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Color by Number: Happy and Fun

Developer: Doodle Mobile Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.0.9
ID: com.iceors.coloringbook


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Coloring Book, also known as color by number, paint by number, painting by number, is the best way to blow your stress away! Discover tons of free coloring pages to create your own artworks now. Relax and happy coloring!

Don’t know much about painting? No worries! Each picture has light blue or gray lines indicate areas to paint, and each area has a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. Just follow the numbers and coloring has never been easier!

This coloring book allows you to choose from the world most famous paintings including Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Last Supper and etc. Follow the numbers to bring these famous paintings to transcend time and make history.

Coloring Book Features:
- Easily color any picture number by number and wait for the surprise in the end
- No pencil and paper needed, no specific skills are required
- Color and recolor pictures whenever you want and wherever you are
- Various coloring pages in different categories including Mandala, floral, animals, nature, unicorns & etc.
- Famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh & etc.
- Share your creations on all major social networks


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4.7 out of 5
110.6K Ratings


Excellent Program
I have enjoyed coloring since I was old enough to hold a crayon! To this day I have Crayola Crayons, colored pencils, pens and markers with a nice selection of books to color!! However, coloring in a book is often times difficult, so I am glad that these programs were created!!

Your program is great, it’s very organized, offers a huge selection of things to color, and is just superior to others I have tried! Seriously, you don’t overload with Christmas scenes, skulls, and a lot of houses which are oddly placed in the Nature section!!!

I find coloring in this manner very relaxing and meditative in a way!! I really like the different range of colors and cool effects that you offer! I am definitely going to get the yearly subscription! I hope you keep providing the good quality creations that I’m seeing now!
While browsing the App Store, I came across this jewel of a game. Coloring by number has been taken to a new level. There literally seems as though there is an ever-flowing fountain of pages to be colored. Translation: the app can make anyone who uses it an “artist”.

There are quite a few categories of art that are in the app. Whatever your favorite genre of art, I can say that there is probably something that will please everyone. There are pictures that look as though they are striated with watercolors, some have a little animation, some are designed for wallpaper and the rest are just for anything else that you would find in artwork.

If I have to find a flaw, it is with the ads. Of course, that is at the heart and wallet of every developer. I’ve only had this app loaded for about a month and suddenly the ads disappeared (thank goodness). The ads at the beginning few days are the only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars.

I am quite sure that others like me would be willing to do a one-time buy-in as long as the price is reasonable. Other than the ads that occur when this app is first installed, there is really not anything that is problematic. This is a great find and I recommend it for anyone who wants to relax and color at your own personal timeframe.
Brings back memories of paint by numbers!
So much fun! I remember buying the paint by numbers I bought as a teenager that I did you long ago. I felt so great when I completed those paintings and down loading this application gave me back those wonderful memories and then giving those paintings to my mom and dad and they telling me much they liked those painting. Now that my father is gone I can still remember his smile as I completed these few paintings I have done. Best part those no messy paints to clean up after spilling them over the papers I used to cover the table I painted on. So I recommend wholeheartedly this app for those who remember those old painting kits we bought as kids!
Started well, then not so much
I downloaded this app about a week ago. I chose it based on the very good overall rating and the fact that it is free. For the first few pictures, the app seemed to be working exactly as I hoped. I was able to choose any picture, earned hints, and saved a couple after deleting the watermark.

Now, however, I am not able to access all the pictures to color, specifically the ones marked “special” and “featured.” When I tap on them, I get an ad to watch, but it then reverts back to the main page. I also can no longer delete the watermark by watching an ad. With no instructions or other information that I can find, I don’t know if these issues are my fault, if there is some built-in limit on choosing certain types of pictures or watermark deletions or saving pictures, or if this is some sort of glitch.

Really disappointing.
Great way to pass the time, but some weird pictures...
I started downloading coloring book apps about a year ago and they're so great for mindless activity. This is my favorite of the other apps I've downloaded because it automatically advances to the next color without having to manually select it like other apps.
The only drawbacks are that some of the color schemes aren't very imaginative-the pictures with only browns, yellows and oranges aren't very pretty.
I was also pretty offended by more than one of the very dated paintings that seem to depict black enslaved children among white people. I don't know who's idea it was to include those but it's kinda lame and very racist. No need for that in 2022. Hope everybody skips them so wheover included it gets the message.
Love this app!
I really enjoy this app…I come on every day and I choose the ones I really love. I don’t care that I have to watch an ad, BUT I care that the ads are terrible, misleading and way too repetitive. There are ads for voting for people I cannot support, or will not support. I would like to know if there is a way to select ads you want to see over ones that are just awful!
Next up, the only thing I would say that could make this app better, would be a search option. If I’m feeling froggy, I’d love to be able to type in frog, and have a bunch come up. That’s just an example!

For those who constantly complain about the ads though, it’s really not a big deal, go get a snack or something.
it's fun and relexing,
Fun yet calm and entertaining
Read it all I got this a few years ago and I think it’s safe to say that this is the best game that you can possibly get my opinion is that if you get this game, you’ll have an amazing time and gives you new color things every day and as a slide that if you need to continue one or if you want to see how many you’ve completed it has a slide and you can save them and see if you want it as a picture the main point that I’m trying to get is that if you get this game you’ll have a great time
baby boy blue & GG,
The Adds Are Killing Me
I love this app. It’s very user-friendly I love how the pallets advance from one color to the next as you finish them. Or cam choose to do close shoot and do once section at a time. The only thing that will keep my attention on the happy color app more then the the color book app is that I was able to spend a small fee to get rid of those annoying adds. It doesn’t even come done to the free hints, it really comes done to not having to watch the adds and burning up my data on watching stupid adds.

Until then Happy Color App will have all of my attention, your app will come in handy if I have extra time in the evening and have time to burn.

If you guys come up with the option of letting us pay a small fee you could just win me over with all the more advanced features. However right now the adds are keeping me away from your app all day long and only bringing me to it for a few hours in the evening.

Speaking from a Person That Colors All Day Long Literally, At Least 8 Hours A Day.
Love app HATE ADS
I love almost everything. The pictures! The colors! But like I said I love ALMOST everything. The ads are killing me. Some are very short but some are 30seconds. I know that doesn’t seem long but when all your concentration is on this app. The 30 second countdown May as well be an hour long. Once I pick one to color-AD PLAYS. Once I finish it-ANOTHER AD!! I would definitely pay to remove ads and have unlimited hints. (I don’t use many but they are definitely nice to have) $2.99 or $3.99 sounds like a reasonable price. Definitely no more than $5.00 and I would delete this app if the only option to remove the ads would be to pay a monthly fee. Even if it was $1
Hate the numerous amount of ads
I love this app but OMG it is way to many ads. You do a puzzle it’s an ad and you go back in to do one you did not finish it is an ad. You can’t enjoy it because each ad is about 30 seconds and then sometimes it 2 back to back. He it is a min before you color your next picture. It starting to be irritating instead of being enjoyable. The sad part is that they have really nice coloring pictures and it will definitely help you relax but the ads are in the way. I understand a couple but every picture or every other picture…This could be easily a five star app but the ads is disappointing