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Multiplayer horror and action

Developer: Behaviour Interactive Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.9194.9194
ID: com.netease.dbdena


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Dead by Daylight™, a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game now welcomes a huge update. Time to enter The Fog and start this deadly game of cat and mouse.


PLAY AS KILLER OR SURVIVE WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Players can experience the thrill of both Killer and Survivor in this deadly game of hide and seek. Survive with your friends as a team or outlast them all. Play as a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. Whether you enjoy making your friends laugh or scream, this 4vs1 asymmetrical horror and action game has something all players will enjoy. With 5 players in the same Killing Grounds, unexpected moments and unforgettable jump scares wait around every corner.

ABUNDANT CHOICES OF CHARACTERS AND TRIALS - Dead by Daylight Mobile comes with iconic characters from some of your favorite horror franchises. Play as legends of horror and see through their eyes in a variety of Realms and unpredictable Trials. Enjoy every moment as the ambiance, music and chilling environments combine into a memorable experience.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR STRATEGY - All the Killers and Survivors have their own perks and plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your own personal strategy. Experience, skills and understanding of the environment are key to hunt Survivors or escape the Killer.

FITS IN YOUR POCKET - Dead by Daylight Mobile is the same survival horror game you love on console and PC, but fully optimized for mobile and now always by your side.

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Minimum Specifications:
OS: iOS 11 or above
Hardware: iPhone SE, 6S and above

Version history

The Rift - Season 3
※ Season Period: July 6, 3:00 AM to August 31, 2:59 AM (ET)
※ Complete Rift tasks during the event to earn Rift Fragments and progress through The Rift.
※ Get tons of awesome rewards as you progress through The Rift.
※ Purchase the Rift Pass to unlock awesome rewards such as the Legion's gold Outfit - Bush Party.

1. Adjusted matchmaking system to prioritize matching players with other players in their same local region that have low latency.
2. Raised the number of friends you can have from 100 to 150.

Issues Fixed:
Fixed the issue where the Ebony Memento Mori and Ivory Memento Mori may fail to activate.
Fixed the occasional issue where The Cenobite's main arm may be stuck and cannot be retracted after attacking a Survivor.
Fixed in-game display issues for a number of add-ons.
Fixed the occasional issue where purchasable packs may disappear from the store.
Fixed the missing resources for legs portion of the Crazy Doctor Outfit Collection.
New Character release
※ Killer: The Cenobite has arrived.
※ Cost: 500 Auric Cells
※ Details on Character perks and their background stories can be viewed in-game after the update.

New content
※ Added 2 in-game Emotes for Survivors.

Optimized Character upgrade systems. After reaching Level 50, players can keep using EXP items to continue unlocking and upgrading Perks.

Issues Fixed:
Fixed the occasional issue where the wrong gacha pool event UI may be displayed when a new limited-time gacha pool is launched.
Fixed the issue of throwing knives being thrown automatically due to overlapping of The Trickster's execute button and power button.
Fixed a display issue involving The Wraith's opening showcase.
Fixed text issues for the prestige system.
Fixed some other text issues.
New features:
Added the new [Joystick to switch on and control the flashlight direction] control scheme for the Survivor's flashlight. You can switch to this scheme by going to [Settings] - [Control] - [Flashlight].

Balance adjustments:
Execution requirements for the Killer offerings [Ebony Memento Mori] and [Ivory Memento Mori] have been changed from: Survivors who have been hooked 1 time to Survivors who have been hooked 2 times

1. Raised the displayed brightness of the flashlight.
2. Widened the vertical illumination range of the Survivor's flashlight.
3. Dark areas in the Coal Tower map have been made slightly brighter.

Data Migration:
Data migration completed. The data migration window has been closed.

Weekend Ritual
Complete 1 Ranked or Quick match on each day of the 3-day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to select 1 reward each day.
Log into the game on Monday to claim your selected reward.

7.Nights of Terror
Nights of Terror seasonal matches are on! Go to the season info page to check out the season rules and schedule.

Issues Fixed:
Fixed the occasional issue where matchmaking is automatically canceled during the Quick Match progress.
Fixed the issue where players must first wait for the purchase animation to finish playing before they can refresh the Bloodmarket.
Fixed the issue of missing shades for Meg's [Cat Fostering] Outfit.
Fixed the wrong model issue for The Plague's weapons [Infinity Censer] and [Undying Censer].
Fixed the issues affecting a number of tutorial steps.
Fixed the issue of overlapping buttons that may occur in certain devices.
Fixed a number of textual errors.
Welcome to the new era of Dead by Daylight Mobile with a massive update! Here are some additions coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile:

New Experience: Improved Graphics
New Social Functions: Leaderborards, Squads, Chat & Player Profiles
New In-game Content: Platinum Outfits with Exclusive Mori animations for Killers
New Regular Event: The Rift, The Entity's Treasure
New Game Mode: Quick Match
Welcome to the new era of Dead by Daylight Mobile with a massive update! Here are some additions coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile:

New Experience: Improved Graphics
New Social Functions: Leaderborards, Squads, Chat & Player Profiles
New In-game Content: Platinum Outfits with Exclusive Mori animations for Killers
New Regular Event: The Rift, The Entity's Treasure
New Game Mode: Quick Match
Welcome to the new era of Dead by Daylight Mobile with a massive update! Here are some additions coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile:

New Experience: Improved Graphics
New Social Functions: Leaderborards, Squads, Chat & Player Profiles
New In-game Content: Platinum Outfits with Exclusive Mori animations for Killers
New Regular Event: The Rift, The Entity's Treasure
New Game Mode: Quick Match
Welcome to the new era of Dead by Daylight Mobile with a massive update! Here are some additions coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile:

New Experience: Improved Graphics
New Social Functions: Leaderborards, Squads, Chat & Player Profiles
New In-game Content: Platinum Outfits with Exclusive Mori animations for Killers
New Regular Event: The Rift, The Entity's Treasure
New Game Mode: Quick Match

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
(Cost $4.99 to buy 500AURIC CELLS)
DH065754284✱✱✱✱✱ 1FFB665✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $9.99 to buy 1100AURIC CELLS)
DH996193634✱✱✱✱✱ 7E4BA98✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $1.99 to buy 200AURIC CELLS)
DH531719644✱✱✱✱✱ A59B51B✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $19.99 to buy 2250AURIC CELLS)
DH892791565✱✱✱✱✱ C0F7AE7✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $34.99 to buy 4025AURIC CELLS)
DH538839455✱✱✱✱✱ 88247C1✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $9.99 to buy MonthlyPass)
DH190585130✱✱✱✱✱ EA1968F✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $4.99 to buy WeeklyPass)
DH253526176✱✱✱✱✱ 98DBE0A✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $49.99 to buy 6000AURIC CELLS)
DH276551721✱✱✱✱✱ EC1FFEB✱✱✱✱✱
(Cost $99.99 to buy 12500AURIC CELLS)
DH122723751✱✱✱✱✱ 758ECEB✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
15.7K Ratings


Apollo 9000,
Good, but There’s Room for Improvement
I still remember when the game originally launched back around 2020 & it was amazing! Since I was having a hard time on pc & console due to the terrible Skill Based Matchmaking, constantly dealing the DC Penalty, & being unable to have fun as killer due how bad toxic survivors really are in core DbD, this game was perfect for me to play killer freely without any consequences.

Now ever since the game got the huge update & rerelease of the game. I felt it was almost perfect. Why I say that is because back during the beta test, none of my progress merged with my main account, which was disappointing to me. But at least my account was able to transfer to the new version without issue so I can’t stay mad about that. However, what I hate the most about the rerelease was the new entity’s treasures, which I would recommend staying away from if you’re new. Pretty much almost all event draws require up to 100, 200, to 400 auric cells per roll which literally makes it pay to win & a waste of money due to how 1,000 cells cost around $9.99. Not to mention it’s almost impossible to get what you want in it. It’s better off saving your cells & money for a killer or survivor instead of wasting your money & time on stuff you most likely won’t get through the entity’s treasure.
Interesting title here
This version of DBD is awesome. It’s just like the PC/Console versions but now mobile. There are only a few issues thus far. 1) no known controller support, I will test it later, but I don’t see settings for that option. I suppose this definitely levels the field on fairness, though. 2) it keeps saying there’s an issue connecting to a lobby and after waiting over a minute each time, that’s a little frustrating. For many this could be game breaking, so this needs to be addressed ASAP. 3) It has a gacha system, which doesn’t truly effect gameplay at all, and they at least admit it straight to your face that’s it’s gacha because it says so in the title. Everything else seems to be unlocked like normal and fair, but these systems are dumb. It’s not even like other gacha systems where if you spend enough you unlock the items, this one you get 6 cards, and you can only choose 3 of them before they’re shuffled again.

Edit: dropped it to three stars. Honestly it’s pretty laggy. Sometimes it’s great and runs smooth, but sometimes it is pretty awful. I play on an 2022 iPad Pro, so it’s got plenty of power to run the game smoothly. It’s the worst when you’re a killed and it’s already difficult to smack people using a touch screen, and frame drops just make the experience extremely frustrating. It CAN be dope and seem less, but it also CAN be absolutely ridiculous
I think the DBD original should have stayed the same
I just don’t want to give detail.. I think that the new update is cool for example if you log out or your internet disconnected and u logged back in it will give you a choice to stay in the match or quit it.. I think it’s really cool. I like how there are settings for what u want but I’m not a big fan of it.. It’s like all those three options is what I use. I don’t know why but I feel like I can’t control it very much..Have to do stuff to get cells… I really want the old DBD back, it’s ten times better than the new update… But this is only my opinion only. I do really miss the old version… For me, I’m not sure if I did it wrong.. even though I logged into my account on the other version my shards and cells are gone because of the new update… I literally work hard and for what.. It Was For Nothing. I had friends in DBD… and now I don’t… I appreciate your hard work on This New Version.. but I’m upset and kind of disappointed in this new version… It doesn’t feel like DBD no more… The Original..I’m glad I’m sharing my opinion.. Thank You Very Much For this Opportunity For playing DBD on Mobile
Terrible experience
It’s a pretty common opinion that this recent update was a huge let down. For starters, it’s even more glitchy and buggy now than it was before, not to mention the design quality which overall has also declined. But my main reason for this rating/review is for the content they cut from the mobile version of the game. I spent real money a while back on this app for characters and skins that were removed by this most recent update. Like many others, I also lost my old account altogether, which meant losing any excess auric cells I was saving, also costing money. I reached out to Apple about a refund who ultimately told me that because of the time in which I made those purchases, it fell out of their policy for a refund and that it was up the the developers to make it right. I have heard and read many times before that Dead by Daylight’s developer team were hard to reach, but after searching and finding no scheduled plans of returning my lost content within the game, I reached out to them anyway regarding my issue and, about a week later, received a superficial email with a broken link on where to go to reach the right party to help. It’s clear to me that they can’t be bothered to right any of their wrongs for their supporters and that, as of right now, they have no plans of helping me. I don’t support app robbery, and definitely wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone.
I love this game but a few issues
To start, I completely lost my account and all my purchases. I had a high level and owned both the Wraith and the Twins. I lost them both and not to mention that the twins aren’t even playable characters anymore, nor do they exist within the game. I spent real money to buy them and yet they updated it and I lost everything. I had to make an entirely new account and buy all new characters. One thing that happened (and is still ongoing) is that I opened the app, and it loaded like usual, but when i tried to tap to play on the main screen, it would not open the actual page to play a match. It only said it was loading. I am still not able to play because of this issue. I used the bug fix button about 5 times, and nothing. I also closed out the game multiple times, also to no avail. So then I resorted to restarting my ipad completely. Still nothing. I am completely disappointed in the game right now, but I still do love it. Hoping this can get fixed soon because I am still waiting to play.
servxdggb cvhv,
Has improvements but still needs much work
I’ve made an review before that didn’t even allow me to play this game but my friend recommended I should try it again, so I did . But it’s crazy how a game that’s on console and other platforms doesn’t allow you to use all the functions you would use with a controller. I mean, u already work perfectly on console, why can’t I use my controller because they didn’t fully program the game to allow me to do simple things like run and turn my head?? I hate that this game is only good on console and PC’s. That just proves how much they care about the mobile game and how they can’t make it cross platform. C’mon creators!!!! If u really cared, u would make it possible to do the things we already could do on console. Why do I have to take the time to connect my controller when Ik every function u already have on console doesn’t work on my mobile device. Do you just wanna make money or do u care about the player? Ik that’s a dumb ? Because you only care about the money. But still, pls fix the issues with the controller so we can have half the experience we have on console. Don’t make this a cheap knockoff just because you think your name is enough to make money off of mobile devices without caring about the people who play it.
Pretty impressive for the mobile version
Been following DBD since it first came out and watching it grow over the years has been joyful. I first started off playing on console then when it became available for mobile I immediately started to play on my phone when I’m not at home and I’m very pleased to say that
as it matures it continues to impress. It runs surprisingly well for a mobile game given all of its functions and sweet graphics, sure depending on how much service you get in different areas it can run a bit slower or lag but overall it runs very well even when I only have one bar. The mobile experience is definitely a bit different than on pc or console but that’s what gives it charm and the developers have done a great job adapting the gameplay for mobile use, the only thing I would change thus far is making it so mobile users can still use a bluetooth or corded controller like some mobile games do and adding a restore purchase function if you have bought things in the past.
Guys everything is perfect, the graphics- quality of the game, i have been waiting for the release of the mobile/pad version for a long time, and i also believe that app will be constantly updated and developed.
But what i miss is communication, communication with players - communication with killer, im talking about voice communication of course, it's 2023, players are no longer on a text platform, we love to talk during the game, express our emotions and it's fun to hear them, tried using discord and other apps but the game automatically turns off parallel other apps when we start the game in the mode, please maybe work on the communication issue, also when we enter the lobby i can't see who the killer is, this is the most important when starting the game, as a survivor, i need to know what tactics to start the game with - sometimes when i find out which character is the killer, it's too late.
But, again, game is perfect for me and fully recommend 🤝🏻💜
Absolute trash
The game crashes every other match. They stole money because the new “update” deleted all the stuff anyone bought and made you make a brand new account. You can’t email them because the link they send you is a fake/broken link. The killers are way overpowered. You have to pay real money for a lot of the stuff you may want. If you want extra words or phrases or anything in the game, you need to pay for it. It doesn’t match you with people around the same level as you, they can be just starting out and have nothing good to give and you’ll have a maxed out killer and nobody can win. They can’t even respond to emails, they have generated responses that are absolute crap. They can’t help you. They don’t care about there customers, and when you call apple they say they have gotten a lot of complaints but to get your money back you need to speak to the makers of the app. And if it continues much longer apple will no longer allow them to have people buy anything through apple for their game. The update took everything good away. The update stole money from people. The game has way to many bugs, and way to little characters and killers. It is the worst thing they ever did.
Jeanlux C,
This new version was a letdown
We waited nearly a year for an update and when this new version finally released I couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. Half of the roster is missing, lack of maps (with most of the jungle gyms containing double pallets), terrible lag from both sides killer and survivor (as a result of making the servers global and not regional), with the perk system still being glitched, meaning you only unlock general perks and perks only belonging to the character you’re playing with, making you unable to use any other teachable you’ve already unlocked. In conclusion, all the issues mentioned above have made my experience playing this game absolutely miserable and the fact that most of these issues won’t be addressed any time soon because the devs are only focusing on cosmetics is what’s going to end up driving people away from the game. The fact that we waited a whole year for an update just to get a beta version of the game is what baffles my mind; meanwhile, the Asian version is getting major changes, we have to wait another year to catch up to them, which I’m not willing to wait. I regret wasting time and resources on this incomplete version of the game, a big fiasco.