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Developer: Lion Studios Plus
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.45.0
ID: com.vottzapps.wordle


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New for 2023! Wordle! Together. Choose a word and challenge your friends to see if they can guess it in six tries or less. Take turns solving each other’s words and earn points for solving the least amount of guesses. Enter a random match or challenge your friends to the ultimate viral battle of wits! It’s a fun and all new way to Wordle!

Are you a word games master? Whether you are a fan of classic crossword puzzles or are just hopping on viral new word game trends, Wordle! will get you thinking. Take on daily brain teasers and train your mind with our fun word games.

With several unique game modes, Wordle! will Challenge your mind and spelling skills. Want a fun and viral challenge? Try Daily Puzzle mode, where you’ll have 6 guesses to solve the word of the day. Each time you get a letter correct, the tile will turn yellow if it is in the word or green if it is in the right spot. Can you solve it with one guess? Once you’ve figured it out, share your score with friends. It's just like the viral word game, but on your phone!

Can’t get enough Wordle!? Play Unlimited Wordle! in Classic mode, and play as long as you want. No need to wait a whole day for the next puzzle. Getting stuck? Not to worry! Use a hint to get out of a sticky situation and unlock the solution!

Or take on a timed challenge in Word Fever mode, where you will test your speed and spelling skills. Spell the word before the timer runs out, each time you find the word, the timer will reset and you will have to think fast and solve the next word. How far can you go?

Want to test your mind for the duration? In Secret Word mode you will have 3 chances to guess each word with the letters and clue provided. Push your word association skills to the limit, and guess each word before moving on to the next. Guess wisely, 3 incorrect guesses and you will have to start over!

Expand your adult mind and make your brain stronger with our free word games! It is like taking your brain to the gym!

Game Features

1. Fun Word Puzzles
Play the viral word game, or try one of our fun and creative game modes for a unique challenge like you’ve never seen before

2. Unlimited Wordle!
Solve as many Wordle! puzzles as you’d like In Classic mode. No need to wait a whole day for the next puzzle!

3. Share Your Results
Try Daily Puzzle mode, where you can solve the Wordle! of the day, then share your results and compare stats with friends

4. Special Boosters
Having trouble? Unlock special boosters like the Dart, which will remove letters or Hint to reveal a correct letter, or use a Skip to pass a level entirely or try again if you lose.

5. Play at Your Own Pace:
Whether you enjoy the pressure of a timed challenge, or want to try to go the duration in Secret Word mode. Wordle! Has several games to play at your desired pace

6. Flex Your Brain Muscles
Ready for a tougher challenge? Test your skills in more challenging levels with longer words! Will you be the Wordle! Champion?

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Version history

-Tournament Stats -You can now see your all time Tournament performance from the All Time Stats screen, and you can also see your performance from the previous Tournament from the Tournaments screen!
-Avatar Organization - Now, avatars are organized by type making it easier to sort through them than ever!
-New “VIEW” Button - You asked, and we delivered! You now have the option to go back and view the game board at the end of each WORDLE! puzzle.
-Improved Sticker Drop Rates - We’ve adjusted our sticker drop rates, reducing those pesky duplicates and ensuring a smoother sticker collecting journey. This will be especially beneficial for anyone who is just starting out!
After carefully analyzing the data and listening to your feedback, we are excited to share that we’ve increased rewards for tournaments! Thanks as always for playing and supporting WORDLE!
NEW! More Roll Call Missions
We’ve added more Roll Call missions! Enjoy the new challenges, and be sure to complete them every day for prizes!
NEW! Hard Mode
Our new Hard Mode lets you play with an added challenge! When it’s ON, you must use all revealed hints in subsequent guesses. Turn it on in Settings and test your skills today!
NEW! Hard Mode
Our new Hard Mode lets you play with an added challenge! When it’s ON, you must use all revealed hints in subsequent guesses. Turn it on in Settings and test your skills today!
NEW! Roll Call and Level Up!
Complete tasks everyday with Isaac’s Roll Call. Earn rewards and the brand new XP for completing missions. Level up to get rewards by earning XP across the game. Jump in and level up your WORDLE! game!
We’ve made several optimizations and fixes to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
We’ve made several optimizations and fixes to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
We’ve made several optimizations and fixes to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
NEW! Puzzle Palace
Calling all mages and wizards! Collect letter tiles and complete exclusive puzzles in our new Puzzle Palace event! Can you complete the challenges and win the grand prize?
We’ve made several optimizations and fixes to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
We’ve made several upgrades to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thank you for playing WORDLE!
We’ve made numerous optimizations and fixes to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
NEW! Handy Hints and Dart Dash
Our new Handy Hints and Dart Dash events supercharge your boosters for a limited time! Take advantage of these events to claim victory in Tournaments and Leaderboards!
We’ve also refreshed our Shop to bring you better deals! Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
- You can now earn Stickers from the Spin Wheel and Tower of Books! Happy collecting!
- We’ve made several optimizations and fixes to improve your WORDLE! experience. Thanks as always for playing WORDLE!
NEW! Stickers
Collect Stickers and complete Albums with our new Stickers feature! Open Sticker Packs by participating in Stickers Events and other features! Earn exclusive avatars when you complete Albums. Can you collect them all? More Stickers coming soon!
NEW! Summer Splash Event
Summer is finally here! Grab your sunscreen, pack your swim trunks, and splash into our Summer Splash puzzles! Can you complete the scene?
NEW! Improved Dictionary
You asked, and we listened–enjoy our updated dictionary and learn new words as you play!
NEW! Mother Hen
Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate Mothers everywhere with our new Mother Hen event. Collect letter tiles and complete exclusive puzzles for a chance to win the grand prize!
NEW! Puzzle Palace
Calling all kings and queens! Collect letter tiles and complete exclusive puzzles in our new Puzzle Palace event! Can you complete the challenges and win the grand prize?
NEW! Puzzle Palace
Calling all kings and queens! Collect letter tiles and complete exclusive puzzles in our new Puzzle Palace event! Can you complete the challenges and win the grand prize?
We’ve made numerous bug fixes and improvements in this build. Thanks for playing WORDLE!
NEW! Tower of Books
Can you help Isaac climb the tower? Our new event Tower of Books rewards you with exciting prizes the more Classic words you complete! But be careful–lose your streak and you’ll have to start from the bottom!
We’ve made numerous bug fixes and improvements in this build. Thanks for playing WORDLE!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Removes Ads)
JI159970146✱✱✱✱✱ 448B8FC✱✱✱✱✱
240 Coins
(240 Coins)
JI277939969✱✱✱✱✱ 87A2C57✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads
(Removes all non-optional ads)
JI159970146✱✱✱✱✱ 448B8FC✱✱✱✱✱
720 Coins
(720 Coins)
JI014124091✱✱✱✱✱ 28204C6✱✱✱✱✱
2900 Coins
(2900 Coins)
JI408939598✱✱✱✱✱ 2F3811D✱✱✱✱✱
1330 Coins
(1330 Coins)
JI151821073✱✱✱✱✱ EE67BC2✱✱✱✱✱
800 Coins
(800 Coins!)
JI449836184✱✱✱✱✱ 43387A2✱✱✱✱✱
1400 Coins
(1400 Coins!)
JI145511147✱✱✱✱✱ 9E257C9✱✱✱✱✱
Piggy Bank
(Break the piggy bank for lots of coins!)
JI714743960✱✱✱✱✱ 1A0702B✱✱✱✱✱
6300 Coins
(6300 Coins)
JI434373211✱✱✱✱✱ FC54644✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
660K Ratings


bgf ctdyi,
How to Play
Wordle is a game of guessing words. CLASSIC: You have 6 tries to guess the word. The colors of the letters will change to show if they are correct. Green: Letter in correct spot. Yellow: Letter in the wrong spot. Gray: Letter not in word. Use hint to reveal one correct letter. Use dart to remove three incorrect letters. Use skip to skip the current word. WORD FEVER: Use all the given letters to guess the correct word. Don’t let your timer run out or your game is done. The timer can be restarted once you guessed a correct word. Use hint to reveal one correct letter. Use skip to skip current word. SECRET WORD: Guess the correct word using the clue word. Correct guesses become the next clue word. You have 3 chances to guess correctly. Use hint to reveal one correct letter. Use dart to remove one incorrect letter. Use skip to skip current word. DAILY PUZZLE. Choose a month and a day you want to play for the daily word. Guessing the correct daily word, you can try today’s puzzle plus. WORDLE TOGETHER: Take turns picking and guessing words for your opponent. LEADERBOARDS: Climb the leaderboard in classic mode. One loss ends your streak. Keep an active streak and move up. TOURNAMENT: Each top players are promoted to the next league. Tournaments happen twice a week. Guess words in a race against time. Win the top 3 to win and earn prizes.
Where's Expo?,
Deceptive about cost
The free version of Wordle is a miserable experience with endless ads. So I finally broke down and got the paid version. It was working great until recently (and this is in February 2023) when they changed the way it works. Now, both in the daily Wordle, and in the classic Wordle, you will occasionally encounter a screen which demands that you pay the more money in order to continue. This is outrageous, considering I already bought the paid version. The option in the classic version if you don’t pay is that it puts your score back to zero and you must start over no matter how many hours you have put into it. The defect in the daily version comes towards the end of the month if you want to complete your perfect score, and do the six letter Wordle that is offered each day in addition to the five letter daily Wordle. This month, when one gets near the end of the month, when you have completed the daily five letter word and press the option to do the daily, six letter Wordle, it will not let you do that six day Wordle unless you pay additional money. This is absolutely outrageous, considering I’ve already paid for the paid version of Wordle! It would not surprise me if this is illegal in several states.
Really Fun But 1 Issue
I am an inspector of apps and I’ve seen that this app has been inspected many times, so I wanted to check out what was happening with this game. I’ve read all of the reviews and they don’t sound good. However, I realized that these reviews have been made earlier this year or in November last year. Some people said that this game will never make changes and stop with uncontrollable ads. So I bought the app and decided to see what the issue was. The first thing that popped up was a thing for privacy policy and the only option was to agree, there was no I don’t want to this option, just agree. Many apps do this and it’s ok, but it’s not the best option. I went to check the privacy policy and apparently the app wants to collect every piece of information about you. Your address, name, and email. But when I joined it was different, there were 0 adds per game and there were only 2-3 ads when you finished. I think people were overreacting about ads. And for the privacy policy part, when I joined it DID NOT collect any information about me at all. I think this game is great except for the ads and I recommend it. The only reason the other reviews were so bad, is because that was from a long time ago.
So many ads and alarming amount of background activity
Very little of your time can be spent trying to play the actual game, with all the ads that pop up. And they’re timed ads, so there’s no way to click through them, even if you aren’t at all interested in what they’re selling or EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT THEY'RE SELLING. I would urge even the most patient and tolerant person not to download this ap, since, even if you don’t mind walking away for a bit while these constant ads play, it seems like there’s a lot of background activity taking place, even while playing the game, causing delays when you’re trying to type your guesses, with huge lags between letters, sometimes even seeming to freeze entirely. I’m not a developer, but I do wonder what is occupying so much of the app’s attention, after signing off on their user agreement and giving permission to god knows what information is being accessed. It’s so bad that it comes to a complete halt at times and crashes entirely. So bad, that I recommend deleting any app that appears to be associated with it, like the ones it advertises, one of which I had considered buying, but now most certainly will not. It the sign of a developer who lacks anything of value to offer, so survives on the sole project of extracting value from others by whatever means is necessary and however possible.

tl/dr: this app is way too expensive — especially the free version. Don’t do it.
Working again!!
If your purchase of this app is not working, just delete & down load app again. (May want to back up your data first. I didn’t & lost stats.) That solved the problem.
Here’s the whole story…I wrote a complaining review about how when I purchased the app to get rid of constant commercials of that Whiney, needy king, that all commercials, including the option to see commercials for coins, just didn’t work or was not available. Contacted by developers to let them know thru app via support. Did this 3 times & included screen captures. Didn’t hear anything from them. Frustrating.
So I did the only thing I could think of doing. Delete & reinstall. (Solution of other apps) That solved the total ban of ads. Did I keep my purchase? Not sure as yet. That can be resolved other ways.
So if app doesn’t allow you to play any ads when you need the assist & you have purchased the app, try the delete & reinstall.
So… Developers, delete & reinstall is the answer to my problem. Be a bit more responsive, too.
Game play is very fun. Frequency and length of ads is maddening
The good: I absolutely love the challenging game play. If I could suggest a change, it would be to show in classic mode how you compare to other players. Currently, they only show your results compared to the average in the daily/calendar play.

The really bad: Players have to watch way, way too many ads. You watch ads after one or two guesses—not just after a puzzle is solved. Also, some of those ads are too long. For example, the Royal Match ads that play are multi-phased. You wait for the ad to time out, only to find that you have to wait through another phase of the ad. Usually , the first phase is quite long. The second phase is shorter, but together, they make for what seems like a never-ending ad.

I understand that app developers need to get paid, just like the rest of us. When I get a free app, I expect to watch ads—which serves as payment. Still, the frequency with which ads appear as well as their length make me feel like we don’t have a reasonable exchange of ad time for plays happening. I am going to delete the app. I’m sure I can find something else out there that will challenge my brain without taxing my sanity.
Ads after 2 games.
Will be just to annoying to play with so many ads.

UPDATING: I was contacted by Lion Studio Plus to update my review. After playing for free I wrote a review because after 2 games I was hit with an Ad. I paid for “No Ad,” however to claim coins after a winning game I get trapped in an Ad! There’s a timer on some of the Ads but even after it runs out I can’t find a way to X out of the Ad and end up just swiping out of the game to restart later…without my winning coins. Frustrating and annoying. Not sure why I paid a fee for that nonsense. I’ll give the game an added star because you do have the ability to compete with other Wordle players which can be fun if you want to play with friends. However, since you are also playing with coins (which can buy or win) it’s an unfair game. You can can buy difficult words to send or pay for multiple hints to win a game. Spend a few days on it, but I can’t get pass the trap Ads and playing against someone who may have more coins just seems silly. I can play free Quordle and NYT Wordle Ad free. That’s enough for me. Just like challenging myself.
I PAID for the free version only to find out that it is in NO way free. My coins would disappear on me and it was never explained that you could use the same letter twice. Then the game starts using words that are like all vowels and repeating letters. If you need to pay to continue then you are not allowed to see what words you already guessed or what letters have been guessed. Don’t get me wrong, it started out easy. Too easy. Now that they can use the same letter more than once it’s so lame I’m expecting to see words like “weeee” or “sssss” because this game is basically created by a snake. Oh, and you get punished and are moved down a level of you actually have a LIFE outside of this game. I picked my daily prize and my prize was being told that I got put back down a level for not playing. ANNNND I was in a tournament and was in second place being only 30 points behind first place. I played until I beat the first place score, only to find that then someone else was now in first place and was beating me by over 300 points! So for 30 minutes I was in 2nd place, inching towards first place, then out of nowhere comes a score that high? You only get 4 points per game if you’re good so how is this possible? SCAMMERS
needs accessibility features
this is a fun concept, but it’s marred by a few glaring design oversights. the most major issue for me is the font- the stylized bubbly letters are very difficult to tell apart at times (particularly because they’re white letters on a pastel background) and that’s kind of a critical failure in a timed word-making game. it’s also intensely frustrating that you can’t reset your word by any means other than shaking the phone, which wastes a lot of time and is hit or miss in terms of whether or not it even works. you can also reset your word by completing it, but the letters don’t return to their original spots- they get placed in random spots. there is also a noticeable input lag, but that might be a result of my iphone 6S’s performance being crunched by apple as they breathe down my neck about upgrading, so i’d be curious to know if others with newer models encounter this issue. the last issue is the lackluster dictionary. many common words have been rejected and it makes for an incredibly frustrating play experience. overall, this game has a lot of potential, but in its current form, it’s not very fun.
Ads are ridiculous
Stop the long ads. Can’t squeeze in a round without watching 2 ads. And these ads are for games that tell you can win money. They are scam games. Shame on your company from allowing these ads to interrupt your great game. If you don’t believe me about those games that say you can win money, just read their reviews. anyway if this keeps up I’m going to delete this game. There’s plenty of other mind games out there that don’t make you watch several long ads. Edit: after reading many other reviews I see that the situation with these long ads after short play has been complained about since earlier this year at the least. And they have not changed it so I don’t think that they will. Sometimes the ads are longer than the play sessions. Going to delete. EDIT EDIT: thank you for replying. But I already deleted your game. I don’t think you need to bombard your players with the amount of ads that you allow. I am sure you are making enough money. Or maybe your expenses are too high. Budget better. Cut the chaff.