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Fun game with friends

Developer: Behind The App
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.1.10
ID: com.vysgames.Exposed


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Exposed is the best game for you to know what your friends think about you.

Find out who is willing to do absurd things in your friend group!

The game is simple. Add all your friends’ names and wait for them to be EXPOSED!
Answer questions, do dares and complete challenges.
With a number of different categories ranging from cheeky, sexy to absurd! This game is sure to turn any time you spend with your friends super fun!
Say goodbye to the old fashioned games of spin the bottle, truth or dare, quizup and cards against humanity! We have more than 5000 challenges and questions so every game night of yours is fresh and fun!
To have a fun night with EXPOSED , all participants must download the app from the App Store. One player creates the game and invites their friends into the party with the game PIN. Whether you are physically together or connected remotely with friends, you can enjoy Exposed!

Exposed is :
- A new way of looking at party games
- More than 5000 truths, dares and challenges
- 4 game modes to fits with every situations (party, cheeky, spicy, laidback)
- An amazing icebreaker and clash generator

Version history

-bug fix
-bug fix
-bug serveur
-bug fix
-bug fix
- add questions
- After months of work. The new version of Exposed is finally here. The best party game is back with new designs for you!!
- Reduce image loading time
- Add new language
- Add new language
- Bugfix
- Bugfix
- new language
- bug fix
- Bugfix: "Start" button does not work
- Bugfix: You can't create a game when you didn't select a picture
- BugFix : Start button does not work every time
- Add new content
- Add new pack of question ( For Party + Get Started )
- New question more friendly
- Bug fix
- we have considered customer feedback and realigned our questions to promote a more friendly and fun atmosphere
- bug fix
- Bugfix
- New feature : You can now extend your party !
- New UI in game
- Bugfix update IOS 14.5
- New questions

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Free trial
(Free trial during 3 days then 9.99$/week)
HA317374717✱✱✱✱✱ BCDA789✱✱✱✱✱
Free trial
(Free trial during 3 days then 4.99$/week)
HA317374717✱✱✱✱✱ BCDA789✱✱✱✱✱
Free trial
(Free trial during 3 days then 6.99$/week)
HA317374717✱✱✱✱✱ BCDA789✱✱✱✱✱
HA005178330✱✱✱✱✱ EC68366✱✱✱✱✱
HA005178330✱✱✱✱✱ EC68366✱✱✱✱✱
HA791984995✱✱✱✱✱ 6056978✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
106.6K Ratings


Almost perfect
I think the idea is great itself but sometimes people don’t have others to play with. So I think that they should do random server’s. Yes I understand that question but how will I know them well enough. Well I think it’s should either answer some starter questions just random ones. Or that they should have a voice chat option that way they can talk their ways through the thing or they write a paragraph about themselves on their profile remember this is just a suggestion. Though I would be happy to find that it happened. Thank you for your time.
cant find a nickname girl,
Great but not age appropriate
Hi I love this game but there are some problems like how if you can’t play with friends, it’s useless but besides that, it is NOT age appropriate or 12+
Me and my friends were playing exposed and it was my first couple rounds and there were these questions that included things like who would be most likely to check phone during s3x! Like what the heck! There were words in there I didn’t even know what they meant. And I know I might be too young to play the game but still I am eleven and I am so close to twelve. You are luring innocent children to playing a game with inappropriate questions on NORMAL MODE. This is outrageous due to the fact that it is not only useless when you can’t play with friends and that it is gross, but the rounds are very short and you have to play about 5 just to be entertained! Please fix the game to be age appropriate for kids or at least have a age filter for questions. Thank you for your time
App Looks Like A Conplete Scam (Not Proven Yet)
I downloaded the app, and tried logging in to get some games going. This is where I noticed several moments one can be very suspicious of the legitimacy of this app, especially considering it is all in the First Impression Stage!

1: No Commitment Screen! The top says a cost of $9.99/month or $9.99/year I actually forgot which one I saw. Not that it matters, since the bottom clearly tells the user "No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!" meaning the cost is actually $0.00 for now. The reason this is so incredibly suspect is because the app was passed off as being free in the App Store, yet after you get it, now it tries charging you? This point is very tame compared to the rest

2: The App Forces You to Either Use a Photo or have Photos Enabled to Some Degree! There is not ONE legitimate company that would EVER have any issue with its user opting to be completely Anonymous. This seems self-explanitory so I will move on to the last point

3: This is Apparently "A Finished Product" yet literally lacks the ROOMS required to play the multiplater mode in any circumstance! This LIE is just amusing how the devs expected nobody to notice, but I have a feeling most people did!

Given all of this is in the First Impression I Advise Everyone to STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP AT ALL COSTS because WHO KNOWS what this shady stuff this app does past the First Impression!!!!
It’s really fricken fun
I just wanna say the game is fricken amazing, I downloaded this game cause I was playing with 2 girls that I knew and they asked me to download this game, so I got it and I’m like this is actually pretty fun. And I know for some people the Questions are really Sussy. But we just do it as joke and I usually get a laugh out of a few people. The only down side I’d say is the membership, I got it today and I think, me personally, it was worth it, mainly just cause the girl I like wanted to play the “Spicy Gamemode” so I got it and we had a good time. But again I think the price should be lowered from 10$ to 5$. but Great Game
Love the game but having to pay that much a week!?
This is such a fun game to play with friends and it’s very enjoyable but having to pay $10 a week for it to be fun!? That’s just not fair, like $2 to $5 a month would be much better, the questions without having to pay are kinda boring and I would love to play more but like I said, it just gets boring with the same old questions every time. I really hope this will be fixed because I think it would make the game so much better and bring in more people who are willing to pay for this. The game has great potential but with the same questions every time and paying $10 A WEEK, it’s just not as good as it can be.
It’s a good game but…
It’s a really good game but there are a few things I don’t really like about the game like, for instance, 1. you get a three day trial and then you have to pay for the game and I just don’t have money for it 2. Around the 15/20 questions it either kicked me out of the game or gives me a pink screen and glitches 3. The game host can’t start the game until you have at least 3 people and only one of my friends have the game (which sucked) 4. It says 12+ but it’s REALLY inappropriate. Not for 12-15 year old teens. So let’s say it’s a decent game but at the same time not so good. ❤️Hope you read this ❤️
Ian Bashore,
Inappropriate content
This game is inappropriate, it’s not 12+. Im 17 almost 18 and played when I was 16 with other young teenagers on a youth Christian camp trip. I played it thinking they were innocent questions, otherwise I would not have played, in all reality they were s3xual nasty questions. who would do what!? As a teenager, this game is gross. This is not 12+ and the fact that is rated that is sickening. Also, my friend at the time paid for one of the other categories, and those questions got way worse than what I thought, worse than any parent is expecting to hear I told my mom exactly what the games questions were and she said how disgusting and she gasped in a way I had never seen before, this game is asking for trouble, this is basically s3x-Ed and worse in a game.
Not age appropriate
This game is advertised as a kids game and 12+ but there are many questions that are VERY inappropriate and I would not let my 13 year old play this game. I do not mind this game for older teenagers or adults but this is advertised to younger audiences. Not only that but they do not show any inappropriate questions in the advertisements so nobody knows about the inappropriate questions until they download the app so that’s makes this harmful to young teenagers. If you are a parent PLEASE do your research on games before you let your kids use it. Please make the age rating higher or take out the inappropriate questions. I will make sure everyone I know who wants to download this game will know exactly what this game includes. Safe to say I was VERY disappointed.
Brody Frasca,
Game is Great (With an exception)
Overall the game is super fun, but I would love if there was a type of currency system where you can buy other categories, instead of paying real cash. And I understand that's how the app is supposed to generate money, but if ads were introduced and you could watch ads to get some of the currency. Or just have ads in general. Now I'm sure there's a lot more to that because I am NOT a mobile app developer, but it was just a suggestion I think would bring a lot more people to the app.
i thought this was 12+??
me and my friends saw this ad on tik tok (keep in mind we are 11-12) and thought it looked cool so we decided to play and the questions were EXTREMELY inappropriate. 2 questions had to do with sexual interaction, this isn’t a 12+?! this is a game meant only for 17+ people, if your no where near that age, pls don’t play it! yes, i am aware there was a “spicy” option but none of us had the membership so we played get started and we all were jsut shocked with the questions we saw. if anyone under 15 is planning to play this, i don’t recommend it.