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Merge cute animals

Developer: Guangzhou Jileniao Technology Co., Ltd.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
ID: com.choi.merge.v


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Animal Party:Crazy Time can bring you a lot of fun

In our game, you can meet many cute animal friends

Play with them, Laugh with them

Download and play this fun-filled game now!

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4.5 out of 5
10.5K Ratings


This game is so fun and cool,
I am a reviewer of these “money games” and I was doing this app after I came across it. The app said if I reached $1000 dollars I could cash out the money. After I just that goal, it made me do 300 combos to approve the money. After I did the 300 combos, it asked me to watch 30 ads. After 3 hours, I did that. Then the app said to wait 7 days to approve order. I waited 7 days and then it said I had to wait in a “queue.” I started at number 2,831 and in 1.5 hours I got to 2,670 in the queue. I will edit this review once I hit 1 in my queue position. Thank you for your time. Edit: it has been 10 hours and I am now at position 1,628
Edit 2: I was in position 171 last night, then I woke up and I was at 172. It used to be that I moved 1000 spaces a day but now I move 1 in 8 HOURS?! I am not quitting though and I will keep trying to get to position 1.
Not getting my hopes up
When I first played this game I thought to myself wow this is so easy to play there’s no way it’s not a scam but I’m having way too much fun playing. That being said yes it does say if you hit 1k you can instantly cash out meaning you can cash out before the 24hr timer ends not it instantly goes to your bank account. Yes you do have to do extra stuff like 300 combos (which is easy to do) and watch 30 ads (which some allow you to skip at a half way point and still count). Yes it does take 7 days for them to process then they put you in a queue which takes up to 48hrs (I did the calculations). I’m at the 25 hour mark now and moving forward. I have actually cashed out multiple times so if I actually get the 1st one I’m referring to then cool and if not so be it I didn’t use any of my own money to play so no love loss and it was a fun game. Now that being said when you click on the tab to go to cash out there’s a ? Button at the stop that tells you it can take 3-15 days to get your money not including weekends.

I will come back and update if I actually get the money be it tomorrow or a week from now (fingers crossed it’s tomorrow or Monday 😂)
Animal Crazy
So far, after the game falsely advertises “earn $1000 and cash out instantly”, I am STILL waiting for my “instant cash out” almost 14 days after I elected for the “instant cash out”. Initially, after “cashing out” I was informed It would require 300 combos before the cash out would be approved and deposited. After 300 combos, I was then informed I was “in queue” for “processing” behind 6,777 other players; and that my
position would be updated each minute.....Which turned out to be erroneous, it has been 6 days into the queue “that updates every minute” and I still stand behind 222 players in queue. The queue appears to slow down significantly the closer to zero it approaches. I am not certain of the legal recourse, however , I am in process of contacting the games sponsors and making them aware of the game they sponsor and it’s failure to perform as they claim, and further request a payout from the sponsors and or ask them to halt their sponsor money because this appears to be a big scam. I sincerely hope that I am wrong; and upon finding out any further information I will update this review/rating to reflect that a payout has finally been delivered; or otherwise finish the review with a final result. Good luck, may the odds always be in your favor!
Fun and addictive
I downloaded the game because it seemed like something simple and relaxing to do. It also says that once you reach $1000 in your cash app account, you can immediately download the money into your account with no money coming out of your pocket. I’ve had a little over $1000 within a few hours and decided to transfer the money to my cash app account at which point the app showed that only $835 of it was available to transfer. This was fine with me and I started the transfer. Little did I know that I was going to have to make 300 combos before getting it approved for download and once I made the 300 combos, it now tells me, I have to watch X amount of videos to get the approval. ( I don’t the exact amount). I’m beginning to wonder if the money is going to be transferred at all, the game. So my review is four stars on the game and maybe one or two stars on the collection of your winnings. But either way the game is fun and very addictive.
akhsks wha,
It was fake from the beginning
So first I’m glad i didn’t really play this game fr cause for one you gotta keep playing to u get to 1000 then do 300 bonus points then 30 ads which you are paying them btw then have to wait 7 days or 6 till it’s done processing right then after that it will show you how many people that’s ahead of you once it reach to 0 YOU DO NOT GET PAID, it’s simple now for the ones that was scammed plz report this game sue them if u have to to get what’s yours even if you don’t at least it won’t be no more scamming games like this that will ever fool you again, but tbh I feel like y’all jus stupid for believing that this game is real fr cause if they said you will get paid instantly why continue to play the game ? So don’t play sum that will scam you fr
I mean
So i recently started playing this game I saw on a ad looks fun and cool and said I could win actual money and I been playing those kinda things for years now trynna win little extra money and so I saw this one read the reviews and I was maybe I could try the ad said this game isn’t fake no ads to play. So I was playing it for a while and I was ok no ads and then when I play for like hours the ads came in it’s a fun little cute game but like win actual money come on. That no not true my opinion is why make a game and tell people and waste people time to play the game if they can’t win actual money that’s just doesn’t make sense to me and why put sooo many ads into a game that people just delete it and ik ads things gets u money and the downloads for the people that made the game but honestly whoever is reading this I wouldn’t waste ur time looking forward to winning actual money but it’s a cute game to play if ur bored and but trynna get money um that a different story.
Not sure it works
I think its gonna be long but here is my experience….
First of all, the game is really cute and as soon as you start playing you start earning in game “money”, you need to reach $1,000 to be able to “cash out” and 24 hours (it has a countdown), Even tho 1000$ is a lot, it gives you the rewards really quick, i started yesterday and today I reached the 1000. There are quite some ads and for some rewards it lets you double it and if you hit “no thanks” it stills makes you watch an ad. When I hit cash out it said that now it was on “approval process “ and for the approval process be completed i needed to make 300 combinations, which I did in about 5 minutes. And now it says that now I need to watch 30 ads. I haven’t seen the ads and I don’t know if I will. Maybe I do just to give it the benefit of the doubt. But i don’t think it works. If I do I will be updating the review and giving the 5 starts.
harleyquin monster,
Just being honest
So, so far i have been playing this game for sometime now. I have reached the $1000 mark twice and completed each additional request of 300 combos and 30 ads. I have waited 7 days for both and am now in queue for the deposit. I have them going to two different forms of accounts cashapp and coinbase. I take screenshots daily of the progress and queue number just incase of foul play. So far the queue number is going down slowly but im patient and will stick this out until the end. I no longer play the game sense this was really just testing if they will actually pay out as promised. First issues already was 1 the lie about watching ads, 2 the lie about instant cashout and lastly, 3 the about there being no limit for instant cashouts. So instead of playing the game and getting the developers more money from ads i just press continue game play touch not one animal and go directly to pay out. It has been over 3 weeks now and still nothing. But as i said earlier i am patient
Why I rate this game a one
So first when the game popped up it said no ads . But little did we know there is LOTS of ads and then you have to have 1000 to cash out in 24hr ok then they still let me cash out so mean time I have been waiting on my money still haven’t received nun of it . And then once you get the certain about they say there gonna give you which you don’t but you have to make 300 moves and after that you have to watch 30 ads . And then once have been waiting 24hr for your money they switch it to another at this point this app is fake they make money off our downloads and us watching that ads . And now I have to wait another 24hr for the 3rd time this CSNT be true and now I have 3 pending but I’m pretty sure I’m not gone get the money and it’s not ok because I wasted a lot of my time on something that’s not true and something that they lied about multiple time it’s not cool it’s a waste of time .
What is wrong with everybody? The reason for POSITIVE customer reviews is that they create customer loyalty, they boost revenue, but most of all they draw in more customers!

Every single customer review here says, ”It’s a fun game” but they either “haven’t gotten their money yet” or they are “still hoping the other reviews are wrong and are going to keep playing and add to their review if/when they got their money.” Not one person came back to add to their review! So my point is that there is not one single person who has EVER gotten money playing this game!

Stop playing this game and watching all of those ads because each ad you watch puts money in their pocket and they have no intention of paying you anything in return. For heavens sake, don’t watch 30 ads when trying to cash out! Oh, and NO, you aren’t going to be the only person they pay. So everybody please don’t continue letting these people scam you!