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Developer: USM
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Version: 2.3.5
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Play your favorite game CATAN anytime and anywhere: the original board game, the card game, the expansions and ‘CATAN – Rise of the Inkas‘, all in one app!

After a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally reached the coast of an uncharted island. However, other explorers have also landed on Catan: The race to settle the island has begun!

Build roads and cities, trade skillfully and become Lord or Lady of Catan!

Go on a journey to the Catan universe, and compete in exciting duels against players from all over the world. The board game classic and the Catan card game bring a real tabletop feeling to your screen!

Play with your Catan Universe account on the device of your choice: You can use your login on numerous desktop and mobile platforms! Become part of the huge worldwide Catan community, and compete against players from all over the world, and on all supported platforms.

The board game:
Play the basic board game in multiplayer mode! Join two of your friends for a maximum of three players and face all the challenges in “Arrival on Catan”.

Make things even more exciting by unlocking the full Basegame; the expansions “Cities & Knights” and “Seafarers”, each for up to six players. The special scenario pack containing the scenarios “Enchanted Land” and “The Great Canal” adds even more variety to your games.

The game edition ‘Rise of the Inkas‘ is another exciting challenge for you, as your settlements are doomed in their heyday. The jungle swallows the signs of human civilization, and your opponents seize their chance to build their settlement at the location they crave for.

The card game:
Play the introductory game of the popular 2 player card game “Catan – The Duel” online free of charge or master the free “Arrival on Catan”, to permanently unlock the single player mode against the AI.

Get the complete card game as an in-game purchase to play three different theme sets against friends, other fans friends or different AI opponents and submerge yourself into the bustling life on Catan.


- Trade – build – settle – Become Lord of Catan!
- Play on all your devices with one account.
- Faithful to the original version of the board game “Catan”, as well as the card game “Catan – The Duel” (aka “Rivals for Catan”)
- Design your own avatar.
- Chat with other players and form guilds.
- Participate in seasons and win amazing prizes.
- Play to earn numerous achievements and unlock rewards.
- Get additional expansions and play modes as in-game purchases.
- Get started very easily with the comprehensive tutorial.

Free-to-play content:

- Basic game free matches against two other human players
- Introductory game free matches Catan – The Duel against a human player
- “Arrival on Catan”: Master the challenges in all areas of the game to get more red Catan suns.
- You can use Catan suns to play against the computer. Your yellow suns recharge on their own.

Questions or suggestions for improvements:
Mail to [email protected]
We are looking forward to your feedback!

For more information on news and updates: or visit us on


Version history

- The A.I. will now always wait for the answer to a trade request in single player games before continuing

- Elo scores will now be displayed faster and more reliable after matches

- Custom match lobbies improved

- Various smaller tweaks and optimizations
Hello Catanians! Update 2.3.4 includes a huge number of technical improvements and optimizations that will lead to a much more efficient communication between the game clients (your apps) and the CU servers. As a result, login, profile, shop etc. will all be faster, contributing to an overall smoother gameplay experience. Have fun playing Catan!
- Older client versions can no longer connect to the server. Please update to login.
- Optimizations to game actions in multiplayer
- Optimizations to increase overall stability
- Increased reliability for matchmaker
- Custom Match lobbies now work more reliable
- Elo/Prestige Rank display issue fixed. At the end of a game, the correct Elo/prestige Rank is again displayed. Leaderboards will get updated accordingly
- CATAN - Duel-Matchmaking now always works as intended when selectin more than one theme set.
- More improvements for multiplayer reliability (replacement A.I, trade, resync)

The App now remembers the users' password and will automatically log in after disconnects from the server or after the App was closed.
Further improvements to make sure reconnecting to the games is smoother than before.
Matchmaking for Automatch and Freematch is now more robust to ensuring Catanians get into matches more reliable

Includes a suite of minor fixes for more stability
Matchmaking for Automatch and Freematch is now more robust to ensuring Catanians get into matches more reliable.
All existing accounts will be moved to our new server structure upon login.
If you have a non-registered account click on "Play without login" to log in and migrate.

Please note that your friends list and your guild may appear empty after your account has moved. However, as soon as your friends and guild members have also moved, they will be automatically added to your list and guild.
Engine Update
Minor improvements and adjustments
The "Scout" achievement can be acquired regularly again
Catan Universe 2.2.8 allows us to have Seasons in the game again. Seasons are open competitions with their own leaderboard in one of our expansions. The higher you rank on the Season-Leaderboard the greater the reward will be at the end of the Season.
- Tutorials now work as intended again
- Tournaments games that get finished after the tournament has ended won´t get displayed in the tournament overview anymore
• The matchmaking algorithm has been updated to match players with more equal skill levels
• The Karma filter for matchmaking will now be more strict
• The timing for certain sounds has been enhanced
All leaderboards have been cleared. All Catanians need to play one Automatch in the respective expansions to get listed on the leaderboards again

+++Important+++ Catanians need to be listed on leaderboards to take part in tournaments

Elo now gets calculated and displayed with 6 decimals

The counter-offer symbol now will be displayed correctly in all cases
• Multiple audio and visual corrections
• added resource animations for treasures
• New visual indicators for trade board buttons especially interesting for 5/6 player games (green = on, yellow = off, grey = not clickable)
• Singleplayer only: Badge (robber, longest road etc.) display time is now also influenced by animation speed
• Smoother and faster gameplay thanks to a refactoring of the build menu and candidate system: Catanians won’t have to wait for the build animations anymore to proceed their game
• Numerous new features for the next public beta tournament event
Trade screen now is showing player trade correctly when possible as a default setting
Improved Matchmaking for Automatches produces results that are more reliable
Knights can be moved via drag and drop again
Inka game pieces have the correct size in any circumstance
Color selection for game pieces considered correctly again
5/6 player scenarios for “Basegame”, “Seafares” and “Cities and Knights” have been added to corresponding expansion.
New and improved game pieces colors for better contrast
The automatic reconnect to multiplayer sessions can now get canceled if it should take longer than 10 seconds
Optimizations in the trade menu for better usability in 5/6 player scenarios
• Trade overhaul with new more intuitive click areas; real time trading increases the game flow
• No more kick timer! Substituted by enhanced turn timer
• New “visuals” menu in a match allows many new customization
• Cute baby dragon “Drake” and mysterious Fantasy theme set available in the in game Store
• Enhanced UI scaling for numerous devices
• Additional changes in 2.1.1&2: XP get rewarded properly again; fixed visual robber glitch; various smaller optimizations
• Trade overhaul with new more intuitive click areas; real time trading increases the game flow
• No more kick timer! Substituted by enhanced turn timer
• New “visuals” menu in a match allows many new customization
• Cute baby dragon “Drake” and mysterious Fantasy theme set available in the in game Store
• Enhanced UI scaling for numerous devices
• Additional changes in 2.1.1: XP get rewarded properly again; fixed visual robber glitch; various smaller optimizations
• Trade overhaul with new more intuitive click areas; real time trading increases the game flow
• No more kick timer! Substituted by enhanced turn timer
• New “visuals” menu in a match allows many new customization
• Cute baby dragon “Drake” and mysterious Fantasy theme set available in the in game Store
• Enhanced UI scaling for numerous devices
Dear Catanians,
Update 2.0.1 includes many fixes, most notably:
- Fixed open display of some cards/trades that should be hidden to others
- Fixed display issues in the city improvement UI that blocked some improvements
- Fixed an issue that could hide the end-turn button
- Fixed progress counters for some achievements
- Fixed various mobile UI issues (statistics, cards etc.)
- All leaderboards are accessible on mobile again
- Fixed display errors for Elo numbers
Catan Universe 2.0:
- Complete UI overhaul
- CATAN Suns
- Buy expansion without registration
- Selectable start player for Custom matches and Singleplayer
- Camera options including 2D setting
-Emoji chat system
- Al Pacachino purchasable
And much more…
Catan Universe 1.9.1:
Improved reliability for ”Custom match” lobby
Technical overhaul of the friend list in “Custom match” lobby
Catan Universe 1.9.0 What´s New:
Catanians can now rejoin ongoing online matches after closing and reopening the app

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
500 Catan Gold
(A large stack of golden coins.)
GB378411397✱✱✱✱✱ E6D66B9✱✱✱✱✱
900 Catan Gold
(A bunch of golden coins.)
GB543235989✱✱✱✱✱ 58719EE✱✱✱✱✱
1700 Catan Gold
(A mountain of golden coins.)
GB668425084✱✱✱✱✱ E82DEA4✱✱✱✱✱
200 Catan Gold
(A handful of golden coins.)
GB435394561✱✱✱✱✱ C909359✱✱✱✱✱
300 Catan Gold
(A stack of golden coins.)
GB533543643✱✱✱✱✱ A11DC48✱✱✱✱✱
3000 Catan Gold
(A treasure of golden coins.)
GB377975404✱✱✱✱✱ 2657D70✱✱✱✱✱

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3.9 out of 5
25K Ratings


Extremely Buggy
EDIT 1: some of the main concerns were addressed and - to some extent - corrected. Game breaking bugs in matches were reduced substantially, from about 90% of matches to a healthy 15% (yep, I kept an excel). The in-game interface is still the same, and in my humble opinion, not very intuitive. Regardless, the app is moving in the right direction. Adjusting stars from 1 to 3. REALLY looking forward to the update that was supposed to happen a few hours ago(?).


The board game is amazing and the app has so much potential. However, it is ridiculously common for a game to get bugged. The problem with that is that it affects all other players, not just whoever got bugged. So the game hangs up thinking no one is having issues, meanwhile this one player is stalling for upwards of 20 mins (and the game cant figure out that something is wrong and just kick him). Kicktimers trigger for no reason when you’re in-game and everything else seems to be doing fine. Not much incentive to level up. Not much to buy in the shop (honestly if there were more items available, with better perks than a viking hat, I’d be throwing money at you guys). Elo visibility is really nice tho, kinda only thing that keeps me and my friends around. Just a tip, elo games tend to not show opponents’ elo in the pre-game screen so that it won’t affect in-game tactics (i.e. 3v1, etc). Really looking forward to an update and hopefully adjusting this rating. Thanks for your hard work!
Obviously rigged
When playing the AI (especially of “Master” difficulty) it just happens to be that the robber is insanely lucky to be on your best resource for the whole game. Try to buy 1,2,3 development cards to get a knight to move it? They will all just happen to be road buildings, monopolies, victory points. When you finally get a knight, within 2 more turns a 7 is guaranteed to be rolled so that the AI can put the robber right back on your resource. Then a 7 will not be rolled for probably 25 turns as long as you dont play another knight. But once you play a knight to move the robber off, its guaranteed to be back on in only a couple turns. Also if you have 8 resources there are very high odds of AI rolling 7. Im pretty sure catan just cant come up with an AI that is actually good enough to beat a skilled human so in order to make it “hard” they need to adjust the luck of the game.

What is worse than this though is when your resources magically “disappear” from your hand. Several times when I get robbed by the AI i have seen the resource that the AI took from my hand disappear and then about 1 second later another resource just disappears from your hand too (no 7 rolled or knight played). No explanation for that. You could at least do a better job at hiding the fact that the game is rigged. 👎

Also when playing multiplayer 90% of the time a 7 is rolled in the first 2 turns and then not rolled again for a long time. Not saying its rigged but just very annoying.
Please add these features:
Love the game! Very well done! To any developer reading this, I would like to make a few requests: please add another expansion (I would pay another $5 for easily) that adds another ring of resource tiles around the basic game board. Just like the expansion for the board game in real life. That way the play can edit the basic game to have more players, victory points needed to win, more trading ports, and development cards into the pool. Also please add support for Co-Op for two players using the same device in a game. Possibly even up to 4 players on one device? I would also like the ability to play with only 1 other CP in singleplayer mode instead of requiring 3-4 players. There is also a bug that has happened quite often where the check mark does not work in trades with CP’s and forgoes the trade no matter if you click on the red X or the green check mark. The bug also does not allow you to properly re-negotiation the trade with CP’s. Last but not least I would like more edit features when generating the world map instead of only having a few preset “scenarios” to pick from with their own hidden list of possible resource hexes. Thank you for reading and I would love your feedback!
Someone needs a statistics lesson
Funny, when I play this game is real life I hardly ever see the number seven rolled 27 times in a game that had only 80 turns. That’s every three turns for those doing the math…. Anyone who downloads this app will surely notice some seriously suspicious patterns when it comes to the dice. The above example is not an outlier. Seven is rolled entirely too often - sometimes several turns consecutively - and usually happens coincidentally when you’re leading a game by several points. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself going a dozen turns in a row without collecting anything and having all of your items taken away from the robber, because obviously they always put the robber on one of your positions. Just as an example, the last game I played I clearly had the strongest positions on the board. I was winning by several points. Out of the last 24 rolls, I counted the number eight was rolled 6 times in 8 turns alone; seven was also rolled 6 times. The numbers I needed in order to win (6, 5, 4, or 10) were never rolled. The developer might argue I’m just being a sore loser but those statistics are virtually impossible and it happens constantly in this game. I could go on and on with examples like these. I should note that there is another setting that allows you to change the probability of the dice but you will find it is just as goofy as the default setting. Not sure what the point is in making the game so obviously skewed in favor of the computer.
Better than you think
After seeing this game with only a two star rating I was worried about trying it but I did anyways. After downloading it I set up an account because why was free. Even though I already knew how to play the base game Catan it put me through an tutorial which was helpful in the sense to figure out the controls of the app. After the quick tutorial I played a game against the AI and I had a lot of fun. I mean who doesn’t after they win. The game didn’t go easy nor did I feel like I was being teamed up on. It felt authentic and fair throughout.

One of my favorite things about this version is that it keeps track of your wins and loses. It’s pretty sweet. You level up as you play and unlock different looks for your avatar and different virtual tables to play on. You can join up with friends and play that way, random matchmaking, or against the AI.

Another thing to note is I had no issue logging in or setting up an account as others stated. It seems like the developer is working hard to keep the app up to date and I would hate to see this one die. I was very impressed and will update as I experience the app further.
Chad bai,
How embarrassing
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME!!! This is an honest question. Will it ever work again? It hasn’t worked for the better part of a week now. If you don’t believe me, check out the Catan Universe Facebook page. People vent there. IF the reason why it won’t work is because they are truly making changes to fix the game they haven’t said one word to us. They just let the game not work and let their customers get so frustrated that they leave 500 word reviews. It is beyond ridiculous and shows how poorly of a company this is exactly. I truly feel embarrassed for the developers of this game. I wish I would have read the comments before purchasing this game. It appears as though these issues have been going on for quite some time and they cannot fix it. When I was playing for free and someone would drop out I figured they just didn’t like the way the game was going or something to that effect. No, it turns out the game is kicking people. I have been trying to play and I keep getting a message saying that I am not connecting to the server. Implying that the issue is on my end. Well that certainly is not the case as I have tried both WiFi and cellular data and I just switched to pc and getting the same message. I really am embarrassed for the developers that can’t seem to fix this issue that has been going on for at least a few years. Don’t believe me..check the comments. Lesson learned, I will check comments before downloading in the future.
Extremely disappointed
Get the game... that’s about as far as my story goes. I play one game (tutorial game) stupid because one person got kicked for inactivity. Then after that I finish the settling into Catan or whatever the overall tutorial is and still can’t play the different versions of the regular mode, which it says you need to complete and I did... then all the sudden I can’t even log in because it keeps saying timing out when I have perfectly good internet connection. Then I finally can get logged in and it “can’t connect to the server”, so irritating and I’ve tried like 20 times and still can’t connect to the server. Then I go on the forum and apparently this problem has been going on for two weeks and not a thing has been fixed. Honestly ridiculous and embarrassing for them. Like you get hired to do this crap and you can’t even fix a problem that makes the game UNPLAYABLE... ridiculous. Not even sure how the heck it has 4 stars I LOVE CATAN, LOVE THE IDEA, CANT EVEN PLAY, so who gives a crap what your trying to do, if you can’t play it it doesn’t matter. That’s like showing people you can give them a million bucks if they roll a 2 with a dice, but there’s only ones... oh and one last thing, AI’s freeze up after playing 7s. Think that should be an easy one to fix, but you also can’t FIX YOUR MAIN SERVER... poor people who actually payed for this game and can’t get a refund. Fix this game in less then a week and this 1 Star turns into a 5 in snap...
1 game… 1 game every 24 hours?
So I’m new to Catan and I saw this free version of the game and they gave me one game I got to go through the tutorial and I got one game and said that I didn’t get another game for 24 hours no I understand if you guys want to sell maps or skins or any like cosmetic things but to only get one game every 24 hours is ridiculous and then on top of that you have another game which is the classic version it’s only five dollars so I could buy the classic version for five bucks or I could pay two dollars for 200 games now the price if you were to sell it like that is reasonable I suppose because I wouldn’t see myself needing more than 200 games if I’m still getting one game every day but as a new player I can’t believe that you would give me at least 10 or 20 games for free to get me into the game but only one game you give me one game to start out with and then you start asking for money like how much supposed to learn the game how much supposed to get into the game I’m very flabbergasted by this and if you expect people to actually play your game and possibly pay to play which I think is ridiculous against AI nonetheless I would really highly suggest you give a new player more than one game more than five games more than 10 games give somebody 1520 games so that they can actually practice and then learn how to play
Fun but has some fundamental flaws
I wanted to learn how to play this game before buying the real board game. For that purpose it did it’s job. However, there are some flaws in this game that make it not fun to play at all. There is definitely a problem with AI trading. I had games where I was middle of the pack and I kept only getting 1 or 2 resources ( because of odd dice rolling but I’ll get to that late) AI will not trade with you even if they have excess resources and even if you offer ridiculous abundance of every resources. You have to rely solely on the 4:1 trade ratio unless of course you get robbed which happens to me almost every single time I have 8 resources. Which brings me to my next point. The dice rolling is so odd in this game. Over the course of my last 4 games I payed closer attention and noticed that 2-3 numbers which have statically low chances of getting rolled get rolled significantly more by 3-4x the amount of other rolls ? Some times that happens in real life too but not every game? During the game I’m thinking okay it’s not a big deal I’ll just have to use the 4:1 trade. Nope, think again, most times I try to do that I just get robbed. So now I have no resources and I’m just in a perpetual state of AI not trading me and getting robbed. Now that I know how to play I will just play with friends, the way this AI is designed make it not fun to play.
Too buggy and rough AI
It’s decently fun to play online but if you play against AI it feels rigged. The game actually includes a dice roll feature but, say you have a settlement on two 6’s. Those two 6’s will rarely get rolled then a robber will get put on it and like 5 in a row will be a 6. So, the bell curve is somewhat realistic by the end but the actual turns those numbers are rolled on is stacked against you. Clever way to cover for AI that can’t compete against a human naturally I guess.

All that aside, its still pretty fun but its actually unplayable at this point. For about a week now, the app just won’t load. Originally, I would try to play and it would reach the main screens but after I clicked the play button it would just say I was out of suns every time (even though I wasn’t and I tried on 3 different days w/ no success). Online mode would just say “this feature is unavailable while offline” but my internet has been fine and all my other games function normally. I deleted and reinstalled but now it just perpetually loads on the sign in screen. I’ve tried logging in, registering a new account, and playing without an account but nothing will load. I’ve tried on wifi and LTE. I’ve tried using a VPN to mask my IP address. Nothing works.

What’s the point of an app you can’t use?