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fall in and out of starry love

Developer: Angela He
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
ID: com.AngelaHe.TheresThisGirl


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Experience love between two girls, avid stargazers and still searching for their path in life, through pictures.

The future is unclear: Will dreams be broken? Will they walk different paths? And.. will their love be torn apart?

Features ∴。 *
* Emotional narrative told through pictures
* Original, hand-drawn art and animations
* 10-20 minutes of compact gameplay
* Available on mobile and web

Credits ・゚*。・
By Angela He
Music by vowl, ktvsky btwrks, dj sad wikipedia, luvbird
Thanks to Gabrielle Cohn for support <3

More * 。・゚*.。
Support me with $5 to get 24 wallpapers!

Find the code on Github:

Thanks for playing :)

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4.8 out of 5
7 444 Ratings


A pOtAtO kgn,
Great game, a little awkward
I had to re write this because I forgot to give it five stars. I wanna start by saying, the game is great! The artwork is phenomenal and I was so invested in the story. I love the characters and how you made them feel more real by giving them hobbies. Bonding over astrology is the cutest! And there are no very inappropriate scenes so it’s appropriate for all ages. I love the muted but bright colors and the almost simplistic way the story is told. The characters remind me of the “Gentle giant” and “feisty gremlin” types. If I were to rate this out of ten, it would be an eleven. I love the story, the artwork, the characters. Everything is phenomenal.

Just because this paragraph isn’t about the good things, don’t forget this is definitely worth the download!! Swiping is a little bit awkward. I have to swipe across the screen multiple times to move to the next panel. Also, it takes a little while to figure out how to get to past the dialogue. Maybe it should be made a little clearer? Or maybe I’m just stupid. Anyways, the music adds to the story, but it’s not original which kinda nags at me while I’m trying to pay attention. Sometimes, like in the first chapter, it’s painfully obvious that the music is not yours.

Other than that, I love this game! I just hope you’ll make some more!
omg. this story. please ... i downloaded it expecting it to be a cute GAME about falling in love. when i tell you i literally shrieked and said “ LESBIANS !!!! “ when i found the app on the app store. i downloaded it and immediately i saw it was a little different from what i had been expecting. instead of being a game it was almost like a graphic novel / simulation ,,, but i wasn’t upset. the art style was adorable and i found it so pretty. excusing the ending ( which wasn’t bad. it has a sort of meaning that i’m not even going to ATTEMPT to put into words cause i know my basic sense of knowledge would not be able to convey it in a fitting way ) i only had one problem. the swiping was a little awkward ? there were times where i would have to swipe multiple times in order to actually move on , whether it was a glitch or this app is just unable to feel those sensations , i think that would be better if it were fixed. and maybe it’s just because my display size differs slightly from the average phone ( iphone 11 : 6.1 inch screen ) but the images were slightly asymmetrical ( not asymmetrical ,,, really more unaligned ) . the swiping would set it so the image leant more towards the right than lying right in the center of the screen. it made the app feel kind of awkward. so that plus the swiping were really the only issues and both were minor so all in all , this app was amazing and i really enjoyed it :)
There HAS to be a meaning behind this.
Look, I know this is a very short game and people say it’s boring and stuff, but that may be because there’s a MEANING! Now don’t start hate on this, this is only my theory. If there is a meaning behind this here is a theory:

Theory: There was these two girls in real life who ran into each other on accident, and so the one girl found a book that she had and then realized they had the one thing in common that was so important. Astronomy. So they shared books and one night was talking about the stars, they probably hanged out so Mapuche that they developed feelings (I mean I understand that cause there hot and cute) but then one day the blue and red haired girl hanged out with her others friends and forgot about the brown haired girl, so then the brown haired girl was texting her to see where she was, and she never came. After that day they stopped hanging out, UNTIL. They then met by walking by, and so the girl ethier moved on or went back, if you go back then they become friends again. If she moved on she completely forgot about her, and to be honest I think the brown haired girl is the creator of this game and she liked the blue haired girl, remember, just a theory.
Really pretty but awkward gameplay
Honestly this games really pretty and I love the art style. It’s also really short and free so there’s no harm in trying it out, however there are some problems I had.
The constant swiping was kinda awkward. I’d have swipe multiple times just to bring it the next panel. There would also occasionally be times where it wasn’t swiping so finding out how to progress was kinda weird.
The music also felt like more of an after thought. It would cut off to go into a different song and didn’t really feel natural. Each chapter uses a lyric as an introduction and in the 3rd chapter it just straight up cuts off in the middle of the last word. The music also isn’t original to the game which is more of a nitpick but its pretty obvious at times and just makes it feel less complete and unique I guess?
Honestly this game feels like it would be better as a short video. There’s only one choice you make and it’s at the end so it’s really open ended anyways. If it was a video it could just end right before the choice was made and the effect would be the same. It would also make it easier for the music to shift on more emotional beats and the awkward almost gameplay of swiping wouldn’t be a problem.
I still do recommend playing this. It’s like 10 minutes and seeing the art makes it worth it.
Super pretty aesthetics!
So I don’t usually write reviews, but when I opened the game and heard shiloh dynasty playing I knew I had to. 😂
This game’s art style is so pretty. The characters are drawn really well! It’s a short game (really short, took me about 10 minutes) and is more just swiping through, but I really enjoyed it. It was very calming, and you also get attached to the characters pretty quickly.
The only thing is that it was so short that I replayed the last part over and over to see if I did something wrong, because it ended on a cliffhanger! I think the ending makes sense, but I still wish it would go on. Maybe like one added part that shows what happens after you click “turn around” or “move on”, just because the ending was a bit bittersweet (and I need confirmation that they get back together 😭). But I don’t really mind the ending because I can guess what it would be like.
So yeah, it’s a really short game, and more like a story than a game, but I definitely recommend because of the graphics and story in general. :))
Short but Sweet
A very short visual game. It only has one choice and the rest of the story is already decided. The choice doesn’t feel that impactful since the game just ends right after you make it and there’s two pretty predictable endings. The art is gorgeous and an interesting and captivating style. It has about the same style as most of Angela’s games, as well. However, if you have some time to kill and like visual stories, this might be for you. ***SPOILERS!!*** I don’t really like how you can turn back to an unhealthy relationship and still get a seemingly good ending, though. I love Angela He and her artwork and games, but most of them have this problem of sending wrong messages in some of the endings. This also happened in missed messages where if you commit suicide, the ending you get is “Join” as if killing yourself is the answer to joining your lost loved one. I think she could be more careful about this, especially since her games are not age restricted, so impressionable kids might be exposed to that unhealthy behavior without knowing any better. So, just be wary and know that the solutions in this game are not always the answer in real life. ~anyways it was pretty decent ok bye~
This story!
This story has to be one of the best ones I’ve read so far I downloaded this this game earlier this morning in hope I would find my answers to a very hard conflict I have going inside my brain and luckily for me it happened I’m finally accepting my truth I’ve been bisexual for the longest time I can remember I’ve always loved girls but I knew I liked boys too so I’ve always had bisexual as my sexuality here lately I haven’t felt the same way I used to about men so I’ve been having a hard time figuring out if I’m a lesbian or not this story has made me realize I need to get over the fact that’s holding me back from admitting I am a lesbian I am so afraid I will have to go through the same hurt I felt when I came out as bisexual but I need to get over that fear and accept I’m going to have to do it all over again cause I don’t like men I love women I am a lesbian thank you for making this story it was very beautiful and well drawn
unicorn cotton candy lover,
It was pretty good
I liked this game! The graphics were excellent, and I loved the fact that you could interact and swipe! I have some requests they should make Theres This Girl 2 I would have put Roman Numerals but that wasn’t an option. Anyway if you the creator read this and decide to do it. Then, excellent I have some ideas!

We need to know there names first of all, but for right now we will call the one with the blue ends Lizzie and the one with blue and pink hair Sam short for Samantha!
1. It should start back in the park and they should go out for lunch!
2. They go on “dates” and then Sam proposes to Lizzie and they get married
3. They adopt a dog and it’s a pig just like the pillow Sam bought Lizzie!
4. They should adopt a baby girl and then, the baby girl should be named Delilah
5. They get into a fight about adult things like money and food and bills.
6. By the way Delilah is five and starts crying they stop fighting talk to Delilah and then they all live happily ever after!
And if you are wondering I am 13 years old and I came up with that in five minutes! * Audience claps
”Oh stop it, you flatter me.”
I would love if you could even make another game I doubt that you will read this person who made the game! But I hope you do and take my ideas into perspective!
P.s. Lesbians, gay people, trans, bi, etc you are amazing LGBTQ pride forever!
P.S.S I am bi
Hi <3 Idk,
Adorable lesbians
So my friend and I were looking at random games through App Store as a joke and I came across this app, and without any hesitation downloaded it. The art style is GORGEOUS, BREATHTAKING, AND BEAUTIFUL. I loved it so much; it was a calm and tranquil game, with a great design; it was really easy to play for me. I was sad when I realized how short it was, and would have liked it to be longer, but the game still deserves 5 stars. I loved the whole setup, too, how the homepage tied in with the storyline; the girl laying on the table waiting to study with her gf.
I had to delete it because closeted panic (I just remembered my adult l parental figure can see the apps I go on as I type this, too, so slight regret), but I still adore it so much, and would totally recommend it if you need happy juice (yes, I forgot the chemical that generates the joy or something I’m tired) because it helped my mental health a lot, actually!
Oh my gosh this app is amazing!!! I love the story and I REALLY wish there was more. Like, what if after they find each other again they start hanging out again and slowly they start to become close again and then they fall in love again and then she finds the plush that she gave her all those years ago and... you get the point. At first when I got the app I was like “ This app seems like it’s for little kids” but as you can see it is not and I love it ❤️ maybe you can make a second app that’s like a sequel to the last and its named “falling in love again” or something! I WANT MOREEEEEEEE ❤️ I could honestly say a million more positive things about this game but that would be WAY above the word limit 😅I 100% recommend this game to any one (besides the homophobic people out there 😡) btw this is my first ever review on an app so I hope it’s helpful and good!❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️