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Meet Your Cat-eared Youth

Developer: BadMouse Co., Ltd.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.10.0
ID: com.droidhang.tdm.ios.foreign


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When you awake, you find yourself transported back to the time when you were a student. You find it hard to breathe under the massive study load and oppressive environment, until you meet a stray cat that manages to wriggle its way into your world by chance...

What? That gentle and kind cat was actually a shy boy?! What kind of life will you choose this time?
Create a cozy home with your cat-eared youth: You can cook, decorate, and raise little animals together. You can eat chilled watermelon with a spoon together in summer, and snuggle on the couch watching old movies together in winter. The life that you have always wished for can become reality here...

Begin a New Story
This story is told through interactive comics. You'll need to consider and make your choices to progress. What will you do when the cat you take in turns into a human? What kind of outfit will you wear for your spring outing...?
Each interaction will give you a chance to better understand your cat-eared youth. Each time you try your best, you'll have a chance to get one step closer to your dream. Each action you take will impact the continuation of the story. So, what kind of choices will you make?

A House of Your Own
You can have a house of your own to decorate as you like! It has a big floor-length window. You can fill the house up with your favorite furniture and items for your pets. It also has a little yard where you can grow all sorts of plants!
Every time the warm sunlight spills into the house, you can curl up in your rocking chair and watch the cats and dogs happily playing in the yard...

The Joys of Raising Virtual Cats
Are some special reasons keeping you from raising the pets you like? Now you have a little house of your own, so you don't need to worry about mom not letting you raise cats! Between bathing them, drying their fur, and playing with them, raising cats is no easy task. Please lend a hand!

Exquisite Outfits
A universal trouble on many girls' minds is, "What on Earth was I wearing last year?" There's no need to worry here, though! More than a hundred outfits are waiting for you to try on! Bravely try out styles that are different from what you usually wear—different outfits can trigger different stories! Eh? I wonder what kind of story will unfold if a boy is put in a dress?

Explore the Cats' Social Circles
If your cat could talk to you, what would they say? WeCat is a mysterious place where you can learn more about your cats' secrets and funny stories from their daily lives... Will you choose to be a quiet observer, or join in the fun with your feline friends?

The Catcha Machine
Didn't expect to catch cats in a claw machine, did you? Catch them and they're yours! Huh? Do these cats have their own personalities and jobs? There are also tons of decorations, souvenirs, and snacks, such as strawberry pudding, macarons, boba milk tea... There are so many yummy snacks! I wonder what it'll be like when the house is filled with them?

Version history

No matter how far apart we are, we'll meet here eventually.

New Journal
Chapter 24 Breaking the Inpasses
The mysterious man in the rain turns out to be...

[Light-years Away] Anniversary Event
How will we meet in the parallel universe?
Keep running to collect shooting stars!
Exclusive rewards and stories await!

The April Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Spring-exclusive snack Green Rice Ball and Strawberry Daifuku Cat!
Can only be obtained from the April Claw Machine.

New Optimization
Added a new feature to let out or save cats in Storage.
All encounters are never a coincidence. It is only because you're here, that's why by a stroke of luck, I happen to be here too.

New Journal
Act 4-22 One-way Street
Sunday Shop is being accused of plagiarism?!

The Great Valentine's Day Battle - Valentine's Day Event
Psst...! Are you ready!
This is our Great Valentine's Day Battle!
Let's create the dishes required for the proposal together and collect white roses.
There are even exclusive rewards and stories waiting to be unlocked!

The February Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Winter limited edition snack, Diamond Candy, and cute winter clothing.
Can only be obtained from the February Claw Machine.
Wishing all our Petkeepers a happy Lunar New Year!

New Journal
Act 4-22 One-way Street
Sunday Shop is being accused of plagiarism?!

Spring Festival Event: Spring Festival Bunnies
As the rabbit of fortune ushers in the new year, may all be blessed with peace and good health.
Come collect Carrots with Oliver
and feed the bunnies.
Lots of Spring Festival limited rewards are waiting to be unlocked!

The January Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
The winter limited edition snack, Candied Fruit, and American Curl Cat
can only be obtained from the January Claw Machine.
Let's celebrate Christmas together this year too!

New Journal
Act 4-21 New Life
The future may lie in uncertainty, but every new beginning is still worth celebrating!

Christmas Event: Christmas Eve
Make candy canes with Gumi and
decorate your own Christmas-themed room!
Attractive rewards are available for exchange too!

The December Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
The winter limited edition snack, Candy Cane, and Polar Bear Cat
can only be obtained from the December Claw Machine.
On All Hallows' Eve, a grand show is about to begin...

[New Journal]
Act 4-20 Courage
A life crisis looms! How would one choose in a situation like this?

Halloween Event: [Magical Night]
The story begins with a girl who falls down a rabbit hole
while chasing after a white rabbit...
Let's attend the tea party and collect Roses.
And unlock your exclusive rewards and stories!

The October Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
The fall limited edition snack: Pumpkin Pie and Kingpin Cat
Only available from the October Claw Machine.

Optimized Affection levels of animals in Stroll and adjusted their preferences and adoption conditions.
Reduced requirements to unlock Yard and Stroll.
The moon is gorgeous tonight. Would you like to join me in moon gazing?

New Journal
Act 4-19 Makeover
Animal Shelter has been revamped?!

Full Moon's Day Event
A full moon occasion.
Collect Osmanthus and illuminate the way home for Jade Rabbit.
Exclusive gifts from the Moon Palace are waiting to be unlocked!

The September Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Fall limited edition snack, Salted Yolk Pastry, and zoo series clothing.
Can only be obtained from the September Claw Machine.

New Optimizations
Fixed a display issue in which dogs in the yard disappear after returning from Stroll.
Reorganized Storage to display all categories of room and yard items.
Spend the summer eating watermelon with Oliver!

New Journal
Act 3-18 The Truth
The Animal Shelter is actually hiding such a secret...

Limited-time Events
The Gothic Tea Party Carnival is now available for a limited time!
The Tea Party themed limited accessories, furniture, and kitties are now available!
Come and see whether luck is on your side!

The August Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Summer limited edition snack, Green Bean Popsicle, and tropical rainforest styled souvenirs.
Can only be obtained from the August Claw Machine.

New Optimizations
Fixed the bug where shards do not automatically combine even though there are sufficient shards.
Fixed the issue where custom names for some cats are not displayed in WeCat.
Is the gift ready?
Come celebrate Oliver's birthday!

New Journal
Act 3-16 Rainy Day
Luna's necklace. I think I've seen it somewhere before...

Act 3-17 Falling Sick
Oh no! Oliver's sick!

Oliver's Birthday Event
Let's make desserts together
and celebrate Oliver's birthday!
Exciting gifts are waiting for you!

The June Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Dragon Boat Festival limited edition snacks: Zongzi and Zongzi Cat
Can only be obtained from the June Claw Machine.

New Optimizations
Optimized how some cat accessories are displayed when worn.
Fixed a bug in which some WeCats could not be unlocked.
Every moment spent with you of the 365 days is worth treasuring.

[New Diary]
Act 3 13 Plants
The right path or the suitable path, which one will you choose?

Act 3 14 Drama
People who work hard for what they love are shining.

Act 3 15 See the Sea
He is not indifferent, and never omniscient.

[First Anniversary Celebration]
A movie about Oliver and Boss Mo is now online during the Anniversary Celebration.
Collect movie tickets to contribute to the box office.
Tons of secret stories and anniversary celebration clothing & furniture await!

The April Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Green Rice Ball with the flavor of spring and new limited edition clothing!
Can only be obtained from the April Claw Machine!

[New Optimizations]
Optimized the lag issue.
Added furniture interactions.
Every day spent together with you is like Valentine's Day.

New Journal
Act 2-11 Interlude
Dangerous encounter after work!
These hands? Is it him?
Seems like he saved me again...

Act 2-12 Unwelcome Guest
I've got a feeling about this...
With him in our house,
it'll be nothing but bad luck going forward!

New Features
Friends can be added now!
Send Poop Candy to each other with your friends to exchange for previous event items!
Visit a friend's house for a stroll and you may have an unexpected harvest!

New Events
The Valentine's Day event has begun!
Let's make Cookies filled with love and give them to the one you like
to trigger a dating story and get a surprise gift!

The February Claw Machine Limited Event has begun!
Sparkling Diamond Candy
A Valentine's Day souvenir, filled with love.
Can only be obtained from the February Claw Machine.

New Optimizations
Optimized the price of the kitchenware Wok and Stock Pot.
Optimized the errors in some of the chapters.
Fixed some screen display errors.
Fixed some known bugs.
The snowy winter has arrived. Come and watch the snow with Oliver!
1. Added Chapter 10;
2. Added Hearts Lucky Bag feature;
3. Added November Exclusives;
4. Optimized some known bugs.
The Halloween theme event is now available and waiting for you!
1. Added a limited time Halloween theme event.
2. Added Chapter 7, 8 and 9.
3. Added a new feature - Stroll.
4. Added facilities to parts of the garden.
5. Added some Claw Machine prizes.
6. Optimized some known bugs.
1. Fixed the bug of login failure when switching among Facebook accounts.
2. Improved the stability of the current version.
3. Fixed other bugs.
It's great to meet you all petkeepers! Come online and get Server Launch gift - Maid Outfit. Register to claim value items and exclusive outfits! Intriguing gameplays: interactive plots, outfit system, planting, petting cats, decorate houses... are all yours to experience!
It's great to meet you all petkeepers! Come online and get Server Launch gift - Maid Outfit. Register to claim value items and exclusive outfits! Intriguing gameplays: interactive plots, outfit system, planting, petting cats, decorate houses... are all yours to experience!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
bonus pack 1
(bonus pack 1)
JJ052032653✱✱✱✱✱ 7499A34✱✱✱✱✱
bonus pack 2
(bonus pack 2)
JJ738547717✱✱✱✱✱ B6E46AE✱✱✱✱✱
Novice Gift Pack
(Special Gift Pack-Novice Gift Pack)
JJ943167588✱✱✱✱✱ ADF9A24✱✱✱✱✱
Heart Slot 1
(Currency Gift Pack-Love Stall 1)
JJ529859705✱✱✱✱✱ 6DBF9B5✱✱✱✱✱
Common Pack 3
(Surprising Pack - Common 3)
JJ851215451✱✱✱✱✱ 30EABBD✱✱✱✱✱
Medium Pack 1
(Surprising Pack - Medium 1)
JJ099986164✱✱✱✱✱ 821EA08✱✱✱✱✱
Heart Slot 2
(Currency Gift Pack-Love Stall 2)
JJ293175735✱✱✱✱✱ CD9EA1B✱✱✱✱✱
Clothing package
(Limited Gift Pack-Apparel Gift Pack)
JJ360014691✱✱✱✱✱ 839174F✱✱✱✱✱
Cod Slot 1
(Currency Gift Pack-Dried Fish Stall 1)
JJ615112827✱✱✱✱✱ 3A6F748✱✱✱✱✱
Cod Slot 2
(Currency Gift Pack-Dried Fish Stall 2)
JJ771495091✱✱✱✱✱ 41848A5✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
41.7K Ratings


Wizard duck,
Impressively interactive, cute, and self-aware
I have tried many of these genre of pet-collective and cute rpgs, but the free mobile game platform fails to make these genre feel complete. However, with Purrfect Tales this is not the case. There is an interactive story that is surprisingly encapsulating, although it is nothing spectacular, it is really enjoyable and let’s you get attached to the characters of the game. The cat collecting aspect is just like you will see in other games, though it is a slow development of collecting cats, I believe this is a good thing because it keeps you interested in the game and your screen is not cluttered.
In terms of the ads and ad-related rewards, I find this game to be fairly appropriate in that respect. They are not spamming you with ads and the ads are not mandatory for an enjoyable experience.
The only thing I think this game can improve upon is the content. I was able to complete the content in the game within 1 day. I binged it, to be fair, and I am eagerly awaiting act 2 as I really enjoy the story (which is not something I can say for any other mobile game I have played). Though I do understand this is something that really takes time and effort to complete, especially with the interactive elements of the story.
If you are thinking of getting this game, you will be pleasantly surprised with how good it is. I would recommend this to anyone who likes these kind of game, I believe it’s among the best of the genre.
+*•Dragona Cat•*+,
Amazing and Kid Friendly!
Hello Everyone! How is your day/night? As you all know there are games that have ads that have a totally different game behind it. This game is truly honest of what they send people to see and have many more awesome things! Like a cute story-line, chic outfits, and don’t rip you off to make you watch an add for an unworthy prize. For those of you that like animals, building, and a bit of a fantasy, this is the right game for you. Also, if you are bored or just want to have some fun on a hot day, I really can’t say it enough, this is the Purrfect game to play. I have many good things to say about this game, Yet, there is just one small flaw, act 3 chapter 16 is still loading after a week or so, Purrfect tale software engineers, please try to finish this section and the following sections as soon as possible, thank you! Although I do have a flaw (a rather bigger one than you think, because this game is kind of based on a story-line) This game is recommended for all those needs and wants for a game. I hope you download and see the full and wonderful version of this adorable game! Goodbye, have a wonderful day/night!
Good game
The censored words can get a bit out of hand like cute or adorable is censored when I don’t know how that can be taken wrong. I love the system to get hearts it’s very good compared to other games I’ve played! The texting system it really slow I wish that would speed up a tad. The claw machine it like a real one I like the how if it’s bigger it can be hard for the claw to pick up but it can be difficult when it takes 5 time to get one big one when you grab it perfectly. The stories are good the puzzles are good not too hard or too easy
The story is really relatable to me especially the toughest parts in the MCs life the ads are what caught my attention very well made props to whoever did those. That black haired man cat is what caught my attention would love to met him and good luck on act 2 can’t wait

What I want to see:
Maybe a side story with the cats that could be fun I can’t wait for all the cats in human form. I mostly want to get to know all the cats more I don’t really want this as a “I NEED IT RIGHT NOW” I know how hard it is to make the game with all these cats but you could do a poll and what ever cat is most liked could get a side story! So you can take your time I just feel not very connected to the cats except Oliver whom I love
user of aliexpress for 3 years,
Fun, cute, interesting, and a little sad
I love the game so far. The art is beautiful and I love how we have the option to watch ads to get free rewards! There’s a gacha aspect to it too, but isn’t heavily focused on it. The storyline itself is interactive, fun, and has some sad reality to it. Slight spoilers about the storyline, the main girl (who you play) goes through a few things such as realizing that she wants to do art instead of school. Like reality, there is backlash. “Art won’t make you money” or even “you are wasting your time drawing”. I believe the creator of this app experienced this, if they did or if anyone reading experienced this— I want to say “good job you are doing well. I know It’s not easy, especially with the standards of society and career paths. It must have been hard for you to go through that. Live a life you enjoy, so what if people say those things? Who are they to say such words when they don’t do art themselves? You can make a living while doing what you love. Don’t let people stop you from trying out the career YOU want. It’s your life, so live it.”
I hope everyone tries this game. I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Adorable! But There is a Problem….
I’ll start off with the thing that ruins the game. It’s an ad that is shown, more specifically the one that shows up on this game about MeChat. On that add, they are playing spin the bottle but it keeps landing on this one girl and she is slowly taking off her clothing each times it lands on her. Then, the hand is indecisive about either telling her to remove her bra or panties. This game is marked for 12+ but I feel that ad should not be shown to that age group.

Other than the horny MeChat ads, I am absolutely in love with this game. The add type is adorable, the story is really cute, yet it makes you think. I love the characters, especially Oliver. I love how ads are an optional thing if you want to get additional rewards. It’s not being shoved down your throat and you can enjoy the game ad free if you want. Furthermore, even after you finish the story, there are many side stories to complete which keeps you interested. I like to play this game before bed because it really does calm me down. I love the story, the gameplay, the art style, everything! Keep doing what you’re doing!
This app is so amazing but it has a few things I think need fixed
Now if you played this game you know it’s a really cute game even if you don’t buy anything on it it’s still really cute and there’s lots of variety for everybody. But I have a few suggestions one I think the shop stuff is extremely expensive for only a few items I get you need the money or that you’re making money out of it but I want to be able to spend five or six bucks and get a few things on here but it would cost me like 40 bucks. I also think it’s really hard to clean up the rooms when you wanted to redecorate because there is no option to just clear out the room and you have to do it all one by one. I also think that the plants take kind of long and are pretty hard to get later on I’ve had this game for months now and I’m still awake not done with all of the plants and I guess some people will consider that good but I just wanna be able to plant my crops but I can only get a few things because it takes me forever to build up card and hearts other than that the game plays amazing it’s a nice game and it has a lot of nice side features along with it
Cute, Imaginative, Wonderful Game
Purrfect Tale is among my favorite games! The art is admirable, and the game can be a little sad and frustrating at first but as you move on through the story it gets better and has a more cheerful and cute perspective. The storyline itself is creative and imaginative, and has some sad reality to go with it. I love this about the game because it carries out a meaningful plot, and with the wonderful art to go with it, I have always felt the need to see and feel all the wonderful details of life. With this art goes moderately easy logic puzzles, which take not a lot of time to decipher and they absolutely make the game better throughout. However, I suggest that the game is only played by 12+, but 10 is an eligible age. Overall, I recommend this app for any player (10+!!!!). This game is the game I save time to play. This is the game that I play to release out all the stresses of the day, into this beautiful game. This game is imaginative and realistic at the same time, the plot is meaningful, and I absolutely love the game - Purrfect Tale. 🤩🥺
The Claw…
I started playing this game last night and so far I love how cute the art style is and everything, my biggest issues are things such as the claw and how hard it is to gain hearts. With the claw machine, it is beyond frustrating that I cannot get anything. Literally. I pick up the capsule egg thing and it just drops. Even normal claw machines atleast pick stuff up sometimes. I’ve watched ads twice because I figured it may have been replicating a real claw machine and stuff, but after 15 tries, and the only time I was able to win was in the claw machine tutorial, I decided to come leave a review and hopefully try to get it fixed. My other issue is how long it takes just to unlock another day of the story. You need more and more hearts, but you can’t buy new clothes to activate wecat because you still don’t have enough hearts. not to mention, after spending ten minutes playing after the initial playing of the game, there isn’t much to do unless you want to purchase things or just keep watching ads. Overall, it’s just disappointing because the game is very cute with a wonderful idea and art style but if the game play gets boring or is unrewarding then it is hard to want to keep playing.
Buggy, “pay to play”
The game designs and art are adorable, the storyline is great but needs work. For example, no matter what choice you pick it will be the exact same dialogue either way. Yes some people love the interactive design but personally it would have saved you a lot of time to just not do choices. Another thing is that it takes forever to get hearts, especially when you want to buy cute furniture, clothes and continue with the storyline. And if you don’t have money, (like most of the teens and children playing this app..) you will be spending majority of your time watching glitchy ads that most of the time are buggy and don’t actually give you your prize. So unless you’re willing to spend for this game, don’t waste your time getting it. On social media, you’ll see ads for this game that are nothing like the gameplay. Sometimes the music glitches out and just stops playing until you turn your phone off and on again or close the app.

An idea to help give more hearts and cod is maybe you can pick up your characters and shake them around to drop extra hearts and cod.
This will help make the game more enjoyable and less “pay to play.” And, if you wanted it to be okay to pay, maybe you should have put a price on the game to start with.
Really good but has a few minor issues
The game is an amazing experience and I adore it, it is one of my favorite games and I love the storyline and all of the characters. The designs are absolutely fantastic and everything else is just as good. There are a few things wrong about this game though: one of the mini games. In act 2, 08 there is a shooter mini game, it is extremely fun to do and the concept is great but there are problems such as the fact that the shooters will be able to shoot you from off of the main camera of what you are shown. I do not know if this was intentional or not but it was annoying to play through. The speed at which the scope moves is a bit too slow making it hard to shoot at enemies while they are shooting at you. One other thing is that the icons that you press to go to certain things such as your inventory, special events, etc. do seem a bit cluttered and up-front but otherwise, this is an amazing and engaging game.