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Vintage Cartoon Madness

Developer: Joey Drew Studios Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $6.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.1.3
ID: com.jds.batim


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Henry was the lead animator at Joey Drew Studios in its 1930s heyday, a studio that was best known for producing animated cartoons of their most popular and beloved character, Bendy. Many years later Henry receives a mysterious invitation from Joey Drew himself to return to the old cartoon workshop. Journey deep into the sketchy madness of this twisted cartoon nightmare.

Fight the darkness. Escape the Ink Demon. Fear the Machine.

• Varied Game Play! - First person combat, horror, puzzles, stealth and numerous hidden secrets.
• A Beautiful Cartoon World! - Lovingly crafted by a small indie studio.
• A Global Bendy Community! - Delve deep into the mystery and join the discussion at

Version history

Additional Bug Fixes
Misc bug fixes
Greetings Bendy Fans!

This build contains localization allowing you to play in the language of your choice.

Supported languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

We hope you enjoy!
Greetings Bendy Fans!

This release fixes a bunch of bugs that you and we have found and also addressed UI Controls scaling which many have asked for.

We hope you enjoy!
Finally, the entire studio is now in your pocket. Bendy and the Ink Machine(TM) is here!
This release contains performance improvements and bug fixes.

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4.5 out of 5
4 268 Ratings


Ps4 and mobile version
So there is one bug that happened on my ps4 to my only saved slot. I saved my game then exited the game and turned my ps4 off. When I came back and turned my ps4 back on to play again but it said chapter 3 even though I got through a few parts on chapter 4 and it says find a new exit while I’m on level nine. So I call for the elevator and walk inside of the elevator and I try to click one of the levels to see what part I was supposed to be on and it does nothing, it doesn’t even show the buttons glowing yellow when I look at the buttons to press on a level to go to. For now it hasn’t happened on my phone yet, I really hopes that it doesn’t happen on my phone too. Can you please fix that bug. Also on chapter 1 on my iPhone when I got to the part where I finished putting the items where they go and turn on the machine, I walked out and a bendy cutout was supposed to pop up when I left the room but it didn’t, it only happened on my ps4. Can you please fix these bugs. I would really appreciate it if you fixed these bugs so I can continue playing where I left off with on the corrupted slot and not be stuck not able to do anything on chapter 3 on floor 9. Thanks!
I love it! But one thing about chapter 4
I really love this especially since in chapter 1 when
Bendy jump scares you but he doesn’t actually chase you and this is probably not the reason why he doesn’t chases you but I think that this is good to have since for new players when they play the first chapter they will think there getting chased but there not witch makes it where they only have to worry about the ink that is rising but I did find one thing that made it really difficult to play chapter 4 because when I got to the part of grabbing the ink when I looked at the ink blob or anywhere near it my camera started to glitch out or even freeze I did everything I could to make it not freeze and be less glitchy but any time I looked at it, it would freeze or glitch out witch made it really hard to get the ink blob.(Just so you know it’s took me like 30-46 minutes to get the ink blob)but over all this is a really fun game to play and it’s one of the first games that I’ve seen that you can play on mobile.
The sharkasuras Rex,
Awesome game but little bug
Ok so first great game I beat all five chapters in like 2 hours I have been hoping
that bendy would come to iPhone I have been watching markiplier and jacksepticeye play it Ever sense it was released back in 2017 and been a fan of it ever since also I loved that you put in your little meatly cameos and that jacksepticeye and DAgames had cameos to! But now on to the bug so when I played the game again I was in chapter three and I got the tommy gun and listened to Henry’s secret audio log and and I got to the end the elevator wouldn’t move and now I have to restart my game so if you can fix that that would be great well in the words of Wally franks I’m out of here!

Ok so I know I mentioned the elevator a couple months ago and this is kinda a stupid question but I was wondering if you could make a setting in chapters 1 2 and 3 Ware we could switch it to the old chapters back to the remastered chapters I know you guys are working bendy and the dark revival but if you guys could do that that
would be awesome sorry to bug you also are you guys making bendy and the dark revival for the switch play station Xbox and phone like this one? Sorry got excited when the trailer came out
Rabbids Invashion,
Game ruining bug in chapter 4
I have played bendy and the ink machine on the PS4 before I got it on my iPad. I have completed the game before but it’s much different on mobile. After 3 days of playing, I finally got to chapter 4 and the weirdest glitch I have every seen happened. I was fixing the bridge by inserting the cogwheel. I get on the crate the pulls me over to the other side and it stopped, and it just dropped me into the inky abyss. It glitched my so bad that it took me to the cutscene you would go to when you crossed the bridge but I couldn’t do anything. I restarted my game to try again and I made it to the other side without falling and the app closes out on its own. I went back into the app finding all my progress gone. All it said was new game, not continue like it would normally say when I log into the game. This horrible glitch put my 18 hours of hard progression made it a distant memory. This glitch should be brought into immediate attention so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. But other than that. Bendy and the ink machine is a great game that I highly recommend, but I do not recommend a mobile download.
Bug in Chapter 3
I love Bendy. Having been a fan since chapter 1 first came out, I was delighted to see a mobile version now that the game has been completed. However, there seems to be a bug in chapter 3. I’ve tried to play it multiple times, but because the level is so big, I don’t have the time to complete it in one sitting. This is no problem in chapters 1 and 2, since I can save and exit the level/game. However, this doesn’t work in chapter 3. I exit the game fine, but when I try to play it from where I left off, I end up stuck in the elevator with none of the buttons working and the doors closed. When I look at the objective, it says to take the pipe, plunger, etc. But I’m already holding the item. I end up having to start a new game completely, and after three or four times of this, it gets very tiring. I love everything else about Bendy, and since these kind of bugs happen to even the best developers, I’ve still decided to give the game 5 stars anyway. (though I would still love it if you fixed this bug)
Amazing but a few things
I know this is my third time editing this review but now that I have finally finished the full game, I can make a review on everything that I think needs to be fixed. So general gameplay and story is amazing! I really recommend to people who love survival/horror and I can’t wait for the sequel if there is one. There is just a few bugs that are really game breaking, or make it hard to beat in general. So first, the frame drops. They are really annoying, and happen mostly in chapter 4. Something that really needs to be fixed is Bertrum. His fight makes the frame rate drop dramatically and it makes it almost impossible to beat. It took me 10 minutes to beat him because I had like 5 FPS even at low quality. They really need to do something with it or maybe even remove it because I can’t even aim at the circle things that keep it together. So basically, I really only want them to do something with the quality so that in places where the frame rate usually drops, it’s not that bad. Thanks!
Very Disappointing Bug at the End of Chapter 3
So I have never written a review before but I felt the need to here. First of all, I would have given this game 5 stars without a second thought if not for an awful bug at the end of chapter 3. I cannot proceed past chapter 3 into chapter 4, whenever I press the continue button and try to, the game crashes. I have also tried clicking the chapters button and accessing it from there. The same thing happens, the entire game crashes. I really want to finish this game because it is so well made, unique, and compelling. So, I urge the developers etc. to please fix this bug as soon as possible. As well as another one I encountered in chapter 3. So, in chapter 3 Boris is supposed to open the door to Alice Angel. However, he got stuck and wouldn’t move at an open door a few feet away from the one he was supposed to fix. By using the elevator and going to random floors and coming back, I was able to fix it. But it was still very annoying so please fix that too. Otherwise, the game is great and would 10/10 recommend.
One of the best games out there!
I was really surprised that the game came out on mobile, and even the graphics were good! There are a few minor bugs like in chapter 5 for example, when you fight Sammy, you can get pushed out of the map. And at the end, the graphics went down a LOT when you talk to Joey. But all in all, the story is hard, but not too hard. The whole story line is amazing! I’ve must’ve beaten this game 4 times now in about two weeks! This game is probably the best game on mobile! The price is reasonable, the game is so incredibly addicting! My favorite chapter is probably chapter 4 because of all you have to do. It’s kind of short but not too short. I especially love the turn on Boris when he becomes the “Frankenstein” Boris or more commonly known as Brute Boris. This is the game I will come home to and play and try to get everything done and see everything I missed! I love this game so much and I recommend all you other people so buy this game so you can play until your hearts’ content!
Apryl's iPad,
Amazing! Sometimes buggy though.
Okay, so let’s get to the chase. I was in chapter three, about to hit the level K button on the elevator. Right before I had the chance to click it, the game broke, and sent me to the Home Screen of my tablet. Anyway, amazing game, and I would Love to see more content be released for it. I have made it all the way past chapter one and two. I am working on chapter three. Almost beat chapter four (I hate brute Boris), and about halfway through chapter five. I love the art style for this game. It just calms you down, makes you feel like you’re watching Tom and Jerry, then… RAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Something about this game just pulls me in. I don’t know what. It just makes me want more. (Although I usually chicken out in the middle of chapter three and five). It might be the art stile. It might be how it represents fear. It might be… I don’t know. The point is, it’s one of my favorite games. Really well done, game developers. I hope to see more content! Bye! (For now)
Awaome game
Ok so Ive bin playing this game forever. im looking for hidden eastereggs and secrottes. Ive found a fiw some of them strange and weard like that meaty stick figure at chapter 1 behind the wall. Ive replayed the game like 20 times So I think Iv found everything. oh and I realy like that hidden boss battle at chapter 3 and the hidden sercher with a helmet at chapter 3. I have Hacked the game a fiw times and also unlocked the tommy gun at chapter 3. Oh I almost forgot. at the end of chapter 3 there was a glitch. not a bad one at all. when I was exploring chapter 3 I got chased by Bendy. he chased me all the way to the Front door of hevenly toys. I got to the blocked off door then Bendy fot me. Well not exactly. Bendy was running around me and he wasent doing any Damige to me. Every were I walked around the studio Bend sirkled around me. and eny enimys would attack me but i did not tack in eny damige. It was awsome. Bendy was with me for the rest of the game and I took in no damige. It was a memory i wont forget. This game is awsome and It Diserves 5 stars.