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Battle for Bikini Bottom

Developer: HandyGames
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.2.4
ID: com.hg.bfbb


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Are you ready, kids? Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and show the evil Plankton that crime pays even less than Mr. Krabs. Want to save Bikini Bottom from lots of rampant robots with your mighty bubbles? Of course, you do! Want to underpants bungee jump? Why wouldn't you! The battle is on!

- Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and use their unique sets of skills
- Thwart Plankton's evil plan to rule Bikini Bottom with his army of wacky robots
- Meet countless characters from the beloved series
- Faithful remake of one of the best SpongeBob games ever created
- High-end visuals, modern resolutions, and carefully polished gameplay
- Game Center support
- Full controller support

Thank you for playing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom!

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Version history

- Fixed sound issue when switching apps on iOS 15
- Fixed savegame menus looking wrong in some languages
- Fixed layout of some options
- Fixed a graphical glitch with the condiment island in the Krusty Krab
- Minor text and localisation fixes
- Latin-American Spanish is now correctly listed as a supported language in the App Store
- Added Latin-American Localization
- Integrated most recent PC / Console patches up to 1.0.4
- Fixed a multitude of smaller bugs (graphics, controls, texts)
Fixed camera sensitivity option not saving correctly
Camera sensitivity now also works for gamepads
Adjusted Anti-Aliasing Option Setting
Fixed lags with certain quality settings
Added missing translations for some texts
Added touch feedback to several buttons and the virtual joystick
Fixed audio desync in the first cutscene
Fixed flickering graphics when Anti-Aliasing was enabled
Fixed shadows of Patrick and Sandy
Game can no longer be quit from main menu via gamepad
Fixed a bug where touch joystick controlled camera after jumping off of a slide
Fixed default quality settings not being applied correctly when downloading from cloud the first time on a device. This will cause quality settings to be reset to default one final time in this patch
Fixed iCloud save files massively growing in size
Bigger save files are now correctly uploaded to iCloud, which could sometimes lead to loss of progress
Savegames that have been lost due to Tiki-Blackscreen have been recovered and should be functional again
All Settings are now saved correctly
Fixed Graphic Settings not saving
Fixed a crash in Mermalair and Flying Dutchmans Graveyard when AA was enabled
Fixed a bug where physics in combination with Tikis caused a black screen
Fixed a bug where tubelets in kelp forest couldn't be destroyed
Fixed a bug where wrong button prompts where shown in Main Menu
Release version
Fixed marketing description

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4.4 out of 5
1 195 Ratings


Sale Please!!,
WOW!!! Okay let me start off by saying this is simply incredible!! This game looks better on apple devices than it does on console. There are so many options to choose from to enhance the graphics and frame rate. This game runs at a smooth 60fps but can be lowered if need be. Epic graphics on a phone port of Battle For Bikini Bottom is incredible to me! I’m glad I decided to try this out and I do not regret this purchase. I was afraid it would be a bad port but I am sold. It runs so smooth, and the graphics are absolutely insane and all for only 8.99$. The touch screen controls aren’t too hard to learn but I would recommend a xbox controller to make it easier. There are some issues with the opening cinematic where the voice acting doesn’t match up with the mouths moving BUT that’s okay because the rest of the game is so polished and smooth! Well Done!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this to any Spongebob fan! It’s nice to relive your childhood in all this mobile glory. Well done job Handy Games! Literally blown out of the water at how well this was done.
Runs better than I had thought + impressions
Surprisingly, the game runs better on mobile platforms compared to Nintendo Switch. Overall, the whole experience is just as crisp and smooth like the original game that released in 2003. Satisfying platforming physics and combat, nice interactions and great challenge make this a worthwhile experience. If you’re going to go into this game thinking it is a real remake, then you will be left disappointed, since it is really just the old game with an HD paint job. Overall, it is still a very enjoyable experience and I honestly think it is still the best Spongebob game in existence.

I do have a few suggestions though, one is having an option for a fixed camera mode and the other is being able to customize button layouts on screen.

Overall, fans of platformers and Spongebob should really check this one out.
You just met the Spongenator! 🧽🐿
Wow developers! Thank you so much for recreating this beloved game, I’m so glad you guys made it available to play on IOS devices. When I first downloaded the game, nothing but nostalgia poured all over me. I think I’m saying this on behalf of everyone, but this was the first that got me into gaming.

The only thing I suggest is making multi-player available for IOS, now that I defeated the whole game! Between the graphics and nostalgic feel, it’s a deservedly 5/5!

Since I enjoyed this remodel so much, I definitely want to shed some light on another adored Spongebob game. If you are considering another to remodel, please let it be Lights, Camera, Pants!
This is my first time writing a review on any app, and I’ve had the App Store for 6-7 years! I played this game when I was a kid for hours and missed playing it. I was shocked to find it in the App Store after playing it on my friend’s switch. I bought it right away, plugged in my rotor riot controller and beat this game in 6-8 hours. I don’t remember this game being so easy and short, but then again this game was made for kids. The most difficult part of the game was definitely Spongebob’s Dream. It is satisfying to destroy enemies and collect the shiny objects. The graphics look amazing on Max settings on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. No lag or slowdowns at all. I highly recommend this game for any one reliving their childhood.
🐯 The White Tiger,
i’m ready!
i really love this game… even with its plethora of bugs (most which are quite funny 😄).

but, the major thing that keeps me from giving this game five stars is the fact that it REQUIRES internet to play—something you wouldn’t expect from a pay-to-download game. i mainly play this on my tv, and — after experiencing a recent internet outage in my area — realized i was unable to play the game AT ALL (it stays stuck in the ‘nickelodeon’ screen). other paid pay-to-download games keep a local save on your device to prevent this from happening… not this one.

hopefully, this will be fixed/implemented in a future update.
I bought this game the first day it released on steam. I played it all and loved it. (There was a couple socks I couldn’t find in sand mountain but that’s ok) I then talked about maybe porting the original ps2 version to mobile because I thought the remake would be too demanding but this is so much better then I wanted. There’s only one problem I have with this game. The port itself is fantastic and runs great on my iPhone 11, the problem is it’s an older version of the game. It’s before the patch with mr krabs and being able to replay bosses. If you could please update to the latest patch that would be fantastic and this will be a perfect port! Great job!
Never have I ever thought that I would see this game on my phone but it gives me a lot of emotions Honestly. I used to play this game with my dad on the PlayStation 2 before he got deported and to even play it on the phone is something I don’t think he would have even thought of either. The game is amazing on the phone. It actually feels like the game is better on the phone. Only issue I noticed is a lil glitch when you get a notification but nothing too crazy or annoying. But it still makes me so happy that I can play this game on my little phone compared to a PlayStation 2.
Beyond frustrating
This game is seriously rage inducing, This game makes me want to throw my phone at a wall. Everything looks amazing and there’s an awesome nostalgic feel but I seriously feel like they chose style over substance. Here’s an example of an unrealistically difficult level. In SpongeBobs dream the Krusty Krab level is just impossible. For the consoles I imagine it’s easy because it’s easier to control with a controller other than 5 buttons smushed together on your phone. There’s no way to maneuver SpongeBob through that level. It’s just impossible to the point that I gave up completely. And this game is made for kids. Also not every level is like this there’s just a few that are way more difficult than the others.
Nostalgia in every way!
Honestly the game functions as I’d expect it to on mobile and I love the graphics and layout, but I feel like there are a couple bugs including cut scene glitches. But I gotta say, this game does a fantastic job at bringing back memories. There is a lot to love about this platformer, and I am so glad to see it on mobile now. The PS4 version of SpongeBob: BfBB Rehydrated was exactly like the original game in almost every single way but with very impressive graphics. I can’t wait to see where this game leads on mobile. It has a bright future!
Is it the game or my device?
The game is great so it worths the money so far but my iPad keeps rebooting whenever I enter the game for a while. This problem has started occurring when I got to the Robot Sandy level. I tried restarting the game again and again but it didn’t solve the problem. I also updated my software but it didn’t solve the problem as well. I don’t want to blame the game itself because it might be my device’s problem. I also think it might be weird to address this problem since it’s more of a technical problem. However, I want to inform the developer in case there might be any useful information. Thank you very much!