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Ultimate football kick game!

Developer: Doodle Mobile Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.3


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Step up and see if you have what it takes in the ultimate football kick challenge! Perform extreme football shots by timing your kick perfectly for extra power! How far are your shots?

Football Field Kick Features:
- Intuitive Controls: Tap to kick the football as hard as you can
- Upgrade your stats to reach longer distance and become MVP
- Dozens of football characters and hundreds of balls available

Version history

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Fixed some crash bugs. Thanks.
Added more balls. Thanks.
Fixed some minor bugs of the game. Thanks.

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4.4 out of 5
7 406 Ratings


Needs More Content
I have been playing this game for a while now and it has been really fun but after you reach level 70 there is little else to do in the game. I suggest a rebirth mode where you can restart the game to level 1 but you get more cash or upgrades cost less if it is added it could fix the problems with the lack of content also more missions and characters would be appreciated other than that its a very solid mobile game.
Fun game but....
This could be a good game to pass time, but the ads ruin it. There is no need for an ad after every kick. Just insane! Would be a 4 or 5 star game if not for the ads. After 10 kicks I am sick of playing. Please get rid of the. Also the meter is crap, I stop it before it get to the center but the gage goes all the way over to the side and I kick it out of bounds. When I get a perfect kick it hits a light post. Please improve a few areas and it would be a really fun game.

Also, please put a why we can stop a kick since we know where it will go and how it will bounce. I kicked 10 times hitting the same stadium each time and the bounce being the same. But most important PLEASE GET RID OF THE ADS. never played a game with this many ads.
Basically the same as Soccer Kick, but I would’ve enjoyed it more because I like football (American) better. Game is a disappointment. Ads make it unplayable. You get an ad after every kick whether or not you choose to watch an ad to increase rewards. I would’ve paid a dollar or 2 to disable ads but there’s no option so you just have to suffer. It also annoys me that’s there’s no option to change the dominant foot of your kicker (I’m a left foot kicker in real life). The game really deserves a 1 star review as it took all of 5 mins for me to delete it. Only giving it 2 stars because of the potential it had.
Good way to kill time but ads everywhere
Game is great if you got some time to kill and is oddly addictive but ads after nearly ever kick plus the banner ad down below and no way to remove them makes me take some stars off. Also don’t understand how curbs/sidewalks can knock you back as far as they do. Would also suggest what another reviewer said and make it that we can skip some of the animations. After hitting a satellite dish 5x in a row, I already know what the final result will be. Don’t need to sit and watch it and then watch an ad and line up for my next kick.
No more ads!
My husband and I love playing and are constantly competing but we get tired of the ads, it would be nice too to be able to skip ahead when you know the ball isn’t going further than your furthest point. It would be nice too to have more characters and items to kick and disc. I would pay to be able to skip ads and be able to buy coins! Please come up with some kind of update!
This game always gives me bad luck
When I was playing the game can you phone and tell her I need it to my brother this game is really fun but dang full of glitches it’s just so annoying like I do not like it like I’m not saying the game is bad the game is like really annoyed I just do not like it like everybody else could like you because I have no problem with that this game is annoying like I can’t get a perfect one because I have this chart I want to make it to the middle at the front always hit something and it’s no fun like I do not want to play this game anymore play Fortnite instead or people night iOS
Fun but sometimes glitchy
I have Play this game for about a hour and decided to tell you what you might deal with. Is fun but adds come after every kick “30 seconds. Also if no WiFi you might not get a single kick in with out it stopping and exiting the app by itself. Therefore I do not recommend it. One and really the only thing good about it is this iPad almost was out of storage and should not of been able to download anything else. But it somehow squeezed it in.
Great health distraction
I’ve had some recent health issues. Well you don’t need to hear all that I’m sure. I’m just some old man with a life that wasn’t what I expected. Let me just say that Foley Catheters ain’t as much fun as one would imagine. So in between my bladder spasms which are quite painful I play this wonderful game. I get to have happiness when I’m able for a few minutes not crippled in misery.
I’m sorry games like this are so addicting but I wouldn’t mind having to pay $3 just so I don’t have to watch an add time after time other then that the games amazing but I agree with some of these other guys after level 70 there’s not much else to do rebirth the game put different maps, change the weather, add new characters, ext!!!
After so long, the game won’t allow you to get a perfect kick anymore
I got all the way up to 160K. I could usually get a kick straight down the middle with no problem, but suddenly that changed. So I screen videoed the kick meter and slowed it down and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!?! THE KICK METER DOESN’T EVEN HIT DEAD CENTER ANYMORE!!! Hmmm… 🤔

They handicap you to keep you keep you playing longer, view more ads (unless you turn off wifi and data before opening the app), and to make you spend more money. It’s a cheap, dirty trick. I’m done.