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A factory management TD/RTS

Developer: Anton Kramskoi
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (Download for free)
Version: 7.140.4
ID: io.anuke.mindustry


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Mindustry is a factory-building game with tower defense and RTS elements. Create elaborate supply chains to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and construct units. Command units to capture enemy bases, and expand your production. Defend your core from waves of enemies.

Gameplay Features:

- Use production blocks to create a wide variety of advanced materials
- Defend your structures from waves of enemies
- Play with your friends in cross-platform multiplayer co-op games, or challenge them in team-based PvP matches
- Distribute liquids and fight constant challenges, like outbreaks of fire or enemy flier raids
- Get the most out of your production by supplying optional coolant and lubricant
- Produce a wide variety of units for automatic management of your base or assault on enemy bases
- Set up assembly lines to construct armies of mechanized units
- Use your units to square up against fully functional enemy bases


- Conquer the planets Serpulo and Erekir as you advance through 35 hand-made maps and 250+ procedurally generated sectors
- Capture territory and set up factories to produce resources while you play other sectors
- Defend your sectors from periodic invasions
- Coordinate resource distribution between sectors via launch pads
- Research new blocks to fuel progress
- Invite your friends to complete missions together
- 250+ technology blocks to master
- 50+ different types of drones, mechs and ships

Custom Games & Cross-Platform Multiplayer:

- 16+ built in maps for custom games, in addition to two entire campaigns
- Play co-op, PvP or sandbox
- Join a public dedicated server, or invite friends to your own private session
- Customizable game rules: Change block costs, enemy stats, starting items, wave timing and more
- Full functional map editor with scripting support

Version history

- Fixed many minor bugs relating to the recent v7 release
- Erekir, an entire new planet with its own campaign to complete
- An entire new tech tree of blocks, units and items
- 100+ new blocks to research
- Countless bugfixes, new features and QoL improvements
- Fixed build being displayed as "custom build"
- Fixed bridges being planned without unlock in campaign
- Fixed player moving slower on servers with status effects
- Fixed player not respecting formation speed on servers
- Fixed separators consuming power when idle
- Fixed logic blocks not saving buildings on reload
- Fixed rare door placement crash
- Fixed logic units being able to take/remove items from any team block
- Improved power node link preview
- Reduced Nova range slightly
- Added list of status effects to core database
- Added status effect display to bullets (icons contributed by @sk7725)
- Added bullet stats for continuous laser turrets (e.g. Meltdown)
- Made bridges autolink when dragging multiple lines
- Disabled logic unit building for servers by default
- Internals: Removed all code for disposing resources on exit; this should be handled by the OS now
- Logic: Made dead sensor return 1 for null, to simplify validity checks
- Logic: New text parser; supports defining and jumping to labels with name: instead of numbers
- Logic: Added support for negative draw coordinates
- Logic: Disabled packets for config; may desync, but will help reduce lag
- Campaign: Various tweaks to make background simulation more accurate
- Various minor bugfixes
- Made water extractor use metaglass for building, to be consistent with pumps
- Added automatic conveyor/conduit bridging over obstacles
- Added 'defender' AI for Oct; follows nearby units
- Cores can now replace most transport blocks; turrets can now replace each other
- Improved bridge & power node linking previews
- Buffed Segment & Vela
- Added logicUnitBuild rule; Sandbox server owners are advised to disable logic building with `rules add logicUnitBuild false`.
- Logic: Changed default unit control state to be 'idle', not 'stop'
- Logic: Made config / unit building instructions accept buildings as configuration to copy their config. This allows for self-replicating processors.
- Logic: Added sensors for `dead`, `controller`, `size`, `boosting`
- Logic: Made `controlled` return ctrlProcessor/ctrlPlayer/ctrlFormation/0 depending on controller type
- Logic: Deprecated "commanded"; use `controlled` instead! This sensor will be removed in a future release.
- Logic: More hints
- Fixed player health bar glitching out at negative health
- Fixed large power nodes sometimes not connecting to placed blocks
- Made unit payloads draw with correct cell colors
- Made all mods automatically get disabled upon client startup crash - can be disabled in settings
- Decreased impact reactor explosion radius
- Decreased projectile building splash damage for smaller radii
- Decreased splash damage radius for many various projectiles
- Logic: Made invalid sensors for units return `null`
- Logic: Added tooltip support, accessible with long-press
- Mods: Stricter null checks for JSON mod objects
- Mods: Added support for `abilities:` and `requirements:` in JSON unit definitions
- Mods: Added support for `DrawBlock` parameters in JSON
- Fixed enemy power nodes getting linked w/ allied ones, leading to buggy power behavior
- Fixed chat not working when paused
- Fixed 128+ cores on map breaking servers
- Fixed editor breaking building links on resize
- Made turrets/units take enemy hitbox size into account when targeting
- Made builder/repair AI flee from enemies when idle
- Made data export zip include folder entries and strip absolute file paths - this may fix some issues with external archive programs
- Added rules for unit cap control
- Added new splash damage algorithm - should lead to faster & more accurate explosions, but may require balancing
- Added log file for data-loading events - should assist with fixing the data wipe bug
- Mods: Fixed trailing commas in hjson files being parsed as part of unquoted strings
- Mods: Many various bugfixes for json effects
- Logic: Added `===` operator for exact comparisons, e.g. null checks
- Logic: Made 'invalid' operations - such as sensing null blocks or 0/0 - return null instead of 0
- Logic: Fixed units disappearing when moving to infinite position
- Logic: Added sensor for force projector heat
- Fixed a black screen appearing after switching applications in certain situations
- Fixed notch covering up left/right UI elements after rotation
- Fixed logic blocks resetting state on map load or connection changes
- Fixed "#" in any logic string breaking instructions
- Fixed crawlers not exploding next to cores
- Fixed certain status effect combinations not triggering damage
- Fixed waves being infinitely skippable when game is paused
- Fixed constructed blocks sometimes having low health on servers'
- Fixed enemy core items not syncing
- Fixed insect units not being able to walk over solid blocks on space floors
- Re-added bloom option
- Buffed Fortress, nerfed Scepter, buffed Reign, buffed Vela
- Made vaults/containers able to replace conveyors
- Made Surge Alloy discharge lightning when destroyed in containers (Contributed by @sk7725)
- Made player stop shooting when a controlled suicide unit is killed (prevents Crawler chain-deaths)
- Made team colors for relevant blocks display during placement (Contibuted by @Quezler)
- Improved liquid bridge throughput
- Improved power network removal performance
- Added list of content to mod info dialog
- Added icons to mod browser
- Added re-import button to mod info - only works for newly imported mods
- Added "Repo" button to mod info
- Added unit armor stats to database
- Added unit production time to unit factory database
- Improved mod browser layout on wider screens
- Made mod importer/browser use the default Github branch for downloads. The "6.0" branch is no longer checked first - make sure your default branch is set up correctly!
As 6.0 is more or less stable now, updates have slowed down significantly. This is likely to be one of the last notable releases before 7.0.

- Fixed same-line logic comments not parsing
- Fixed mass driver rotating before payload is received
- Fixed bullets dealing splash damage twice upon collision - splash damage of certain bullets has been increased to compensate
- Fixed floating point errors in core database leading to incorrect rounding
- Fixed unit payloads snapping rotations when entering reconstructors
- Fixed builder AI placing drills on incorrect/mixed resources & clogging crafters
- Fixed editor mirror filter being offset in certain situations
- Fixed music randomly cutting off after quit to main menu

- Campaign: Made invasion chance scale with nearby enemy base count
- Campaign: Added 20-minute invasion grace period after sector capture

- Made impact reactor warmup time scale with boost
- Made players prioritize highest tier core when respawning
- Made logic programs reset all state on edits
- Made logic blocks no longer change 'last accessed' names when no edits are made
- Made naval paths preload on maps with spawn points on liquids
- Made Plastanium sprite slightly more distinct
- Made ground units avoid walking in slag/deep water even when it is the only valid path
- Made fire disappear faster in rain
- Made conveyor items render under most blocks
- Made server prevent duplicate IP connections
- Made crosses render on item/liquid sources & sorters in schematics
- Made building disabled state save upon world reload
- Made status indicators smaller for 1x1 blocks
- Made mod browser list mods by last update time

- Implemented automatic mod list updates (currently, every 4 hours)
- Improved unit selection visuals
- Improved power status information
- Added boost % bar too overdrive projectors
- Added IPv6 address support to join dialog
- Added core item incineration rule
- Added carried payloads to unit status bars & info
- Added slight shine effect, triggering upon building rotation
- Removed overflow gate inventory
- Increased power source output
- Many other minor bugfixes & tweaks
- Fixed touches not registering
- Various minor bugfixes
- Increased power source output again
- Improved building beam visuals
- Improved performance of maps with many adjacent power nodes/batteries
- Disabled weather in editor
- Better notch padding
- Fixed Quad AI
- Fixed crash in conveyor upgrade pathing
- Fixed other various crashes
- Made payload pickups prioritize units in blocks instead of the blocks themselves
- Increased foreshadow coolant effectiveness, but slightly decreased rotation speed
- Improved space skybox scaling
- Added building damage stats to bullets
- Added WIP mod browser for GitHub mods
- Added preview of currently queued block for other units in certain situations
- Added automatic bridge spacing when using lines
- Added bridge link preview
- Added rule for persistent ("always") weather
- Better scrap wall textures & rotate-able thruster
- Made Plastanium conveyor unloadable
- Made building pause status sync in multiplayer
- Slight pulsar damage nerf
- Fixed flying unit AI
- Made conduits/conveyors upgrades follow paths
- Decreased junction item capacity
- Many various small bugfixes
- Slightly increased Lancer build cost
- Double-tapping now enters a campaign map
- Minor logic memory optimizations
- Doubled surge smelter item capacity
- Made Fungal Pass slightly easier
- Fixed some rare crashes
- Fixed unit spawn shockwave appearing too late
- Fixed rebuilding a core near vault causing resources to drop to 1K
- Fixed captured sectors getting locked

Campaign multiplayer changes:

- New host research is now carried over to clients
- Clients can now use their research even if the host doesn't have it
- Clients can now research new tech in multiplayer
- Clients will now receive a copy of resources produced in the current sector, distributed across their sectors
- Added a hint that explains this information
- Fixed UI being cut off on top/bottom on notched phones
- Fixed various problems relating to research
- Added disclaimer for community servers
- Added hints concerning core upgrades and numbered sectors
- Decreased spore storm opacity
- Made items stay inside reconstructors when rebuilding
- Made early game procedural sectors slightly easier
After more than 9 months of development, 6.0 is finally here. There have been far too many changes to reasonably list here, so I'll go over the highlights.


- The unit system has been completely reworked
- All unit sprites have been re-drawn and cleaned up
- Many new unit types have been added
- Player-specific pads and unit-specific factories have been removed
- All units can now be created, commanded and controlled by players
- 3 different unit factories: ground, air, and naval
- Each unit factory can produce multiple types of units
- Units can be moved into special tiered Reconstructor blocks to upgrade them
- 6 unit branches: insect units, ground attack units, ground support units, air attack units, air support units, naval attack units
- Each branch has 5 tiers, making 5*6 = 30 buildable units
- Each core block has a special player-controlled flying unit type associated with it, resulting in a grand total of 33 total units


- Everything now takes place on a planet, where each hexagonal/pentagonal sector is a separate map that can be visited
- 260+ procedural sectors, with 16 special "landing zone" sectors
- Procedural sectors are optional for campaign completion, but landing zones are not
- Most sectors have a certain number of waves that need to be survived in order to capture them
- Other sectors may have enemy bases on them, which need to be destroyed for capture
- Each sector will produce resources in the background even when you play in other sectors
- Resources can be moved between sectors with Launch Pads
- Sectors near enemy bases will be periodically invaded unless the enemy base is destroyed
- "Global Resources" no longer exist - all research costs are taken directly from your pooled core resources
- More planets will be added in the future

New Blocks & Mechanics:

- Added upgraded 3x3 versions of the Silicon Smelter, Separator and Overdrive Projector
- Cores can now be upgraded to higher tiers
- Added "Segment" point defense turret - targets and destroys incoming bullets
- Added "Parallax" electric anti-air turret - pulls in enemy aircraft with a tractor beam
- Added "Foreshadow" long-range railgun turret, for taking down bosses and armored units
- Added "Tsunami" liquid turret - acts as an upgraded version of the Wave
- Added Plastanium conveyors - stack items together, move them with high throughput
- Added mud & dirt decoration blocks
- Added slag liquid floor, can be pumped to obtain slag
- Added space floor

Logic System:

- Added Processor blocks that execute commands in a loop
- Processors use a very simple assembly-like language
- Code can be written in-game with a visual editor, or imported from text files
- Processors are capable of performing complex tasks, such as controlling units, reading block state, disabling/enabling buildings and outputting text to message blocks
- Added Display blocks - can be used for displaying vector images from processors
- Examples of logic applications include automatic heat-sensing reactor controllers, unit transport systems, custom unit AI, visual power level displays, various types of games and more


- Added 4 new maps for custom games
- Added 5 types of weather: rain, fog, snow, sandstorm and sporestorm
- Each type of weather has a certain effect on blocks or units
- Added attack AI rule: when enabled, enemy cores will spawn units that build basic defense schematics
- Added map rules for fire, schematic use, enemy light visibility, unit ammo mechanics, explosion damage and more
- Added new filters in editor, to aid with procedural map generation
- Added new editor filter options

General Changes:

- Added more music
- Added more sound effects
- Added community server groups
- Improved most sprites and icons
- Many small visual improvements
- Made schematics save power node connections & message contents when copying
- Many, many small QoL changes
- A lot more stuff that I've probably missed
- Removed bloom option due to issues with black screens and disappearing UI
- Fixed schematics not being exportable
- Fixed certain items not being unlocked when outputted
- Fixed overflow gates not saving contents on reload
- Added support for animations with pixelation enabled
- Minor translation updates
- Fixed black screen caused by bloom on some devices
- Added server categories
- Added color gradient for battery status
- Optimized and cleaned up conveyors
- Made unloaders take items from blocks in equal amounts
- Tweaked power block palette
- Slightly decreased differential generator resource usage
- Changed differential generator sprite
- Added new icons w/ smooth scaling
- Added liquid void (Contributed by @GioIacca9)
- Added bridge opacity slider (Contributed by @Quezler)
- Added "underflow" gate (opposite of overflow gate)
- Added new tech tree layout w/ better mod support
- Added new separator sprite/animation
- Added list of affinity tiles to stats of certain blocks
- Added mod name to description of content, when applicable
- Added visual indication of input mass drivers when configuring
- Made chat no longer clear after /sync
- Increased cost for higher tier tech tree blocks
- Slightly increased build time of basic transport blocks to prevent spam
- Fixed votekick button not appearing
- Fixed infinite storage capacity exploit
- Reduced votekick cooldown
- Changed cyrllic font (again)
- Added new map view w/ panning and scrolling
- Added block health rule
- Added more internal teams for alternative game modes
- Added server block state autosync
- Added support for Thai font
- Fixed liquid junction to item bridge crash
- Fixed launch items not saving
- Fixed schematics not being importable
- General maintenance bugfixes and translation updates
- Added schematics
- Added Plated Conduits - liquid version of armored conveyors
- Added Battery Diodes - directional power transfer
- Added experimental lighting system - enable in settings
- Improved placement priority
- Fixed imports of files crashing the game
- Fixed many various bugs
- Added plastanium walls
- Lots of bugfixes

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4.6 out of 5
721 Ratings


Great game but a few concerns
This game is really great but there are a few concerns with it, the first major concern being that you cant start the next wave until all the enemies are defeated on the current wave. it would be really nice for when you have a solid defence already built to be able to spawn in multiple waves at a time as it gets boring waiting for all the enemies on a current wave to die.
a few other problems are that you lose your building plans when you die so you have to lay them out again, and this also happens when switch to build something else already laid out. My final issue is that you cant switch to fighting without cancelling all building plans.
other than that however this game has greatly improved with the updates and I am very happy with how the game has turned out. The level design is different enough between every level to warrant playing them and the unlock tree is a great addition that rewards collecting rescources. all in all great concept for a game that really works. Im looking forward to see if there are any new updates.
Lonny Beal,
Addictive game, but not fun…frustratingly hard
The game has good graphics, but is poorly play balanced. The dev wanted to challenge a few, but at a cost of frustrating the many. My time is more valuable to waste it on something that isn’t fun. Players will spend hours micro managing their resource collection and defense system, which will be destroyed by an overly powered guardian that can attack from the limits of your attack and quickly destroy your defenses. After countless hours and many attempts, you will eventually struggle and defeat the guardian and capture the sector. You would feel a sense of accomplishment, but it will be short lived. While playing the next sector, you will receive a message that the hard win you spent hours to obtain was lost without your attention, despite adding formidable defenses (impact reactors, cryo fueled meltdowns) after your win. No fun! Sectors with few resources (easy sectors) are attacked after you leave the sector and require resources from other sectors to even try to regain. The enemy difficulty needs to be lowered, and/or a mid-play save option. Attacks on sectors without your attention should be put on hold until you enter the sector…losing without fighting is not fun. 5 cryo fuel meltdowns hitting an air guardian still fails. At the same time, 5 tractor beams won' pull the same air guardian to your row of cryo enhanced thorium tornados. If these defenses don’t work, why try?
Every Once In A While A Game Comes Along
One that really seems like it shouldn’t be available on mobile, a genuine full PC title. Here, you’re getting one for $0.99.

- Great, ramping gameplay.
You can go to new areas and unlock new things at your own pace, and it isn’t difficult to do so. The unlocks make the game progressively more complex, and as you advance to new features and master old ones, you’ll feel like you’re really accomplishing something.
- Satisfying construction.
Using the pause function to assemble a huge base, and then watching it all get realized is... bliss.
- Aesthetic.
The pixel art has a great feel to it, and watching the smoke come out of your mines as the conveyors carry around metal is wonderful.
Most mobile games these days, even ones as simple as pong, SLAUGHTER your battery life... Luckily for you, dear reader, this game doesn’t even make my phone get warm after an hour+ of gameplay.
- Multiplayer
AND it’s multiplayer! What?!!?
- Great alt-tab functionality
When playing single-player, you can go do other stuff and come right back, the game will remain ready for a while, and it autosaves constantly just in case!

- Placement system
I disagree with this one, since I kinda like it, but if you have big fingers my two friends who I got to try it said that it felt clunky since they couldn’t see under their fingers while queuing placements.
- Good
If you’re lame, you won’t like it... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Great game, confusing update schedule
I only have one thing to say about this game. ITS BLOODY AMAZING! Despite only having it for just over a week I’m already hooked it’s that good. However not but the next day after downloading it I found that I couldn’t join any of the servers as they were on version 122 (for mobile) and I am on 121. I had originally figured that it would be the usual day or two after the update to the servers before I would receive it as well. That update has yet to arrive almost 5 days later. This could just be bad timing on my end or that this might be the usual schedule. Aside from this slight issue it’s a great overall game. Great graphics, great community, and most importantly, creative. I honestly see this game some time soon reaching the popularity of factorio, however despite the fact that the game is basically in early release and things are still being added in and changed I don’t think this game will ever TRULY be finished like for example Halo.

P.s Sorry for the long review but I’m not good with words. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Best game ever
I NEVER do reviews, especially game reviews. Ive maybe done 3 in my entire life. But this….this game….id rate it 6 stars if i could. Every once in a while a great mobile game comes around, but very rarely do they pack this much goodness in the game. I wouldve easily paid $10 for it. The campaign is long, the controls adapted from the PC version actually work, which is very rare! There are a crap ton of mods, easily browsable in game. And its got every amazing aspect of tower defense, base building, upgrade tree, etc. I cannot say enough good things about this game. Its like, remember back when you were a kid, you found a game and its almost this sense of freedom because now you can have fun playing no matter where you are? Im getting that feeling again. Church is gonna be a good time today! Haha!
Simply fantastic
Ok, I’ll start this off by saying this game is a full fledged, time consuming Game. I’ve probably put hundreds of hours into this game and there’s so SO much content. The main tech tree is time consuming but satisfying to slowly upgrade your weapons and reach new machines. If you’ve heard of factorio it’s something like that. If you get bored or want to tweak stuff, there’s a mod menu with dozens of mods for ease of life. I recommend 2x conveyors, it make it feel far better paced.

There’s dozens of levels with ranging levels of difficulty and materials to mine. Also offensive levels where you have to build an army to take over a level.

Overall: if you’re looking for a pretty complex factory base builder base defense game you can really sink your teeth into, this is the perfect game for you.
Like Factorio for Mobile
This game is a lot like Factorio, with the base-building, resource gaining, production, etc. The main difference is that this is faster-paced since it revolves around combat, where Factorio revolves around expanding production.
Right now, after a certain point, you can’t really progress more, since for example, shields can barely be upgraded. I think there should be a way to upgrade those because at extremely high waves (200 for example) they get instantly decimated.
However, the game itself is very fun and addicting, and it has mod support, so that shield issue can probably be easily fixed by downloading a mod.
I highly recommend this game, because it’s incredibly fun and it only costs $1 (no micro transaction bs). It’s also open source, so you can follow the development of it and contribute if you want!
Super good but a few things to add
so I’ve been playing Mindustry for the past month and I like how there’s sandbox mode and survival instead of one main thing but a few things I wanna ask are, first can you add a feature that removes the sandbox things or keeps them but adds an option to make all the guns/towers to be automatically loaded when you build them so you don’t have to put down a million item sources. Second, instead of having to go to the discord on mobile make it so there’s a workshop type of thing kinda like steam workshop or something anyways this is a super good game with a cool concept and it’s worth the money so anybody that’s not a developer that’s reading this you should get the game. ΘιΘ
A 2000 hours Gigachad T-Rex of a game for 99 cents!
After a few days sunk into this game, I’m sold. Not only is Mindustry’s core mechanics every bit as compelling and polished as Factorio, it’s also got a drastically better single player campaign with progression features that I wish Factorio could learn from.

The space and resource constraints also keeps the levels fresh. You don’t really get a lot of chances to build a mega factory with 16 x 16 conveyor bus lanes, rather every level forces you to make the most of the available space and more often than not, you’re spending your time solving pixel-art-sized puzzles to fit your little artisan boutique mining operation rather than load-optimizing and future-proofing your production throughput with unlimited space to expand. It’s different, but just as surprisingly fun.

Unit building is also a welcome addition to the genre. I wish I could have more granular rts control over my units and that pathing weren’t so painful over conveyor lanes but it’s still an awesome experience to be on the other side of the tower defense game for a change.

Love the game!
Fantastic Game; Awkward Controls; Only 9:16 res
The game itself is high in quality and substance. It’s an RTS tower defense, and it’s a blast. The music is extremely fitting for the moment to moment gameplay, sound effects are satisfying, and the mechanics are rich. This is a full fledge PC game with a notably amazing port given the difficulty in doing that. However, the building system (the tracks specifically) can be a bit awkward at times. It works, but you will often slip just a bit in the wrong direct and have to annoyingly redraw whatever you were building.

Also, the game does not support full screen on the iPhone X or later—as the game is locked in a 9:16 aspect ratio. This might not matter to some, but this is a big downside for me. If the developer reads this: please add full screen support!!!