sounds like I am complaining, but I am at least trying to give detailed input. Thank you again for all the effort you have put into this game, devs.
Just What I Was Looking For
I really like this game and it’s simplicity, but I wish there were more Legendary items. I also have a problem with the keys. Abyss seems much easier early game than the Arcane Planes, yet they seem to have the same loot tables. Why waste time clearing Arcane Planes when the loot is just as random? That’s my only real complaint, other than that, please add more items and/or classes!
I would love this game
It's an awesome rogue like game. But I want to purchase a no adds bundle or something. it's not the ads I choose to watch that bother me, it's those pesky banner ads that are very annoying. But a purchase to disable all ads (watch ads and banner ads) would be so much better. That's pretty much it. The ads are the only thing I hate about this game. And I will gladly pay to disable them.
And I don't mind earning the coins to unlock new heroes. I can earn ingame coins the right way by playing the game. Maybe a purchase with (no ads and bonus gold earnings). So you can earn gold a little quicker if you pay for the bundle.
But please come up with something to disable those ads. It's a great rogue like game.
Coffin Queef,
Love it
However, would prefer an attack pad like mobile legends, and the joystick is pretty small and my thumb slips off it, and my left hand loses feeling while playing just from position I have to have in while playing.

The above are my only complaints, for such a simple game it’s challenging, rewarding, and keeps my attention. Whoever put it together knows what they’re doing and it shows.

Would like to see a paid version that removes the ads, the ads are well placed for a f2p game, they’re not invasive, and quite frankly it’s genius.

It’s well worth the play and the app store needed it. We all know the selection of games on the monopolistic app store is terrible.

Would love to be involved in the sequel, or even this game.
2 thumbs up!
Great game just one suggestion
The game is amazing. I’ve spent a lot of time so far on this. Just one thing in my opinion would make it a million times better. If the option to use my controller was made. I love playing games with controller support and this game would be perfect for it. If you guys can make that possible I would love it that much more.
More game mode
I think we need game mode like survivor vampire, it better if we can prepare item or buy item before the game start, more gold loot, the last one is more think to power up like gem or some passive skill. I love this game hope your dev can do all this even This game is free. :-) Thank for reading my comment. Love u guys
Really good game!
Amazing free game with so much potential. Would give it 5 stars but a certain point the game is unbeatable. For God’s sake nerf the Orc Archers! These are the true last boss of the game. Tanky, ranged attack, high damage, POISON ON HIT, and they literally spawn all the time on Dead Trenches level 3. Done 3 runs and every time I die to them. Developer, if you’re reading this, please change them ASAP! You have a gem of a game.
Iron mikel,
Fun game, slow in beginning though.
I enjoyed playing this game, each character has their own skills and equipment which makes it fun. Although I wish there was some kind of item codex to see which legendary‘s I haven’t found yet.
Phone gets too hot
This game is pretty cool, but my phone gets rather hot while I’m playing it. Most other games (and I play a lot of them) don’t cause my phone to become nearly this hot while playing. And this game seems like it should be less intensive on processing than other games, which leads me to think it’s an optimization issue