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Classic addictive puzzle game!

Developer: Doodle Mobile Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.6
ID: com.dxm.nopuzzle


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Drop the blocks to create vertically or horizontally lines of blocks without gaps. When such a line is created, it gets destroyed. Keep your board clear and keep your cool as things heat up in this simple but addictive puzzle game!

Block Puzzle Features:
- Beautifully easy and simple, no pressure and no time limit
- Visually stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack
- Easy to pick up, but hard and challenging to master
- Perfect brain-teasing game & perfect for little pocket of time
- Create the perfect strategy and keep your lines clear with endless of blocks

Version history

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Fixed some minor bugs. Thanks.
Fixed some crash bugs. Thanks.
Fixed some crash bugs. Thanks.
Fixed some minor bugs. Thanks.

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4.7 out of 5
603.3K Ratings


B.P. is the goat
I did not know what it meant to be addicted until I came across this game. When I close my eyes to sleep at night, I don’t see dreams but rather blocks. Whenever I go to the bathroom I spend hours playing block puzzle with the floor tiles. In class I draw out a game on my notes. Memories of my darkest moments have now been replaced with the loss I feel of losing a game of block puzzle. My happiest times are when I get a new high score. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay away for long. I no longer ask people how they are or where they’re from, rather I ask if they know of block puzzle. Block puzzle is how I met my wife, what we named our child, it is our way of life. There is no escape once downloaded. I am haunted by the girl I once was without block puzzle, and I am scared of the woman I am now with it. 10/10
Addicting, but…
This game is so much fun and so addicting that I literally imagine shapes fitting into everyday spots (in my real life). It’s so fun and the great thing is, it’s not timed and provides for a relaxing but brain-building activity.

In my addiction to Block Puzzle and extensive hours playing the game, I’ve come to want to beat my high score each time. However, the problem with this is that the game KNOWS I’m getting close and intentionally gives me pieces that may fit in my puzzle, but will not clear the way for the “gray” pieces that “won’t fit.” It’s quite infuriating as one time I was 20 points away from beating my high score (at the time, 2819, but it is currently 3140) but physically unable to destroy any more blocks. I know one of the “helpful tips” is to “always leave room for more blocks” (Block Puzzle, 2021), but this is not always a possibility, or I was working on a bigger block to gain more points.

Thus, I’d really like to see an update in which the game doesn’t stop the player from beating their high score. Also, I personally find the ads a bit obnoxious, so I’d love an option to buy an ad-free version of the game. It would be a perfect opportunity to use my iTunes credit lol.
Onto something but missing something
Great concept, love the simplicity, but at a certain point the game becomes just a gamble. The fact that at any point you can get three 9-block cubes at the same time and there is no way to predict or prepare for it is disappointing. You could be doing well, and preparing you board for something big, and then three of those blocks show up and there is nothing to do. Game over. I feel like if you added a “here is your next three pieces” foresight, or made it so the algorithm will only ever give you one or even two of the same piece at a time, might be worth looking into in terms of balancing the system and not making players feel robbed of a good thing. The fact that every game I played I got a new high score, but then one to two moves after that achievement I was hit with something I clearly could not handle feels rigged. And because there is no foresight mechanic to let me know what my next three pieces are, the game very well could be rigged to give me a win, a frustrating loss, a pat on the back and encouragement to do better, and an ad for my trouble so the creator can collect their revenue. No judgement for trying to make money on an app game, but it feels a little too systematically stacked against the player for my taste. Good luck 👍🏼
Love the game, but ADS and glitches…
Love this game. I love the organizing, the risk taking to get higher points, and especially the way it holds your place when you need to close it so you don’t have to start over when you come back to the game. BUT, the ads annoying. A forced 5sec ad before the game, a forced 5sec ad after the game… the same ad 4 or 5 times in a row… even more annoying, it shuts down in the middle of the game and takes you to safari, then to the App Store to purchase other games.
I get ads make money, but enough is enough.

The glitches are also a problem. The game closes when loading and sometimes when I close out an ad, and it freezes during play. The freezing causes the pieces to be dropped in the wrong place and can cost points or even worse, losing the entire game. I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve tried both closing the game and reloading it, and completely deleting the app to reinstall it several times. It just keeps happening and seems to be getting worse.
Love the game, but I’ve given up on it and deleted it from my phone. Between the ads and glitches, I’m done. I would’ve been happy to pay for a low or no ads version this game.
Great game, terrible ads
First of all. The game play itself is fantastic. I can close the app mid-game and pick up whether you left off next time you open the app. You can turn off sounds and music. All good things. I have no complaints about thr game itself..and my only complaints may have nothing to do with the app nor the developers so I'm not "taking away stars" for something that has nothing to do with the game.

As much as I love this app I can no longer play in bed or certain situations as the ads are so crazy loud regardless of game settings. I cannot turn the volume down as I need not fall asleep with the volume down lest I miss my morning alarm. If I play while listening to something else on my Bluetooth the add will interrupt that so the BT does not negate the loudbad issue per si..but at least it won't jolt my dude from his sleep while I play next to him. Also. Some of the ads are impossible to close thus opening the ad in a window. Just really annoying. It would be cool to have an ad free version..I'm all for supporting developers when it's within reason.
10/10 All day, Every day
This game is simple to say the least. But the fact stands that this game is very good. It keeps me from boredom, gives me something to do on my phone when every other game is boring, and so on. But what is really awesome is that there ARE 0 ADS! Like most games like these are packed full of ads ad make it no fun to play. But here, you play, you finish, then do it again. Notice how no ads were included in that? Yeah, its awesome. I really think these devs deserve a round of applause for giving up the chance to make a lot more money by allowing other apps to play ads in between games or even for set times, sometimes during games. But this game is seamless, I haven't experienced any bugs, its fast, and looks nice. I found this game by searching “game” on the App Store, and this was low on the list, but I am soooo happy i found it, because this is an amazing game. Deserves more attention than it already has, and it has a really good ammount.
Fun game but….
I love the game itself but the ads are so annoying! Sometimes I just play other games just because I hate the ads so much. If I have the sound off on my phone, there are some ads (PayPal) that the sound still comes on. I have to turn the volume all the way down because their ad is so loud. If I’m listening to an audible book or listening to music, the ad will turn off whatever I’m listening to. When the ad is over, my book/music doesn’t come back on. I’m forced to restart my book/music, which then brings up another ad when I go back into the game. It’s a vicious cycle. I get that the ads bring in money, but there is not even an option to pay for the game and turn off the ads. Please give us the option to turn off the ads.

Even after paying for VIP status, it keeps asking me to upgrade to VIP status and the ads are still there. Random ads lasting 30 seconds… I think they will finally be done but another 15 second ad pops up. Very annoying. No help from customer service.
Simply Fun - How Games Should Be
No special coins, no special prizes. A great no frills game that is fun to play but hard to master. I haven’t paid a dime for anything and honestly I’m not even sure it’s possible to buy anything on this game. I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks to get rid of the ads, but even those are very short and only PopUp at the beginning of each game. This is a super fun game and I play it daily! Please note colors do not matter only shapes! They should make that clear at the beginning of the game. I wasted some time trying to match colors when it didn’t matter. Love the sound effects and a look of this game as it is a throwback to the 1980s. No problems with it so far as far as bugs/glitches. Don’t expect anything fancy and you’ll really enjoy the challenge…One of the best!
Lilly02 <3,
The best game ever
If there is ever a game that would feel like “home” it would be this one. Every time I open this app, an overwhelming feeling of comfort soothes my troubles. No matter how bad my day was, Block Puzzle always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. I’d say about half the time I spend on this game, is on the toilet. The other half? That is when I feel down, low energy, and gloomy. The comfort that this game gives me is immaculate, no other game has ever compared. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “oh it has ads, you have to pay to remove ads”. big deal, Just throw your phone in airplane mode and vibe out. “Oh I can’t text my friends blah blah blah” so what if you’re playing block puzzle, block puzzle is all that matters. Playing this game without internet is a benefit because you enter the realm of the game.
Honore du Gaulois,
Challenges grasp of spatial relationships
The game forces planning. The challenge is irresistible. HOWEVER The constant, unmanageable insertion of promotions for other games after every game has assaulted my sense of pity and created an image of a gaming genius (or team) at the extreme limit of poverty in an unheated basement of an unnamed fifth world country. I have striven to ascertain the country: one that is perpetually frigid, no social programs, no community culture or family structure … such rare areas normally would not have access to the internet or gofundme. Because I have spent my life working with desperate needs on four continents, because I have downloaded a half dozen of the promoted games and each one continues to put out an empty hand, because I can do nothing, I regretfully have begun the process of uninstalling them all.