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Business Simulation Game

Developer: Side Labs LLC
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (Download for free)
Version: 2.11
ID: com.sidelabs.Tulsa


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Welcome to The Coffee Inc, business simulation tycoon game!

As a founder and CEO, your role is to start up your coffee shop, manage coffee bean blends, create the best coffee products, hire and motivate the best talents, conduct effective marketing, manage financials, expand the business to multiple cities and build the biggest coffee empire!

=== Key Features ===

- Open more than two hundred coffee shops. Location! Location! Location!

- Choose your own exteriors, interiors and store equipment in order to differentiate your stores from competitors.

- Seven cities to expand your business (so as your competitors!).

- Develop the best coffee blends to uniquely stand out your products and shops.

- Set products and pricing strategies wisely to compete with neighboring coffee shops.

- Hire store employees, train/motivate/compensate them well and keep the service level high.

- Conduct store marketing as well as corporate level marketing to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

- Very realistic income statement and balance sheet to provide detailed financial insights.

- Borrow money from the Bank if you are short on cash.

- File for IPO to increase the capital and expand your business aggressively.

- Acquire (M&A) competitors through the stock market.

- Once you get big, you can invest in real estate and other venture businesses.

- Expand your business to become an owner of professional sports team franchises.

- It's a turn-based game. Enjoy the game at your own pace, even offline. No more waiting for hours and days!

- Because we'd like you to fully enjoy the game, there are no annoying ads.

Version history

- Added a link to Coffee Inc 2, new version of the game.
- Performance enhancement.
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash for some users.
- New store interiors and exteriors were introduced.
- New venture businesses were introduced.
- Codebase updates related to iOS 14 release.
- App icon was updated with a star, signifying the first version. Yes, a new version will be coming!
- Introduced college donation feature. Now that you earned enough money, you can donate it to various schools in the cities.
- Bug fix release.
- Bug fix release.
- Two new cities introduced.
- Several bug fixes, including the "Companies" view.
- New game level "Tycoon" was introduced.
- The app now supports German.
- Fixed a M&A bug.
- Improved store animations.
- On/Off switch was added for store BGM.
- You can now invest in American football franchise business.
- You can now invest in new venture businesses such as rocket, EV, and biotechnology startups.
- Several bug fixes.
- You can now engage in real estate business.
- You can also expand to diversified businesses. As a start, you can become an owner of sports team franchises.
- Introduced the 5th city, Augusta.
- Supported auto save functionality.
- After the market consolidation, new coffeeshop startups will emerge.
- Added five new logos.
- Minor bug fixes.
- New 4th city, Las Palmas, was introduced.
- Bug fix around ticker symbol input.
- Bug was fixed related to competitor recognition.
- Store BGMs are introduced.
- Bug fix release.
- Support newer iOS version.
- Re-build for new iOS platform.
- Minor bug fix release.
- Bug fix release.
- AI logic enhancement
- Bug fix
- It now honors silent mode.
- Bug fix release
- Fixed a bug in store animation.
- Fixed a bug in turning a week.

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
City of Las Palmas
(Permanent business license in Las Palmas)
GG913442973✱✱✱✱✱ 2719697✱✱✱✱✱
City of Augusta
(Permanent business license in Augusta.)
GG749401775✱✱✱✱✱ CE35022✱✱✱✱✱
City of Victoria
(Permanent business license in Victoria)
GG573940428✱✱✱✱✱ 2419EDA✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
924 Ratings


Great game, couple of problems
Love the game overall very fun and very addictive. Just a couple issues I noticed overall. I started a game and saved it. Then started a new game. I exited the app and when I opened it up again I went to play the first game I started and it auto saved over my second game. So I lost all the progress I had made in my second game. I started the game with 2 rival coffee businesses. Bought out one and the second one got down to 1 shop total. All of a sudden a new coffee company was created, but after 2 years they still have yet to open a coffee shop. How are they even still a business? The company with 1 shop continues to see increased sales each quarter despite me opening a store right next to it, discounting all prices to 20% off and offering all incentives (I.e. buy one get one free, free WiFi, etc.) all my employees are in the green happy at this location as well. Wish there were more in game decisions that would affect your stock price as well. Very difficult to make a profit off the stocks once you are pretty much the only business with any stores. Would love to see some new updates with additions to the gameplay and new possibilities. Like maybe doing an interview or holding share holder meetings. Or the workers starting a union. Just ideas that can make the gameplay more dynamic. Thanks for the awesome game and I hope to see more from you guys soon!
Can’t get enough of this game!!! Suggestions though???
I think I’m addicted to this game!!! It’s so fun, cool and somewhat educational. Realistic prices and numbers when building or buying something. Even with product pricing and marketing against your competitors. The game forces you to strategize and execute your plans to be the number one chain and make MONEY!!! I have no complaints but I wish there was a way to play with friends or people online. I’m not sure how hard it would be to make this happen but I think it’ll keep players engaged more. Players could tap on competitor’s properties and see how they’re marketing and financing. Then you, the player, could make the necessary adjustments to your properties and gain more revenue. Just a thought. Also, I wish there was a tutorial to explain everything. I’m kinda winging it right now. For example, when I start to lose money, I think “ok let‘s make some random changes to stay out the red.” However, I’m sure if I had more knowledge or some type of understanding of business and finance, I could excel a bit more (or fail a bit more too). Nonetheless, I really dig this game and I believe that it has the potential to encourage and influence future entrepreneurs. Just imagine if high schoolers and middle schoolers had this as a part of their curriculum for a business or finance course. It would do NUMBERS!!! Just my thoughts. Best $2 spent in a while!
Amazing, feels unfinished
I love this game so much because it’s genuinely difficult to get the hang of. I found myself actually researching economics just to get the hang of this game and make better decisions when it came to my stock price, venture capitalism, etc. My biggest problem is that the game feels like it maxes out at a point and becomes very repetitive/grindy.

For example, once you win some marketing battles against the competition and your stock price takes off, you can sell as much of your company as you like without losing any percentage of profit. That becomes seed money to invest in startups (an aspect of the game solely governed by RNG), and after you hit on those you can invest in real estate and you’ve pretty much topped out your earning capability.

The game is wicked fun in the beginning, but gets shallower and shallower as your wealth increases. That being said, after I give it a break for a month or so I always end up re-downloading it and playing the crap out of it for a few weeks, because it’s really just that good.

I hope that the second version or a future update adds more penalty for risky financial moves (like selling all your stock) and gives a better method for evaluating investment opportunities than “hope this goes well.”

All that said, GET THIS GAME!
Pretty good, some changes need to happen.
The transition from week to week needs to be redone. For example, after getting a loan, my goal is to pay that off so I can start making money again. There’s should be an option to skip multiple weeks or a month if wanted. Secondly, instead clicking on the date to change the week, can you add a fast forward button or something towards the bottom of the game to make it seem more seamless to transition weeks. Also on the week to week notification, could you include an option to view positive/negative’s of a business. Example, if I made a shop and down the line I was off doing other stuff and I don’t notice a decline in sales I would get notified, so I can change things around. Example, mostly if a shop or real estate was constantly losing money or I’m under a certain % of revenue.

Also, in 2 games, 1 in 2068 & 1 in 2066, the game crashes every time I transition weeks. No matter what I do. I wonder if it’s because I have so much going on, shops, real estate, investments, and different sport teams if it glitches up and can’t process everything.
My high score is 36,
High ceiling
I like this game a lot. I randomly found it on the top paid games and it turned out to be pretty fun. I loved it for a few days, and with the help of one singular Reddit post I managed to learn a little. But there definitely needs to me some sort of tutorial. There’s is practically no information to find ok this game and nothing within the game itself. You are just thrown into the fire and have to figure things out. That would not only make for a better experience overall, but it would bring some appreciation to some of the features that I have no idea what they do/what they are. While this game does get boring once you reach a certain point with money, I think this game has great potential. The base for the stocks, real estate, and investments have a great base. I think there is a lot that can be expanded on, and even having a different business other than a coffee shop. There is a lot of room to grow and I don’t doubt that the devs will be able to expand this game. I like it and I’m optimistic about the future, but there is work to be done.
Great Game but
Great game but my only problem is after buying out some competition and investing into stocks, buildings etc. there’s not really much to do. If anything right now I’ve established shops in every city and the competition isn’t even close. I’m currently just investing into stocks and companies and I just feel like it went from a coffee tycoon game into a stock simulator. Fun game for a little bit after a while you’ll get bored but great for the first day or two.

Also noticed that when a something bad happens with your company or the competition such as having low numbers it really doesn’t affect the stock of theirs or your company. If you invest into a company and they don’t pass a rocket launch then it still doesn’t affect their stock so really it’s just more or less if the game wants the stock to go up or not.

4/5 would play it again in a few month.
Too Quick and Buggy
So I did a couple quick runs to try and figure it out and by my third try I broke the game. Once you hit a certain point your coffee shops don’t matter and you make more by closing all of them and buying out your competition. One bug I found is that none of the competition will rebuild even after I closed all my shops.

The trick to break the game is to just invest in venture stuff like crazy and eventually one will pay off big. Then you start to buy real estate until you own every property possible and you have infinite income. It didn’t take much time and got pretty boring. I owned 100% of every sports team at one point and changed the name of every school building.

The concept is fun, but it got boring really quick and felt like it was too easy. I wish the coffee shop aspect mattered a little more, but it feels like none of the choices you make for customizing your shop really matter.
Not Chandler,
How does real estate work!?
Hey this game is really fun! But I’m hoping the devs can clear some things up. Does the player have any effect on the value of their real estate? I’ve tried a lot of different things but it seems random. In fact, I’m usually negative which doesn’t seem like should be the case for real estate. I feel like we should be able to renovate, and increase property values by building nice cafes around it (like gentrification....)

There is a glitch in the portfolio where you choose a real estate but it opens a different one

It’d be nice if you could have a template store so you didn’t have to choose everything every time.

The slider for stocks is kinda horrible if you need to pick a small amount. I don’t have the money to buy half a baseball team but I want to grab a million dollars or so worth, but the slider is hard to be specific with.

This is a little thing but you don’t need to animate all the money stacking up each week, and then show the events. It would be nice to be able to move that along quicker.

Last thing, I M&A’d the starting competition and more spring up, but they aren’t building stores or gaining much value. Yet, they can still win best coffee awards lol. I want to keep M&Aing to grow but, they don’t get an IPO either.

I like the game but there’s some annoying things I’d love fixed/explained, thanks! Clearing even a few of things up would probably move me to five stars.
Less of a coffee shop business sim
First off, loved how the game starts. Choosing a location and fighting for ad space with competitor coffee houses was a fun idea along with being able to micromanage price of drinks and even how to pay employees.

Sadly past that, there is little to no customization you can make to your coffee shop after it’s inception into said spot. You can make more shops and repeat the same 7ish options of how it looks and machines but not much more. The income is fairly capped as well at this point. The game then pushes you to branch out to real estate and start up investing. Kinda strange that the income from 4 maps covered in coffee shops that are fully optimized couldn’t bring in as much income as trading in the in game stock market. Worse off it was a little disheartening that the income from a single piece of real estate completely blows out my “coffee empires” income.

Great ideas though needs a lot more flushing out along with understanding of what it wants to be.
Verified Review,
Its... ok.
Been playing for a few hours now. The worst part is that I discovered that after you pay the initial cost to get the game, it then wants you to purchase two more cities to expand in. You get three of varying size. There are two more that your competitors spread to that you can’t unless you purchase both of the other cities separately. I think that could work if this was free to play. But I bought the game, I should own the content. The other annoying part about the two cities it wants you to purchase is that you kind of peak out in those three starting cities and the game slows down a lot. So they kind of force you to buy them unless you want to very very slowly move forward.
Being that the games wants you to purchase things worth hundreds of millions of dollars or more.... this is insane. Get rid of the pay wall and maybe the game would get a 4/5 star.

The reason for the fifth missing star is just that the game is very basic and monotonous. Open coffee shop, make employees happy, turn on marketing, repeat. The animations don’t show much of the coffee making action. Nothing really happens. So you just keep repeating the coffee shop openings and then spamming the weekly progress button to keep getting money.

Good things:
Good financials
Good coffee combination ideas
Fun stock ipo ideas

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