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Developer: Century Games Pte. Ltd.
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Version: 4.0.29


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Welcome to Valor Legends: Eternity, a magical world full of epic tales and exciting adventures! Loads of Heroes with unique characteristics await you on the way seeking the Lost Eternal Artifacts! Summon them into your crew and guide them through the fascinating but dangerous unknown world against the Shadow Force! The fate of the world lies in your hand!
-Exquisite graphic design!
A visual feast especially built for you - exquisite and simple art style, high-quality rendered hero models allow you to dive into this vivid world.
-No more grinding!
Auto Idle while you're away! Constantly store idle rewards while you relax!
-Reset heroes with almost zero cost!
Reset your heroes to get back all materials used before! Reform various teams within a few clicks!
-Share levels with your heroes!
Accept the blessing of the Blessing Temple. Instantly make your low-level Heroes stronger!
- Abundant Strategies to apply!
Hundreds of unique Heroes in different factions with specific skills! Summon your Heroes, train them to become powerful warriors! Improvise your Attack and Defense Formation in a 4*4 grid map!
- Real-time intense battles!
All battles happen in real-time! The victory is at hand!
- Tons of Content!
Challenge the Guardians of Endless Trial; Explore the Mysterious Realms; Accept the Bounty Offers; Adventure in Magic Expedition with your strongest team! Much fun to enjoy!
Stay tuned for more changes in Valor Legends: Eternity

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Version history

[What's New]
1. Introduced the Forest faction theme to Treasure Dig.
2. Added a limited-time Halloween event, Spooky Adventure.
3. Added a new phantasm for Shinobu and another for Margaret.
4. Various bug fixes.
Game performance improvements.
Bug fixes.
[What's New]
1. Added two new features, Astral Cards and Hero Resonance.
2. Added a new event, Anniversary Bash.
3. Added a new hero, Qhesvia the Soul Cannoneer.
4. Added a new phantasm for Sota and another for Amaterasu.
5. Various bug fixes.
[What's New]
Added the new mini-game: Twist & Mend
Bug fixes.
[What's New]
1. Added Legion Warrior, Carney the Harbinger of Frost.
2. Added a new event, Beach Party, with 3 new hero phantasms.
3. Added Talisman skills for Undead and Shadow factions.
4. Added new tiers and levels to Magic Expedition.
5. Various bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
[What's New]
1. Added a new mini-game: Build a Bridge!
2. Various bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
[What's New]
1. Added a new feature: Talismans.
2. Added a new game mode: Fortune Isles.
3. Optimized some of the Heroes and features.
4. Various bug fixes.
Various bug fixes.
[What's New]
1. Added a new mini-game: Wholesale Arrest.
2. Various bug fixes.
[What's New]
1. Added a new Dragon boss to Campaign Chapter 1.
2. Added a new hero, Arlo the Troublemaker.
3. Adjusted the Guild Technology.
4. Optimized Guild Dungeon and other content.
5. Various bug fixes.
Bug Fixes
Fixed login issue.

New Features
1. Added new gameplay, Real-Time Clash. For details, please refer to our official Facebook page.
2. Added 4 new Runes: Blood Rage, Sacrifice, Offering, and Raid.
3. Drop rates of Hero Fragments and other items are now displayed.
New Features
1. Added new gameplay, Real-Time Clash. For details, please refer to our official Facebook page.
2. Added 4 new Runes: Blood Rage, Sacrifice, Offering, and Raid.
3. Drop rates of Hero Fragments and other items are now displayed.
[What's New]
1. Added new system: Skins.
2. Artifact Expansion: Increased the max number of slots.
3. Added new feature: Hot Hero Recommendation.
4. Added Oasis TV weekly achievements and related tasks.
[What's New]
Added the new mini-game: Protect the Doge
Fixed the login issue.
[What’s new]
1. Add the new hero - Brovi;
2. Added the Anniversary Party event;
3. Added the Returnee event;
4. Added the Hero Hiring feature;
5. Added the Gear Breakthrough feature;
6. Added the new avatar and rare avatar attributes;
7. Optimized the Guild Dungeon;
8. Optimized Windholler;
9. Optimized the display of Kingdom Adventure.
[Update Contents]
1. Added new heroes;
2. Updated the game interface and UI display;
3. Added a recurring event: Windholler
4. Added the Guild Invite feature;
5. Added Nightmare mode in Realms of Tales;
6. Fixed the occasional bug of locked Magical Ruins in Treasure Dig.
[New Additions]
1. New heroes;
2. New feature - Guild War Spectating;
3. New feature - Battle Replays;
4. New contents added to the stages.
1. Dungeon Rush: Operation optimization;
2. Treasure Dig: Gameplay optimization;
3. Guild List: Players still can view the Guild list after joining a Guild;
4. World Boss: Display buff and debuff under the HP bar.
[New Additions]
1. Treasure Dig: a new undead faction to play;
2. Dungeon Rush Event optimization:
2.1. Added progress preview;
2.2. Change movement method to scrolling screen;
2.3 Optimized the dungeon scene;
3. Heroes: New Legion Assassin Narrisa & Shadow Warrior Khuulka;
4. New Hero Trial.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

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Item Gift Pack 0.99
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Item Gift Pack 1.99
(Item Gift Pack 1.99)
FG306164051✱✱✱✱✱ A014EA3✱✱✱✱✱

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4.2 out of 5
9 411 Ratings


Updated review
I have been playing this game for a while now and I have to say I love this game. I for one is a heavy spender and p2p player. ❤️ Thank you for the recent update and server merge, we really needed that. The new characters Amaterasu and Shinobu? Wow amazing! I love them. I do still want to push for more content though. Not just new characters but we need more quests, campaign or new farming/grinding for rewards activities. Since some of us are seasoned players we are at a halt and have not much to do. (I do want to keep playing 😅) One more request is that we need better rewards in guild wars but not just to the top players but to the whole guild members who participate. (It seems like guild war is the core engine of this game in my opinion and you have to give some to take some🙂)It would give more motivation to participate in guild wars even for low level players. After all, we need more players to make this game more fun. Many thanks to the developers for creating such an entertaining game.
Sak Cj,
Decent game but . . .
Valor legends is probably one of the better idle games I’ve played, better than afk arena and mythic heroes. There’s more content, the gameplay is more engaging. But I feel that this game is more predatory than the other ones in terms of the gacha aspect. I estimate that their are about 50 legendary characters in the game, and you’ll need lots of copies of any particular one you are trying to build up. The problem is that they’ll give you a copy of almost every single legendary character except the ones you initially set out to build. And you still probably won’t get the characters you need. You’ll get copies of low to mid tier copies from time to time. Now you’re forced to spend more money or you’re stuck building up a mid tier character that you didn’t want.
Now you can eventually get characters that you want through events, but it’s going to take a really long time. Like an incredibly long amount of time. At least with the other idle games, you have a legit shot at summoning the characters you need in addition to earning them through events. I’ve spent money in this game and the game is very generous, but all that’s done is make me feel worse. I’ve done a good amount of ten summons, and have gotten next to nothing to advance any of my characters or any top tier characters for that matter. It’s like stuck being thirsty in the middle of an ocean.
It’s a good game for free time
The reason I give it a 3 is that it gets harder along the way without spending money but everything gets so expensive it doesn’t last that long on top of that it would be nice to get rid of unwanted characters early on and get some type of money from them to help lvl up the other characters you want. It takes a long time to wait for the things you’re waiting on, but other than that it’s a good game to pass time. ItS easy in the beginning until you move further along the way and you either wait hours just for a small lvl up or pay money that does not give you the equivalent amount of hours you’ve put into waiting for it. Also I’m not sure if it’s a glitch but some of the characters I got I did not get, it flew in the top right but I have yet to seen it please fix it, it’s not only characters it’s gems and I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch but I’ve reopened and closed the app to see it not there. This game has so much potential and I love it but like I said in the beginning there are minor’s problems and issues.
Monster fan lift kit,
My review
So based on the comments that I have heard once you get past level 100 you have to pay $20 I can not pay any money on this game for specific reasons but I’m on I think level 32 right now and I’m doing pretty good I’ve got some legendary heroes I love how it doesn’t force ads down your throat. But something that I still do wanna talk about is it said that I would get an elite legendary hero fragment I’m pretty sure with my first 10 summons in the summon circle but I did not get one. I don’t know what caused it but some bug probably did. But I love the protect the doge stages and the game structure that’s all really good I’ve always wanted a game like this so basically this game is really good but just like spending money I can’t spend money for specific reasons on this device so yeah. But other than those couple things this game is just incredible.
Great game, one minor comment
One of the best games I’ve played in a while. I progressed to hero level 100 easily without paying, and the game is so good about not forcing ads down your throat. At hero level 100, you’ll hit a huge road block if you don’t pay money, because you’ll have a really hard time getting more legendary heroes (which you need to increase your existing heroes) . I’m happy to pay since I’ve gotten lots of hours of enjoyment out of this game. However, I feel like you don’t get enough for what you pay. I’d love to pay $20, and get about the same amount of play time, but $20 only gets you a couple heroes and some gems which spend quick. I’d suggest to make the paid offers slightly more appealing, and you might coax people like me into paying more. Thanks for the great game.
My review
I have been playing this game for a while and a couple of months ago I reached level 100 and you don’t have to pay $20 for more legendary‘s. It takes a little while to get some but if you keep on doing quests and stuff, you get them pretty quick, it’s all about the summoning and combining heroes, I see no problem with it. It does get hard quick, though the campaign and the roping in those dogs or cats or whatever it yeah it’s hard and I’m stuck on it honestly so the pay $20 pay well it probably got patched or something because I didn’t have to pay anything. I’ve got level 110 and have not had to pay a dime. Most of my main heroes are over level 100 around 130 and time consuming for me it’s kind of addictive but in a good way
Mix Mandingo,
Just a quick bug report
Lucia’s mark is not restoring energy for my Sota when he kills any marked opponent. It’s supposed to restore 200 energy per kill, but does not effect his energy bar at all. I borrowed a guildmate’s Brooke for magic expedition and he took Lucia’s place on the team temporarily. Brooke has a gold deceit rune equipped with restores 110 energy every time an energy skill is used, and his cannon strike recharges almost instantly every time he uses it. Lucia’s mark is more deserving of the energy reward it grants because of the small time window involved (6 seconds, or 2 seconds at x3 speed), but Sota and other members of my team are not receiving the benefit from Lucia’s mark. My account name is CreoleMenace87 on server S618. Perhaps you can check some of my battle logs for a bug fix. Great game! Thank you!
Amazing game!
I have been playing this game for a few months now. I have seen many comments about there being a pay wall. I don’t view it as a pay wall, I find it to be a luck wall. You can optionally pay to TRY to get past this luck wall. I’m about player level 180 and have heroes at level 200+. I have spent a little bit of money on the game and didn’t get much other than food, which is what I mainly needed. If you really want to progress in this game, I suggest you buckle down and get ready for a grind. It’s still a very fun game and I love it a lot. The heroes are mostly balanced, minus Primo who is sadly garbage, and Khuulka who seems insanely OP. The early stages of the game progress very quickly and are exciting. I wish all of you luck with your summons, seeds of life, and portal of pray!
Great game!
Awesome game, nice graphics, smooth gameplay, lots of activities. As with ANY game out there those who pay win. However, since there are so many activities you’ll always have a slight progress everyday. Now unfortunately, this does mean you can get stuck somewhere for a week or so, but as long as you do your daily dues you’ll advance. My biggest issue is everything is priced high in game. It take a long time to be able to afford things unless you pay. And the evolving scale takes SO long. When drawing 10 new heroes maybe half of the time you get a 5 star hero and most of them are low quality. It takes a lot of resources and long time to draw 10 heroes. As such, when you need 20 heroes to level up 1, time adds up.
Alec Burton,
AMAZING GAME, bad update
So the game is amazing and I was and am still trying to have a blast. This most recent update has cause A TON of issues starting from login and all the way into game content. Nothing will load properly currently! But if this is able to get fixed this game is 100% my favorite mobile game. You can definitely pay to win or just take the simple approach and ride it out. You’re still able to compete with majority of users. You won’t be top20 without paying, but that doesn’t stop your fun. I hope they can fix the major amount of bugs going on that I see from my side so I can get back into the grind and seeing which champions are best with a different set of champions. I love the game!