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Clean the carpets and relax!

Developer: Alictus
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.40
ID: com.dc.cleanmycarpet


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Welcome to this relaxing carpet cleaning game!
Clean all of the carpets and get rid of your nerves thanks to this free game.

In this game different customers come to your store and want you to clean their rugs.
You can please them with your tools and skills.
As your customers get their carpets clean, they add ratings and reviews for your business’ page so that your store becomes popular. You also share before/after photos of the carpets on social media and you gain likes.
Be the best and most famous carpet cleaner in the world.

There are more than 10 tools in the game (detergent, rotary machine, jet water, brush, squeegee, vacuum cleaner, oxygen booster, flame thrower...)
You can pour some detergent and wash the carpet with a jet wash machine.
Or you can use a rotary machine to feel the foam, pour water with a hose and clean fully with a brush.You can be sure all of these tools will amaze and satisfy you with their sounds. There will also be plenty of foam and soap!

There are also more than 25 customers with unique carpet models. As you clean these customers’ carpets you will reveal and see very different models.
These are some of the fantastic customers in the game:
- Pawn Broker, a girl with dogs, Kleopatra, firefighter, an architecture student, Vampire, Snake Charmer, Astronaut, Politician, Barber, Gardener…

Check the game to see more of them!

Version history

Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
Performance improvements and bug fixes
New levels
Performance improvements and bug fixes
New levels!
Performance improvements and bug fixes!
- Brilliant new sounds are added!
- New tools, new characters are added!
- New levels
- Performance improvements and bug fixes
Brand new carpets and tools
New customers

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Remove ads!)
HD849249376✱✱✱✱✱ 172229C✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads Special Offer
(Remove ads!)
HD547561543✱✱✱✱✱ C4846A6✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
3 640 Ratings


Decent game
I wanna say it’s a decent game. I paid to remove ads. But my question is why is it that the most satisfying part of the game which is using the machine scrubber purposely the quickest part of the process. Like it last less the a second? It takes like 30-45 seconds to put soap on it with the watering can. And also what is the point of having currency in this game at all? There’s nothing to buy or upgrade. I’m just saying to suggestions that could make the game even better.
I really liked this game for the first 1-3 carpets; but after that it got kinda unsatisfying and really started to bug my OCD. After the first few carpets I did, I was no longer able to cover the full carpet in “detergent” or scrub the whole carpet before it would max out at “100%” and move on to the next step so there was always a piece of carpet (sometimes even half of the whole carpet) that didn’t get touched until the very last step that lets you take as long as you want… Really loved the game at first and I think it could be a very good game if they would just fix that part but due to the fact that this game is supposed to be “satisfying” yet had that issue that bugs my OCD and will probably bug other people as well.. Gonna have to give it 2 stars.
I shouldn't have expected anything else
I already wasn't expecting much of this game, but i love carpet cleaning stuff and so i was willing to give it a chance. I hate that the customers watch you while you clean, it feels super uncomfortable and takes away from the peace of it. Secondly, half the time it won't even let you finish a step. It will decide that the step is 100% done when there's still a part that isn't done, which is super infuriating. The third issue is the ads, which is to be expected. I wouldn't mind the occasional ad or two, but i played this game not even 5 minutes and i got at least 6 ads. Overall I'm pretty disappointed, but i really shouldn't have expected much from this game. Most mobile games just prey on online trends for money. Oh well.
Great Concept…but
I love this game. I used to love carpet cleaning videos on tiktok and seeing this on an ad meant I had to get it. I like how the ads you get a skippable pretty much 5 seconds into them. The problem with that though means you get 2 ads per level, and after awhile it’s very annoying. The no ads are a must. And another problem is that you get all this money and no way to spend it. Like what! But still, it’s a great game to play.
WAYYY too many ads
Overkill ads…..After every small thing you do you have a 20-30second ad. I had just downloaded this game and was expecting it to be satisfying and relaxing, only to then roll a single carpet out and add water before I got hit with my first ad. Then I was able to brush the carpet after that ad was over just to be get another one after a simple task on the SAME carpet. I understand needing ads to make money and be able to have this game free for us to play but I should not have to watch 4 ads for one carpet and after every task. This game is the opposite of satisfying and relaxing and was deleted after less than 5 minutes of downloading it.
The audacity
Ok so I downloaded this game with the full expectation that I was going to love it . I don’t I think it stinks that there is still dirt on the carpet that I haven’t gone over when it gets to 100% clean . And the audacity of you devs to make a game that is “so satisfying “and you give us no choice but to start in the middle of the carpet I have OCD bucko and I would love to start where I want to and I would love to have a button to push when I think I have cleaned the carpet enough because it is satisfying until I am interrupted by the app telling me that I’m done ……!!!!!!!! NO your done I delete and maybe when you get your act right I will come back.!
Positive bee,
Decent and mostly satisfying!
I would rate this game a 4.5 if that was an option. This game (aside from the ads) is really good! It met my expectations and it was actually fun while being satisfying! The only thing I dislike about the game is that, okay, I get that ads are used for advertising but after every carpet comes an ad. Even the games I downloaded, still comes an ad! But besides that, I do recommend this game.
R McGary,
I enjoyed this game in the start. It may have some quirks and problems that could be fixed it was still a fun game I played when I was bored. Eventually after you’ve done all the rugs it replays the rugs for you. This disappointed me cause I only did around 30 rugs in a week or so and now I’m thinking about deleting the app since there are no more things for me to do on it. Please update and add more rugs!!!!
More carpets
No ads is awesome for gameplay. It also really is calming to just play without being interrupted. Big problem I have is I’m earning all this money with nothing to spend it on AND the customers just keep cycling through the same ones. Need new carpets to clean or levels to go through. Ways to upgrade equipment or something. Make it just a touch more interesting.
When you get to about level 14 (I think) there is a supposedly Asian costumer. I say this because their features did consist of some things the stereotypical Asian person has. They had upturned eyes. Furthermore, they did not stop talking about “noodles” and, the worst part, their name for their review was “Chai Lee Latte.” This is so unbelievably disgusting. I expected more, even for a free app game. Before that level, the game was honestly pretty satisfying, but this is not something one can just overlook. You can assume that I immediately deleted this game.