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auto-battler shooter roguelite

Developer: MAZETTE LTD
Category: Games
Price: $2.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.25
ID: net.davidobot.mazette.snkrx


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SNKRX is an arcade shooter roguelite where you control a snake made of multiple heroes, with each one having their own attacks, passives and classes. Inspired by the auto-battler genre, each hero in the snake has a set of classes, and combining enough heroes of the same class together grants additional class bonuses. Heroes can also be upgraded to be more powerful when copies are bought from the shop.

== Gameplay ==
* Your snake can't stop moving, turn it left or right to steer
* Your heroes attack automatically when close to enemies
* Combine heroes of the same classes together to unlock unique class bonuses
* Clearing arenas grants gold, which can be used to hire heroes at the shop
* Buying enough copies of the same heroes levels them up, making them more powerful

== Features ==
* 40+ heroes, each with unique attacks and passives
* 12+ classes, each giving stat boosts and modifiers to your snake
* 40+ passive items, each giving strong global effects to your snake
* 25+ levels of increasing difficulty as the run progresses
* 15+ achievements
* Soundtrack by Kubbi

Version history

- Maintenance Update #3
- Add joystick control option
- Fixed a bug where NG+5 difficulty would go down to NG+4 after looping
- Capped enemy movement speed after level 150
- Added a run timer option - note that the timer will be off for saved runs that started before the patch
Maintenance update:
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes
- Fix 'info_text' bug
- Improve performance
- Fix cursor bug in credits screen
Loop Update - features a looping/endless mode, 20 new items, reworked conjurer class, rebalanced healers & psykers, and lots of QoL features and bug fixes.

Mobile updates:
- Sell items by dragging them up
- Change restart button in buy screen to "open menu"
- Fix "state" bluescreen bug
- Fix Game Centre integration
First round of bug fixes and QoL fixes for v1.1:
- Added double-tap to choose passives and upgrade items
- Re-add restart button to buy screen (double-tap to activate)
- Fix achievements button
- Potentially fix unit info lingering after buying
This update brings the app in line with the PC version:
- Item update: new item levelling system, reworks all items and adds 27 new ones, as well as some rebalancing and lots of bug fixes.
- Orb update: healer and psyker reworks, 9 new items, 1 new class, and lots of balance and QoL changes.
Quality-of-Life changes:
- Double-tap to buy units/upgrade shop level
- Remove restart button from shop
- Move restart button in pause menu
- Slightly increase "sale" vertical threshold
- Crash fixes
- Bug fixes: Ouroboros Technique R and restart button crashes

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4.7 out of 5
204 Ratings


Amazing game!
This game was really fun to play and a fun challenge to beat, if you are considering buying it I would 100% suggest you get it as it’s a really fun and a unique game.

The only problem I would have with it are that the game lacks in and game modes or any type of progression. As of now when you win you get +1 max unit slot but as far as I’m aware that all. Some things I would suggest would be a different mode where you start with a certain amount of gold and cannot make any more gold after and there would be no breaks in between rounds. Another idea I thought of was one where you could select 1 special unit before the game starts, these special units could be obtained from certain achievements like beating the game or some other type of challenge, these units can change a lot of how the game is played, for example, one of these units could be gotten from beating the game and it could be like the final elite, where it would be changing colors and it would have attacks similar to the final elite. Just some ideas that I feel could add more to this already great game!
Great Rouge Lite
This is a fantastic game. Lots of different builds are available and they’re all interesting and fun. It’s a very simple game but it has a lot to offer. High replay value will keep you coming back for more, even after you beat it once since there’s a couple “new game plus” modes that make it new and exciting. It is definitely well worth the price. A few quality of life suggestions: Inspecting the characters is a little hard on the mobile version since you have to keep your finger on the screen and slide it away to avoid unintentionally purchasing it. It’s easy to sell your characters when rearranging your order if you’re not careful. Maybe add in an “are you sure” option for selling. Also the enemies that launch themselves at you are a bit overpowered, as they can one-shot a unit every time. I will continue to update my review as I see more. Keep up the great work, and thanks for a fun game :)
Alix Croft,
Like the game, few suggestions
I would like to suggest updating the wording on the achievements because I originally thought that each of the class achievements meant complete a run with only that class, but it actually meant complete a run with that class passive fully maxed out, I would suggest updating the achievement description to fit this, and I know that you didn’t create the game yourselves but you did port the game while also keeping it as close to the og as possible, and that’s why I like companies like you, you port games that are on other platforms onto mobile, it really helps when a lot of companies on the App Store are just creating a lot of VERY SIMPLE GAMES (hate them a ton) and I understand that they are just to play when bored, but they are so full of ads it gets annoying after a while, but companies like you just keep the core game as intact as possible instead of creating a cheap copy of it, I hope companies like you continue to exist to port gems of games that could be an absolute gem of a mobile game to allow people like me know that I shouldn’t resort to using only consoles or computers, thank you, so much.
Excellent foundation, Don’t stop here!
Probably the best mobile roguelite I’ve ever played. Simple gameplay combined with a complicated class system gives the game a surprising amount of depth without feeling overwhelming, and incredibly satisfying when you get the right combos. Even when I win a run with an overpowered build, I never feel like the game handed me the victory— while it’s not the hardest game in the world, it still requires a bit of focus and skill to beat. Everything about this game is polished, and the features it has right now are well-done and balanced. That being said, I wish this game had just a bit more to justify the $3.00 price tag; maybe a new game mode, different types of upgrades, or more level randomization would give it a little more replayability. Amazing game, would definitely recommend in its current state, but it has a lot of untapped potential
Staying power….
So, after buying this at launch…. I’ve played and played and played this one. I’m still only at level NG+5, but still…. Still have a hard time putting this one down some days.

Very few games on the AppStore have staying power.
For me, this is definitely one of them.

OG “review”::

There haven’t been too many ‘instant winners’ in my 11 or so years of iOS gaming, but THIS easily qualifies. Yes, the RNG setup can totally wreck your game. Yes, there are ways to minimize the chance of that happening. No, the RNG doesn’t make this game unfair. If anything, it kind of feels like Dead Cells in that regard. The different layouts you can wind up putting together can sometimes surprise you. And even when you feel you’ve got a build that is CRAZY overpowered, the game can still ro-sham-bo you in a heartbeat. I made it to level 91... was killing elites BEFORE the first wave of enemies could even spawn.... Then I made a mistake. And the game took advantage of that... and put me back in my place. To the dev: this is a MASTERPIECE! I have no doubt that scores of DLC modes could be done... dunno if you have plans to, but count me in for an insta-purchase if you ever do. If not... that’s cool too, as simple as this game is, it’s got quite a bit of meat on its bones. Thank you so much for porting it over to the iOS!!! Easy contender for GOTY.
Haven’t Gotten Enough
After 50 hours on the PC version, I was elated to hear the game was getting a mobile port. I think the game lends itself so well to a mobile platform, and doesn’t lose any of what makes it great in the transition. If you like the game elsewhere, I highly recommend giving it a go here.

As with any transition, there are some strange hiccups, but if you have been a part of this games journey so far, you know that the developer has done an amazing job of supporting the game post release. So many fun updates and expansions, changes based on community feedback, and all for the incredible price of $3.00.

I’m a fan of SNKRX and I’m glad I can now play it on the toilet.
Great game, annoying bugs
I absolutely love this game and am so glad it’s on mobile. There are two bugs though that have really detracted from my experience. First, which is small in the grand scheme, is the text box thing others have mentioned. Sometimes when clicking a unit/class, the tooltip will appear and then won’t go away until you go to the main menu and back.

Second, and this one is the worst: the game will just restart my run randomly sometimes when multitasking. I’ll be on the pause or setup screen, switch to a different app (or just turn off my phone), and when I come back to the game it has restarted my run. This bug is what prompted me to leave a review as it just happened when I was entering round 25 and about to get to my next NG+ tier.

Bummer, but will easily be a five if random restarts/crashes are fixed.
M4573r 0f G4m35,
Magnificent and unique game!
This game is really cool! I love Kubbi’s songs and it fits the game. I like the simplicity of the game, the art style, and how you upgrade your snake. I have one problem and that is because I have an older phone so my game lags to the point where I have no control over the snake when there are more things on screen. I would suggest a low detail/graphics mode. However, I think it is just because of my older phone. I really like the class system and everything about this game. The game is so smooth and fun to play! Amazing job. I recommend this if you like these kinds of games. It is definitely worth 3 dollars.
It’s growing on me
Who would have thought Snake could be fused with auto-battlers? But it works! The aesthetics and controls are clean and beautiful. At first the gameplay seems too simple, but after several plays I’m realizing there’s a lot of depth in the class combinations and bonuses.

My biggest complaint is that there needs to be more of a tutorial. It took me a while to realize that I need to double tap to buy something, and that I can upgrade the shop and artifacts.

Also, it’s rather unforgiving. On high levels, a single crash into a swarm of enemies can take out most of my party. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to upgrade my health…
Love this game but some issues I have noticed recently
I originally bought this game on steam some time ago and played it pretty heavily for some time. Enjoyed it so much I bought it for IOS and love playing it when I have time. Recently I noticed that when I close the game but leave it in the background it will freeze upon opening again. This requires me to close and open the game again. Couple things in game I noticed are the ouroboros items don’t seem to work whenever I pick them. The noticeable one is the projectile one as nothing ever shoots while spinning. Other than some small performance issues and minor graphical bugs the game runs great and the gameplay can be very addicting.

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