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Extensions, Braids and more!

Developer: Karan Khairajani
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 0.4.0
ID: com.kasualgames.hairbraiding


Game screenshot Hair Braiding! mod apkGame screenshot Hair Braiding! apkGame screenshot Hair Braiding! hack


Create amazing cornrow designs! Color them as you like. Add extensions and transform the entire look. This is a simple to play Hair Salon game where you can do different steps to create a completely new look for your character. Its very easy to play!

Game Features:
- Create braids!
- Add beautiful extensions
- Choose from a variety of different color options. Get creative!

Start your own hair salon journey!

Version history

- New story chapters added
- Hire stylists in your salon
- Bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Reputation System!
- Unlock hairstyles as you progress!
- Cindy's story continues!
+ Reputation System
+ 15 new characters
+ New mini game locations
+ New chapters in Cindy's story!
+ Unlock new hairstyles as you progress!
- New mini games to play!
- Party all day in your Atlanta salon
- Put out fires around the world!
- New storyline!
Minor bug fixes!
- A new story in the salon!
- Improved celebrity levels!
- New VIP levels!
VIP levels updated!
Minor bugfixes!
New VIP levels!
Minor improvements and fixes
Minor improvements and fixes
- New upgrades for your salon!
Minor fixes and improvements
Minor fixes and improvements
- New levels added
- New accessories
- Minor fixes
- New braiding levels
- Hair cutting!
- Squished some bugs
- New customisation options added
- New designs and hairstyles
- New characters
- Minor bug fixes
+ New step - Braiding
+ All new characters!
+ New levels and personalities!
+ A brand new salon
- New hair styles!
- New bang styles!
- Bug fixes
New levels added
Bug fixes
Minor fixes

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4.7 out of 5
3 905 Ratings


penis (im sorry),
Broken (actually 3 stars)
I don’t usually write reviews for ads but I thought I should let everyone know. This game has so many ads. At the beginning and end of the level and even sometimes during the level it’s self. Other than that I think this game is really fun and I was really enjoying it but I would freeze and not let me continue and I would have to close the app and then open it again to keep playing. At some point of the game it glitches and freezes but it doesn’t freeze on the home page but basically looks like you’re looking at the room from the outside back of it. I tried deleting the app and restoring everything but it wouldn’t let me restore anything so I just played it over again and this time it glitched in earlier levels than the first time I had downloaded it. It also had decided that it wouldn’t let me watch any ads to do the VIP costumers or challenge but then would show an ad as soon as I pressed to skip the challenge. So I just ended up deleting the game all together. If they ever fix it I would download it again but atm there are WAY to many problems.
hey hey hey its otum,
There are ads!
So I rated this 5 so people can see. All the other reviews say there’s no ads but there are! After each level you have the choice of getting more money with an ad or choosing not to. Even if you choose not to there is an ad. There’s also an ad as you start each customer. You also have a choice to choose if you want the gift for and ad or not and sometimes it does show an ad anyways! Games kinda slow as well. Hard to keep my attention atleast.
Pretty good
There’s barely any ads, only optional ones. And the ones that do show up let you pick between two choices! The music is relaxing but I LOVE the style of this game. Usually the games I play have tons of buttons on your screen and are complicated, but this one is simple and straightforward. I love the interaction and the realism of it all. This is why I think it deserves 5 stars. I reccomend downloading this game.
Tooo many mf ads🤦🏾‍♀️
Seen this off tik tok looked really cool from advertisement until I realized it’s a as literally every five minutes to build your studio if you don’t have enough money you have to watch ads🙄 The price of things be up to $4000 dollars and watching a ad gives you $300 free even after a client pays you no matter what you land on a as will pop up right after. This game would be lit if y’all could just calm down on the ads ik this game is free and that’s how y’all make the money for this game but damnnn🤣 maybe more ppl will come to play if there was less ads this is going to make ppl uninstall this game immediately 🤦🏾‍♀️
It’s good but needs fixing
I love this game and i usually play it a lot! but recently it stopped working. Every time i open the app it just sits on the same loading screen for hours on end. Other than the Ads that pop up every 4 mins or so, this is a great app. I just don’t know what to do to get rid of it sitting in the same loading area for a so long. I’ve restarted my phone numerous times and i even deleted the app and reinstalled it like 2 times. I don’t know what else to do. But Until it’s fixed, i’m rating the app a 3.
Great game
To be honest, the only reason I’m giving this a 5 stars is the fact that this game doesn’t have any ads. So it is relaxing. But the only issue is I believe after level 21, the game, the style, and the situation keeps repeating. And it gets boring, if it was the same characters but different situations or hairstyles, it would have been okay but it is not. Overall nice game for children.
Doggies have fell from sky,
Good so far but a couple of
This game has been pretty good so far the only thing for me is the typing. I love it and the braiding isn’t that great but overall it’s a nice fun game with NO adds whatsoever. But after you reach level 21 it repeats.🙄😔and you CANT do a different hair style if it’s not what they want but it’s having you repeat the same level👌🏼
Jasmine Kenna,
Realistic girl
So when I was gonna download this game, on the add it said you can hair dye it like dye the hair so I decide to download it and when I got on the app it was a whole another different game and I was like, you know confused and when I was on the game it actually wasn’t dyeing hair it’s you BRAIDING hair and I didn’t want braiding hair I wanted dyeing and I have the real hair dyeing game and if you want it just put hair die or hair cut but I give this a 3 star
A 4 star review
After level 38, all the levels repeat. I have it four stars because there is no ads and it makes it nice, but you need to add more levels. It’s not fun after redoing all the levels. All the texts are the same, the people, and the styles are too. Please fix this.
Who I am giving this game a 3
So when I downloaded the game. The game was loading then when I got in the game it kicked me out. So I when it let me in again I started it and it was really slow so I just restarted the game. But once I got back in the game I did 10 or 12 levels then it just kicked me out and made restarted the game back to level one so I deleted