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Developer: MagicLab
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Version: 4.7.0


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Do you know what it takes to be an streamer?
Are you ready to become the BEST STREAMER of the WORLD?

If you think you can accomplish these, then download Streamer Rush and start your journey to get millions of followers.

Streamer Rush simplifies the choices a content creator makes everyday and combines them with the most loved mechanics and minigames.

There are endless fun challenges to take and things to accomplish!
-Do a twerk challenge with your Lover or Daddy!
- Duet with the most hated and loved famous people!
- Gain followers by using the right filters!
- Collect trending items!

...And much more

Upgrade your clothes, items and talents while you earn money by increasing your followers each run!

Will you be a true streamer or end up being a clout chaser? Come find out!

Version history

-New streamers added!
-New streamers added!
Coolest home design feature update ever! Streamer Rush is cooler than ever!
Coolest home design feature update ever! Streamer Rush is cooler than ever!
Coolest home design feature update ever! Streamer Rush is cooler than ever!
- Bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- Bug fixes and minor improvements
- Bug fixes
Bug fixes and improvements
- New icon
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements
- Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- New levels
- Bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- New Levels
- New Home Items
- Bug fixes
- New Levels
- New Characters
- New Home Items
- New Levels
- New Characters
- Design Your Home
- New Levels
- New Characters
- New Characters
- New Levels
- New Characters
- New Levels
- Bug Fixes
- New Characters
- New Levels
- New Challanges
- New Effects
- New Levels

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4.6 out of 5
37.7K Ratings


So this game is good in all but there’s too much ads like every time i got a action done AD action AD and in the game they should let u make ur character wanna know why cuz u start off as a poor person on every round and it’s annoying and I only rated this five stars so it would show this and I just got it and I already hate it and the skateboard trick is a little hard but why is there so many adds like why are they doing this to us like god pls help the ads over here like stop the ads lord PLS STOP THEM so..yea this is my thoughts so u make urs have a awesome day guys and I love u guys!
Too much ads and glitches
I don’t love this app I really do but when I got this game it was like oh this is fun but when I picked atractive there was an option to twerk and that is not good also there are so many ads like I cannot tell you there are so many ads I’m not trying to be mean I’m just saying that there’s so many ads and also glitches what I mean by that is when I was on an ad it turned all black and when I made it to the end it turned all black and the girls stop running and yeah I don’t mean to be rude I’m just telling you how I feel about this game I think you should add some adjustments like maybe number a lot of adds and not a lot of glitches this is just how I feel and I really want you to upgrade the game so yeah I hope you can upgrade the game and I know you did your hardest to make this game but please please no more glitches and not a lot of ads bye
Livya 💖,
Good, but…

Ok so, I downloaded this because my sister was playing it and it looked pretty cool!

When I downloaded it I played nonstop! In till there were a couple of ads. They were annoying because you had to STOP the game to come to an ad, and I also get this is kinda how the developers get money but you can also loose money if you torture us with ads!


One thing that REALLY concerns me is this game is 4+. Like what!?
I recommend this game should be at least 9+ or 10+ or even older.
Another thing is in the game when your streaming you can Decide what to do, such as twerking!

That’s NOT appropriate for 4 year olds! Also when your streaming you can pick people like:: a clown, a robot, your dad, your mom, your sister, but a twist thing is after you pick someone there is this bar thingy and if u land on green you KICK THEM! But if you land on red then they kick you, and for some reason you get less popular when you get kicked!

THE LAST THING I WANTED TO MENTION WAS… THE BOYS AT THE END!! After you finish the game you have balloons and depending on how popular you are the balloons last longer and soon you will land on a boy, but if you get to the end a boy is HOLDING YOU! Also some boys don’t have shirts which is VERY concerning.

That’s it! Thanks for reading this 😂

sequin the cat,
Please read if your parent or big sister/brother
OK! So, my little sister was bored and wanted to play a game. She has always dreamed of being a YouTuber or tictoker , of course she’s to young-anyways, she found this game and asked if she could get it, I said sure not knowing what the game has…A few minutes later she asked “What does T W E R K spell??” I asked where she read that word and she said this game. (Btw all I said is it’s something inappropriate and your to young to know) so if your a parent, babysitter, big sister or bother please be aware of this. Also I will be telling my parents about this game so creators DONT RATE IT 4+ BECAUSE I TOLD MY SISTER IF ITS 4+ SHE CAN GET IT. Also I have played the game to see what it is and it’s not only inappropriate, it’s very rude to woman who are on the internet. It’s says you have to be pretty and twerk to be popular. It’s not true you are perfect just the way you are. Same with boys you don’t have to be hot and do inappropriate stuff on the internet. Thanks for reading this!!! Hope I helped.
Fun until it became incredibly boring
I used to be hooked on this game so much until I started playing each of the streamers in the game. I was so intrigued by the concept that each streamer is faced with their own challenges and the player guides them through the appropriate trails to achieve success. However, this game is not equipped with a much longer trail and enough power-ups to allow the characters to be their fullest potential. Not only that, this game does not have an option that allows players to remove ads to advance in the game (which makes me feel incredibly irritated by these constant ad breaks). I am incredibly bored by this game because it’s the same level as the other no mater which character I play. I have already uninstalled it because I am already bored and incredibly frustrated by the lack of content and features that would have helped each streamer achieve full success without the constant ad breaks and lack of power ups.
when I first got it I was very ok with everything there was barely any bugs and the quality was standard but sometimes when floating in the air it starts to glitch but that wasn’t a big problem the problem was the ADDS!!!!! There were so many adds in one game there was three adds, that’s alot for a 30 second gameplay u know what half of the game was adds. There was one when you want to start the game the next one was in the middle of the game and there was one in the last part. LAST BUT NOT LEAST another problem for me is when you play it for at least 5 minutes YOURE phone starts to heat up and you’re battery starts to go down so fast and keep in mind my brightness is always at zero. But besides that the game was alright. IF ANY GAME DEVS ARE READING THIS PLS TAKE AWAY THE ADD THATS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME PLSSSSSS.
Sims 4 is screaming!!!!!
I honestly don’t like these kinda games but this one had me feeling a bit of deja vu!!!! That’s when I realized a lot of the assets are from the sims 4! Most of the hairs and furniture are copied right from the game! I’ve been a sims player since the early days and bruh!!! I’ve never seen anything like this where they’re just using even the character spites! Also this game is inappropriate for kids but is blatantly marketed to them. If you’re a parent I wouldn’t let them play it! I only say an ad while getting ink for Tapas comics so I’m technically not the demographic that they wanted but they didn’t know sims players are everywhere lol! My point is that this game is stealing assets from a much bigger franchise and is very inappropriate for kids while specifically playing into what kids are into these day. Super shady don’t get it not worth your time!!!!
Hiiii I’m a big Tom hollend and Zendaya fan as u know because my name but I saw this on an add and I was like cool but then in the middle of playing there is and add and I’m like last add also the first then more and more start popping up so yeah look at this report also the reason I gave it 5 stars is because if I give it no stars then it won’t be seen so yeah never download this gameeee for all the little guys who don’t look at the ratings before also I just wanted to prove that it was easy so that’s why I didn’t check the ratesssss so billy don’t fall down like I did🤥…
Great game but it has many bugs
1.This game is terrific I’m having so much fun and it’s addicting but there is this bug there are too many freaking ADSAnd I can’t handle it anymore I just want it to be add three or maybe only want to add on each level please I’m begging you to take this out

2. It is for babies it’s only 4+ and I can’t handle it anymore this is not even for 4+ and I think they should change it to 9+ I’ve been playing this game for many years now and it has not changed

3. This is the last bug and it’s bad trust me it’s bad bad The boys at the end are very very inappropriate they takeoff the shirt and they do you know what with the girl and this is not appropriate for a 4+ so I have no idea why you made this game for 4+ it’s a terrific game I love it it’s beautiful but I cannot handle any more with these guys they’re so inappropriate anyway

thank you for taking out the bugs if you did and this game is really really pretty so thank you!

⚠️ read ⚠️ it was fun at first but then it got weird..
So I saw this on TikTok and it was a normal ad so I decided to buy it. At first it was fun even though there were ads. It was appropriate as well (at first). But later on into the game, there were ads ALL THE TIME. There was one in the middle of the game and the end of the game EVERY SINGLE TIME. You couldn’t even keep playing the game because you had to pause for an ad. I mean, it was a total waste of time for me.

The next reason is that it got very boring. Every round it was just the same exact round. There were no different options and it was just pure boring. And, it was shaming other girls/boys on the internet. It was showing for girls you need to be hot and twerk on the internet to blow up. That’s not true.. it’s putting out a bad example. And for boys you don’t need to be hot and do weird stuff to be “cool”.

Finally, it’s so innapropriate. Like, it says “4+” but there was so many weird options like twerk, n*de, and more. I dont think very Young kids should be seeing that.. it’s not appropriate at all — would you want your 5 year old to be seeing that, plus innapropriate outfits? No, you wouldn’t.