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Business Tycoon Game

Developer: Side Labs LLC
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (Download for free)
Version: 10.2
ID: com.sidelabs.Denver


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Welcome to The Coffee Inc 2: the next generation of The Coffee Inc, a popular business simulation game in the world.

As a founder and CEO, your role is to start up your coffee shop, manage coffee bean blends, create the best coffee products, hire and motivate the best talents, conduct effective marketing, manage financials, expand the business to multiple cities and build the biggest coffee empire!

=== What’s New in 2 ===

- Open hundreds of coffee shops across multiple cities, but you now deal with the real cities: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome and Seattle.

- You can also choose a game currency from USD, EURO, JPY and GBP.

- Choose store interiors, exteriors and coffee equipment to uniquely position your shops. You can now even design custom interiors.

- Set product menus and pricing wisely to compete with neighboring coffee shops. You can now also develop brand-new products.

- Conduct store marketing to drive traffic while minimizing the cost. You now have more marketing campaigns.

- Hire store staff and keep them working hard and happy. Their services will determine your store's popularity. You can now even hire a store manager to delegate many of daily store operations.

- Store staff and customers cause many accidents every week. You deal with it one by one or delegate them to store managers.

- Borrow money from banks if you need cash. Watch out the interest rates, though, now that every country has its own GDP growth and bank policy rate.

- As the number of stores grows, store management gets complex. Open offices, hire white-collar workers and create functional departments: Human Resource, Finance, Products, Marketing, Engineering, Executive, and Investment.

- Through the HR division, provides training, recreations, compensations and benefits to employees.

- The Finance now has a cash flow statement, in addition to income statement and balance sheet. Grasp financial details like a pro through realistic statements.

- Conduct city wide marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness.

- The engineering division allows you to develop new online services and applications. They will penetrate globally.

- Hire C-Level executives such as COO, CFO, CTO, CMO… and delegate high levels of responsibility to them. Make sure to incentivize them with stock options and RSUs.

- As a chairman of the board, you can hold a board meeting and discuss your compensation and company’s dividends.

- Work with investment banks and achieve IPO and M&A.

- Through the Investment division, expand your empire into non-coffee businesses such as real estate and stock investment.

- Your personal wealth is now separated from your company’s.

- You can now store your games in iCloud so that you can sync them across your multiple devices.

- As always, no annoying ads.

Version history

This is a minor release.
- Improved and sped up auction bidding.
- Added support for Spanish and Portuguese.
- With the addition of new languages, we've improved the layout of the weekly newspaper.
This is a minor release.
- Some customers faced difficulties in the “In App Purchase” process. We updated our codebase to use the newer StoreKit API to deal with the issue. Thank you for your patience.
This is a major release.
- Auction Expansion Pack was introduced. If you have enough wealth, you can participate in auctions and buy/sell precious arts and items.
- A bug fix related to Private Jet In-App-Purchase.
This is a minor release.
- Fixed a bug in Rome's soccer player transfers.
- Enhanced building filters in the Map view.
This is a major release.
- Rome, the capital of Italy, has been added to the game as the 11th city.
This is a major release.
- Another resort town was added: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.
- Two more professional sports leagues were added: Basketball and American Football. Please check stadiums in US cities.
- More luxury cars were added.
- Bugs were fixed related to sports franchise business, especially in Seattle teams.
This is a major release.
- New resort town, the French Riviera, was introduced. Resort towns are different from existing cities. They are smaller and don’t have store tenants, but there are vacation homes and luxury auto dealers. Spend some of your personal wealth! Flights are available from any European city.
- Many vacation homes can be demolished and rebuilt.
- You can purchase luxury cars at auto dealers.
This is a minor release.
- Fix a bug that caused a crash when the number of stock shares increased dramatically.
This is a major release.
- New city, Seattle (USA), was added.
This is a minor release.

- Updated algorithms for franchise purchase.
- Text bug fixes.
This is a major release.
- Sports Expansion pack is now available. With your personal wealth, you can own professional baseball and football (soccer) franchises, change team names, logos, uniforms, contract superstar players and win leagues, playoffs and tournaments!
- Several minor bug fixes.
This is a major release.
- New city, Amsterdam (Netherlands), was added.
- A slider button was introduced for faster stock trading.
This is a bug fix release.
- Some properties on the map were not clickable. This is fixed now.
This is a major release.
- New feature, Politics, is introduced. You can now influence the city's legislators and mayor to pass/prevent various regulations. To those who don’t like to deal with politics, you can turn it off in the settings.
- Added a property filter button. You can now show/hide stores, offices, real estates and businesses on the map.
- We now support the French language. Bienvenue au Café Inc 2!
This is a minor release.
- Fixed a marketing spend bug. It caused inconsistency between cash flow statement and actual cash.
- Fixed a screen cutoff behavior of the city map.
This is a major release.
- New city, Osaka, Japan was added.
- Venture investment is back! You can now invest in startups personally or as a company. Have your investment division and/or attend various conventions in the world.
- Financial division was enhanced. It now shows all bank loans.
- Investment division was enhanced. You can now manage stock and real estate investments easily.
- Various AI algorithm improvements.
- Real estate income was incorrectly inflated. It's fixed.
- Some bug fixes.
A bug fix release.
- Some users experienced a screen cutoff in the city map. The code changes were made to address the issue.
This is a minor release.

- Made trading stocks faster. You can now trade millions of shares faster.
- Performance enhancement in turning weeks. Turning a week gets much faster now for those who own hundreds of stores.
- The executive floor can be closed now. Please be careful. It will fire all of your executives. If you want to move a HQ, just rent a new executive floor somewhere. The old floor is automatically closed.
- Rent fluctuation bug in real estate was fixed.
- A secretary now notifies you of an upcoming dividend payout in advance so that you can prevent abrupt bankruptcy due to cash shortage.
- Dividend was mislabeled in the board meeting. It meant “$0.00/share/quarter”, not “$0.00/share/year”. The yield remains annual yield.
This is a minor release.

- Made an “easy level” a lot easier. Your employees won’t quit at an easy level, but please don’t abuse them.
- Tweaked manager’s resignation algorithm. You still need to provide them decent benefits and salaries.
- Clarify “store list” buttons in the HR department.
- Fixed the problem where some store managers set very high/low product prices.
- System level bugs were fixed as well.

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Real Estate Expansion
(Enable real estate investment.)
CH075680319✱✱✱✱✱ A5174CB✱✱✱✱✱
Venture Expansion
(Enable early investment in venture business.)
CH758524454✱✱✱✱✱ 193DBB6✱✱✱✱✱
Sports Expansion
(This enables you to own sports franchises.)
CH394934394✱✱✱✱✱ 5AC2042✱✱✱✱✱
Custom Interior
(Design your own interiors.)
CH011547990✱✱✱✱✱ 59E8A94✱✱✱✱✱
Auction Expansion
(Enable auction participation.)
CH233732741✱✱✱✱✱ 061AD4D✱✱✱✱✱
Private Jet
(Fly between cities without mileage limits.)
CH574887951✱✱✱✱✱ 4416255✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
1 355 Ratings


This game is absolutely what I look for in a business sim. The game goes way above just coffee. In the beginning that’s pretty much ur main goal focusing on coffee and making it the best you can and profiting strictly on that and buying out your competitors. Stocks is involved which I think is genius it gives the game more realism and with your own stocks for your company it gives you insight of what your essentially doing wrong in some aspect. Like I said before in the beginning your focused on coffee, now I find myself letting the coffee business do it’s work with my board of directors leading certain aspects while I buy properties and stocks to earn money for myself and my company. There are government aspects of the game that you can help a mayor with its campaign to help benefit your company. Also bills can be passed that can negatively affect you company or positively but you can sway the votes buy lobbying money in the “House” I guess you would call it. In the newest update with the sports team I completely forgot about my coffee business and been focusing on my team value and how we play😭 all and all it’s an amazing sim probably the best on the App Store it’s very diverse with the things you can do so don’t be fooled by the name of the game😭 if you want the full experience I think it’s all like $5 or $6 for all expansions I think there 99 cents each but it’s totally worth it. In my opinion 5 out of 5 star game.
Game is awesome, might be too advanced for some
This game is super cool! I played version 1 a lot I definitely see way more challenge and enjoyment in version 2. I would love to see more investment advances like the previous version with VC and funding early companies. The stock market in this version is slow and there’s not really any high growth in them. I’d also like to see longer term loans or custom loans, to directly invest in real estate. Like a “buy with mortgage” option. None the less, super interesting game love the C-Suite portion of things and hiring a manager. It’s super involved in the beginning and more high level expansion and growth after that.

As far as it being too advanced I can tell people don’t understand the concept and/or difference between net income and cash flow by their comments. The games platform has a tremendously opportunity to offer financial education. Whether a section of the game to teach user the various financial statement concepts and fundamentals Or a help section could be a super cool and fun opportunity to teach financial literacy. I know in business school we had a fairly similar but much more detailed simulation like this to compete with our other classmates.

Would love to chat if you guys have any more questions. I’d think I could offer a lot of ideas to further advance the game.
Enjoying the game
I like the game. Very well developed and fun to play. I wish there were more than just a ratings based hiring system though, like perhaps you could interview candidates for certain positions. Also, I wish when you delegated division operations to your executives, they would take initiative to improve the company themselves, specifically the COO, CPO, and CTO. COO seems to not want to ever start employee benefit programs. While the CPO does help with creating a coffee blend, they never seem to develop new products on their own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the CTO develop any new technology without requesting it first. Not sure if you have to reach a certain net income threshold so you’re not spending too much, or if they just aren’t programmed to do that on their own. I get that part of running the company is to start these programs and develop these products yourself, but the delegation of those tasks seems pointless if they aren’t taking some of the initiative themselves.
I made 10 quintillion and broke the game!!!
I love the game so much, but I have ran into a small snag. No clue if it’s just because I’m not supposed to make so much money but I have found a way to liquidate huge portions of my company and buy stock back at ridiculous prices and have made up to 10,000,000,000,000,000. (Yes you read that correctly, but every time I get into the quintillion’s the entire game completely goes haywire. It changes each crash, sometimes I can’t check my wealth tab probably due to the amount being to large to render, or the stock exchange won’t allow me to open it. Regardless the game crashes and I wish it wouldn’t! I’m trying to find out the limits my company can make. If it is intended to happen to reduce wear I get it, I just figured I would mention it. The game is awesome, I wish there were more options for investing. The start ups are nice but not nearly as interesting as the first game and I wish in the news pop up when it showed the tech events you could press the notification instead of having to manually find the event. I have so many ideas for the game and would love to share them if interested! I’m glad you finally added the slider for stocks it was hard moving billions of shares at a time it took hours! Keep up the great work
Amazing upgrade from the previous one
I used to play coffee inc before this one came out and it was fun and addicting, but impossible to get enough money to own a sports franchise. With this new coffee inc I love the new features added. Features like the manager system and every room that you can interact with for the headquarters buildings. I also love the improved stocks system as you can now merge with other companies. Even the minor change like how a company can bankrupt and a new one will appear. One feature that I would want is a custom difficulty, like changing the starting capital with sliders to adjust sales, salary standards, population in an area, etc. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a paid feature too. Overall this game has definitely improved from the last one, and I hope to see new features and updates being added for the feature.
Jacobi iPhone,
Worth It (How can we connect with the developer?)
Excellent game and worthy every cent for expansion. The developers expanded from Coffee Inc and made it better. Though there are some features I’d like to see placed into this game, I haven’t looked back since I started playing this game. *** Common bugs I experience: When buying a competitor out, I acquire their debt and have no way of eliminating it from the financial reports, it always shows as a liability and yet never appears in the banks to be paid off. 2. Sometimes the save corrupts and I lose money despite being profitable until being bankrupt. 3. Eventually the competitors will appear on the screen, but not open any stores. 4. The politics needs assessed and tuned up. *** Expansions I’d pay to play: 1. The ability to play as the COO, CPO, CFO, CTO, etc. 2. The ability to merge and work for a competitor as a COO, etc. 3. The ability to play as the mayor. *** New series I’d pay for: Other franchise opportunities. Theaters, restaurants, etc. *** I would also love to see more inclusive language, I’m Mrs. CEO. Overall I recommend.
coffee bro bro,
Awesome, when you figure it out
This game is amazing and far more in-depth than the previous version! I see alot of complaints about issues hiring and losing managers, and micro-managing every store, and having your net income not matching what you actually get.
The solution is investing in a corporate office and hiring executives such as the COO who can literally manage all your employees and store managers, and you can delegate HR responsibilities to him as well.
The issues with the net income that i found out is that when you file for an IPO, you begin having to set money aside, also known as retained earnings. You can look at all your numbers in your corporate office when you hire employees in the finance division, and it shows you where all your money goes.
But just as a real life CEO, remember to delegate, delegate, delegate! Hopefully this helps a few people at least!
Love the game
I loved the first game thought it was definitely one of the best games I’ve played. I was really excited when I heard coffee inc 2 came out and so far it’s good. My only complaint at this point is that it just feels like manager simulator. I have multiple managers quitting all the time feels like every other week I have a manager who “resigns”. I wish I could have a complaint box for the managers so I know what’s wrong rather than having to literally hire new managers for like 5 different stores. All because they had a complaint and I can’t tell what it is unless I go to that store and on the off chance I do just to see what’s wrong at the store. It’s just annoying like I understand the manager thing but usually people don’t just have one complaint and then leave. Definitely will give a better rating if something like a complaint box can be implemented. The whole manager thing is taking away from the other aspects of the game that I wish I could try to enjoy.
Great Game
This is an amazing game, after taking an hour or two to understand everything it’s really easy to play and enjoy. One thing I noticed that’s different is the income per similar store. In the first game the logic would prevent two stores of the same company from maximizing profits if they are placed next to each other, however in this game it seems to ignore this fact, so instead of making what should be 40k between both combined, it gives 40-50k to each individual store each week despite being next to each other. Also there is a bug that allows you to purchase stocks from your own company, by buying it through company funds, and it does nothing. You can spend the money but it does nothing to your portfolio and all you do is lose money for your company after buying your own stock through company money. Besides that this game is great and I look forward to new updates.
Best Buisness Sim on any platform
This game is competent enough to be greenlit on Steam. Few things that need fixes: 1)Manager choices shouldn't refresh by opening the window. It's overpowered and would be better if they refresh once a week. 2)Marketing department should have the ability to set the default options for in-store marketing campaigns. Similar to the way you can set prices globally in the product department. 3) In tycoon mode, every law has passed by year 2 with no resistance as nobody has the ability to lobby that quickly. Maybe make law changes less frequent or have companies lobby against them more aggresively. 4)There should be no reason that a manager at max pay quits when a store is being run well. I feel like I have managers randomly quitting every single day even though their pay and benefits are maxed out.

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