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Roll along the twisty road!

Developer: Voodoo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.9.18
ID: com.PupInteractive.TwistyRoad


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How long can you stay on the Twisty Road? Roll along the road and shatter glass for points. If you're courageous​ enough, jump off the road to skip ahead. Be careful and don't fall for too long or game over!

-Tap and hold the left side of the screen to turn left
-Tap and hold right side of the screen to turn right

Version history

Bug fixes
Bug fixes
Big fixes and optimizations.
Minor fixes.
Bug fixes and general improvements.
Bug fixes, performance improvements and updated SDKs
Bug fixes, performance improvements and updated SDKs
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
bug fixes
Bug fixes
Bug Fixes.
New stages mode added!
Bug fixes.
Added privacy options.
Added premium skins that can be bought.
You can now collect coins to unlock new skins.
10 levels added!
big fixes
15 levels added!
New skins!
-Haptic feedback.
-Bug fixes.
Minor fixes.
Bug fixes
Gameplay enhancements. Unlockable skins. Bug fixes.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Removes banner and fullscreen ads.)
DJ148320123✱✱✱✱✱ C1F4568✱✱✱✱✱
Lava Road
(Unlock the Lava Road skin.)
DJ514267344✱✱✱✱✱ EF99BC4✱✱✱✱✱
Spiky Ball
(Unlock the Spiky Ball skin.)
DJ155564631✱✱✱✱✱ 9A6D104✱✱✱✱✱
Starry Ball
(Unlock the Starry Ball Gem.)
DJ723096549✱✱✱✱✱ 0D63231✱✱✱✱✱
Disco Road
(Unlock the Disco Road skin.)
DJ031412319✱✱✱✱✱ 85C9D01✱✱✱✱✱
Lava Gate
(Unlock the Lava Gate skin.)
DJ475599875✱✱✱✱✱ D872AEE✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Ball
(Unlock the Gem Ball skin.)
DJ731587944✱✱✱✱✱ F2089C1✱✱✱✱✱
Starry Gate
(Unlock the Starry Gate skin.)
DJ475067286✱✱✱✱✱ 6FC455A✱✱✱✱✱
Water Road
(Unlock the Water Road skin.)
DJ459948574✱✱✱✱✱ 5608408✱✱✱✱✱
Color Gate
(Unlock the Color Gate skin.)
DJ392161429✱✱✱✱✱ AB2BDF7✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
112.5K Ratings


amazing app game!
hello "Voodoo"! i personally really enjoyed this game. i found it incredibly interesting and, after beating the first level, was hooked! i remember playing it for over an hour once. i honestly have no critiques, not even about the amount of ads ( which everyone complains about, even though these are FREE GAMES and the developer needs to make money, ). well, maybe just the "revive" glitch. i saw others mentioning this, and i had the same issue which is why i'm writing about it as well. to "respawn" ( in quotes because i don't know if that's the correct word to use in this situation ), you must watch an ad. perfectly fine. as i mentioned before, i don't really have a problem with the amount of ads, unless it's just TOO excessive. but, after watching the ad, it didn't even allow me to come back to life! it frustrated me deeply. i did have another glitch where it didn't even spawn me on the track, causing instant death. and yes, i saw a review like this, which is where i remembered my experience. so, amazing app game, but please take my suggestion into consideration. thanks Voodoo!
DJ the Wattsman,
Honest Review
I really did enjoy this game when I first started playing it. I just downloaded it today 7/30 the same day of this review. I got to say it started off really fun and was semi challenging with the controls to make you want to keep playing more & unlocking all the new skins, roads and gates. That’s when it got bad though. First off, the game has you collect “coins” which are supposed to be used to purchase a few in game content items but mine are totally useless. I’ve collected over 400 “coins” and I can’t use any of them. People complain about the ads but really it’s not that bad for a free game you just have to improve at the game and you won’t see as many. Secondly, the app crashes a good handful of times and I’ve only had it for one full day (lol). I can’t even use the revive feature either because every time I did my game froze. I’m also playing on the iPhone X so I can assume it’s not a phone issue like if I was using an older generation phone. Lastly, I truly wanted to give this game 2 stars but it was fun enough to earn 3. If they would fix a bunch of the minor bugs it really would be a great game.

P.S. People have been comparing this game to Impossible Road saying it’s a copy cat which it is very similar. The one big difference is it’s free. That’s all folks! I hope you found this review useful.
I really love this game! I’m on level 44 and am not even the slightest bit bored with it. there is only one problem. The revives. If I’m almost done with a level and I die, then click revive, it makes me watch an ad, which is perfectly normal. But, afterwards it doesn’t revive me. The only time I was ever TRULY revived, I never clicked the revive button, and I was just like “okay, whatever, free revive.” But then it spawned me off the track and I died yet again. So basically, it made me watch a 20-sec long ad for nothing. In the game, you can customize your balls, and unlock new ones for doing certain things. I can’t unlock the ones that require me to revive ___ total times to unlock or whatever. Despite clicking revive numerous times, I only got one revive, one that didn’t work and I didn’t want. Please fix this bug. Thank you for your consideration

-a loving user
Good game! but there’s one issue
This is a really fun and addicting game, and I really love it. There are multiple fun levels to keep you playing the game, there are many fun skins to unlock and collect, and that is amazing. My only complaint is the ads. Yeah, I get it, that’s how the company makes money, which I’m totally fine with. When I played this game for the first time, and received 1 or 2 ads I was okay with it. But as I kept playing it, I got kind of annoyed. I mean, this game gives you 1 level to play, then gives you a ad, then let’s you continue, then gives you a ad. This is REALLY annoying, and is also the cause that multiple of my friends stopped playing the game because of all the ads. What’s even worse, is that there is no way to avoid the ads. In some games, if you lost the level, it would give you an ad. If you won, it would let you Cary on without an ad. But in this game, it gives you an ad when you lose, and it gives you an ad when you win, but other than the ads, this is a really fun game.
Ryon B.,
Decent but WAY too many ads
The controls are somewhat decent, though I find them to be extremely sensitive and unpredictable at times, sending me way off course and rolling off of the path. The most frustrating thing by far is the amount of ads. After almost every time you die, you’ll be forced to sit through a 30 to 45 second ad, most of the time you can skip half way through, but it’s endlessly annoying, having to sit through one every other death or so. Also, the game may sometimes take you back to the home screen, where there is almost always an ad on the right side of the screen. It’s ridiculous, this app is plagued with ads and it ruins the experience. The game would be a thousand times better if it weren’t for them. Aside from the endless ads, the game is okay. The controls can be unpredictable and inconsistent at times, but there is a decent amount of content that can be bought with diamonds. There are only 9 items in the shop that must be purchased with real money, however, they are only a dollar, so not too bad.
unicore luver 🦄,
Ads, Lag, Kicking out, Greed
This game is fun overall, but there are some issues that take away the fun. The first thing is the Ads. I know every free game contains Ads, but the amount of Ads that they put in this game is endless! Like, every time I fail the level, it shows me a 30-45 minute Ad. The Ads ruin the game, and make the whole game less fun. Second, lag issues. Whenever I start rolling down, is starts to stop at random times, which causes me to roll off the edge and fail. They really need to fix this. Third, kicking out. Whenever I try starting the game up, it randomly kicks me out. I always have to try again to get in the game. That also takes away the fun from the game. The last thing that I want to say, is the greed. I don’t like how greedy these Voodoo people can be! They always shove Ads up your throat, and the FORCE you to buy the No Ads, Diamond Membership, Extra Coins, etc. Like seriously, how much money do you need? Anyway, please fix these bugs, they get really annoying sometimes.
I Matter,
Good game but......
This a great game the only complaints is that it has to many adds but I get you have to pay to get rid of the adds but I’m to cheap to pay. My other complaint is that once you get a lot of diamonds you can buy new balls and roads and gate but once you buy everything there’s nothing more to buy unless you want to pay $0.99 for really cool balls gates and roads plus the cool ones there’s only three balls three gates and three roads. But other wise this is a great game it’s super fun and addicting but I also wanted to add that it’s rated twelve and up which is stupid this is a kids game all you do is tap each side of the screen to move the ball like !!!!! The ads are pretty messed up like what is wrong with the world it says rated twelve and up because of drug Alcohol and a bunch of other crap most of the ads are those stupid game like episode and choose you story 🤯🤮
Difficult but challenging in a good way
At first I figured people in the reviews were all overreacting about the controls...but nope, they are insanely frustrating and difficult. However it makes me feel even more challenged. I got this app like five minutes ago and am already at a high score of 17. But it's really hard to go far cuz it only lets you fall for five secs before ending the game. Also the ads don't really bother me. All apps will have ads and I'm able to skip it after five seconds anyway.
I recommend getting this app if you have a lot of patience! (Even tho I have very little)
Edit: it's been a few days now and my high score only went up 2. Oh well. Now, after getting used to the game, I can say that it's actually really fun. It is quite easy to roll off the side, but most times I am able to find a new road to land on. Again, it's just more challenging, which is good.
So I’ve seen this game around on ads, and I decided to try it out, but I found out it’s horrible. I haven’t even played it for 30 minutes, but I can tell you it’s horrible. First of all, the controls are trash. It may seem simple, but it isn’t. Every time you try to go left or right, you overturn way to much, leading you off the “path”. Second of all, when you fall off , it is extremely hard to land on a path and continue the game. You die in 5 seconds if you don’t reach another path, and the majority of the time you aren’t even close to one. Third of all, whenever you die, you get a 25-40 second ad. Usually you are able to skip it half way through, but you can’t in this app. Sometimes even after the ad it takes you to the home screen, which always has an ad on the right, left, or even right smack in the middle of the screen and you end up most likely clicking it on complete accident, forcing you to watch 2 ads before you even get to play again. You die so constantly that 98% percent of the time you are watching ads.
Kay, so I absolutely HATE apps that only receive recognition due to their devs buying positive review bots. (Look at 99% of the actual reviews fam) The only reason why there aren’t more poor reviews is because no real people (except for remarkably stupid ones like me) actually PLAY IT. I went through the 25 incredibly basic ‘challenge’ levels, and they were fun enough to make me ignore the atrocious amount of ads, poorly coded/glitchy/REPETITIVE base game, and the blatantly obvious “we have these to make you stay so you watch more ads” cosmetic items. However, about 2 minutes ago I finished the last one, honestly tried my hardest to get into the base game, and then realized that it was the largest contributor to my suicidal ideation present in my life.

Do not get this app. Petition to have it removed from the App Store, so that no more innocent bots are forced to lie through their teeth about the “AWESOME FUNTASTIC GAMEPLAY”

(Context: I made it to level 34 of the base game before the cumulative boredom made my brain short-circuit. People in the comments who have made it to triple digit levels are masochists)