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A story of beauty and illusion

Developer: ustwo games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
ID: com.ustwo.mv2arcade


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Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.

Sequel to the Apple Game of the Year 2014, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand new adventure set in a beautiful and impossible world.

Help Ro as she teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way.


“Subtly more sophisticated than its predecessor” - WIRED

“Little vignettes of a surreal world that works its socks off to make me happy” - POLYGON

“I was enraptured by everything I saw and heard” - DESTRUCTOID

“One of the best gaming experiences available on any device, let alone mobile” - POCKETGAMER


A completely new story from the Monument Valley universe. You don’t need to have previously played Monument Valley to enjoy Monument Valley 2.

Enjoy beautiful levels filled with illusory, meditative puzzles, using brand new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters.

Artwork inspired by an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, artistic movements and personal influences, each translated into stunning geometric structures.

Immerse yourself in uniquely melodic interactive soundscapes, tailored perfectly to every step of Ro and her child’s journey.


Monument Valley 2 is only compatible with devices running iOS 9 or later.

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4.8 out of 5
403 Ratings


I would love a new sequel
It’s called monument valley explore. It’s monument valley sequel and you can speak and their enemies that block the path and different challenges like some times you have to step in all paths or figure out a puzzle so delusional you get stumped like the world physics design to make extra chocolate by splitting a chocolate in half's in the game world. Or a emotional path of lost soul you needed to help or plant a tree to climb up or find a way to get on your path and more mechanics like machines and flying bird golems and more then your old friends and it’s about to dispel the curse of evil of the valley and there a backwards time button and like your games and their evil crows that represent guilt. Evil golems represents wrath and bad Monument valley people is mindset, and they use there power to make the world a guilty place. And a place of sorrows and non-peaceful and survival. Game 13+ for the game you will make. The age maybe the total treason and wrath and because it’s a africans like theme that their like cruelty. their is guns and diseases and most of all deaths. Your in a different valley. It is very violent and you make peace but they still steal and shot and chase and part of the sorrows of judgment. you can walk on trees and face expressions to the person and survival.
Valyrie Adrue,
Monument Valley and it’s sequel, Monument Valley 2, are gorgeous puzzle games that take the form of art. I’ve played both games and Monument Valley 2 compounds on the creativity and passion displayed in the first game. From resonant sound design to engaging puzzles, this game never frustrated me when I tried to solve puzzles, which is the key to a good puzzle game. Puzzles should show you everything up front and let you get to that aha! moment, and both Monument Valley games really excel in that philosophy. In particular, I think The Orchard level has to be my absolute favorite level the team at Ustwo games has made in the series. Love this game to the moon and back!
Beautifully designed
The amount of love and attention crafted into each level is really something special, this is just one of those games where everything about it feels intentional and wonderful. So many things to say… it’s like playing with an intriguing toy, observing some mind bending & gorgeous art, figuring out clever & unique puzzle mechanics, & following a story that’s a meditation on love, learning, and & how we can transcend from nurturing that in each other. Lastly I just want to say the sound design and music is great and very very much appreciated, definitely play with headphones if you can.
Played both love this one too
I played the original momument valley and I was blown away by the simple complexity the game had. This one I went in with expectations and left with them fullfilled and then some. I was also so happy to see our old friend the stack dude return! I was so sad when we lost him the first time, but this time HE HAS A DOOR! That completely blew me away. Guys don’t stop making this high quality games. Also, assembled with care is such an amazing and touching game if you’re reading this check it out. Its made by the same team and I think its so good.
This is a true masterpiece! Thank you developers for giving us such joyous beautiful game. All MVs are a true work of art and talent. I imagine it takes a team of talents and geniuses to create a game that’s so amazing. It’s not too difficult but you do have to think and see the scene from different angles. This is definitely a MUST play! I’ve played previous versions several times over. But this game does spoil you for all the games to come because nothing will seem good enough after. Other than a few other great games like The Room for instance (all versions).
Great game but not as hard as the first
This series is really fantastic. MV2 adds some welcome new features but I feel isn’t as challenging as the first and rather repetitive. I was able to complete this game in roughly half the time of the first because once I learned the “theme” of the puzzle it was easy to solve. The first one seemed to mix it up a bit more. Still a must play for everyone that enjoyed the first one though!
Very very short and way too easy
I got this because I heard it was a beautiful high rated puzzle game. While it certainly is beautiful visually with nice music and sound effects, the puzzles seem half-baked. Finished in like 2 hours of gameplay and was like what? I thought I was still in just the intro of the game haha. The puzzles themselves were never once puzzling, but could be tedious. I figured they were building up a “language” of obstacles while I was playing and that any moment the true game would begin. But it never did. Disappointed after all the hype.
This game did everything monument valley 1 did, but better. The way the blocks moved, the illusions they created, and the audio were all just as good if not better than the original and this one did something monument valley 1 didn't do, it told a story. I smiled a couple times playing this game and i dont usually smile while playing mobile games. Ustwo, i would love another sequel.
The Sound…!
This game has the usually beautiful and engaging visuals, but the sound is truly engrossing. Not all the way through yet, but the use of two people (Mother and Child) is an intriguing new mechanic, and when the Child goes off on their own, and the level is in monochrome, that was truly beautiful. Play on the largest screen possible with a good set of headphones and you’ll be transported to another world.
Please make more Monument Valley!
Monument Valley I was possibly my favourite game of all time, at least top 3. This game brings all of the same things I loved about the first game. It has gorgeous art and intricate, creative puzzles. This is never too hard or too easy. The underlying story to this game is slightly different, but tied to the story of the last one. I really hope that they continue to make more of these games!