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Version: 2.10.4
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One of the best hack-and-slash games of all time now fits in your pocket!

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is an action RPG set against a mythological backdrop. The Titans have escaped from prison and are hell-bent on destroying the Earth. The Gods alone can’t stop them -- a hero is needed to lead this epic struggle. Victory or defeat will determine humanity’s fate and that of the Olympians.

You are that hero! Create your character, explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China, and fight against hordes of legendary creatures! Master the arts of archery, swordsmanship or magic and upgrade your character to unlock awesome powers! Discover special items to help you complete your quest: legendary swords, devastating thunderbolts, enchanted bows, and much more!

Specially adapted for mobile devices, this new version offers numerous new features:

● A new touch-friendly interface
● Completely redesigned touch-friendly gameplay
● High-quality graphics
● A huge, open world to explore
● Full day/night cycle
● 80 different mythological creatures: Minotaurs, Cyclopses, Gorgons, and many more
● 1200+ items to discover
● 30 different character classes
● 150 different character skills
● Colossal playtime of more than 60 hours
● Scalable difficulty modes: weapons and enemies match your skill level
● Dozens of unlockable achievements to discover
● No ads, no microtransactions.

Mixing ancient mythology with non-stop action, Titan Quest is a classic hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay with a fast, intense rhythm. Overcome thrilling challenges and vanquish the greatest enemies ever to invade the mobile world!

DLCs available as in-app purchase:
● IMMORTAL THRONE - Encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx to conquer this dark new adventure.
● RAGNARÖK - In the uncharted lands of northern Europe, you’ll brave the realms of the Celts, the Northmen, and the Asgardian gods!
● ATLANTIS - Set out on a journey across the western Mediterranean, in search of the mythical kingdom of Atlantis. Including the Tartarus Arena for epic battles!

Version history

- Reverted a fix that prevented you from using items that should have needed the Ragnarok DLC. You will be able to use such items without the DLC again, now.
- Fixed some items falling through the floor
- Certain (charge) skills can't be canceled anymore when priority is set to "skill over movement" now
- Added saving of map scale and xp bar number setting
- Various other small fixes and tweaks
- Added UI scaling and transparency options (you can set different sizes for certain UI elements now)
- Added an optional skill button and you can now assign skills to the two potion slots
- You can now set different thresholds for health and mana potions
- Added stacked potions for faster buying
- Added FPS setting to the options to be able to limit your maximum frames (also added "show fps" setting)
- Changed cloud save to use CloudKit to make it compatible with the coming Apple TV version
- Added alternative control scheme for game pads (that lets you move and use skills at the same time - you can change it to your liking via a text file)
- Added option to decide over attack or movement priority
- Added option to deactivate enemy highlighting
- Reworked the menu to support all those additional options
- Changed DLC item handling: You now can pick up all items but won't be able to use them until you installed the required DLC
- Over 100 tweaks and fixes for controls, quests or general problems
- Added PS5 controller support (sorry that we have missed that)
- Polished some gamepad features like pet control or showing NPC names on the map
- Added settings for standard pet behavior and potion usage threshold in the options menu
- Fixed being too much zoomed in with a new character or the default setting
- Fixed not being able to talk to Wodan after "The Rescue" quest
- Fixed that cloud save couldn't be disabled when not being logged into game center
- Fixed some localization issues in Chinese
- Fixed a crash in the quest menu
- Added controller support for all compatible devices! It is possible to switch between touch and controller input on the fly!
- Added enemy highlighting effect from PC version
- Changed the attack button to show the currently used weapon
- Changed the XP bar design and now it can show the xp permanently
- Added subtitles to the cutscenes for the supported languages
- Added option to reset the player position in the pause menu
- Fixed NPC sound being broken after using fast game speed
- Fixed getting no gold when selling items at the Gambler
- Fixed zoom level not being saved (note: first start after the update will be zoomed in now)
- Fixed a freeze in the loading screen
- Many other fixes of bugs, crashes and quest/cloud save issues and general improvements
- Tweaked inventory management (item coloring, improved auto sorting, fast stashing, fixed scrolls could get lost)
- Changed attack handling so that you can cancel the attack by moving (but you have to keep holding attack now to complete an attack!)
- Changed targeting so that you can use certain skills even when no enemy is targeted
- Improved memory usage to make it run more stable on 1GB devices
- Fixed some quest related bugs
- Fixed problem with items that can't be picked up because they keep floating
- Reduced Typhon's life leech because he was too hard for tank/low dps characters
- Fixed/restored +10 Intelligence reward you get from defeating Mimer
- Adjust medium/low graphic settings to have more effect on the amount of particles and thus should give better performance
- Adjusted Cerberus fight area to use less particles and thus have better performance
- Fixed problem with DLC menu background being reset to the default background
- Merged latest PC code into the version (tweaks, fixes and balancing changes)
- Adjusted loot tables so that Aionios, Demonskin Walkers and other high level items can drop again
Fixed vanishing two handed items when inventory is full and that you can't see their stats
Added auto pickup options to include Potions and Relics (new setting in the options!)
Added game speed setting in the options
Restored function to show experience points over killed enemies
Fixed problem with not being able to unlock more caravan slots
Fixed problem with puncture shot and similar skills
Fixed a crash at first start
Continued tweaking the combat controls
Fixed a problem with vanishing relics
Improved targeting with ranged weapons
Fixed more notch and touch issues, especially on iPhone 12
Updated “fmod” sound engine (for crash fixes and optimizations)
Skills can now be cast on pets when selected on the left side first (you can also drag them on the pet like usual)
Removed speed up functionality completely for now since it could be activated accidentally
Removed controller detection since it could cause crashes (controller support is still work in progress and will be released once it is finished)
- skills now show their cooldown when you're out of mana
- fixed that buff duration could be shown behind the buff
- fixed typos and errors for displaying texts in certain languages
- improved cloud save handling
- improved handling of DLC downloads
- fixed that orbs at the gambler NPC could be bought without having enough money
- fixed a problem when loading an old savegame
- fixed some problems regarding the notch and touch areas
- more minor bug fixes
• New feature: More skill slots - There is a new option that enables you to cycle between 3 different skill layouts
• New feature: Pet control - Pets behavior can now be set to Aggressive, Defensive and Normal
• New feature: Player Tombstone - Players will now drop a tombstone upon death. Interacting with this tombstone will make you regain your lost experience points
• New feature: Inventory sort button - A new button in the inventory will autosort your items for you in various ways
• Improved performance and general stability
• Complete balance rework with improvements to all Masteries, damage types, unique items and sets
• Countless bug fixes and other improvements
• Dozens of new heroes and bosses to encounter
• Improved enemy and pet AI
• Quality of life features like higher stack limits

Purchase all three legendary DLCs from the new DLC tab in the main menu and expand the world of Titan Quest to reach its largest and most dangerous regions yet
Fixed some more random crashes
Fixed invisible chromatic staff
Fixed a crash at start related to game center
Minor text layout fixes
Fixed a random crash at start up
- Fixed zooming problems on the world map and inventory screen
- Fixed some merchants not selling bows anymore
- Fixed pausing issues with tutorial popups
- Enabled Asian letters for the character name
- Fixed doors in the Temple of Hatshepsut and Tomb of Khufu not opening anymore
- Fixed some corrupted item names
- The game now pauses during tutorial popups
- Fixed control issues with Enslave Spirit skill
- Fixed a crash with plague skill and active display damage option
- Fixed Typhon being too strong after the last update
- Fixed some random crashes
- Fixed Chinese language getting corrupted after some time
- Fixed random crash when creating a character on Chinese system language
- Added equipped items updating correctly in inventory when usage depends on the current character stats
- Minor text fixes
- Fixed Typhon not spawning anymore
- Added item background colors for equipped items and in the merchant inventory
- Added inventory background colors to distinguish between item rarity on first glance
- Activated option to limit frames per second for a more constant frame rate and/or for saving battery on high end devices
- Fixed some cut off texts
- Fixed offset problems of the virtual thumb stick on some devices
- Fixed that the "Eye of Chaos" sometimes doesn't spawn
- Changed action button behavior so that attacking gets higher priority compared to picking up items. Also made the position of the virtual thumb stick flexible - we hope that those changes improve the feeling of the controls
- Fixed notch obscuring item descriptions on iPhoneX devices
- Added Czech language to Slovakian system settings
Fixed buttons not working on "iPhone Plus" devices
Fixed accidental selling of items by unintended double taps
Added support for more languages (Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian)
Added full screen support for iPhoneX and similar devices
Fixed problem with only 2 available character slots on ios12+
Fixed wrong screen size detection in some cases
Fixed crashes on new generation devices and allowed file sharing
We are very sorry for the long time it took us to release a patch for that major problem! We hope that lets you finally enjoy the game and we are working on more fixes and improvements.
Thank you for your patience!

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Immortal Throne DLC
(This is the Immortal Throne DLC)
HC315439773✱✱✱✱✱ 0A42DAF✱✱✱✱✱
Ragnarök DLC
(This is the Ragnarök DLC)
HC998301997✱✱✱✱✱ F62B231✱✱✱✱✱
Atlantis DLC
(This is the Atlantis DLC)
HC091270133✱✱✱✱✱ 4B076C7✱✱✱✱✱
Eternal Embers DLC
(This is the Eternal Embers DLC)
HC719160945✱✱✱✱✱ 4CEC67E✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
884 Ratings


Much Better
This is the 3rd iteration of this game I’ve purchased on the AppStore, and hopefully the last. I was worried for awhile that this too was going to be neglected because of the lack of any major updates, but once they dropped the DLC, the updates just keep coming. Not only did they release all the DLC at once (and a total steal if buying the bundle is your first purchase of this game on iOS), but they’ve since made several UI, performance and stability fixes.
This is by far the best Diablo(2)-like game on iOS, and the best version of it by far. It doesn’t crash nearly as much as it did in the past, the controls are considerably better (not perfected yet though), and having all the classes and shared storage makes multiple play throughs with a variety of builds infinitely more fun.
Hopefully they tighten up the controls, especially for ranged and spells. It still seems a little sluggish and/or unresponsive at times. But once everything it tightened up, this’ll indisputably be a 5 star game and the best of its class on the AppStore.
A classic revived / Please bring DLC!
Titan Quest has a special place in my heart. I started to play back when it was first released on PC in 2006. The unique setting, intricate class creation and amazing game flow still remain exciting to this day and I am thankful for developers that know that there are still fans of the classics out here.

The mobile version is well ported in my opinion and I have not had any major issues. The targeting can be tricky so any characters that require specific aim may sometimes be frustrating to play, other than that it is amazing to play on phone and seriously one of the best values on the AppStore for this price.

I give 4 stars only because there are some features that need to be updated that already exist on other platforms such as having a Storage vendor to store items, bigger inventory space, a button to sort items and other small QOL features. Also PLEASE bring the DLCs soon! 😊
Wonderful Port and the controller works very well
I completed this game on an easier level and just found out that it now supports controllers. Yes my finger was cramping up on the old virtual controller but when I tried it with the new controller it was smooth and felt very natural. This is one of the best action RPGs in iOS. It also is pay once and play unless you want to buy the additional DLC. If you want it right away the legendary edition is the best deal. There are other PC ports I think are great and I definitely prefer the pay once and play model over the games that are free to play but have in app purchases to proceed. You end up paying less money in the long term when developers use the pay once and play model. This is another reason why I recommend this game. I wish other developers would use this model more.
FIXED!!! Crashes Constantly - Unplayable
I ignored the other reviews saying it crashes and downloaded it anyway (because I love the game). The game constantly crashes, and is unplayable. Don’t be like me. It’s a great game, but this developer needs to fix this issue ASAP.


The Devs fixed the crashing issues (mostly) and the game is definitely playable. They also fixed Typhon so he uses his skills, instead of merely being a loot piñata (which is kind of a bummer, but actually a good thing). If they opened up the ability to transfer items from character to character and perhaps added in the expansions, I’d increase my rating to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. As it is, each time you start a toon it’s slow going for awhile, but the game is fun and enjoyable.
Hex Arcanist,
Best H&S Game on the App Store
TL/DR: This game is absolutely worth it; even with my ability to Remote Play my console, I still choose to play Titan Quest. Buy the Legendary edition if you haven’t purchased the base game/DLC yet

Combining a ton of quality of life improvements with some of the smoothest touch controls I’ve ever seen, Titan Quest finally brings a legitimate isometric RPG to Apple. I love this game, from the sometimes surprising difficulty to the need to build multiple characters to see all potential combinations (Defender + Fire = Superman; Tempest + Hunter is my other current main), the constant loot drops, the easy portal back to sell all that loot, it gets the gameplay loop right.

When you start out for the first few hours, it is “hack, slash, repeat,” but as you get deeper in the skill trees and get better loot that all changes dramatically.
Best customer support ever
This game is amazing, and in some ways a little better than the pc version. Being able to increase the game speed minimizes the sluggishness present it the early game on pc. Also the convenience of having it on your phone is awesome.

The best part is the customer support though. I was having issues downloading a dlc and sent an email to the customer support for handy games and they responded almost immediately. They continued to respond right away throughout our conversation and we’re extremely nice and helpful. The issue was eventually resolved but I was so thoroughly impressed with the quality of their customer support I just had to leave a review. 10/10 great game and great support.
Grim Titan,
Great Game. Very Small personal annoyance
I recently bought the game and it’s amazing. I’ve played for almost 200hrs and the ONLY issue I have is the Screen Rotation. For example I play on and iPhone and I usually have my screen rotation locked so when I open the game the default screen rotation positions my phone’s rear camera directly on my right hand which I find VERY annoying. So when playing this game I turn off the Screen Rotation however if it possible to change the default rotation through the game’s setting would be amazing. I would kindly ask the developer that if it is possible to implement this small feature in the game it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Allfer One,
Fantastic port and the best RPG on IOS
I loved TQ on the PC and being able to play the full version with all the DLC, make multiple characters as mules so I can save and share loot is gaming Heaven on IOS. Get this now and you’ll be playing for months!!

One bug/issue that I really wish would get fixed. I play on an iPad Pro and there is a weird inventory bug in both player and caravan inventory in the lower and right parts on the screens where if you place an item in the slot next to a second item, it makes the second jump to another open location. It’s really annoying and makes storage frustrating at times. Please fix this and the game will be perfect!
Very Good Port of Original Game
TQ is a great port of the original computer game. After buying the game a couple of years ago, the legendary version came out with all the expansions included. For those who already owned the base game, all of the DLC’s were made available to purchase.
Almost all of the glitches and bugs associated with the core game, were fixed in the legendary version and DLC’s.
However, I recently opened the game to find all the DLC’s I purchased, were missing. I had to “restore my purchases”. After doing so, I discovered all my progress with 3 different characters, had been lost.
Up to this point the game had been very enjoyable. But it would take me months and months just to get all three characters back to where they were. No thank you.
Fun with issues
Overall I enjoy playing the game. It has the expected elements story, weapons, armor, leveling with skills and fun game play. Where this game falls short are the bugs and questionable mechanics. Often the hero will stop responding to the onscreen controls. This takes the form of the hero not moving when in battle causing him to take more damage than needed because I am stuck in a poison cloud or I’m being bashed by an enemy and can’t move. The other issue I have is the hero will be fighting multiple enemy’s, when one is killed he will make a b line for the nearest practice dummy or other random irrelevant object in the area. Very frustrating having to realign, even more so when the controller doesn’t work properly.