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Doll's Beauty Salon girls game

Developer: Tap Q Games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.2


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What is ASMR? What's the meaning of ASMR? With this game you will understand everything!

Have you ever watching ASMR videos? ASMR Skincare? Mukbang? Does ASMR sounds make you extremely relaxing? That's right! We have specially made an ASMR game for various scenarios in life, so that you can enjoy the comfort that ASMR brings you while playing the game.

After the night party, Lisa returned home tired. She needs to do a deep cleansing and Skincare .Treating yourself well is also a process of release!

There is a stray dog with mud and parasites. The dog needs to be warmed and taken care . After a complete body cleaning and dog hair trimming, a cute puppy is showing up! You are happy and relieved. Full of sense of achievement! The game is also like a pet simulator! And you can take care of all kinds of pets!

There are various scenes in the game waiting for you to try...
Put down your ASMR videos! Open "ASMR Simulator" and experience the joy of ASMR while playing the game!

Version history

-UI Improvements
-Bug Fixes
-User Experience Improvements
Merry Christmas~~~
Bug fixes.
Performance improvements.
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
Added more languages.
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes
Bug fixes.
Performance improvements and bug fixes.

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4.5 out of 5
6 788 Ratings


It’s amazing but one thing
There’s too many ads every time I finish a task there is an ad and I feel like it’s really annoying every time I try to call myself dumb dumb ad comes on and then it just makes my body less patient then I get mad at The app and then I just stress my socks out even more so can you please change that because it’s really annoying do I add after every two task or three please and thank you I hope you see this review☺️
UR MOM ✨🤠,
Cool game but..
I hate to be that one person in the review section to say there is way to many ads but I have to. I understand you make money off of it but it’s ruining the game. :/ it’s a cool game on learning hygiene and stuff but like- the ads have gone overboard. And when I’m in the middle of an ad, sometimes it will either kick me out, or the ad will stop playing so I have to exit out. I don’t know if that’s just my bad internet or if it’s just your game, but try to fix it if you can. I’m not hating I promise it just needs some tweaking. also if we get kicked out, or we accidentally leave, you Guys should try and put a button somewhere or something so that way when we ‘accidentally’ leave it will save the progress. because I always have to redo the level :-( anyways, it’s a cool game but needs some fixing. And maybe by time it’s Christmas u could do a Christmas update that way your players will have something to look forward to but fr those ads ruin the game so please take some out that way they aren’t every 60 seconds. thxs ;) (If you see other players saying stuff about ads you should consider removing
(Also I know your advertising certain apps but the color by number ad always kicks me out because it doesn’t have an ‘x’ to ‘x’ out of it so I either end up having to close the app or it crashes and kicks me out)

PLS FIX!!!!!
Worst game ever😡😡 do not get it!!!
This game is not good. You don’t get to do the sign, and don’t get to choose the makeup. You have to watch adds to gats things and adds play anyway. You get bored in like 2 minutes so don’t play this game. It skips to. And the music is super bad could not be more bad than anything. DO NOT GET!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the last game I want to play so do not get. It may have like 4.6 rating but this is not good a good game. Do not get this game this is the worst game ever. Like you have to watch ads for everything. And you only get one bad option if you don’t watch an ad. What’s the point of this game? Do not get this game. I am warning you do not get this game if you get this game you’ll be extremely disappointed from all the good reviews the other people showed. So just listen to here because if you get that game it’s not gonna be good. It’s not fun you get bored like two minutes so don’t get it. And the sound effects yuck. And it’s not even satisfying. And not ASMR either. I know I already talked about the background music but I have to talk about it again because it’s terrible. It’s like a convenient store the background music. Or if you’re in an elevator and you hear that music you know that One type of music. It’s literally the worst. I did never stops it’s just the same rhythm and sound. Anyways goodbye and have a good day.
i downloaded this game because someone recommended it to me. i downloaded the game feeling really excited only to found out i can even get into the game. it wouldn’t let me play, i don’t know if this is a bug or something but i couldn’t open the app. i even tried to power off my phone and try again but still it wouldn’t open app. i really can’t speak about how the game REALLY is because i could even open the app. anyways i don’t think it’s a problem with my phone because other people in these reviews couldn’t open the app either. so it’s probably a glitch but i’ll download it again later to try again but for now it’s not really the best app since i cant even open the app.
Waste of time
There are way too many ads in this game. Most of them the same, and the ads are way longer than the play time you get before another ad pops up. It’s also really laggy and keeps crashing. Once the game crashes too it doesn’t save your progress so you have to do the level all over again with all the ads. Even then the gameplay is bad most of the things are done for you. As is you pick a makeup look (after watching an ad for that look of course) and it does it for you so you don’t even get to put the makeup on. I wouldn’t recommend.
Broken game
So I got the game by seeing many ads on it so I downloaded it and right as I got it it didn’t even let me play it I pressed on it and it just closed it. I checked my settings to see if it was too much data or something I deleted it and redownloaded it I turned off my phone then turned it back on nothing worked so if this happens to you plz delete it and leave it behind.
rover wolf,
Ads ads ads ads ads
The game is fun I admit it’s fun but all the stinking ads is really getting annoying I do one step in the game a ad another step and there was another ad there’s just too much ads all the ads make the game not fun and make it where I don’t wanna play anymore so please if you’re seeing this review then please fix it where there’s no ads please I am begging you if there wasn’t so much ads this game would be really nice and fun to play but the ads.
brithany .l,
Just horrible 💀
At first it seems cool but u wen u actually get to taking Lisa’s makeup(she is the first paicient) all u do is move the utensils in the squares u are ment to put ur tools in so you can pop her pimples but u can’t do it u just drag it inside the square and it doses it for u u can’t do it freely and also to unlock things u always have to watch adds and if u don’t u only get one tool it’s not nearly FAKE! Wen u see it in the adds it seems so fun but it’s just like the games we played wen we were 4 (fake)so just know it’s a fake add and game ily take care ❤️
I really like this game but THE ADSSSS BRUH. It’s so annoying I’m just gonna undownload it cuz of the ads. Like if your gonna have ads no need to make them every 2 seconds like chill. No one wants to buy the other games. So. Leave them out of the game. Especially the ones that are inappropriate. Like girl. Shame. The game has real potenial just gotta get rid of them ads. Trust me no one’s gonna buy games from them. They just annoying. Hire me lol you need this kind of input.
Too many ads
I get that ads are the way they make money and all that, but seriously, there’s an ad after every other arrow to move on to the next thing. I guess I wouldn’t mind if they were just quick ads that I can skip and move on. Except multiple times I had to exit the game because some ad wouldn’t load after I accidentally went to the App Store while trying to skip it. Then I would lose all my progress on my current project. Very annoying.