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Survive the Horror of Bendy

Developer: Joey Drew Studios Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $2.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.13
ID: com.jds.batds


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Play as Boris the Wolf, the cartoon companion of Bendy, as you hunt throughout the abandoned cartoon studio for the supplies Boris needs to keep going. You’re not alone! The monstrous Ink Demon stalks you at every turn. Beware the sound of his beating heart as he creeps up from behind and catches you in his dripping gaze. No where is safe. Yet secrets lie in wait for those adventurous enough to seek them out.

• Outrun the Ink Demon or become his next victim.
• Scavenge for supplies and keep yourself on the move.
• Carefully watch your stamina and stop to eat every chance you get.
• Discover hidden unlockables stashed away in the shadows.
• Unveil more of the shadowy backstory of Joey Drew Studios.

Will you brave the evil lurking in the studio? Will you conquer this Dark Survival?

Boris is counting on you.

Version history

Includes ALL three major content updates!
- “Symphony of Shadows”
- “The Unleashed”
- “The Wolf Trials”

The hauntingly sweet sounds of the darkened studio are singing out with the release of “Symphony of Shadows” update.
Dive into the studio to find new scares, new missions, new songs, new faces, new secrets, and new dance steps for Boris.
Discover even more!
Featuring an all new unlockable character: the crazy composer himself: Sammy Lawrence.
Bug fix - black screen issue
New update - The Unleashed
V 1.11
"Look" wall bug fix
The Wolf Trials
Free Update
• New Mysterious Storyline
• Darker Levels and Locations
• New Stalking Enemies
• More Surprises and Discoveries
• New Joey Drew Studios Lore

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4.3 out of 5
1 343 Ratings


Please update. Hasn’t had update in 7 MONTHS
Ok so first of I’m getting this out of the way. For all those people using iPad that happened to me to. I got the game on my iPhone 7 and it works fine. Either the iPads can’t download all the data from the first update OR the iPad is to old. Now your probably like “I’m using an iPad Air” ok so if you had it for more than 3 years it probably won’t work. Ok now to the actual review. The game itself is great. I have not encountered any bugs but I think having to wait 7 MONTHS without an update is way to long. I have unlocked all characters and am bored since I don’t really have anything to aim for ( got all the dances and music to btw) so at this point I don’t know if the game isn’t getting updated anymore or if it because bendy and the dark revival is being worked on. But anyways I go into the AppStore a lot and pretty much every time I go and check if this game has had a update and the answer is always no. I am tired of waiting and want a update so I have a reason to continue playing.
The glitch, and it’s not my IPad
Now, I love BATIM, I really do. But, this game is glitched. Basically, before all the updates, it worked great, perfectly, in fact. But, when the updates happened, it would always glitch back to the home screen, and I’m using my sister’s IPad, and the storage is not full, nor is anything wrong with it, even when it’s on her account, I’m the brother btw, and it crushed me. Even when I deleted it and reinstalled it, it crashed after the intro. So, developers, please fix this glitch. I really wanna play this game, but I can’t. I love BATIM so much, and this is not letting me do so. But still 4 stars because it was fun while it worked. Good luck on Bendy and the Dark Revival!
merge and destroy,
Love it but there’s just a few problems.
1. In the game you have to collect materials right? Right. But maybe you could just make them a little easier to find, ok?
2. In the game when you get caught by Bendy there aren’t enough Little Miracle Stations to hide in. So if you could fix that it would be great.
3. In the game while being chased by Bendy, there isn’t enough area to run from him. So if you could, maybe you could un-board some doors and add some more area to run, ok?
4. In the game I keep getting stuck in doorways. Sometimes when I’m getting chased by Bendy, I get stuck in the doorways when running to another room. So if you could make the doors a little bit bigger it could help players not get stuck during the game.
So overall, it’s an awesome game and it scares the heck out of me when I get busted by Bendy. Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎☠️☠️☠️☠️🤯🤯🤯🤯
Saw it. Loved it.
First of all, this is a great game, the idea, how Boris survived, it’s just AWESOME! Second, I just wanna give a suggestion, when you run out of stamina, you should walk slower and have a little darker screen, just so players don’t run throughout The ENTIRE game without bendy chancing them half the time, and normally that half is when he iS cHaSiNg ThEm! And third, I applaud, you are able to dodge bendy in the same room, congrats. And instead of getting a whole stamina bar when you get da FoOd, you should only get a quarter of it, and bendy should start coming over there, because in my 15 MINUTE PLAY TIME (no I haven’t completed yet I just finished the first day xd so I’m not sure about this) the c l o s e t s , and f o o d are normally close together, so the player does have to be more careful with running, like I mentioned earlier, thank you for reading my really expanded and probably not useful message
Great game
This game is AMAZING and I love it would recommend but I think bendy should be more like in the actual game because in bendy and the ink machine bendy moves faster than u when chasing u but slow when not. I just think you should do this so running away from bendy is a bit more hard and not so easy this would ad more challenge to the game also bendy should be able to go through walls just like in the game this would make it more spooky and surprising also just a little feature that you could Add is ever now and then when u go down the elevator you could get like a bonus level and do something different than collect items however this is still a great game and I would recommend and these are just suggestions 🙂👍
Bike man 5736110,
Really good, but some bugs
The gameplay is absolutely great, and I love the story. But every time a new DLC is released, a bug happens, but that’s to be expected. When the Wolf trials came out, there was a glitch where if you looked into a look hole, it wouldn’t let you out. And now, with this new DLC, the game constantly blacks out and the only way to keep playing without restarting the app is to double click the home button and tap on the app again. But, they usually fix these kinds of glitches very quick, so I’m still going to give it a 5 star review
Edit: The bug was fixed the exact same day the unleashed dlc came out. They are really good at fixing bugs quick
Payson D.,
Good game, but uh…
So, I bought this a little after it came out. A whole 5 dollars, I remember that clearly. Now I saw a review that said 99 cents so I feel a lil bit played.

Now, the game is good. It is a little repetitive and the lore added to the story is nice. But uh there’s nothing new. I assume that Joey Drew Studios or whatever they’re called now added the extra characters for a different experience every time but Boris is really the best character to use. Sammy can’t even sprint.

Oh while we’re on the subject, it has been a year since the last update according to the AppStore version history. Literally a year. Wandering around the safe house there’s still some totally not copied from Nintendo question blocks lying around, I assume that means there’s more content coming along the way so what gives? Before the excuse of Bendy and the Dark Revival, you’ve already pushed that back by like 2 years. By now it’s gotten old.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bendy and the Ink Machine, but seriously now. Boris and the Dark Survival was good, and still kinda is. But definitely not what everyone thought it could be, if that makes sense.
To all the “love this game but...”
This game is the perfect balance of difficultly and I don’t want you to change it at all.

If you’re planning to change anything I suggest levels of difficulty. I’m perfectly happy with the way that it is, it’s challenging enough that I’m not bored to pieces but easy enough I don’t want to delete it off of my phone because it’s too stressful.

I see nongamers saying “I need more room to run, more hiding places.” Etcetera
Then there are other people trying to dictate how others should play the game by saying, “This needs to be harder, people shouldn’t be able to run all the time, I didn’t run all the time, so they shouldn’t be able to.”

I think you can and should be able to enjoy this game no matter your gaming level and in my humble opinion it’s perfect the way it is, please don’t change it. Thank you for putting this out for free. Honestly this has been my favorite game app since “The Room” came out. I hope to see more third person games from you in the future!
oofy man 101,
Amazing love it but some mistakes
Ok so I LOVE BATIM and Boris and the dark survival is like if you combined bendy and a survival game But.. I noticed some flaws first one is bendy he is a lil less scary then is you added these features walking through walls have more inky texture and if the jump scare was a little more detailed it would make me jump like my first time in chapter 3 in BATIM and last but not least Pipers strikers and fishers if you added em you could put in a fighting skill in like if Boris searchers lockers he can find a wrench or axe and or a pipe he could fight but only three hits then Boris loses a half of his stamina! And good work meatly keep it up and I can’t wait for iOS BATR
Love this game but still have an issue
I love this game. It’s so cool and scary which makes it more fun. I usually play it after school or after homework and weekends. But lately I’ve been trying to play the game for a while but every time I press play and goes to the black screen, the loading stops and kick me out of the game. I’ve waited a few days to see it would go away but it didn’t so yea. When I heard it was fix I was excited and went to the game but I still have the same problem. I’ve waited again but it still the same. Plz fix it. I want to play again.

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