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Hardest game ever?

Developer: Sam Hogan
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 0.5.0
ID: com.trickshotlabs.stickwithit


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Tap to jump, stick to stuff. Simple, right?

You control a squishy blob that can stick to almost anything. Time the moving arrow and tap to jump. Stick your way up terrain, metal beam things, pipes, moving platforms, spinning platforms, and more. wow

Be careful, however, as one wrong jump could land you back at the very beginning.

The game features two difficulty modes: hard and impossible. Hard mode features checkpoints and an undo move button. Impossible mode has no checkpoints and a faster arrow. But like I'm serious when I say impossible because I doubt anyone will ever complete the game in impossible mode.

Keep your cool, improve your jumping skills, and stick with it to the very end.

Version history

Bug fixes
Added normal mode
Added sick new skins!
Added checkpoint select map
Performance improvements
Bug fixes
Added more bugs probably

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Unlock All Skins
(Unlocks all skins in the shop)
CE530295049✱✱✱✱✱ CC2A2AB✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
5 639 Ratings


Why just why
I can’t even get past the first level so why even try :p I’m kinda bad at the game. But yes you should download it yes it is fun. It’s just like one day you will have to quit because it will be to hard. Well I mean you don’t have to quit keep trying but I quit. It is not the game that is meant for me I do like these types of games but this is to hard. If you could make a update with new modes like super easy,easy,medium. That’s all I’m thinking right now maybe you could also add some skins and make a new shop. Like you could buy backgrounds skins for you blob. Also maybe add after every level you get about four coins or more or less I don’t know this is your game not mine. If you could at least do one of these that would be pretty good. But I just don’t really wanna play the first level is pretty much a challenge. If you enjoy hard games this is for you not for me though. If you read through all of this please make these updates come true. Not for me but for the other players. I’m also suggesting a campaign that would make it more fun. I don’t know if there is infinite levels maybe if you get bored of the real game you can play the campaign. That’s all thanks for reading this all it took me a long time to make these suggestions and the rating I think of it bye.
RasFaZe's Alt,
Hey, not only do I own this game on PC and iPhone now but I LOVE it! This is probably the hardest game I have ever played! It’s even harder than getting over it! But I have a few suggestions, first: customizable skins, you can customize your weird blob thing to be a different color or have a different face! second: In app purchases, like a premium thing so if you buy it you can remove ads to undo your move without watching an ad and it gives you special premium only skins like better colors and better faces along with different particles. I would also like a tutorial mode in the game to help beginners get better and if you beat the tutorial you get a pink color and a happy face that you can equip in the skins place. Also it would be amazing to make a new obstacle like a fan that blows you back and with the momentum you have from the fan you can reach higher platforms but it’s only on the impossible mode, only on the impossible mode because it can blow you back so much that you have to undo your move or die on purpose to go to your checkpoint. Also I would enjoy a new button on the death screen so you can restart from the very beginning but when you click on it then it would ask you “are you are sure you want to restart from the very beginning? This cannot be undone!” And you have to wait 10 seconds until you can click confirm. I know it’s a lot of things but it would make the game much more enjoyable, thanks for reading this!
Enter Nickname12345678910,
I haven’t played much but on the first level it’s very hard (I am playing on impossible mode) but it’s fun also I like the character having a face and the soft sticky thing about it because it can make some funny faces I have not seen bugs and is just a (Extremely) hard and fun game like if I had to rate it on hardness from 1-10 it’s a 11 and it’s a fun (frustrating) game! But here’s an idea bosses. It would be simple like jump on a certain part to attack it if it jumps on you you explode and have to start over (and other ideas) and it would change depending on difficulty like in normal it’s normal falls pretty slowly in hard it falls faster and jumps more frequently and in impossible as the name suggests it’s HARD it’s covered in spikes except the space you are supposed to hit, jumps practically every time it touches the floor, etc. like it’s unfair like it would take like a hour to beat hard another idea baby mode it’s text would be like “goo goo ga ga” or baby sounding things so first you could make check points anywhere you want and the boss in it just dies the second you touch it (if it would be in game) and if you fall too far or in certain places you grow wings and fly up back and if you beat it you get a skin which would probably be a pink circle wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier and it’s text would just be something funny like “the skin only for true babies) just some ideas!
A very hard game
So I have beaten the game on all of the modes and I have all of the skins except for the king blob skin so I don’t know if This is just a bug in the games coding however when I was going to play impossible mode one time it said that you don’t think that anybody can beat it, so after spending so much time on the game it is kind of annoying to not get the final skin when I did what I had to do to get it I just thought that this is something that might be useful to know, also after you beat the game on all of the modes it gets kind of boring because you don’t have anything to do so hears a suggestion after you beat the game on every mode you could unlock a level create screen where you can make your own levels, it would add something else to do after you complete the whole game and if there isn’t a way to get the king blob skin without spending money I think that you should just say that instead of saying that you can get it through playing the game. But all in all I would say that this is a very good game and I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a very difficult game, thank you for reading this and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day/night!
The Game consists of several interesting features that make it enjoyable. The controls just feel nice to become a master of timing. The design of the level is amazing. The graphics aren’t the best but they kept me interested. For whatever reason when you fail you don’t completely shatter your phone, you move on and attempt to find the end even though nothing should compel you too, with no story and no knowing of what your getting yourself into. The game is great however it could be better. Maybe skins or tutorial levels or a level creator. Or maybe some angry enemies.

However there are two main bugs I have encountered that sometimes ruin the experience. #1 when playing and stick to something if you leave the game and rejoin you will no longer be stuck to the thing. #2 if you are playing on hard mode and you want to come back after death and you hit undo then you go back before you jumped. However whenever I have hit undo more than once it makes it so when I tap on the screen I don’t move I’d think it’s my phone however all the other buttons still work so I am forced to restart at the last checkpoint.
A (Ab)Normal Human,
Fun, and challenging!
First of all, I’m sure you’re wondering about the ads. Any free game is pretty much as good as how many ads there are, right?
Well, there’s barely any. The only time you get ads, from what I can tell, is when you voluntarily click the ‘undo’ button to undo your last move. And, it’s just a quick 30 second ad! If you’d rather avoid it, you can go back to your checkpoint, but sometimes you’ll find it’s perfectly fine to watch something for a bit.

As for the gameplay, it’s rightfully fitting of it’s name. It’s quite fun, and challenging of course, but it’s rewarding to finally reach a checkpoint. I will admit I’ve been stuck in normal mode for a bit, but you can make slow progress without stress :) overall, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try at least!
uhh im a kid,
Hard but also fun
so, I watch Sam hogan, I started watching him when he did his remake of MineCraft, so I thought he was a cool coder and subscribed with the bell on. Then he recorded himself making this game then like 2 months later I realized that it was playable on mobile, so I went ahead and downloaded it. As of right now I’m on the fifth checkpoint of normal mode, it’s hard but when you reach another checkpoint, *H U M A N I T Y R E S T O R E D* also the checkpoint sound is satisfying. Oh and I like how you can undo a move and the button to automatically move to your last checkpoint, makes it a lot easier. The best thing is, there’s no pop up ads! just ads if you wanna undo a move, which is really nice! ok that’s about it bye
Fun, but too many bugs
I like to play this game when I’m bored, and it is a really fun and challenging platformer. But when I played the game, I came across a lot of bugs and glitches. One of the most common bugs I had was when I pressed the checkpoint button on the top right corner, but at the same time the “you ded” screen would appear at the same time. This caused the “you ded” screen to show up when I went back to the checkpoint, and I couldn’t see what I was doing while it was still there. I tried to kill the character again, but the “you ded” screen was still there. Every time this happened to me, I had to close the app and go back into it. I wouldn’t mind this bug much if it didn’t happen often, but it kept happening to me a lot. And it is really annoying. If the developer is reading this, can you please try to fix it? Other than the constant bugs, it is a fun game! And if it weren’t for the bugs, I would rate this app 5 stars.
Hailey WOTC,
Pls Read and Adjust
The game is fun - and definitely rage-worthy! I can tell this game had a lot of conscious effort in it! But there are a couple of problems I would like to point out…
For example, I tried using an undo move and I watched the ad and everything, but afterwards, it gave me the “You Ded” screen again and only gave me the choice of a Checkpoint. When I clicked that, it reset me back to the beginning of my level again.
Secondly, my blob sometimes sticks on TWO things sometimes, and if that platform is a moving one, it stretches my character apart and throws it down on the kill block. :(
Last of all, some of the blobby characters aren’t very … blobby. They are flat and stretchy and glitch out a lot sometimes.
But still, the game itself is pretty fun and still REALLY rage inducing (thanks a lot). Please try fixing these minor bugs and I’ll definitely upgrade my three stars! Stay safe!
It's a good challenge, but without satisfaction
This game offers a decent challenge with a simplistic and charming premise at first hand. It follows the navigation of a slime circle through a winding tower of spikes, death pits, and parkour. The controls add to this challenge also, mostly through their intentional wonkiness. Basically, it's a free version of Getting Over It. Where this game falls short for my experience is how it grows repetitive and dull after awhile. Becoming a slug-fest of trial and error or a marathon of ad watching to undo a move. (Although the undo move system is a clever and fair way to profit, without forcing ads) There isn't much satisfaction along the journey either, it's climax just rewarding bragging rights and a sense of wasted hours. In conclusion, a good game in premise, but not in reward. Wouldn't recommend, but nothing to write home about.