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A Beautiful Puzzle Adventure

Developer: Noodlecake
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.0
ID: com.noodlecake.enchantedworld


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The Enchanted World is a beautiful tile sliding puzzle-adventure set in a magical world torn asunder by dark forces.

Guide a young fairy through a series of beautiful environments, delightful puzzles, and meet strange characters on her journey to piece the world back together.

Explore enchanted forests and mysterious meadows, visit barren deserts and descend into dark caves, hop through magical marshes, get into an abandoned factory and visit the surreal future world.


Experience stylish low-poly visuals with beautiful animations
Solve more than 30 challenging handcrafted tile sliding puzzles
9 completely different worlds and tile sets
Experience a beautiful story told only through breathtaking visuals, music and sound
Fight an epic tile sliding boss battle
Interact with the world and characters around you
Walk the winding paths of the Enchanted World
Enjoy beautiful original music and audio. Headphones recommended.

The journey of the fairy is partly inspired by the authors’ childhoods and is a game made with passion and a lot of attention to detail. Every scene was carefully crafted by hand to provide a joyful and rewarding experience. Combined with the artist’s previous background in film animation and visual effects, The Enchanted World delivers a uniquely beautiful experience.

** Best Upcoming Game - International Mobile Gaming Awards Global 2018 **
** Multi award winning game **

Version history

Holiday update
10 brand new puzzles in a frozen winter world full of festivities.
Navigate your train through villages and forests, across the valleys and canyons while bringing joy and presents to its cute little inhabitants.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Revamped the starting game play experience to better help and reward players on their enchanted adventures.

- Added visual and audio effects when the player solves puzzles
- Additional tutorials and help at the beginning
- New achievements
- Various fixes throughout the game
Fixes a couple bugs that caused latter levels to not be able to be completed. Now continue your adventure!

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4.1 out of 5
388 Ratings


Great Game - Needs Some Work
i love the art style, music, puzzles, everything! it’s a very good game and i would definitely play it if you’re on the fence, but there is one thing the developers could work on. Such as multiple solutions for a puzzle. in two levels so far i have come up with a correct solution for a puzzle, only to have it not register because it wasn’t set up a specific way. it was insanely frustrating to come up with 4 other solutions that also wouldn’t work! aside from that though, it’s a brilliant game
Immie Fan,
A beautiful, challenging game...perfect!!
I just wrote a review about losing my level in this game...I was wrong — user error...I found out what I was doing wrong to get back to the frog level. My apologies to the developers! You guys have created a perfect game, one of the very best! I hope all Arcade subscribers (who love puzzle games, as I do!) try it out! Thanks so much!

I love this game. It really is worth comparing to Monument Valley for the lovely graphics, sound/music, and challenging puzzles. I give it only 4 stars because the last update (yesterday) erased the level I was playing (the frogs and the lily pads) and I can only get to the spider level (which was tough!!) and must replay that before I can get back to the frog to redo (even tougher!). I hope the developers can fix this going forward because the game is really one of the greatest in Apple’s gaming environment!
Beautiful and challenging but missing the mark on a few things.
There is no real explanation on what each feature under settings is for like “Rabbits On” I have no idea what it does or means and switching it on and off seems pointless as I can’t see a difference in anything. I wish there was a save feature inside the levels, for example I’m stuck on a gear level and end up having to walk away and it would be nice to come back and not have to start said level over. Also a hint feature or a skip level feature would be good. I’ve been on this one particular level for days and find it rather annoying that I can do anything but keep messing around and hope I get it figured out.
That’s it?...
I don’t usually leave reviews.... mainly because I tend to obsess over a game, and eventually find something else to obsess over - usually coming back to game later on. However, after downloading and quickly becoming obsessed I have found that I’ve completed all 25 levels within about 24 hours of actual game play...

The graphics are great... the imagine behind the puzzles are beautiful... and the actual puzzles are difficult and challenging enough to make me want to throw my phone across the room - and still finding a way to summon me back minutes later to solve said puzzles.

But after all the time spent venturing through and discovering this imaginary world - I’m left to sit and wonder... that’s it?
Challenging game.
Update: managed to get through that level, but now blocked by a bug on the second to last laser level where it doesn’t complete even though all requirements are met. Looks like the dev knows about it though and a fix is supposed to be incoming.

It’s definitely a nice game with quite a bit of challenge, though I’m completely stuck on level 15. On that level, I can make a path with either the rails or the gears, but it just doesn’t seem possible to do it with only one SW (with the upper left side being north) curve. Maybe there is some trick I’m missing, otherwise I’m stuck.
Beautiful graphics, but game too hard after halfway point
The visuals are so beautiful that they make me feel I am in another world. The gameplay is fun for the first 11 to 12 levels, but after that, the puzzles become so confusing that most mid to endgame levels take forever to complete without a walkthrough. The last two levels even have so much randomness that prevents you from being able to use a walkthrough. I wasted 3 hours trying to complete two frustratingly difficult levels (13 and 24) on my own and am yet to complete level 24 as of this writing.
Wish I could get some help
I’m stuck. Even watching someone else complete the level I can’t seem to get there myself. Wish there were some sort of hints or help to get through particularly maddening levels.
Pretty much every level starting at level 12 gives me a headache trying to get it right. I am currently stuck on level 16 and was frustrated enough to delete the app.
The game is beautiful, the sounds are peaceful. The levels are apparently just too much for me.
Kairi Yurunoji,
Best puzzle game yet!
I love a good puzzle game, but am usually disappointed as many puzzle games are far too simple and easy to solve. This game was absolutely FANTASTIC. It starts off very simple but really amps it up as you go! This game pushed my brain to the limits! Not many games can do that for me. I am proud to say that I was able to beat this game all on my own, but I’d be lying if I said that some of those levels weren’t doozies. (Looking at you, tricolored lazer level)

If you’re looking for something to really put your brain to work, this game delivers!
I tried
I really tried to like this game. I like the motif.. it puts you into a relaxing world. But I could use some instruction. If you tap the trees they bounce around and sprout flowers. Is this a goal? Does this somehow advance the objective? Is there points for doing that? Or is that feature just pointless?

What are the rabbits for? You can turn rabbits off or on in the settings. But what’s the point?

In level one you can make it rain on flowers and they grow. Is that what I’m supposed to be doing? Is that the goal? Or is that a pointless feature?

Is there some sort of story line here? Is there a back story or mission to achieve?

Or is this just one puzzle after the other? If that’s the case then fine but what’s all the other stuff.

Some games are satisfying to play because you get the idea clearly and you feel accomplished. With this game it’s the opposite. I feel confused and irritated which is unfortunate because I love being in the peaceful environment.
So Beautiful!!!
I love this game. As a teenager I get pretty bad migraines and just the gentle artwork and colors from this game make me feel better! It’s something to do to keep my mind busy and looks fantastic! I’m a really big fan of the art work and just the little things. When you interact with the environment the little lady hums and I’ll make her hum for quite a bit. This game just has a way of cheering me up and I am quite the fan of such a game!