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Pop & Match Bubble Puzzles

Developer: Gameloft
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.3
ID: com.gameloft.disneyblast


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Stamp your passport to embark on a fun and relaxing puzzle-popping vacation adventure! Disney Getaway Blast + takes you on a trip to the tropics with hundreds of puzzles to solve and characters to collect.

Play matching puzzle games on a tropical island to renovate and customize your vacation destination. Get help from Disney & Pixar keychain characters you know and love, and see them come to life!

Find and collect these adorable, quirky characters, each with unique power-ups, and play puzzle games to restore and rebuild an enchanted vacation paradise.

The lands of Disney Getaway Blast + are filled with Disney & Pixar characters, from Lilo & Stitch, Toy Story, Aladdin, Mickey and Friends, Frozen and more. Collect these adorable keychains and watch them at play!

Take a tropical getaway, a frozen expedition and more. You can enjoy them all, anytime, anywhere!

Disney Getaway Blast + Features:

Puzzle Games
• Play matching puzzles with a tropical Disney theme.
• Beat hundreds of puzzles with exploding tiles and screen-shaking power-ups!
• Craft powerful boosters to match and blast your way through challenges!

Disney & Pixar Magic
• Collect Disney & Pixar keychain characters, all ready to have a blast!
• Unlock amazing abilities, such as Aladdin’s lamp and Elsa’s frozen magic.
• Play with dozens of familiar friends, from Mickey Mouse to Lilo and Stitch.

Take a Tropical Vacation
• Create and transform enchanting vacation locales!
• Restore and customize islands.
• Snap pics to fill your magical Photo Album and bring your paradise to life!
• Bask in the fun of playing matching games on customized islands that you create!

Enjoy & play with your favorite Disney & Pixar characters in the relaxing tropical islands that you design!

Terms of Use: http://www.gameloft.com/en/conditions-of-use
Privacy Policy: https://www.gameloft.com/en/legal/apple-arcade-privacy-policy-disney-getaway-blast/
End-User License Agreement: http://www.gameloft.com/en/eula

Version history

Various bug fixes and improvements.
Various bug fixes and improvements.
Various bug fixes and improvements.
Various bug fixes and improvements.

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4.8 out of 5
2 841 Ratings


Only 1 bug so far
I’ve been loving this game since I’ve gotten it! The only issue I’ve had is that the game think it’s the next day too soon. Cause of that issue I lost my coins in the piggy bank. Then I keep getting a pop up saying “ we detected something wrong with the system. Please restart the game” when I come back in the game after some time without closing it out the background. I’m not sure if that’s really a bug though it could be to prevent cheating for all I know.
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Would be 5 stars but buggy
This game is amazing. I can’t stop playing. There’s just one problem. It is endlessly glitchy and buggy. It will make you resave and reboot the game constantly. Once, it made the screen go dead for taps and then penalized me as if I lost the game. Sometimes, it takes away my earned power ups or whatever you call them. It’s a great game with awful problems, like just barely out of beta.

Update: Due to a glitch, it is impossible to complete level 933. I’m just stuck there and have had my resources wasted because I beat the level, but it will not acknowledge that I beat the level. So there’s literally no way to continue playing until they fix it, and like I said, my resources have been stolen because the game thinks I’ve given up on the level (there’s no other choice). Infuriating.
Issue at level 933
First of all, I just want to say that I do love playing this game. It is relaxing, fun, and just challenging enough that I keep coming back. However, there is an issue with level 933. even though I cleared the level and checked all the tasks off for that level it is not showing that I have won the level. I’ve tried this level several times and it never shows the level as complete once I have completed it. I am unable to move on to the next level. I hope this can be fixed because I really do enjoy this game and want to continue playing it.
Not enjoyable anymore
I am at level 517 (of 2160) and it has become practically impossible to finish even basic levels without using power ups or coins. I understand if I have to do that for the “hard” or “very hard” levels (so they are marked), but not each and every single level.

I like the game a lot, it is well made (5 stars for that), but I am interested also in the story and getting to the end of it, not just using all the power ups to finish a random basic level. I am a quarter of the way there, I don’t know how and if I will ever reach the end. I am quickly running out of motivation. (One start) (Hence, three stars average)
Finally a completely free bubble pop game!
I can finally enjoy a bubble pop game without an annoying ads, IAP(in app purchases), or running out of lives to try and having to wait long hours to play again. Bonus it’s Disney so even cuter with few glitches since Gameloft is the developer. Ones again Gameloft you’ve done it again. Please keep making games for Apple Arcade. They really make my monthly subscription to Apple Arcade worth it.
Not quite like other mobile games
When I first started playing, it felt like other mobile games: there are lots of goodies icons at the edges and I felt overwhelmed by everything happening. (Same way I experience many mobile games, so nothing to complain about.)

BUT unlike others...
I didn't have the constant frustration of running out of hearts/energy/etc. and being forced to stop playing. That, and the lack of ads and in-app purchases was refreshing.

If you or your kids know lots of Disney characters, you'll like that you collect them as you play. One note of warning: one of the ongoing side quests rewards you for the amount of time you play each day, up to 8 hours. If restricting screen time matters to you, talking about that up-front is probably a good idea.
I don’t like advertising, but you got get this game!
Ok, ok, hear me out, I love Disney characters and they just made them into a game… cute!? I have mixed emotions about this but it’s a puzzle game where you don’t need to spend actual money on a “oh, you failed! Want another try? That’s 5 dollars!” No. Just stop. I want more games like this, it’s the one game that I have on my iPhone that isn’t a “pay to win” but I really recommend this if you love Disney like I do! 😋
Thanks for bringing the game back! 😃
I was very happy to come across this game again! I was sad when I read online the game was no longer going to be serviced. I’m glad Apple Arcade is allowing us players to play again. Just stinks that I have to start from level 1 again. I’m hoping since this game is on Apple Arcade now it means that we will continue getting updates with additional levels and new characters? 😉
Conflicting saves 🙄
I’m getting a conflicting saves error constantly between local and cloud, with one save being obviously more recent based on time stamp and level. I choose the correct, have to hold down the check mark for well over the 5 seconds it says, then it restarts the game, and I have to log in again. This game is also a major battery drainer. I want to love it, but these issues make it very difficult.
No more characters and depleted my bonus
This game is terrible. I played it all the way to the “end”. I have no more characters to unlock. The photo album isn’t complete because I’m missing to unlock characters?? That I can’t unlock because they’re not available. This game is buggy, there have been many levels where I complete it and it doesn’t register. I.e the bunny doesn’t disappear or worse on one level the bottled ship didn’t transfer to the next stage so I couldn’t complete it.
Can you please update the game already?