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To the movies!

Developer: Kwalee Ltd
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.2
ID: com.cheddarbox.cpicinemamaster


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It's showtime at the movies and you are the boss!

A billion-dollar industry wouldn't be complete without flashy tickets and expensive popcorn. So let's get started serving those movie buffs. Do you have what it takes to build a theatre empire?

Your speed and choices will decide your fate in this fast-paced simulator. Grow your business by spending money on more staff and cool upgrades to your cinema. But don't forget to focus when selling tickets. Customers here are very choosy about the flix they want to watch.

Cinema Tycoon 3D Features:
- Tons of awesome upgrades
- Hire cute assistants to help out
- Add more rooms to your theatre

Version history

+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you selling tickets!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Remove non-optional ads from Cinema Tycoon 3D)
JB342445848✱✱✱✱✱ 8FCBB3C✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads
(Remove non-optional ads from Cinema Tycoon 3D)
JB342445848✱✱✱✱✱ 8FCBB3C✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
15K Ratings


the napolean master,
I report a bug.
This game is good that is why I rated a five star but when a vip customer comes and you have to watch the add when I am fifteen seconds or less in the add it kicks me out but when there is other adds it does not kick me out but it is glitchy can you please fix that vip bug.
Kwalee is dog water
I’m just going to say this game in fact kwalee LTD is terrible it’s not even terrible it’s worse than that YOU WANT WI-FI!!!!!!!!! And your games have SO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!! Like every 15 seconds don’t get kwalee games!!!!! I would not recommend their games they are all dog water this company is a little worse than idle army tycoon that game is just horrible it even worse than that like BEYOND horrible this is just like idle army tycoon I hate kwalee game and I renounce it ether allow no WI-FI or I call 📞 lawyer to sue you cuz you are so terrible and ripoff not even that worse than that I hate it so much I would fire kwalee if I could! Everyone listen to me! Not the lovers they are crazy ans stupid pls don’t get any kwalee games! They are worse than terrible listen to me! Kwalee is terrible and not even terrible it’s worse than that! I’m not lying! Kwalee is dog water cat life sim is wayyyy better it’s so fun 🤩 and addicting and adorable 🥰 but kwalee is not kwalee is dog water funcell games pvt LTD is beyond perfect don’t be rude to them be rude to kwalee! Kwalee is dog water! I’m not lying!
Just read
So I kept playing this game and it’s nothing like the ad cause I had seen an ad and apparently you have to just pick out a movie and see them but you actually have to walk around and gather money and stuff but also it’s so glitchy and there’s so many ads. I do not recommend this game if you get mad at ads but other than that it’s nothing like the ad that I mentioned, but it’s whatever it’s just a waste of data and don’t buy no ads because it still gives you ads you need to work on your app and actually conduct it too. The ads
Great game, but need some work
This game is great and it barely has any ads yet, but my only setback is once you finish the first level it keeps you in this new type of game and it’s it’s very hard to get out. I gave this four stars because it could get boring pretty fast, but it’s still a fun game. Please write me back a nice message and I have barely any more complaints.
loser lynix,
Besst game ever
So cool you get to pick a movie for people it is so fun to play I know there’s gonna be ads but it’s still Rock and fun game I love this game so much Barry Barry Barry fun to play no one can say it’s bad the bad comments that people give they’re lying they just want it to be changed they actually think it’s good
Painful to play
Got this game to play while sick, there was so many ads so paid to get them removed. I still have ads and can’t even request a refund. Game also crashes a lot. Then get rolled back a bit and have to redo many tasks to get back to where I was before the crash. I also have encountered floating money and people bugging out at the vending machine which I need to restart and worst is the game just freezing and having to close out. Would not recommend this game to anyone.
sailor buns 😊lil angel,
There is one big problem, so one of the customers was trying to get a snack from the VENDING MACHINE but got stuck, then my task was to refill the VENDING machine, and it was full so the customer got stuck so no one else could get anything out of the VENDING MACHINE⚠️please fix this🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺otherwise I can’t do any task
Rosalina Anderson,
This is a good game
I have been playing this game for weeks and it’s very fun but you have to walk around and do stuff and you can get stuff with the GAME MONEY so yea. And when I collect money it says you collected 390 dollars time for an ad break and when the puppy comes and I try to watch an ad it will not let me
Great game!
It's the perfect cinema game! My only issue is the game just starts over every time I try to watch a video ad when a V.I.P. Shows up. This game is worth enjoying I just hope they fix it because I seen the last review was on MARCH about the same issue.
not good-
the game itself is ok, but it freezes a LOT and it’s very glitchy. Like for some reason after I collect my money, there is random money floating around that I can’t collect. Or when I’m serving a VIP customer, you know i watch the stupid ad and then it says “ currently not available “ after I just watched the ad- you guys can definitely do better.. that’s why 2 stars is fitting for my review.