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Mother's Choices

Developer: BoomHits sp. z o.o.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.9.4
ID: com.funcell.momlifesimulator


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Go back in time with Momlife Simulator and relive the experience of raising your child from birth to adulthood. Make choices, big and small, difficult and easy, throughout your child's life and see their consequences! From feeding and bathing to schooling and career choices, every decision you make will have an impact on your child's future.
Shape your child's personality, habits, and behavior by deciding how to react. Discipline your child for misbehaving or praise them for doing well in school. See how those choices affect your child!
Test your parenting skills! Make tough decisions! These decisions will have both immediate and long-term consequences, and you will have to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a choice.
Experience the ups and downs of parenting in a realistic and engaging way. See the impact of your decisions on your child's life and gain a new appreciation for the challenges and rewards of being a parent. Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned veteran, this game offers a unique and immersive experience that will keep you engaged for hours

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Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New Levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New Levels added
New Levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
New levels added
New levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
New levels added
New Levels added
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

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4.5 out of 5
2 635 Ratings


Very cute game but
Such a cute game however I have a few issues. 1. I noticed no matter what option you pick you’re a naughty mom or it effects your child in some way. On the last level I played before writing this review. The mother in law said something like “you’ll never be as good of a mother as I am” and you have the option to say “you are right” or “but your son is useless” I chose the second option and then it gave me the message that my child’s confidence went down because I didn’t stand up for myself?

I dunno but either that’s a glitch or that’s a trick because I feel that option was better than her admitting that she’s not a good mother. 2. You don’t get to chose the babies gender which I find very misleading. 3. Ad’s , ad’s Omg ad’s. After every completed level there’s an ad. That’s the reason why I try to stay away from games like this because it’s so many ads. I do understand this is how you make money and also advertise other games (which works most of the time) but if you’d limit how often they pop up it’ll be less annoying
Shyanne Williams,
Horrible game, needs to be fixed or deleted.
It’s a crappy game…. However you should be able to actually play the game… every time you touch the screen, your basically watching another ad. You can be halfway through a level, watch an ad, finish the level, watch an ad, start a level, watch an ad, walking from level one to level to? Watch an ad just to watch another one as soon as you get there. I don’t mind ads, but that’s way too many ads to even be able to play the game. I should t have to buy an ad block to be able to actually play, a playable game is with or without ads. This game was just, unplayable due to the amount of ads. Their also not short ads either, so for the amount of sponsoring and funding your getting, least you can do is add more choices. Secondly, who did the math? First graders? Since when is. 5 + 7 = 11?? If you have five apples, and you add five more apples, it’s 10 apples. Seeing as how it’s 5 + 7, since 7 apples is 2 more apples then 5, then if you add 5 apples to 7 apples, you’d have 12 apples, or 11????? I redid the level 3 times, and got all the answers right. (3+2=5; 5+5=10; 5+7=12) and it keeps taking OFF smarts because I’m a “naughty mom” for saying wrong answers are right? What? Add to that, o matter what you do with the in law, it’d always an issues. It’s always the same too. No matter what you choose it’s always a negative response??? I guess free games means crappy game?
Good game, too many ads, logic is off
Ima do the bad then the good. So let’s start with the logic. In the beginning it says the mom is 45 when the kid gets denied from Harvard. But my character of the mom was nearly or older than 60 by the time the dang kid was in Harvard. I also don’t understand how a baby can still be a baby after about 10 years??? Also let’s not forget to mention how this kid is having girlfriends move in with him while he’s like, 12 at most?!?! Now let’s get down to the ads. It’s nearly every time you touch the screen with multiple ads per minute. And let’s not forget to mention how horrible the outfits are and the hair. Like what mom is going to walk around with a PIRATE outfit on and be like “ OMG this is like, THE, sexiest, coolest, trendiest outfit ever!!!”. Now let’s get to the good. I enjoy most of the prank levels and quite frankly love that you can replay the game once it’s done. I’m not a huge fan of the trivia because it told me I should have 5 kids?! I’m not trying to pop baby’s out of me left and right. Anyway it’s overall a good but confusing game and if you make good decisions the child gets mad because it wasn’t what they wanted.
No offense but…
This is more to the ppl who wrote these reviews than the devs. I really like this game and the ads actually aren’t constant, it’s more so do a level watch an ad, do a level, do a level watch an ad, plus the ads are games that are a lotta fun.I’ve gotten nearly every game they’ve advertised, so y’all are kinda overreacting, no offense. And I do agree that it’s false advertising when it say pick the gender but it’s a small price to pay when it’s as fun as this. So y’all can disagree with me and stuff but I for one really like this and think some of y’all are overreacting, my honest opinion. (Also I am NOT a bot)
It’s a good game but…
Momlife Simulator is an amazing game! I love this game so much but here’s why I gave it three stars. 1. There are WAAAAY Too many ads. After almost every level there is an ad. I know that this is how the company’s make money but this is outrageous. 2. After you finish the game and all the levels, I think you should be allowed to raise a different child instead of the same one over again. Plus, in the ads for this game it says you get to pick the gender. Just a heads up, you do not. I don’t think that you should put in the ads that you can choose the gender if you can’t. 3. I was in a level where he said he was going to study with a girl but he was actually hugging her. No matter what I said or clicked, it told me I was a naughty mom. I replayed this level 5 TIMES and it still called me a naughty mom. 4. With the prank levels, there is electrocution and slipping. This all happens to Grandma. For some people, this might be afensive because they have a close relationship with their grandma or grandparent. Please take these into consideration for the game. Thank you for reading this even though it’s long. Other than these things it is an awesome game.
The entire game is pointless. It’s not even entertaining. There’s a stupid ad every 5 seconds. The options throughout the game don’t even matter. Half the time it chooses whatever anyway. Earning this money through the game makes no sense, considering the only thing it can be spent on is clothes and hair and there’s only about 3-4 options in total that money can buy, and most of the clothes options are freaking Halloween costumes! The game has no ending. It just stops and says you can start over or wait for more content! I thought the whole point (given the beginning little cutscene) was to get a do over in motherhood since your kid says you ruined his life. It doesn’t even get you to an ending that tells you if you succeeded the second time around! Just kinda stops. The grandma pranks… POINTLESS! You get the money for the prank whether you pass or fail.. and again, the money has no use after you buy the 3 outfits and hairstyles. The little job objectives.. pointless!! They add nothing to the game. The game has glitches. It’s just a very poorly constructed app all together. Not worth taking up space on my phone. Deleted it right after “finishing” the game. Save yourself a major waste of time and play something actually entertaining…
Ok game
I have played this game for about 2 or 3 months to prepare me on how to be a good mother in the future. It is really cool I love the way it can disappoint you if you are a naughty mom in one level and teach you not to do that in life, but on one level when he asks you where babies come from, I told him the truth and it says naughty mom. Also, on the review before you download it, it says you can choose the gender and you don’t. I hate it that it says you can choose the gender and you don’t get to. Now I am not saying this to be rude, but the mother of the game shouldn’t say that you can and you can’t. So whenever I complete this game, and you hit wait for more changes, why would you wait because he hasn’t gotten into the Harvade university. And if you hit be a mom again, I thought you have another child but you go back to the first level. And it has waaay to many ads. I like the game and the levels, but I would sort of recommend this game to everybody else. Sorry this review was long and thanks for reading it.❣️
Reasons why it is misleading.
1. The images that are shown show that you can change the kid’s clothes, but in reality he wears the same outfit some overalls.

2. You can’t choose the kids gender. Unlike the images shown you are forced to have a boy.

3. The kid age is questionable there were times I thought he was in high school and than later times thought he was an toddler. Example: he was asking to use your car and then crashes it. The next scene he was referring to you as mommy and acts like a toddler.

4. His hairstyle makes it seem like he never ages or barely ages. The second haircut was ugly. The only way you know he ages his voice somewhat changes and height.

5. There was no true ending, especially satisfactory one.

6. There was one scene that no matter what choices you made it was a bad one. Example: when your son was hiding something and wanted to have privacy. He was actually hiding adult movies.

7. The mother is an awful person who creates pranks on her mom that are borderline psychotic. She steal money from her boss and expects to have a raise while being an awful worker.

8. Unless you pay for Adblock it would be unplayable, but it still harasses you to pay for the version to get a superhero costume.

9. Most of what clothes that are unlockable are Halloween costumes or cosplays.
I think it’s an ok game but I really wish you could pick the gender of the baby cause I really wanted a girl but it gave me a boy but other than that it’s pretty good I like the trivia but I still have a few more cons, I noticed some repeat levels and wish you could pick how they all look you should be able to pick the height hair and skin tone also when you help with the homework all lot of the equations were wrong even after I did with a calculator it said it was wrong and when the kid says your fat the right one should not be to work out you should not ever feed in to what your kid tells you to do then they just get bossy later on so over all it’s all right
Horrible game
Whoever made this must genuinely be a horrible parent because there are many options that are beyond questionable. Like the one where the dudes mom said “you’ll never be as good as me” and you are supposed to say “your right” which is lame. I’d never take crap like that haha, then there’s a choice where your kid is getting bullied and you either speak to the principal or teach your kid how to fight? Which I’d think fighting is worse than telling the principal. But the list goes on and the husband is horrible, if you tell him to clean a diaper he pouts and your a horrible mother which is weird, and if it weren’t for all of that being so horrible there is a add every minute when you’ve completed the tasks.