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Skill-based Bingo Game

Developer: Aviagames Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.36
ID: co.aviagames.mtp.bingobattle


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Play Bingo Tour, the classic Bingo game you love with a fresh twist! Battle players the world over in online multiplayer games and start earning real cash! Tens of thousands of people are already winning every day. Join them now and daub your way to the bank!

Put your skills to the test and win REAL MONEY with Bingo Tour, the best money app for cash & rewards! Download for free to compete in Multiplayer Tournaments and win REAL CASH among other prizes! We are committed to providing a secure gaming platform built on skill-based competition for all our players.


- Seamless Gameplay: Experience faster loading times and higher visual quality.
- Variety of Power-Ups: Use "GIMME MORE", "DAUB IT" and "EARN DOUBLE" for higher scores.
- Giveaway Events: Earn real cash using free Bonus Cash, Gems, and more!
- Player Support: Receive timely help at any time with 24/7 live assistance.

Win more for less in our free money games that are amazingly fun, simple, and secure! Every day is Bingo Day with a chance to win the grand prize! Easily withdraw your cash won with many supported payment platforms! You won't be able to put down this free money-making game.


Play Free Games, Win Real Cash!
-Use Gems to play free matches or participate in cash games to win real money. Earn free gifts daily by logging in and participating in various in-game events!

Compete in Exciting Multiplayer Tournaments
-Play in tournaments of different match modes with 5-10 other players, and the top 3 players win a prize. The higher you rank, the bigger the prize! Practice for free before playing cash games, then choose from a variety of prize pools to win REAL CASH and prizes!

Enjoy Safe and Secure Withdrawals
-It's safe and easy to withdraw your winnings with PayPal. We also work with trusted partners, including Apple Pay, Visa, Venmo, and more to make the deposit and withdrawal process secure, smooth, and worry-free.

Win Extra Cash with Minigames
-Win extra rewards and real money through our classic minigames like Scratchers, Dice Cruise, and other fun features!

Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience
-A truly immersive gaming experience with no ads to interrupt your gameplay!

* Cash games are not available in the following states of Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, or Vermont or from U.S. territories including Puerto Rico. However, players in these states can still enjoy the fun with free games!

* Players must be at least 18 years of age. In some jurisdictions where Cash games are not available, players can compete in our free games. See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Download now and become a bingo master!
If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

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Version history

Explore Halloween-themed activities and play for eerie riches this Halloween season! This update brings a variety of holiday activities, including Candy Corner, themed events, and more. Every week, there is a wealth of new content waiting for you to explore.
Explore Halloween-themed activities and play for eerie riches this Halloween season! This update brings a variety of holiday activities, including Candy Corner, themed events, and more. Every week, there is a wealth of new content waiting for you to explore. This Halloween, let's WIN BIG prizes together!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
We hope you're having fun playing Bingo Tour! In this version, we've improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bingo Tour and fill your pockets with money!
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4.9 out of 5
145.8K Ratings


Sabe <3,
Not really worth it
I downloaded this app to test it out and even though you can make money, It’s not really worth it. You’d have to play a lot of games and be good at it in order to gain what you paid back, but it costs money to play games where you win money so it’s almost impossible to earn back what you spent considering the money that you earn is rarely ever a full dollar. Also they are not compatible with Cash app or Apple Pay so I had to download Pay Pal just to get the money I earned. And to withdrawal all of the money, you end up paying a fee of three dollars or more so you are stuck with less than what you put in weather you blow it all on a game or not. Everything I just listed off is not explained anywhere on the app. I checked the settings and help button several times but I could only find things like this through other reviews. I don’t recommend getting this app if you are desperate to make money, it’s just like gambling. You’ll lose money in the process of trying to make more and end up with way less than you had hoped. I’m disappointed that they charge you a fee to collect your money, especially since most of the fee is the money that you earn from playing. This game is really only good for people who have a stupid amount of money and need something to do. I only gave it five stars so that more people could see. I hope this review helps
Really!!!! Good luck on winning anything
Whom ever wrote this game is a complete JACK/ASPRIN. So every time you visit this app the writer/owner gets paid every time you play anything on this game the writer/owner gets paid. The writer/Owner is a fat liar who doesn’t care about you or that you won’t ever get paid for anything substantial or you will never get anything over 5 dollars! If you just happen to win something over $5.00 dollars then lord help you because you will lose it quickly and you won’t be able to win anything that would make it possible for you to earn enough winnings to make higher predications! After awhile you lose the ability to earn anything even larg amounts of anything!

So you Fricken fat loser with your Pichadeal in your hand hoping to get a face to face with someone who doesn’t have the inclination of a fat loser stealing everything you think you have won. Remember that one day you will have an ultimate FACE TO FACE WITH GOD! I can’t wait to hear about why you wouldn’t let people have their fun. Why you wouldn’t have the time to allow someone less fortunate than you to experience something fun! Then I can’t wait for you to explain why you’re so lucky to get to carry this crap out and around the store for placing
Day 1: When I first started playing this game it was addictive! The amount of times I won gems or even a few cents was encouraging. I saw who I was being paired with each game and got my results almost immediately. Fun!
Day 2: Then, sometimes I would only be paired with 1 or 2 people in a game and the results of who won were often PENDING, so even if it looked like I ranked high, I’d sometimes have to wait to find out I lost. I was still winning often enough to feel like this game was fun.
Day 3: Today, no matter what time, I am hardly ever paired with ANYONE in my games. Early today I thought this must be a bug so I just deleted the app and tried some other Bingo games. It turns out this one was the most fun so I later reinstalled it, but there was no change in the situation. Every game result is pending. Every one. And no matter how optimal my game play is, I lose. Lose and lose and lose, because after my game is over, someone else apparently comes along and scores double what I do. My skill has not nosedived since yesterday. If anything, I understand gameplay better and have improved, so why am I suddenly losing every single game? It FEELS LIKE I’m competing with lots of bots.
In conclusion, this game is super fun, but I don’t recommend giving it your money unless you’ve been playing for days and feel confident you can at least win enough to break even. I’ve not seen evidence that happens. They have to make money from this, right?
Just as rigged as most ‘cash earning’ games
I made the grave mistake before on another game that gave out cash prizes. Same old song and dance would have happened if I didn’t learn my mistake; first couple games you’re doing extremely well. Sure, the game uses skill based matchmaking and it needs to learn your skill level. And because of these early winnings, one of the popups get your attention that you’ll get x amount of dollars back if you deposit x dollars. Lucky for this app, they actually say the bonus cash is considered ‘reward’ earnings; meaning when you use money for paid games, you’re using either the money you spent or earned by playing.

This game though? Once you start playing for a couple days, you’ll notice no one is available to matchmake when finding a game. Must be because I’m good, right? Nope. What seems like a respectful score that could be in the top 3, is doubled, sometimes tripled over minutes later. Where did all of these people come from? They’re 100% not picked randomly from matches after mine. I’m not using any unique strategies on how I use my powerups - the developers will tell you everything is working correctly, we’re hearing your feedback, blah blah blah. Now when I win, it feels like the game is throwing me a bone for playing so many matches. Do what I do after learning my first mistake - don’t consider this a way of earning beer money. They’re a business and would be happy to screw you over as long as you keep lining their pockets.
No so smart....,
Yes a two. Here’s why.
I have played several of these type of apps. The one thing they all have in common, is they make it very hard to come in 1st consistently. This one has tempting deposit bonuses like getting almost double for a $10 deposit. However, try and cash out and see where your bonus money goes. You lose it, which is false advertising and should be illegal.

Another thing is if you deposit say $10 and have a balance of $18 with the bonus you cant win enough to get your balance over $20-25 no matter how many games you play. It is extremely rare to win enough that you actually profit enough to cash out. I have been coming in 2nd and 3rd or worse in the majority of my games, and am very careful about using the free daubs so I don’t cover up an upcoming number to be called. I dont always get it right, but I usually cover the right ones about 75% of the time.

What would make this better? Not making players wait to see there score bc “not enough” have entered that game. I honestly think the company keeps the spots empty and has paid players or uses bots to fill the last two spots so you can barely ever come in first. Also They could also offer a $2 or $1.99 game as well as lower the amount of people in the games as well. Playing more than 6 at a time lowers your odds of winning significantly but I’m pretty sure this is all purposeful. I wonder what the FCC would think about the issues i have. Huh….
Sad and confused about your game and advertisement
I love playing bingo I always have I just don’t like to be misled because it was supposed to be a way to make money Feist and it be paid to my PayPal but like I said I’ve been playing it for the pas And sometimes I say to be like a Texan but I have yet to see even a dollar and every time it says for me to deposit oh it was for her to deposit my how many Keaau you need to fix it that’s misleading and it is downright 10 and I have days and I have not received that $.50 if I’m correct my name by this game that I have the 50 Cent sound but it’s not fire to advertise that she can pay play for free and you download the game to play has it say is that a patient instantly with no threshold have to meet my like I said I enjoyed bingo I would enjoy it a lot more if I hadn’t been misled because I just can’t afford to pay out to play games when I’m trying to play games to make money not take away from my household and like I said enjoy your bingo yes there’s something about the people having to pay to play the games and you pay so much and y’all will get a little bit Bank no I don’t like that that’s why I don’t trust a lot of these games because they’re Tae-yeon their advertisement that you’re going to make Karen $300
Download and don’t have to pay a cent
Never have to pay. You really don’t. Just keep playing to earn gems and you slowly get cash bonus to play and win those fake dollars. The more fake money you earn the more you spend to get to higher levels in game. Once you don’t pay at all, you still manage to earn the 100 dollars at the end. I only won 6 bucks in the first week and wasn’t allowed to withdraw because it was bonus money. In the end, you spend a wheel every four hours and earn gems or $.30-$.40 depending on what you land on and also the quicker you learn the more you get those two minutes worth of every bingo game really good at it I started doing at least five full house is in a week and that’s at least one every other day it was very fun at the party go to my competition. I was at least in my three. I had no reason to reach out to anyone yet. I want to win the 100 towards the end of the level. I’m so far just passing level one and I believe there are 10 marks and it’s only been a week I recommend this game to anyone, but you don’t have to pay it keeps recommend you to deposit at least five dollars you can if you may I never have and I still ahead. ✌️
Impossible to win
I downloaded this game because I like bingo and the thought of making a little extra money was very appealing to me. The game itself is fun, however I’m finding that I rarely, if ever, am actually placing for prizes, and when I do it’s nothing substantial. I have yet to win enough cash to play a 99 cent round more than once. And yes, everyone may be arguing, “well you have to deposit at least once for things to turn around!” And I have. But I’m consistently getting between 4th and last place. It’s happening almost every round. And it’s always by less than 100 points too. I can play perfectly, use all my power ups wisely, and I’ll still end up 4th place or worse. So if you’re wanting to make money from this game, forget it. It’ll go to people who are most likely bots and will just make the company more money.

If they would just make the games a little more fair things would be so much better. I’m not expecting to win thousands or even hundreds, but I *do* expect fair gameplay and when I do everything right but still end up losing I just don’t want to play anymore.
Was this necessary?,
Good but risky
I downloaded this game about a month ago and I’ve made about $30 profit from it over that time. It is a fun and exciting game but is risky to bet a lot of money on because of the skill it takes to win. You’re not going to even come close to winning anything if you don’t spend hours practicing and finding strategies since everyone has the same board and special abilities. I lost lots of money on a different game made by the same company, it is extremely easy to lose all of you’re money even when you’re up big time. I still love playing this though because I’ve gotten pretty good at it and I can actually make money from it, which is another thing. The withdraws actually work, I’ve gotten two payments through PayPal so far from them and they are legit although they take 4-10 days ish to go through. I would recommend spending nothing on this game for the first two to three weeks of downloading it and just using gems to practice then deposit $5 and play a game and see if you can win. If you lose it’s no big deal and if you win your up to $12. So I’m summary don’t blow all your money in one go on your first try, believe it or not it takes skill to win it so you need to get good before you waste $50 on the game.
Well first let me say that it’s a good game. But I would STRONGLY CONSIDER reading the terms of service and privacy policy. The major head scratcher was that your personal information is being shared with a lot of third party websites, “business partners,” “other affiliates” (such as the IT guy), advertising partners (whom use personal info to track you!!), and even share your profile info to other users or website visitors who don’t even have any of their services!!! They say you can opt out for the messages, emails, yada yada, but you have to read the “third parties” private policies and to enter your info at your own risk???? (Yet they are the ones sending our info to the third parties) for what to see if I’m fake. And not only are they asking to hand over your private info but they also ask for your ID/ DL or any form of mail for a proof of residency! I understand all this is for their own security risk from their own version of scammers but to be sending my info out to that many different people there is bound to be a screw up somewhere all it takes is one little glance or hack and my info is in the wrong hands and I don’t think it’s worth the risk…. Im really not hating on the gaming part but maybe ease up on the info sharing it’s a scary world out there after all.

Sincerely, concerned citizen