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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Hack 1.9.0 + Redeem Codes

Developer: Warner Bros.
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.9.0
ID: com.wb.LEGOBatman2


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***Please ensure iCloud is enabled in advance in order for purchases to be restored. To enable iCloud, go to your device’s “Settings,” then “iCloud,” then “Documents & Data.” If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us at***

Legends Unite! Batman and Robin join forces with other famous DC super heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more to stop the notorious villains Lex Luthor and The Joker from destroying Gotham City. Batman fans everywhere will enjoy this original story that’s filled with classic LEGO videogame action and humor as players fight to put the bad guys back behind bars!



Justice League favorites such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash can be unlocked as you progress through the game or accessed at any time through purchase via our in-game store. Have Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg and Hawkman help keep Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and Catwoman in check!


Master abilities of suits such as Robin’s Hazard Suit equipped with a Pressure Cannon, gadgets such as Batman’s Batarang, and soar through the air with Superman as he fights crime with his Freeze-Breath and Heat Vision!


iPad Retina display compatibility takes LEGO games on the iOS platform to the next level.


Switch between “Classic” and “Touch Screen” controls to find the play-style that suits you best.


For the first time in a LEGO game for iOS, mini-figs talk and bring even more life to this original story!


Unlock achievements and connect through Game Center to get the full experience from your Gotham City adventure.

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Version history

1) Added support for iOS 15.6.1;
2) Added support for new iPhone and iPad devices;
3) General improvements;
4) Updated Privacy Policy/Terms of Service.
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Bug fixes and optimizations to bring you an even better experience.
Optimizations to user experience. Please note that Save slots can no longer be overwritten.
Optimizations to user experience. Please note that Save slots can no longer be overwritten.
Now supports iCloud

Please ensure that Documents & Data saving is turned On in your iCloud Settings
- The new Nemesis Pack is here!
- Check out Green Lantern, The Flash, Sinestro & Captain Boomerang all in one new character pack.
- Additional bug fixes to enhance user experience
- The new Kryptonian Pack is here!
- Check out Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and General Zod all in one new character pack.
- Additional bug fixes to enhance user experience
- Fix for issue preventing purchasing of Gold Bricks
- More Frequent Saving – the game now saves at the start of every sub level
- Memory and App Size - reduced memory usage, and lowered the app size to improve stability on iPod 4th Gen
- Various Bug and Crash Fixes
- Issues Downloading - recommend downloading via iTunes first and then installing to the device
- Downloading to Device – if downloading straight to the device, recommend clearing at least 3GB of data, and restarting device before initiating the download
- More Frequent Saving – the game now saves at the start of every sub level
- Memory and App Size - reduced memory usage, and lowered the app size to improve stability on iPod touch 4th Gen
- Various Bug and Crash Fixes

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Stack of Bricks
(Gold Brick Pack Containing 5 Gold Bricks)
GF935163076✱✱✱✱✱ 73C7ED8✱✱✱✱✱
Pile of Bricks
(Gold Brick Pack Containing 20 Gold Bricks)
GF058773337✱✱✱✱✱ C0B1E71✱✱✱✱✱
Crate of Bricks
(Gold Brick Pack Containing 50 Gold Bricks)
GF191225149✱✱✱✱✱ 55E7C2D✱✱✱✱✱
Cave of Bricks
(Gold Brick Pack Containing 125 Gold Bricks)
GF717546213✱✱✱✱✱ 3EDC518✱✱✱✱✱

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4 out of 5
3 599 Ratings


bet bet 1964,
Downloaded your own risk
The developers need to address and fix the game and reply to the people who choose this game.
I downloaded this for my grandson, and on 3 different times we have gone through this game, it has sent us back to the beginning after multiple purchases 3 times to replace what will not save. Now I will not even think about it until this game is fixed and there is a way to definitely save the game, because as of right now it does not save. And shame on the developers for ignoring the people and children who make their jobs possible SHAME ON YOU. I will give a better rating when fixed: and an apology to all.
Worst in the series
I get it. It’s only $5. Not like spending however much it was for Lego Batman, and Lego Batman 2 on PlayStation. But for comparison Lego Star Wars TCS is on the App Store and all levels, mini kits, arcade mode, bounty hunter missions, story mode and free play, the entirety of the game the same as it would be on any major console is $7. This game was majorly disappointing. No levels where you can use vehicles, no batwing, bat boat, motorcycles, anything. You can’t earn gold bricks, they can only be purchased. No mini kits. The mini kits unlock characters. No bonus levels. The extra Justice league levels aren’t even levels. It’s just waves of enemies coming at you. I expected another half of the game to be playable with the justice league. You can’t unlock all the characters, they have to be purchased. Fortunately you don’t need to purchase any one character to finish the game. There are only 14 levels. Some are very short. There’s a formula to follow for these Lego games that make them great, the developers for this one really dropped the ball. If you have a kid that loves Batman, great, keep this on your phone or on their iPad. For Batman fans, avoid this game, save your money. Story is not worth it. Lego, just give us an iOS port of the first Lego Batman game. It was the best one
My 4 Year old son absolutely loves loves loves this game. Just purchased this app version of the video game and he literally was insisting that he had to play and complete the game. :) He already has the Lego Batman DC Superhero 2 for his wii console, also on his Nintendo DS 3D he has the Lego Batman DC Superhero 3. Now he adds to his collection the app for the iPad, AWESOME. I, myself must say I really quite enjoy the app. It's super easy to get the hang of it and figure out how to use the controls. I loved it! Thank you for an awesome video game app.
irritated mother!,
Needs a saving option 😠
I bought this game for my son, he plays the game loves it and bought the characters and was about to finish the story of the game, but he let his friend play on a new game and now his upset that his game wasn’t saved but was replaced with the new game with out the characters that he bought so I try help him locate his game but couldn’t find it and he has to start all over, can someone have the game fixed so this doesn’t happen because I am not buying more golden bricks every time a new game has started. It’s a total rip off. If you want good reviews better start fixing the game. Honestly should have read the reviews before buying, lesson learned.

Since I mentioned the reviews apparently you guys had this problem for three years now, why isn’t it getting fixed???
Rae Banzoo,
Thats it?..
My problem is that i played the joker level 3 times and cant find the last mini kit and ive done everything. Is it a glitch? Who knows, but something about this is off.

Thank you.

Update ~ i found the last minikit, finished the game inside n out. And for why? Cool accomplishment, but its a waste, because whats next? I cant leave the batcave? Freeroam the city? Be whatever character i wanna be? What the point in having so many characters to choose from then? Wheres the bonuses? I expect more for $5. This was my favorite lego game growing up, mainly because of the bonus levels and free roaming. This game is a bore otherwise.
Trash and a rip off
I bought this game for my four year old son, he used to play it on his fire all the time so when we upgraded to an Apple it was a must have, I purchased all the DLC characters becauseHe had them all unlocked on his previous game, but in this game if you buy all the characters and you save it wrong you pretty much flush $20 down the drain,I don’t understand how DLC can be wiped out by a safe stay because in no other game you could do that, in fact if I erase half my apps and then re-download them and sign in those purchases are still my purchases and I have access to all the data, but nope not this trashcan of a game.
Thomas W. Everson,
Bad experience.
If I pay for a game, I expect to be able to complete everything without paying for in app purchases. You can't get one particular red brick unless you pay for gold bricks to buy it. Bad form. Also there's this issue where if you put the game in the background and open another program you risk the game resetting on itself, and with not enough auto save points you end up losing progress.

The controls are okay, except when they respond in a manner in which you don't want them to, like running a different direction than you're dragging, or trying to cut the red bricks with laser and it getting stuck on a corner until you swipe 50 times.
Leviathan Walker,
Wow just wow, the freaking controls are pretty….stupid
I gotta say I love the game because of nostalgia reasons but the controls are the worst and for a 5 to 6 dollar game, pretty trashy but if you have tinier fingers than I do them this game is for you, because I think that’s one of the reasons I just can’t with this, it’s because the controls are so small that it’s so hard to play it. But it was still pretty cool and I guess fun if you have smaller fingers then I do (no offense to anyone who have small fingers) but besides that it is a 2 to 3 star game for me, sorry, good try though Lego but no, just no.
Bug or Ripoff?
Why does this game require additional purchases on characters that I paid to unlock? Is this a bug or a ripoff?

This would be a great game for my son if it actually worked. We bought the game, bought some characters, but that’s not enough apparently. Now we have to buy coins to use the characters. I wonder what would happen if I bought the coins. Will the developers up the ante and require yet another purchase of some sort before the bought-and-paid-for character can be used? I’m not willing to pay to find out.

Either fix the bug or quit being greedy and let your customers enjoy the product they purchased.
Groppler Zorn,
Buyer Beware
Buyer beware: I purchased a cave of 125 gold bricks for $9.99 for the game for my son. He used about 20 of the 125 bricks, and the next day, all of his bricks were gone and the characters he bought with the 20 bricks were locked again.

Looking through the reviews, this seems to be a common problem. I submitted a help ticket to the developer and got an automated response that did not even remotely address my problem. I also did all of the troubleshooting schemes they suggested, but to no avail. I am submitting a request for a refund through iTunes. I’m not happy.

Summary: the game is fine when you play it, but don’t make any in app purchases.