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Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash Hack 1.1.29 + Redeem Codes

Skill-based Bingo Game

Developer: Aviagames Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.29
ID: co.aviagames.mtp.bingobattle


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Play Bingo Tour, the classic Bingo game you love with a fresh twist! Battle players the world over in online multiplayer games and start earning real cash! Tens of thousands of people are already winning every day. Join them now and daub your way to the bank!

Put your skills to the test and win REAL MONEY with Bingo Tour, the best money app for cash & rewards! Download for free to compete in Multiplayer Tournaments and win REAL CASH among other prizes! We're committed to providing a secure gaming platform based on fair, social competition for all our players.


- Seamless Gameplay: Experience faster loading times and higher visual quality.
- Fairness Guaranteed: Face off against other players with the same starting conditions.
- Smart Matching: Match with players of similar skill levels as you.
- Variety of Power-Ups: Use "GIMME MORE", "DAUB IT" and "EARN DOUBLE" for higher scores.
- Giveaway Events: Earn real cash using free Bonus Cash, Gems, and more!
- Player Support: Receive timely help at any time with 24/7 live assistance.

Win more for less in our free money games that are amazingly fun, simple, and secure! Every day is Bingo Day with a chance to win the grand prize! Easily withdraw your cash won with many supported payment platforms! You won't be able to put down this free money-making game.


Play Free Games, Win Real Cash!
-Use Gems to play free matches or participate in cash games to win real money. Earn free gifts daily by logging in and participating in various in-game events!

Compete in Exciting Multiplayer Tournaments
-Play in tournaments of different match modes with  5-10 other players, and the top 3 players win a prize. The higher you rank, the bigger the prize! Practice for free before playing cash games, then choose from a variety of prize pools to win REAL CASH and prizes!

Play Against Real Players
-Match with real players of similar skill levels to play classic, fun, and fair skill-based cash games!

Enjoy Safe and Secure Withdrawals
-It's safe and easy to withdraw your winnings with PayPal. We also work with trusted partners, including Apple Pay, Visa, Venmo, and more to make the deposit and withdrawal process secure, smooth, and worry-free.

Win Extra Cash with Minigames
-Win extra rewards and real money through our classic minigames like Scratchers, Dice Cruise, and other fun features!

Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience
-A truly immersive gaming experience with no ads to interrupt your gameplay!

* Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT. However, players in these states can still enjoy the fun with free games!
* Players must be at least 18 years of age. In some jurisdictions where Cash games are not available, players can compete in our free games. See our Terms of Service for more information.

Download now and become a bingo master!
If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

Version history

We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
- Bug fixes
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4.9 out of 5
101.1K Ratings


Sad and confused about your game and advertisement
I love playing bingo I always have I just don’t like to be misled because it was supposed to be a way to make money Feist and it be paid to my PayPal but like I said I’ve been playing it for the pas And sometimes I say to be like a Texan but I have yet to see even a dollar and every time it says for me to deposit oh it was for her to deposit my how many Keaau you need to fix it that’s misleading and it is downright 10 and I have days and I have not received that $.50 if I’m correct my name by this game that I have the 50 Cent sound but it’s not fire to advertise that she can pay play for free and you download the game to play has it say is that a patient instantly with no threshold have to meet my like I said I enjoyed bingo I would enjoy it a lot more if I hadn’t been misled because I just can’t afford to pay out to play games when I’m trying to play games to make money not take away from my household and like I said enjoy your bingo yes there’s something about the people having to pay to play the games and you pay so much and y’all will get a little bit Bank no I don’t like that that’s why I don’t trust a lot of these games because they’re Tae-yeon their advertisement that you’re going to make Karen $300
No so smart....,
Yes a two. Here’s why.
I have played several of these type of apps. The one thing they all have in common, is they make it very hard to come in 1st consistently. This one has tempting deposit bonuses like getting almost double for a $10 deposit. However, try and cash out and see where your bonus money goes. You lose it, which is false advertising and should be illegal.

Another thing is if you deposit say $10 and have a balance of $18 with the bonus you cant win enough to get your balance over $20-25 no matter how many games you play. It is extremely rare to win enough that you actually profit enough to cash out. I have been coming in 2nd and 3rd or worse in the majority of my games, and am very careful about using the free daubs so I don’t cover up an upcoming number to be called. I dont always get it right, but I usually cover the right ones about 75% of the time.

What would make this better? Not making players wait to see there score bc “not enough” have entered that game. I honestly think the company keeps the spots empty and has paid players or uses bots to fill the last two spots so you can barely ever come in first. Also They could also offer a $2 or $1.99 game as well as lower the amount of people in the games as well. Playing more than 6 at a time lowers your odds of winning significantly but I’m pretty sure this is all purposeful. I wonder what the FCC would think about the issues i have. Huh….
Was this necessary?,
Good but risky
I downloaded this game about a month ago and I’ve made about $30 profit from it over that time. It is a fun and exciting game but is risky to bet a lot of money on because of the skill it takes to win. You’re not going to even come close to winning anything if you don’t spend hours practicing and finding strategies since everyone has the same board and special abilities. I lost lots of money on a different game made by the same company, it is extremely easy to lose all of you’re money even when you’re up big time. I still love playing this though because I’ve gotten pretty good at it and I can actually make money from it, which is another thing. The withdraws actually work, I’ve gotten two payments through PayPal so far from them and they are legit although they take 4-10 days ish to go through. I would recommend spending nothing on this game for the first two to three weeks of downloading it and just using gems to practice then deposit $5 and play a game and see if you can win. If you lose it’s no big deal and if you win your up to $12. So I’m summary don’t blow all your money in one go on your first try, believe it or not it takes skill to win it so you need to get good before you waste $50 on the game.
Not in a blue moon,
Trust me, you won’t win money
If all you want is to play for free, then this game is fine. Play the free game for gems. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. You will not win money. You might win $0.50, but you will have spent $1 or $2 to play. That’s not winning. All of the actual pay to play games are rigged against you. Even if you place in the top three, you will likely place third and you won’t even make back the entry fee. I play the free to play game, most of the time. I did pay some money, though not much. If I had it to do over, I would have kept my money in my pocket. I will give 3 stars because I do enjoy playing Bingo and am quite happy playing the free game. But I won’t give more than that because the game is a cheat and it cheats. (There is a daily game with a money and gem entry fee, and the last several days I have scored first place, but then when the game finishes “processing”, suddenly I’m in third or lower. This is called cheating. If the game maker actually played fair, I’d have given them a higher rating. And yes, I’m aware that they made this game to make themselves money. Thank you, I’ve run my own business for years. I understand needing to make a profit. But that doesn’t mean you should have to actually cheat.)
Worst game ever!
I started playing this game, every thing was fine till I hit level 9, a year or two ago, I can’t give specifics because it doesn’t state anywhere in your profile when you started. I figured by it saying “Unlock lvl 10,” that I could eventually unlock lvl 10 and move on to more games. I tried buying the specials, I tried all three different bingos, and nothing. I got fed up and contacted customer service to see whats going on. Nope, this game only goes to Level 9, and only has 3 games. The customer service stated they just released 9 levels. When? And where? There only has been 9 levels. How many levels did they start with advertising on the store app? None? I haven’t seen a new release since I started. They can make between 6 to 10 pop ups to lure you to buy money to play games instead of waiting every hour to collect gems, however, they can’t make a single new game in 2 years! The excuse I got was they’re waiting on the players to all catch up before going on. I don’t see why? We all go at our own pace, time given that day. Why do I have to wait for someone who’s just started? It’s not fair. However, Dania the customer service person is going to pass it onto the team my unanswered questions. I’ll probably get the same automated message like the last two times, of the same bull crap lies.
It’s fun but….
When it comes to bingo, I LOVE to play. Wether its in person or on my phone. And the fact that I can play the game I love and still win actual cash without having to leave my home is a win win! I love that they give you multiple ways to earn bonus cash which helps you get into the higher paying games. The daily bonus also gives you coins or money. Which ever you win. Now this is why I gave it 3 stars… I had won a little over 60$ the first few times I played. So I put a withdraw request in, and it forfeited my 30 sum dollars I had in Bonus cash. Which is fine, as long as I was to receive the 29$ I won in actual cash. This was about 2 months ago, and I have yet to receive my payment. Now it doesn’t say specific how this distributed it, wether it was a check sent to my home or if it was being sent to my PayPal that I gave the email for… so if I do ever receive that payment. I will continue to play and I’ll update my review to 5 stars. But I’m a sore loser when it comes to false advertisement , and I get really bummed out. So I hope I get it, but if not. Lesson learned right?! It is a super fun game tho to play for free, I hope this helps!! <3
it’s a decent game. You have the chance to win some change. I noticed first timers they let you win big but, after that you wont really see yourself winning big again least not until you make up for what you won and cashed out the first time in my opinion. And I noticed the bots they have only use fake dummy characters and always have space in their names where real players very rare have spaces in their names. Also, since playing the game I’ve only always reached 32,000 and the bots would always stay above me by 1,000. The first time ever I finally got 60,000 and sure enough the boy got 61,000. It’s like another person said, there’s like a threshold and they put bots so they won’t let you pass a certain amount. In my opinion the $200 I cashed out, the bots won’t let me earn big again least until I deposit $200 worth of cash so they can get their money back and much more. Seems after they earned it back and more then they let you win big again. But watch a developer comment and say this is all a lie. But, as for the game itself it’s a nice bingo game compared to others for when you have time on your hand to possible win some change or play for gems but, rigged just like all other games are. It’s just business I understand but, figured I state MY OPINION for others.
App takes but doesn’t give
No sir has nothing to do with skill I have proved that! If your game is matched being at least 75% full it will be a fair game if you are the only player starting the game you will not come in first no matter what you score the n fact should you have the best score ever of your life you come in last every time that is rigged no matter how you look at it there developer person. Let’s say you got lucky and made a little money which I did make money went to cash out only 1.50 out of $50 won was available for withdraw and if I withdraw it I lose the rest of my winnings!! THAT IS A SCAM!!! You obviously do not read reviews because they all say the same thing that I am saying your app is a scam and should be sued for false advertising but I know you are smarter than that I am sure you in tiny tiny writing somewhere disclaimers that excuses you from doing what you advertise. Maybe a lawyer should look into it!

Sure urges you to deposit quite often with specials. That’s because they lock the cash you deposited by holding the bonus ransom you lose any money you have not deposited therefore you will never be able make money with this. The games are rigged totally, you have the best game of your life and get 7th place. Don’t waste your time!!!!
I Love The Game BUT…As Always
There’s obvious shenanigans going on with a real money game. I’ve played 90 games of Bingo within this app. Of those 90 I was comfortably in first after playing in about 1/2 of those 90…But the last person of the group finished their game (always in a different group). All but 3 times (of those 45) that very last “person” would eclipse my score by the slimmest of margins forcing me into 2nd place and half the prize dollars I would’ve gotten. So even though I was comfortably ahead of the other 4-7 players in 45 games…I ended up getting 2nd place 42 of them. It was always this very last “person” to miraculously trump me. Even when I’d set my own record I’d end up in 2nd in all but 3. That’s not chance. That’s manipulation. At least make it believable. You can’t say a certain game has 7 players then put 6 in 1 and 1 in another in order to use the bot (lone “player”) to consistently take away game winnings to keep people from cashing out. You could easily still turn a significant profit without manipulation. The greed will be your downfall. Greed only lends it out so it can take it all back from the greediest.
Jokes on me
I actually would hope that someone would make a legit game to play someday, but this one is not the one. Multiple games I have come in first place the while “processing” I get bumped to 4th or 5th In which you win nothing. I guarantee I’m playing against bots at times and I am sure when the numbers are being announced there are repeated numbers. I had built up a $75 bank and decided to withdraw my winnings. First of all it’s takes 2 weeks or more to process. I got an email saying that only part of my payment had been processed and would show up on my cc. They did…but, it was only what I had paid in and in $5 increments which is the way I paid it. So $15 was refunded and I was owed $60 in cash winnings. They finally sent it to me in a digital check form. WHAT!! They said I could print it out and cash it or do a mobile deposit. No bank in the world wouldn’t take a computer printed check. I tried (just for giggles) to do a mobile deposit and it was rejected saying the check was “mutilated”.
My only other option would to request a paper check to be mailed, but I’m not gonna waste my time anymore. If they were legit then the $60 would be sent thru The same way the $15 was sent. Highly disappointed.