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The classic is back!

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
Category: Games
Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.3.1
ID: com.rovio.abclassic22


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Rebuilt from the ground up, Red's First Flight is a faithful re-make of the original Angry Birds game that took the world by storm!

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs' defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve!

– Enjoy fun and satisfying slingshot gameplay!
– Play all 8 original Angry Birds episodes from 2012 – over 390 levels!
– 3-star all the levels and hunt for the Golden Eggs!
– All the original classic characters just as you remember them!
– Call in the Mighty Eagle to destroy those hard-to-beat levels!
– No IAPs!
– No intrusive pop-up ads interrupting gameplay!

Relive your first smartphone gaming experience with THE mobile game of mobile games.

We may update the game periodically, for example, to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected.
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Version history

- Changed sign in button's text with its translations
- Minor improvements
Updates and slingshot polishes.
Various bug fixes:
- ME score to 100% on Level 15-4
- Level 1-13 ME can spawn as intended
- Surf & Turf 15-18, birds no longer clip through the ground
- Matilda & Blues, special power SFX swapped
- updated Matilda sprite on main screen
- Golden Eggs: silhouettes appear as intended
Added extra polish to your slingshots and gave your birds better singing lessons!
Bug fixes, minor improvements.
Bug fixes, minor improvements.

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4.8 out of 5
38.8K Ratings


The Awesome Chap, Nick!,
This is the most PERFECT version of Angry Birds I have been yearning for years! The game’s original art style remains mostly in touch aside for some cutscenes that are updated, but it’s nothing that matters really. The graphics are still as charming as ever! Some might be turned off by the idea of a price being attached to the game now, but look at it this way, there’s NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS, there is none of those unnecessary power-ups just there to get you to spend money, there’s NO ADS aside for the unobtrusive ads Rovio has placed for their products, and everything feels like a complete package! You even get the Mighty Eagle, which can be like an extra mode! The gameplay is still extremely solid and very enjoyable to this day, showing how this game at its core is timeless! If I were to point out a flaw in this game, it’s that it’s missing a bit of content, such as the Bad Piggies levels and those mechanical levels, but it’s nothing to sweat over much. However, perhaps the absence of these levels are a good thing because it provides for a more authentic Angry Birds experience. The main reason I began to stop caring about Angry Birds originally was because of the excessive amounts of extra content, like power-ups or that leaderboard thing. My hope is that for the future of this game that Rovio don’t add so much in updates to ruin my experience.O digress! Buy this game! It’s better than a candy bar!
I absolutely loved the original angry birds when I was a kid. I literally beat the game. I went on to play angry birds rio, angry birds space, and the angry birds Star Wars games. Those were the days 🥲. Me and my cousins would play the games and talk about our strategies and whatever. As I got older I lost interest in the games. Then coming back a few years later I realized that there were no angry birds games at all! I found out what had happened and why. I played angry birds two but while it was fun it just didn’t have the same feel to it as the original angry birds. Shopping one day a few weeks ago I came across a guy in a angry birds shirt. I smiled as I thought of angry birds but wondered about the shirt. After I got home I checked the App Store and found the new revival of the classic game! I also found angry birds reloaded. I just got the game again but I’m already past the first 5 chapters and I’m loving it! WAY TO GO ROVIO WE NEEDED THIS! This has made me so happy and this game deserves a perfect 5 stars. The only thing I wish is to bring back some other angry bird games like space, Star Wars, and other classics. I hope there is more to come! Thanks a million ROVIO!
My review
I was kinda sad seeing angry birds out of the App Store but then I remembered that they remade it and it’s not as good I remembered so I look at videos and I noticed that they missed some of my favorite worlds and that’s not even the worst part they got rid of the power ups I know it’s on friends but it’s not as special playing on the world called bad piggies or that one bomb world that I forgot the name but if you played it you know what I’m talking about this is a good game it’s just missing a few worlds but the worst thing they could’ve done is just so bad and it’s luck/rng the luck based levels on this is so much that I lost track of how many most of them weren’t even my fault and once I win I try it again with the same strategy and failed and is it me or do I have the last world every single level on the last section with the mighty eagle like idk why but I just did and ones I try them there probably the luck based ones I talked about it’s a good game but it so much missing potential oh yeah Rovio plz bring back epic or go go is a fun game with its flaws but it’s a fun game to play but with epic rovio plz im begging you so much even if it court money I’ll pay for plz rovio oh yeah i would recommend it its a fun game if you’re bored since im feeling nice to rovio i give it a 4 if you update it then it would be a 5
But hey I’m not complaining well I just did but that’s my review
Magic Master8,
Still the best mobile game
This might be a matter of opinion, but to this day, I believe that Angry Birds still holds a place as the best mobile game ever created, and I’m very glad it’s back. For the most part, nothing has changed. It’s just $1 to play the entire game (remember when we paid for games and there were lite versions). The original levels up to Surf and Turf are there. The mighty eagle is now free. There’s none of the stupid powerups; actually no microtransactions for that matter since it’s a pay to play game, but again, it’s only $1. More games need to do this again honestly. And the best part: no pop up ads, again like the old days. For all the people complaining about them lying and ads still being there, it’s literally just rovio ads that have always been a thing, and they’re just in menus and don’t hinder gameplay at all. Not sure what more these people want since there isn’t an ad popping up every 10 seconds, which is the worst part of games these days. Anyways, thank you very much for bringing it back Rovio, and for keeping it basically the same in all aspects from back in the day.
Bird Chef,
Angry Birds: The World’s Nostalgic Kids’ Game Ever
I still like Angry Birds, the classic, original, first game. It’s still nostalgic to me. I still play it, too. But, I wish that the Golden Egg levels have the Mighty Eagle button to summon to make you win easily, because little bit of them make you only slingshot one bird to get all of the green pigs popped in one shot, but then, there’s still little bit of them left, making the Golden Egg levels hard to beat. Anyway, I also wish that the other Angry Birds games that were deleted came back, like Angry Birds: Rio, Star Wars, etc. I know that Angry Birds: Transformers is still here. I even play that one, everyday, playing the events by playing as characters to get enough points to get the event coins to have enough to buy upgrades for the characters, and also buy accessories for them, too. One more thing, I wish that this original Angry Birds game has the other levels, for two examples, with Bomb having the electricity ability, and Red having the Mighty Eagle’s leftover feathers, flying all over his round, red body, making him have the ability to go up, hitting something with his head.
Awesome Remake! Could be better.
Hey Rovio! This is one of the greatest remakes I have ever played! I have been playing the classic games since 2014! I personally think this could be better though. There is a glitch in the game where if you skip a cutscene after completing a world, the sound stops until you go back to the Episode Selection Screen. For example, when I beat Danger Above part 1, the cutscene showed and I skipped it. When it went back to the level selection, the sound stopped. Could you fix that please? Also, I have a suggestion. In the trailer when it shows Bomb, It has his older design. Can you bring back his older design with the white dot? I also think you should give the birds their real flying sprites except bomb. You should also add power ups. You should also fix Matilda because after I use her egg bomb it switches to the corpse sprite of her after using the bomb. But after I use it and she collided with something, it switches to her regular corpse sprite. Can you fix it please? Sorry for making this very long review but good work as always, Rovio! Thanks for the awesome remake!
Thanks Rovio!
I’m glad I caught wind of the news that the original Angry Birds game was going to be taken out of circulation. Over on the Google Play Store, the game is set to be unlisted TODAY, and here on the Apple App Store, it has been renamed to remove the titular Angry Birds IP from the name of this game. Well, I spent my 0.99 cents today. Here’s why. This version has no micro transactions, so no paying to play once the levels get impossible. Just me and my brain working to solve a complex puzzle, so I can see the next awesome cutscene. This version also has no ads, no pop ups to interrupt my gameplay, and is thus one of the most relaxing games still in the App Store, even if they really are trying to bury this success story in the deepest corners of the store. So all in all, I am choosing to smash the greedy pigs where it hurts most. I have paid Rovio my last 0.99 cents they’ll see, so I can relive the simplest form of the game they want to kill.
Awesome Revival (Found some glitches)
Hello here 2009 Angry Birds fan here (yes I followed the game before popularity), I just have to say this is an awesome revival of the original Angry Birds. But I have a few things to say (good and bad) about the franchise and this game AB Rovio Classic

1. I fricken love this game!, awesome work you guys, though no offense to your work, But you should’ve done it when the original was taken off the shelf of the AppStore! 10/10

2. Pig Smile Glitch - In order to activate the glitch Throw your last bird, then go into the pause menu (Not the Red tinted button) And reset the level and whichever Pig was Smiling, are now smiling again, so could you fix that (it happens when they have no battle scars.

3. Old World ideas and New World ideas, yeah so please include the 2017 levels but change it too, also continue the story of angry birds, like the pigs are now using underwater technology Angry Birds franchise 1. Change the frickken tittle of Angry Birds 2 to Angry Birds infinite please! Yeah that’s and also is 1-7 meant to be destroyed in one bird, Cause that’s impossible with red hnvm found out), Thanks please respond and I respect your progress thanks! And please do the other originals Like Star Wars? (Probably gonna have to have a deal with Disney ) or Space (The best one)Thanks
Signed An Angry Birds fan since 2009 ( Please feature me in Angry Birds Infinite Please) and I also go by AngryBirdKnight
Levi Albert,
The Return of the King
So glad the original Angry Birds is back in the App Store. Yeah, it’s paid, but it’s completely worth it. Here’s why.

1. There’s absolutely no ads, and no microtransactions. That wouldn’t be possible without it being paid, they have to profit somehow.

2. The original was also paid, and it was the same price. You aren’t getting a worse deal.

3. Some of you Angry Birds veterans may remember that the Mighty Eagle used to be a $0.99 microtransaction. Now it’s completely free, and has a 1 hour cooldown.

4. By buying it, you’re doing your part to contribute to more classics being remade. Rovio has stated that they’ll only continue remaking classics if the community shows interest in it by getting this.

5. It’s only $0.99. For hundreds of levels and no ads, no microtransactions, and huge nostalgia or an awesome experience if you haven’t yet played it, I’d say that’s more than worth it.

Overall, this is definitely, definitely, a good deal. $0.99 for the complete original game with absolutely no ads, no microtransactions(including the now free mighty eagle), and you also support the remaking of other classics from your and my childhoods. Given the nostalgia of playing this again for the first time in years, or maybe experiencing one of the most iconic, beloved games PERIOD for the first time ever, I’d say that this is absolutely, without a doubt, worth it,
Lost My Original Game
A few weeks ago, I was playing the same Angry Birds I’d had on my phone from the last 12 years, so you can only imagine what levels I was on. I loved the daily challenge and the other different challenges offered. My problem was, my game kept freezing up on me. Well, I got tired of patiently waiting, and decided to see if I could reboot the game by deleting it and going to the App Store and just downloading the game, and have all the bug fixes to carry on with my favorite game. Suffice to say, when I went back to look for the game, the only app that was remotely compatible to my original game was this “throw back” app which, and I’m not complaining because I love a good challenge, I had to start from scratch. That said, I completed all the sets, and…that seems to be it! You cannot sign in with Facebook, or have any power ups, or anything! I’m at a lose. Is there no more of the old game I was joyfully used to, or is this it? I’d love to know what happened.