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Fast-paced 3v3 Hero Shooter

Developer: XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.37.1741585
ID: com.xd.t3.global


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The blockbuster team-based hero shooter ""T3 Arena"" is now available!
Enjoy fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay in casual & exciting gunfights at the touch of your hands.
Transform into stylish gun-wielding oddballs and heroes, from rock singers to alien creatures, and collect trendy and flashy outfits to become the most dazzling Hero in the Arena!
With quick 3-5 min gameplay and a super accessible Auto-Fire feature, whether you are a shooting game veteran or a total newbie, playing solo or teamed-up, pure bullet-spraying fun is guaranteed for everyone!

With game modes fine-tuned to take only 3-5 min per match, and a 6-sec Respawn-to-Frontline compact map design, you can jump right into the chaotic, non-stop shoot-outs and any time.

The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master Auto-Fire feature gives everyone a fighting chance while retaining skillful competition. Just aim at your target and let your weapon do the rest. But remember, strategic thinking and teamwork are key to victory.

Choose from nearly 30 unique heroes, each with their own abilities and play styles.
They've joined the league for different reasons but only the coolest will emerge victorious!

Nothing beats having friends by your side when bullets start flying.
Our built-in party system and voice chats make teaming up a breeze, ensuring clear communication and reliable connections.
It's time to win as a team!

Whether it's TDM, Control, Payload Escort or Crystal Assault, 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 setups, we've got you covered. We even offer various limited-time arcade event modes!
Choose your preferred game mode and jump right in - it's your game, played YOUR way!

Version history

Season SS2: ""Light Guardian""
New Hero: Ono
New Map: E-Core City
New Event: Shine! Fight!

Major Update:
Prepare for a game-changing experience as we bid farewell to Rumble Boxes.
Hero Balance Changes
Brand New Mythic Skins
Fresh Cosmetics: Stickers
Game Performance Optimizations
Hero Balancing Changes
Brand New Mythic Skins
Fresh Cosmetics: Stickers
Game Performance Optimizations
Super Season 1 - Neon Party
New Support Hero - Neon
New Battle Pass
New Ranked Season
Stadium Track
New Events
New Skins
Balancing Changes
Brand new second Active Abilities. Free for every Hero!
Brand new 5v5 Ranked Mode
Brand new Seasonal Rewards
Fully rebalanced Hero Upgrade system. A fairer experience for all players.
Hero Challenge: Unleash the Hero within!
Players' Return: Welcome your friends back!
New Mythic Skins
General Improvements: Enhanced Gameplay!
Hero Challenge: Unleash the Hero within!
Players' Return: Welcome your friends back!
New Mythic Skins
General Improvements: Enhanced Gameplay!
Season 5 - Sin City
All-new 5v5 Mode
New Vanguard Hero - Fade
New Matchmaking System
New Events
New Skins
Chinese New Year' Skins
Valentine's Day Event
Ranked Mode Improvements
Hero Balancing Changes
Quality of Life Improvements
Season 4 - Ice Fire
New Battle Pass
Two New Heroes - Zero-Kelvin & Vincent
Ice Fire Festival
New Skins
Improvements to Ranked Mode
Improvements to UI and Balancing
- Christmas Theme Update
- Christmas Theme UIs & BGM
- Winter Maps
- Winter Event
- Quality of Life Improvements & Bug Fixes
- Ranked Mode now available
- New items: Weekly Subscription/Monthly Subscription
- Hero Balance Adjustments
- Quality of Life Improvements
- Season 3: TRANSFORM
- New Hero - Gatlyn
- Quality of life improvements
- Season 3: TRANSFORM
- New Hero - Gatlyn
- Quality of life improvements
New Hero - Gatlyn
Quality of life improvements
- New Hero Fort now available
- New Maps & Game Modes
- System Improvements
- Season 2 LIGHTS ON is here
- New Hero Yaa now available
- New Maps & Game Modes
- System Improvements
- Season 2 LIGHTS ON is here
- New Hero Yaa now available
- New Maps & Game Modes
- System Improvements
- Season 2 LIGHTS ON is here
- New Hero Yaa now available
- New Maps & Game Modes
- System Improvements
The new hero Chemist is available
Hero balance adjustment
Stage Improvements
System Improvements
Feature Optimization & Bug Fixes
The new Mythic hero Diggy is now available.
Bug Fixes
New Season [Glory Begins]
Arena gate is about to open on May 26

Brace yourself with the crowd. Line up, and listen to the signal. Pre-load the game in your respective time zone to make sure you get a good seat. Ready... Set...

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
165 T-Gems
(165 T-Gems)
ED221131031✱✱✱✱✱ 91B01DA✱✱✱✱✱
15 T-Gems
(15 T-Gems)
ED333722929✱✱✱✱✱ EA99B4C✱✱✱✱✱
Special Bundle 15
(Special Bundle 15)
ED210327736✱✱✱✱✱ 3FED047✱✱✱✱✱
275 T-Gems
(275 T-Gems)
ED315709455✱✱✱✱✱ DF2AFE5✱✱✱✱✱
80 T-Gems
(80 T-Gems)
ED343955575✱✱✱✱✱ 545D6FD✱✱✱✱✱
Special Bundle 172
(Special Bundle 172)
ED954536193✱✱✱✱✱ 85C3814✱✱✱✱✱
Special Bundle 40
(Special Bundle 40)
ED192153974✱✱✱✱✱ DFEBF6D✱✱✱✱✱
490 T-Gems
(490 T-Gems)
ED722793161✱✱✱✱✱ FB7636B✱✱✱✱✱
Special Bundle 10
(Special Bundle 10)
ED745551195✱✱✱✱✱ 7B0FBCA✱✱✱✱✱
Special Bundle 7
(Special Bundle 7)
ED745218457✱✱✱✱✱ B65D0FE✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
72.7K Ratings


Doesn't matter. Fix your game.,
Worth the download!:)
I absolutely adore this game❣️If I’m being honest, it’s really well made, I love the aesthetics, the gameplay is incredible, it runs smoothly, and you go against actual people. I downloaded this game with trust that it would run and look as good as the ad I saw, and it definitely didn’t disappoint👏🏻
All the different characters with different abilities is pretty cool, and each are strong in their own way. I play every hero I get, I love them all. They’re each so unique and the outfits are so cute lol. The maps are also well made. I enjoy using the different height advantages to sneak up on players😂
If you’re having doubts about this game, just trust me. It’s worth it! Granted, you do have to reach a certain glory level to start playing with real people, but I just see it as a way to practice against the bots before going online😌
Although, one thing I would tweak is the fact it kinda takes awhile to get gems. I understand I can earn them through the glory thing, but that takes quite a bit of time. I would remove like three or four rewards in order to decrease the times it takes to earn gems.
Overall, this game has definitely surpassed my expectations. I’m impressed and very pleased☺️ I can’t wait to see what else you guys are going to do!
Good game but heavily PTW
All in all it’s a great game having similar features from TF2, Overwatch, Brawl Stars, and Valorant, but it’s also heavily PTW. I kept getting matched with high level or maxed out characters like Hua Ling and Ruby. I’ve been constantly getting PTW players from low to high trophies often killing me and my teammates in one shot having no room to grow. The bots could be touched up a bit better to have smarter strategies in game instead of just rushing to combat. If this game eventually gets a ranked mode it’ll be filled with maxed out characters ruining the game’s enjoyment when you have low leveled characters. I would usually get 2 matches with one enemy maxed out or the entire team and in others I would just get bots for teammates. Other than that it’s a great game it’s super easy to pick up having bots for your first few couple of games, graphics are great, could add more maps, maybe a controller adaptability, none of the characters feel too overpowered, simple hud menu, could add some stats where you look at your achievements, and a way to add friends to a party instead of just custom games. Loot pool doesn’t feel rigged by giving you a new character every 5 boxes or so. Giving it 4 stars mostly because of whales maxing out everything but also because its easy to learn, getting rewards feel earned, and the characters are fun to learn once you get them and new strategies you learn when you use them.
Great Game With a Few Changes!
I just want to say this has to be one of if not the best mobile game out there. The graphics are great, the character design is unique, and most importantly, there is a wide variety of heroes to fit all kinds of play styles. However, there are a few things I would change. Every victory is gives +8 trophies even if your team did nothing and you had to carry them the entire match, everyone got +8 trophies. One way I think this could be solved is by making it so for every “Best Performance” tab you get featured in you could get a bonus trophy. Another issue with the game is the bots. I know that sometimes there is a lack of players online but I’m kind of tired of having to play with a team full of bots every time. This problem will be fixed once the popularity of this game increases, but for now it’s quite annoying. Another thing I would like to see is in-game events that could give gems, t-coins, universal power cores, and possibly even characters/new characters. There are a few more things I’d say but i cannot think of them right now, overall a great game that can definitely go places. Thanks for listening!
past t3 player,
Nerf characters
I played this game for a while and raised (trophies) some character’s however from playing them and fighting against different heroes it dawned on me how unfair some of the characters techniques are. It was so bad to the point I choose not to play those characters because it felt like the game was too easy. Characters like hua ling and johnny jet need to be heavily nerfed, I don't know what makes it okay for hua ling to be able to dominate a crowd with little to no effort and her damage is way tooo much. Johnny jet’s skill needs a higher cool down. All in all the game needs to balance a-lot of characters. Yes, some characters can overpower others in different categories but some of the characters cross way over the limit. I know there are ways to play against them with their weakness and all but it should still be addressed. If I choose to write down what is wrong with each characters this writing would be too long. Considering I played this game with equally as good people who know how to read the map and play well I've been in different scenarios while playing and I truly know how it feels to just have a overpowered character stand in a place with auto aim and keep killing you like a rag doll its infuriating. So yea…I quit not fair. Also the matchmaking system is so bad( how does a 900 trophy hero get grouped with players with 100 trophies and sometimes under???????)
Really good game
I really have nothing bad to say about this game it’s a really good game remind me of overwatch which I love overwatch but I also love how it’s like overwatch but with it’s own little style an touch to it an have different character I like that about the game honestly really good game only thing I would love for the future of the game more modes like mystery five an push the robot an even something different from overwatch like a whole new mode with a new vibe I have faith in y’all believe y’all can come up with something amazing an great for the game experience also I know it’s an mobile game but I feel like the match are short hopefully in the future the matches can be longer an hopefully add rank mode an also on the payload mode make it like it is on overwatch tell well if we get the payload to the destination the opposite team they couldn’t stop our payload they get a chance an we get to try to stop theirs an then if we don’t stop theirs it goes to round three an first ones to hit the first half wins I feel like it would be fair an make it more interesting fun an longer I really hope y’all reach out an could takes some of these Ideas an I just want to say really great game can’t wait for the future an blessing to u all who take y’all time with the game an making fans happy blessing
jipping their fanbase
I spent a fair amount of money trying to attain the new aleta skin thinking that it would just give me her character after all because we’ve pretty much agreed on the lucky draw being a cheat but ive wanted the hero for a long time now. I guess it was my fault for assuming they wouldnt be complete con artists and just give me the hero after all that. I was upset that i didnt get her but still tried, getting more big rumble boxes with the last gems i had. Did i achieve the hero after all those gems and money spent? no. Not even any new characters either. Mind you i have 17/21 characters..it should've been fairly easy to get her if we’re going off technicality.

i've sent a DM to their instagram as they have no official way to directly contact their help staff which is also ridiculous. I just think if youre going to finesse your fanbase with these lucky draw boxes and what not you should at least have an official way where your customers can contact you & get reimbursed/solve the issue in someway..like idk maybe with a hero they spent so much gems to get their skin? But its obvious they dont want that. Very cheap/money hungry. & will not spend another dollar on this game. I advise others to do the same as its pretty much pay to win except they dont even give you the characters you spend money on to get. 🤷🏽‍♀️Do better.
Gameplay=excellent, Ranked queue times=agonizing
A well balanced and rewarding experience, hampered by abysmal queue times for Ranked.
Heroes and game modes feel great, and are clearly inspired by another “certain team-based shooter”. Wishing there were additional maps to play with some asymmetrical maps to change-it-up, but the ones offered are fun, fast, and exciting. Being able to have per-character UI customizations is a great design choice. Auto-fire is intelligent and locks-on fast.
I think Role Queues would do wonders here, to reduce queue times for a large part of the player base and to ensure players are committed to staying in their role for matches. I’m regularly exceeding 10 minutes per match to queue for Gold Rank. I’m playing for the competition and don’t want to sink all my time into playing against bots in regular matches.
This game is excellent for many reasons, but personally if these queue times can’t get optimized, then I’ll have to find another alternative to play, unfortunately… having said that, this is a definite download for anyone interested in the genre, overall it’s a really great time!
awesome game 42,
A good game but one MAJOR problem
I don’t know if anyone ever had this happen but it’s become a common thing that I just can’t ignore I want to give this a 4 or 5 star but this thing has been ruining my gameplay and screwing my teams over I’m playing a game the usual but some reason I started to notice that sometimes a shot that I have clearly fired and hit doesn’t do any damage to the target and this isn’t some “oh they are being healed thing” there is nothing they don’t pick up a healing item or are being healed by one of the support heroes they just don’t take damage and this isn’t a one off thing no no no this has happened severely times and one of the most bull ones was when I was playing as the sniper (oasis I think) and I use his ultimate on a person who is clearly being hit clearly not healing and clearly didn’t pick up any healing items but for some reason the took NO damage none absolutely none there are other moments too so many developers if you are ready this please please fix this bug I do not want to give up on this game when I first tried it was awesome overall if this does said weird/ annoying bug or glitch does get fix (or if anyone is also experiencing this problem) that would be great.
Thaddeus 303,
Just a cash grab
This game makes the mobile Diablo look generous. The game basically hardly gives players the chance to actually get hero’s without spend $100 dollars. And even after that it’s still iffy. Most of the time they give you basically nothing for your money. Overwatch has better rewards than this game. Heck in most games if they give you a skin a a character you don’t have, they are usually generous enough to give you the character too. But these developers don’t care about the players and just want your money while give basically nothing in return. Also they hardly do any character reworks. Most characters are just flat out overpowered and they do nothing about it. The game turns to be absolutely unfun. Nearly everyone in high ranks play Judex because they refuse to balance the character. Or make the turrets in the game actually have a set range. Your working on a mobile platform, not a pc or console. The agility and reaction time are already limited. Also not to mention anyone the does take a controller gets an immediate advantage over everyone else. It’s not hidden that you took somethings from Brawlstars, why not it’s player equalities too to actually make it fun. Not even going to start on the obvious character designs being ripped off of others like Aleta and Tracer.
jason writes a review,
probably one of the most if not the most fun game on the appstore
first off let me begin by saying this game is like overwatch mixed with brawl stars , different heros & abilities great concept for a mobile game since we’ve never had one like it before. but please don’t make this a pay to win game tho, only reason why i’m not giving it 5/5 stars. if you spend money on the game you’re going to have an advantage with powering up your hero max before everyone else (while still being at low trophies playing against bots) im sitting at 2k trophies right now since launch and i haven’t spent a penny yet but playing against people who have a maxed out Hua Ling or Gloria isn’t fun or enjoyable just frustrating. Also i’ve come to realization if you are too high in trophies then queue times are longer but you still play against bots since im assuming there isn’t enough players online at the trophy count im at. so maybe implement something else so it’s not just me with 2 bots going against a team of 2 real players and one bot. Overall a very fun game & it has so much potential to becoming huge in the future.