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The original endless runner!

Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.3
ID: com.imangi.templerunplus


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The world-renowned Temple Run franchise is now on Apple Arcade!

Run, jump, and slide your way to fortune and glory in an epic endless adventure! You've grabbed the cursed idol – now it's time to run for your life! Dodge deadly traps, jump calamitous chasms, and stay one step ahead of the dastardly demon monkey!

Crumbling cliffs! Perilous piers! Simmering swamps! Winding temple walls! How far can you run?!

*Snappy swipe and tilt controls – running through your life never felt this good!
*The original 3D running mechanic, now polished to perfection! Turn, jump, slide, and tilt like never before!
*Level up your character and unleash crazy power ups!
*Play as 7 different fearless explorers!
*Compete on Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements!
*Endless "just one more run" gameplay that keeps you coming back again and again!

Version history

A spooky Halloween fright haunts The Temple, bringing 2 new runners:
* Curious crashed astronaut Selene Celeste!
* Twitchy scarecrow Edward Twiggenbottom!
Autumn winds whisper through The Temple, bringing 2 new characters to the run:
* Lithe lumberjack Sigur Frostbeard!
* Glittering Golden Guy Dangerous!

Autumn winds whisper through The Temple, bringing 2 new characters to the run:
* Lithe lumberjack Sigur Frostbeard!
* Glittering Golden Guy Dangerous!
* New Summer theme added to the main menu
* Two New Characters added to the Upgrades menu: Tamatoa, the mightiest warrior in all Samoa! and Simone Davies, the relentless pirate hunter!
* Bug Fixes
Hey Players!

We’re committed to enhancing our games in ways that can improve the player experience.

Here’s what’s new in this update:

* Fixed issues related to swipe input
* Added toggle in Options menu for controller support

Thanks for playing Temple Run+.

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4.5 out of 5
2 424 Ratings


Mac version runs super smooth.

I find turning a bit less forgiving than the iOS version. On iOS you can swipe left/right a moment before the turn and it'll turn to where you want. I've found it in the Mac version that you need to be more exact with hitting the turn key to just as you turn so you don't fall off the cliff going forward.

But besides that, all good!
🐯 The White Tiger,
don’t press ‘B’!!!
this game is great—like the original—but, when playing with a controller on the tv (which is how i play almost all of my games), DO NOT press the ‘B’ button as it will exit the game, no matter what screen you’re on.

want to exit a menu by pressing ‘B’… the game closes.

want to exit the pause menu during gameplay… the game closes.

a few of these developers (looking at you HalfBrick Games 👀) make their games available on tv and Mac, but make navigation—which is also not very good on this game—and button presses a complete afterthought.

trying to control the characters is also a bit frustrating, especially when turning corners, as the character will either keep forward or jump directly into a tree when i’m clearly pressing ⬅️ or ➡️ on the D-pad. on top of that, i’m using the original Nimbus controllers (as i’ve had the new versions replaced FOUR times with the same issues), and the menu/pause button does not work at all—expect when i double press it access the app switcher to exit the game—so, i’m not able to access any of the “in-game” power-ups.

i really hope these issues get resolved in the next update so that i can thoroughly enjoy this game to the fullest.
Temple run
I love running…. And temples. This was the perfect game for me. Although I still don’t understand what chases you in this game.
Like what is that “being” your running from?
But overall it is a great game. I mean the graphics are super bad but I guess they don’t need to be good because the lagging makes up for it. Overall it is a great game.
Keeps eating my inputs
The + version of Temple Run is something I’ve wanted for a while. Pop up ads and micro-transactions have made the original and 2 overall unenjoyable. This version eliminates both of those things, but along the way evidently eliminated the reliability of inputs. Within ten minutes, I died five times because the runner would not jump/turn/etc when I swiped. Overall I still enjoy the game, but the interruptions from unreasonable deaths gets rather aggravating.
Da Schoedels,
Disappointed user
When I saw Temple Run available on Apple Arcade games I was very excited. I downloaded it and started playing and to be honest I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna play it. I have so many unregistered swipes. I always love playing this game the pass, but it’s really frustrating when you die so easily when you’re doing the swipe. I hope they can fix this because this has always been a really fun game.
f6fs mtdfsgdb fb fjut fgnkg,
Temple fun( run)
Temple run is the best game. But it could use some minor improvement. Like you should be able to pick your own character when u start the game. It could actually be to collect coins more efficiently.
There are some bugs in the + version
I have played TR and TR2 for many years, and there is just some problem in the “+“ version where a reasonable number of swipes taps, etc. just do not get registered.

I have spent far too much time dying already, in a game that I have much experience with. I can cope with how much more twitchy the tilt controls have become, but there really is some sort of problem with tapping and swiping.

Also, some more detailed instructions on how the resurrection wings utility works would be welcome.

Beyond that, there seems to be some sort of change made such that there are no powers to invoke when your meter fills up? Or will that show up later?

Finally: where are the hats‽
Pros~the classic Temple Run we all know and love but with a weekly challenge system,No annoying ads,Additional life system to avoid watching ads to be revived,Full Screen for latest iPad models!!

Cons~a bit unresponsive sometimes,when I swipe left or right sometimes my character will slide instead of navigating in the right direction.
Needs a graphic update.
This game itself has been in a long run with getting as much money as possible with ads and purchasing boost / coins most of its life. It’s nice to see the + version remove it but all the money they made hasn’t upgraded this outdated and unappealing game. It’s old and washed out. Still looks like it came from a cony PlayStation. I’m already deleting it after only ran about 6 times.
It’s good but
You tilt to move it says to move by swiping I’d really appreciate if you fix that otherwise the graphics are decent the rest of the gameplay is smooth this has a better story than a certain kid running from a cop I’ll give it 4 stars