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Make dank memes and have fun!

Developer: MagicLab
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Price: Free
Version: 1.8.4


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One definition says that memes are to culture as DNA is to life. Funny gifs will make you LOL. Try to make everybody laugh to win this Meme Challenge!

Win to improve your challenge room and dankest meme collection of epic and funny gifs and legendary cult memes of all time. You will have fun and spend time with the funniest memes of all time.

Memes bring us together to laugh at the ridiculous. Make your own hilarious and dank memes and compete with other meme masters. Who will understand the meme culture better will win. This is a challenge of picking the best meme for the situation, the judge is your audience. Try to be the funniest and coolest person in the room!

Compete in tournaments to win new memes. Spend your money at the shop to open new meme packs. If you are lucky you might earn legendary meme cards.

Choose the right meme and make the most people laugh to win big! Let's laugh out loud together.

Version history

- Visual improvements
- Performance improvements
Minor improvements
Minor improvements
- Game improvements
- Store updates
- Game improvements
- Store updates
- Game improvements
- Store updates
- Bug fixes
- Improvements
- Improvements
- Competition System Improvements
- New memes
- Extra content
- New mini game
- New levels
- Bug fixes and improvements
Bug fixes and improvements
- Game improvements
- Bug fixes
- New levels
- Bug fixes
- Game improvements
-New levels
-Collection systems
-Bug fixes

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4.6 out of 5
20.9K Ratings


i farted and she left,
Ughh ads!!!
So it’s a great game. I just got it like 1 hour ago idk I’m to lazy to know exactly when. But the ads just keep coming! I’ll be about to pick a card for the joke and a ad comes and I’m like Nooooo UwU. Pls fix the ads so then it will be better. I know that’s how you get money and all but y’all keep sending me the same ad and there’s to much. I’ll get a ad of a game that’s like long as a 12 inch sandwich. Like fr. And it says 9+ maybe make it 13+ cuz haha most of the little ones won’t understand “when you hear your parents bed squeaking”lol. But anyways it’s a good app but pls fix the ads. Thank you.
Read this before downloading it!
You might be wondering, why did I rate this app 3 stars? I’m about to clarify all the pros and cons about this game. Let’s start with pros. Once you download this game you start by collecting meme cards and playing against someone in a “meme challenge”. I honestly let out a few chuckles by the cards and the memes, so if you would like a funny game that burns time I would recommend this game! Also, you can get epic cards by watching an ad, and if you’re idling meanwhile the ad is playing, it’s a peace of cake. It’s also fun to collect the cards and upgrade your room or basement or whatever it is you’re playing the meme challenge in. Moving on to cons, to begin, it is overloaded with ads. As I said, I’d you idle it’s not so bad, but if you’re looking to actually have fun on this game, it’s a slight chance. After every single match there’s an ad. After whatever mini game there’s an ad. Upgrading cost an ad. If you don’t like ads every second, I don't recommend this game! Also, it gets repetitive after the first 5-10 levels. The graphics are meh, same with the characters. Overall, this game deserves 3 stars. None less, and none more. Happy new year to everyone reading this today! (Jan 1)
Sximply bubbly tea YT,
Fun but bad
Menaal’s review-
OK so the first time I downloaded the game was like two hours ago, but I didn’t play that much but now I’m playing it was fun but every single time you trade or put a card down an ad comes. Like, after every single move, you make, and ad comes in. It’s really annoying and all the NPC’s or robots just keep on laughing even though you put a bad card or a good card, they just laugh, and it’s impossible to win. Sometimes the robot that you’re playing with either wins or loses, and that just repeats over and over again so it’s repetitive. Besides, that is pretty fun, but this should not be for 9+ because I am a 12 year old who’s playing this and I can tell that this is very inappropriate for kids. like it talks about sex and masturbating. so I recommend this for at least 12 or 13-year-olds and make the age go up. But besides that it’s a little fun, but you can have some improvements added to the game.
This game says 9+ but they’re are cuss words and sexual things in here. “When your doctor asks if you are sexually active” Really? Y’all definitely payed Pepsi to right a good review just saying. And the ads are terrible, I mean terrible. One after another. I swear the ads never stop. I’ve never had a game with this many ads before, it’s crazy. This game was actually a good idea and was really fun at first but then it was just the same questions and the same cards. And the ads of course. Than the mini games with the card trading and the matching cards, those were annoying. I wanted to play the actually game and you can’t even do that because an ads pops up after every one of them. Also some of those “rare” cards should have been common and some of the common cards should have been rare. This is gen z lol, no one wants to sit and watch a bunch of ad. And they were all the same ads. But this game was a really good idea and could be so much more fun!! xx
I do like this game. I’m never really over annoyed about advertising and stuff because that’s how you make money and keep the app going. But one app I don’t want to see any more advertising of is Me Chat. Please stop advertising them! I am in 9th grade, and I don’t need to see the content of those ads! When I play this game, and those Me Chat ads come up, it forces me to quickly hide my screen and look around to make sure no one saw that on my phone. It embarrasses me and makes me very uncomfortable. So, please stop advertising Me Chat!
The ads tho…!?
This is pretty fun. Yeah, there are some boring mini games that I could REALLY do without (matching, trading, etc), but overall it’s pretty good. But what’s up with all the ads!? I get games need to make money, but where’s the “buy add free” option!? I could see this being a 4 or 5 star game if not for having to watch 4-6 ads PER MINUTE of play. Start the game, one round played and here’s an ad. Finished the 3rd round, here’s another ad. Complete a required mini game (which literally takes 10-15 seconds) here’s yet another ad. And guess what… following that is ANOTHER mini game with, you guessed it, another ad. And some of em you can’t even close out of. The amount of ads killed the enjoyment VERY fast.
Not appropriate for “9+”
I wish there was a 0 star. I can’t believe that it was 9+, but the creator/creators put a meme in there called “When Your Doctor Asks Your Sexual History” This is unbelievably stupid. Some younger kids may be downloading this and finding out what that means way to early. Also, way, WAY to many ads. almost every time a click a button, an ad comes up. It’s not one of those nice ads when it’s just a picture and you can immediately skip, it would be a 30 second to one minute ad. If you are reading this, don’t download it if you get annoyed by long ads too. Also don’t download if your under 12 I would say. I can’t believe people are giving this game 4-5 star ratings with amazing reviews.
I mean it’s not bad
They game is advertised as a game where you put down a card then put a classic meme photo next to it and robots laugh at it. That’s how it was for the first like 30 mins. Then they throw in 2 mini games. One is trading cards and the other is a matching game. The matching game makes 0 sense. Then it comes to the fact you never get to play the actual game. These 2 mini games will never stop. It’s like they keep flipping from one mini game to the other and back again. Also there is only a certain number of word cards too. Maybe 50. After that it just gets boring. If you like repeating the same thing over and over again, this game is for you
The same memes and not appropriate for 9+

When I first got this game I was super happy because it was internet free but then after a awhile of playing it would log me off and also after a while it will give you the same memes over and over again for example when you just let out a silent fart in a full car. I have gotten that one over five times so that’s why I gave it three stars. It would be much better if you got more memes to put

The next reason is because it is way to inappropriate for 9 year olds. Seriously this game should be 12+ because there is cussing some violence and sexual stuff that is very bad for a nine year old. An example of an inappropriate meme is when ur doctor asks about your sexual history that is NOT something a nine year old should know. Another one is when she’s still pregnant after April fools day which is most likely implying that “she” made love with another man
(Made love meaning s e x) if I could give zero stars I would!😡
Not Appropriate for ‘’9+’’
First of all I just downloaded this because I thought it was Actually gonna be for 9+ I’m 11 but literally this is NOT appropriate for 9+ they should not know this type of stuff. JUST FIX THE AGE SETTING TO 12+ BECAUSE CHILDREN SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS.. I DELETED IT And if you are 9 and gonna get this game read ALL the reviews. Personally I think it’s a good idea to make this like the actual game in real life. But still !!!!Change the age setting please!!!! I might get this again if u can change the age settings… Also WAYYYY TO MANY ADDS pleeease look I understand that’s how u guys make money but every time I’m in a middle of a game it just pops up out of nowhere… So please developers fix this.