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Immortal Throne to Atlantis

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Version: 2.10.4
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An epic Titan battle, as complete as never before

Titan Quest has captivated legions of players since its 2006 debut. This is the complete edition of Titan Quest, including ALL DLCs and technical updates. You get the all-encompassing experience of an unbridled, truly heroic journey through the worlds of Titan Quest!

Your honorable quest is to save the world!

The gods alone cannot defeat the Titans, so real heroes are needed - and that can only be you! Your success or failure will decide the fate of the people and the Olympians! With your custom-created hero, scour the mystical and ancient worlds of Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China. Conquer the hordes of legendary creatures and master various weapons and martial arts: Archery, sword fighting, or the use of powerful magic!

Travel a world of antiquity and Nordic mythology!

Battle the beasts of mythology as you travel to the Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall, the Tartarus Arena, and other famous places. Encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, discover the uncharted lands of northern Europe, search for the mythical kingdom of Atlantis, and set out on a journey across the western Mediterranean.

It’s all or nothing on your glorious path!

With each challenge that awaits you, you'll have to defeat bigger and stronger enemies until you reach your goal and force the Titans to their knees! Rush into battle alongside brave pet companions! Find extraordinary items with special powers that will enhance your abilities and help you on your path. Legendary swords, powerful lightning spells, magical, bows and numerous other treasures with unimaginable powers await you - all of them are at your disposal in your battles and spread fear and terror among the hideous creatures!

What are you waiting for?

Like no other game in the Action RPG genre, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition combines the fascinating world of mythology with endless and exciting action that you would expect from such a compelling game!

Key Features:

● All DLCs included:

● IMMORTAL THRONE - Within the world of the Immortal Throne DLC, you’ll encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx. You have to interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, and use the wiles of Odysseus to conquer this dark new adventure.

● RAGNARÖK - In the uncharted lands of northern Europe in the Ragnarök DLC, you’ll brave the realms of the Celts, the Northmen, and the Asgardian gods!

● ATLANTIS - Meet an explorer in the Atlantis DLC, in search of the mythical kingdom of Atlantis. A key is supposedly hidden in the diary of Herakles, which is rumored to be located in the Phoenician City of Gadir. Set out on a journey across the western Mediterranean, including the Tartarus Arena for epic battles!

● All important updates have been implemented to the technically overhauled Titan Quest to grant the best gaming experience of this classic ever!

! A note for all players who own the base version of Titan Quest: The DLCs mentioned here will also be released for purchase as additional content so that all fans can upgrade their game to fully enjoy all expansions!

● iCloud support included

Version history

- Reverted a fix that prevented you from using items that should have needed the Ragnarok DLC. You will be able to use such items without the DLC again, now.
- Fixed some items falling through the floor
- Certain (charge) skills can't be canceled anymore when priority is set to "skill over movement" now
- Added saving of map scale and xp bar number setting
- Various other small fixes and tweaks
- Added UI scaling and transparency options (you can set different sizes for certain UI elements now)
- Added an optional skill button and you can now assign skills to the two potion slots
- You can now set different thresholds for health and mana potions
- Added stacked potions for faster buying
- Added FPS setting to the options to be able to limit your maximum frames (also added "show fps" setting)
- Changed cloud save to use CloudKit to make it compatible with the coming Apple TV version
- Added alternative control scheme for game pads (that lets you move and use skills at the same time - you can change it to your liking via a text file)
- Added option to decide over attack or movement priority
- Added option to deactivate enemy highlighting
- Reworked the menu to support all those additional options
- Changed DLC item handling: You now can pick up all items but won't be able to use them until you installed the required DLC
- Over 100 tweaks and fixes for controls, quests or general problems
- Added PS5 controller support (sorry that we have missed that)
- Polished some gamepad features like pet control or showing NPC names on the map
- Added settings for standard pet behavior and potion usage threshold in the options menu
- Fixed being too much zoomed in with a new character or the default setting
- Fixed not being able to talk to Wodan after "The Rescue" quest
- Fixed that cloud save couldn't be disabled when not being logged into game center
- Fixed some localization issues in Chinese
- Fixed a crash in the quest menu
- Added controller support for all compatible devices! It is possible to switch between touch and controller input on the fly!
- Added enemy highlighting effect from PC version
- Changed the attack button to show the currently used weapon
- Changed the XP bar design and now it can show the xp permanently
- Added subtitles to the cutscenes for the supported languages
- Added option to reset the player position in the pause menu
- Fixed NPC sound being broken after using fast game speed
- Fixed getting no gold when selling items at the Gambler
- Fixed zoom level not being saved (note: first start after the update will be zoomed in now)
- Fixed a freeze in the loading screen
- Many other fixes of bugs, crashes and quest/cloud save issues and general improvements
- Tweaked inventory management (item coloring, improved auto sorting, fast stashing, fixed scrolls could get lost)
- Changed attack handling so that you can cancel the attack by moving (but you have to keep holding attack now to complete an attack!)
- Changed targeting so that you can use certain skills even when no enemy is targeted
- Improved memory usage to make it run more stable on 1GB devices
- Fixed some quest related bugs
- Fixed problem with items that can't be picked up because they keep floating
- Reduced Typhon's life leech because he was too hard for tank/low dps characters
- Fixed/restored +10 Intelligence reward you get from defeating Mimer
- Adjust medium/low graphic settings to have more effect on the amount of particles and thus should give better performance
- Adjusted Cerberus fight area to use less particles and thus have better performance
- Fixed problem with DLC menu background being reset to the default background
- Merged latest PC code into the version (tweaks, fixes and balancing changes)
- Adjusted loot tables so that Aionios, Demonskin Walkers and other high level items can drop again
Fixed vanishing two handed items when inventory is full and that you can't see their stats
Added auto pickup options to include Potions and Relics (new setting in the options!)
Added game speed setting in the options
Restored function to show experience points over killed enemies
Fixed problem with not being able to unlock more caravan slots
Fixed problem with puncture shot and similar skills
Fixed a crash at first start
Continued tweaking the combat controls
Fixed a problem with vanishing relics
Improved targeting with ranged weapons
Fixed more notch and touch issues, especially on iPhone 12
Updated “fmod” sound engine (for crash fixes and optimizations)
Skills can now be cast on pets when selected on the left side first (you can also drag them on the pet like usual)
Removed speed up functionality completely for now since it could be activated accidentally
Removed controller detection since it could cause crashes (controller support is still work in progress and will be released once it is finished)
- skills now show their cooldown when you're out of mana
- fixed that buff duration could be shown behind the buff
- fixed typos and errors for displaying texts in certain languages
- improved cloud save handling
- improved handling of DLC downloads
- fixed that orbs at the gambler NPC could be bought without having enough money
- fixed a problem when loading an old savegame
- fixed some problems regarding the notch and touch areas
- more minor bug fixes
Release version
Updated marketing text with additional information

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Ragnarök for free download
(This is the Ragnarök DLC for free download)
AI314442373✱✱✱✱✱ 1F0A1BF✱✱✱✱✱
Atlantis for free download
(This is the Atlantis DLC for free download)
AI979739315✱✱✱✱✱ 1F53105✱✱✱✱✱
Eternal Embers DLC
(This is the Eternal Embers DLC)
AI047111337✱✱✱✱✱ BBDE6ED✱✱✱✱✱

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4.2 out of 5
152 Ratings


Game is amazing! Took off a star for no multiplayer!
This is an absolutely amazing, triple A quality mobile port of titan quest. I have not gotten into much of the DLC content but the game runs smooth and is just a joy to play. The only thing I feel it’s missing is multiplayer! I know the developers said they have no plans to add it because it’s too hard, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY for us. It was in the original game and made a lot of the content much more fun, we need multiplayer TQ on our mobile devices!
Constant crashes
The game crashes every time (7 times so far) I am in the Room of Conduit. Even if I save the game after defeating the Minotaur King, after being in the Room of Conduit, the game crashes, and when I restart, I am forced back in the middle of the maze and also force to defeat the Minotaur King again. I would probably give this 5 stars if I could keep playing the game and get past Act 1.

Not sure if this was fixed, but I found a workaround. When I set my item filter to Legendary, it let me complete the Room of Conduit without crashing, and I have not had a crash since. If your system is crashing, please try this. I am moving my review to 4 stars, and it will go to 5 if my system no longer crashes.

Back to 3 stars. The minute after I posted this update. The system crashed while I was looking at quests in Egypt. The system showed me in Atlantis(i.e. an Atlantis tab was lit up on the far right with nothing in between, and on the left only Greece and Egypt), where I had never been, with an empty quest log, and then crashed again. Plus, I lost my portal that I had set.
Incredible game
I am so excited to have the full TitanQuest quest experience on my phone. It’s unreal. There were control issues and the developers fixed most of them with an update the day after its release. The rest will be fixed quickly as well. This game easily offers 100s if not 1000s of hours of a serious Diablo Poe grim dawn style gaming experience. The base game was already a lot now with all the dlc and an endgame system and the massive amount of classes gear and customization it’s just incredible that it is on our phones. Thank you for the fast bug fix response handy games.

Update 2/21 the first update they did helped the controls with my harbinger. The second one last week did not help any. This update there is large improvement to button sensitivity and targeting and over all control. It’s very close to being where it needs to be thank you for the consistent and fast fixing.
GAME BREAKING BUG (do not waste your money)
I love this game and I’ve been playing it on and off well over a decade. I’m not able to play on my pc currently so I BOUGHT it for my tablet. Everything is great except one major issue. Lately I’ve been getting save errors. I’m not sure why. I save my games and I exit to menu. My progress was rolled back today due to a SAVE ERROR. I was prompted to choose from a cloud or local save. I chose the most recent save. When I was loaded into the game I noticed my gear was different. I was ROLLED BACK several hours or progress. This many not seem like a big deal however during that time I found better gear and artifact formulas. There’s not guarantee I can get these items back by just playing, especially the gear. Due to this error I will no longer play in fear that I will be rolled back again. I was playing OFFLINE during this time but that shouldn’t be an issue. The developers need to to find a way to fix this or I’ll never play, and or recommend this version of the game again. It’s very frustrating losing progress. DO NOT PURCHASE UNTIL THEY FIX THIS BUG.
Amazing game, but...
On its own merits, I’d easily rate this game 4-4.5/5. Truly great old school ARPG (even if I prefer Grim Dawn’s iteration on this formula). The port is about what I’d expect - there’s some minor bugs here and there, and perhaps some control issues if you’re hoping for precision aiming with a ranged or caster build, but I naturally feel inclined toward melee autoattack builds on a mobile platform anyway so it’s kinda whatever to me.

Only major complaint I have is the inability to play any other audio on my device while I’m playing this game. Not knocking this game’s audio, but the ARPG genre is perfect for doing some grinding n farming while I listen to music or a podcast. Except I can’t do that at all while I’m playing this, as I quickly found out. Maybe this feedback won’t matter to them since I’ve already spent my money on this game, but I’m unlikely to put any more hours into this if this isn’t fixed.
No complaints, just observations
It’s excellent and plays better than on my gaming laptop.
I’ve played it quite extensively on my iPad Air 2020 using an Xbox series x controller and it’s just beautifully smooth!
What I’ve noticed throughout many hours is that gameplay slows a bit and saves become more jerky and control input skip frames. Almost without exception after these things begin to happen a crash will occur. I’ve learned to just save and restart at this point and everything becomes buttery smooth again, until the next episode, these times vary but about every two hours of gameplay I notice the beginning of hiccups…it hasn’t been a problem for me because the solution is so easy. Now…those legendary drop rates😵😵🤣🤣….
Creepy 4978,
So happy to see a decent game in the App Store!
Thank you for making the complete game available for iOS!! I had the older version of this game but it was only the base game with no downloadable content. Beautifully adapted for iOS and I have only run into a couple of bugs. The hardest to get past was the way into the Ancient Forrest. The gate was very difficult to get open and I was only able to get through by following advice from another player online who had experienced the same issue. Otherwise gameplay is very smooth and I would recommend this game to anyone who loves hack and slash games! Thanks again for making a great game available for the iOS!
Legendary Game
Pleasantly surprised we got more content support many years after the game had been released and the fact that I can play my #1 aRPG, with Grim Dawn #2, on the freaking phone!
Haven’t had any crashes so far and the experience is pretty smooth. My only complain is that sometimes when you come back to your made up teleport location after selling your loot, you get stuck and cannot move. Happened to me twice and no matter what I did, it didn’t make me move. The only solution to that is rebooting the game.
Also, can you guys port Grim Dawn on iOS too :)
A nearly perfect port
This game on IOS is still 5/5 for me. It runs smooth as butter, graphics are fantastic, and the future 100’s if not 1000’s of hours I’m going to be putting into the mobile version of this game will be a joy. With that said the only gripe I have is I wish we could get a UI scaler option under settings. The buttons often feel small and difficult to activate on my iPhone, which it shouldn’t on an iphone 10XMax. Loving the game otherwise, love the developers and all the extra work that has gone into this beloved port and dlc
Control is awful
My finger hurts because the location of the virtual pad is terrible. The old way is much better. And there seems to be a delay when manipulating characters. I don't know if the developers will see this review, but if they do, they need to revise it as soon as possible.

+about the virtual pad
before the update, the virtual pad responded much faster. but now it responds too slow! this make me difficult to respond to monsters. also the attack button. it's too close to the edge of the phone. i think it was not that close before the update. you guys should fix it! or just add an option for customizing control plz...