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Take the leap with Pogo Cat!

Developer: ponos corporation
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.15
ID: jp.co.ponos.nekohopper


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It's Pogo Cat's time!
A new adventure in the world of The Battle Cats!

A new adventure for The Battle Cats is here!
This time, our brave leader is... Pogo Cat?!
How far will your state-of-the-art pogo take you before you fall or crash?
This game includes no in-app purchases.

*Easy Tap Controls!*
How far can you take Pogo Cat?
Tap for another bounce in midair to take you out of harm's way!
Timing is key, so wait for the right moment!

*Collect Items for Bigger Rewards!*
Pick up Cat Pixies and take them along for more points!
Bringing along a Pixie gives you an extra air jump to take you out of danger!
There are lots of items to pick up - jump into their path to collect them!

*Bounce to glory with all the Cats!*
Tons of Cat heroes from The Battle Cats appear as unlockable characters!
Pick your favorite for a new look and special advantages!

*Clear Missions for Sweet Prizes*
Take on the mission on the main screen to get bonus rewards in both Go! Go! Pogo Cat and the original Battle Cats app!
Can you prove yourself to be a hopping master?
5 missions provide rewards in The Battle Cats

Whether you love weird Cats or are just crazy for hopping action, Go! Go! Pogo Cat has something for everyone!

Version history

Minor fixes and improvements
Updated video ad delivery SDK.
Updated video ad delivery SDK.
Missions added.
English-language content added.

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4.2 out of 5
984 Ratings


So-so -_-
Battle casts has been my life. The first time I’ve heard of it is when it was automatically downloaded on my device. At first I didn’t think it was a good game, but when I went to see it, I found out I’ve been wasting my time not playing this game. Now there’s a sequel to it. Pogo cat is one of my favorite cats, it’s a cute one and it’s a great meatshield in true form. This game is so cool, but I just wish that it was more exciting. Can there be enemies you can jump on to get extra rewards, and can there be a new enemy after each 5 or 10 levels. That would make the game a lot more exciting, even though pogo cat is free from all the battles -_-. Sry pogo cat 😅. Anyways great game and keep updating it :p :).
the rewards are not worth the time of completing the missions
on the mission to collect 300 gems in 1 play has a reward that is not even worth all of the struggles to complete, besides I tried to complete it 59 times and still did not even get one out of two complete. The rewards need to be good enough because I’ve been struggling so much times and haven’t even completed the mission in a few days. I want it to be fair so when people mess up millions of times that it is worth all of the struggles that we’ve been through just to complete one mission. I want the rewards to change so it doesn’t take weeks to even complete that one mission for such a bad reward. I don’t really care about the stuff that we earn from fair missions but from trying so hard complete such a hard mission to just get such a bad reward is not worth it at all, all of my friends agree with me and the rewards need to grow the harder the missions get, otherwise people might just stop hoping to complete a mission for such a bad reward. All of my friends want the rewards to change no matter what.

What I want
I know ponos hasn’t worked in this game in a long time but I think I would like to see new platforms like one that may moves side to side. Next I want new moves such as when you are in mid-air you can swipe down to jab down super fast. also I want to see enemies (the jab could be used to hurt defeat them) maybe one stays in place and jumps up and down (maybe even on a pogo stick) and one that moves back in forth in the air flying and lastly ones you can’t kill that let you jump higher BUT it will remove your second jump also if you get hit by an enemy you die. Lastly I want to be able to pick what ability you upgrade. (Also maybe levels and different backgrounds like a cave or mountain or a beach)
It's like when a movie gets a show spin off and it's good.
It is an above average game (mobile game wise at least) in my opinion. It is not nearly as good as battle cats, but you will find yourself constantly just wanting to try one more time over and over. It can burn time quickly and from what I have saw doing missions in the game can give you cat food in battle cats so it is also rewarding. I would takes this over any type of voodoo copy paste game that have infested the app store. It kind of feels like your playing a battle cats minigame because it does so we'll keeping the battle cats mood. Im gonna continue playing it and hope this game also gains traction, definitely not deleting this anytime soon. Thanks for another quality game ponos.
If you can read English (not to be rude)
I like the battle cats so much I want more new games about it so here is my suggestions (make one of those games like crush them all into battle cats form, make a game called the musketeers cats where you have to fight only with 5 cats around space, LAST BUT NOT LEAST make a another one called battle cats 2 if you are trying to make one already I have some suggestions for it RULES:you start out with basic cats and have to find dummy cats and fight to save them and for them to join the team and save other dummy cats to transform them back and make them save the whole galaxy) if you like the idea then thank you I’m glad to give you some suggestions for new games .......................:)....................
I like the game and how it has battle cats rewards such is awesome but you only 5 of those missions which is dumb. I thought there would be more but 20 challenges later and nothing. Come in make more of those challages because it would make the game more interesting. Also getting things in battle cats like cat food is to hard and the only way to get anything is paying for it which is bad and it makes the game ridiculous. I’ve been playing that game for about 3 moths and I only have done 1 11 drop and that’s with all of the cat food I got out of all the drops and everything else. and to even get 1500 cat is worth 100 dollars for 11 cats. Now that game is very fun. But with that ridiculous price and how much time it takes to even get it ruins the game.
a passionate weeaboo,
So like I’m obsessed with Battle Cats, okay...so there is no doubt I’m playing this game. This game infuriates yet excites me at the same time. I enjoy playing this whenever I am in an inescapable boredom or at a loss of motivation. This game is decent and a time killer. But honestly, apart from all that, as a heavy Battle Cats player, the missions in game stop giving out Battle Cats rewards at a certain point. I truly wish you will be able to update the missions. Another disadvantage from this game is that there should be special challenges like the Weekly Stages in Battle Cats. The in game features (ex. music and graphics) are amazing. I also think that you should not just do one mission at a time, rather list them out so you can complete them over time. Please update more Battle Cats rewards, on behalf of a hearty Battle Cat player. Overall, needs improvement. That’s all.
2nd BEST game!!!
This is the best thing ever!!! Pogo cat and other cats on a pogo?!? This made my day and getting stuff from battle cats?!? Wow... this is really a beautiful world to live in:) this game is sooooo addicting and I am going to play this game everyday just like with battle cats!! The best game is battle cats and the second best game is this!!! Because without battle cats, there would not have been this and it was so unexpected and yet so creative!!! I can’t describe the way I feel right now but it is pure happiness and mind blowing. Keep up the good work!!!

(P.S. An idea is making a pixie cat on battle cats and its second form can be firefly cat and can freeze enemies :0 sorry I just thought of the idea, byeee)

fan of the cats,
Actually gives you rewards for battle cats, and idea for ponos
First when I played pogo cat I thought it was a scam for people and it does not give you rewards for battle cats but then when I played it I got many rewards from doing missions, some for battle cats and some for the game, if ponos is reading this then my idea for a update in pogo cat is when you use the pogo capsule and get a character, you should put a change to coins or gems, and a transfer to battle cats, that means you can transfer you cat to the battle cats game and it will give you the same character but without the pogo stick.
Pretty fun
This game is a copy of that and it’s not really a copy of battle cats but it’s me from the company of a battle cats and it’s really funny like you can get these funny skins that you can’t get in the battle cats so it’s it’s fun and you just have to click to get in the maximum level I played this for like nine months and I was even boredSo I think it’s a really good game for a little kid like me I’m nine and I started playing tennis when I was six I stop when I was sevenSo yeah it’s really a good game so please download this game and tell me how it feels