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Developer: SkyTale Software GmbH
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Price: Free
Version: 2.10
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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to land the Space Shuttle? Now you can find out. F-Sim Space Shuttle is a critically acclaimed flight simulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It simulates the Space Shuttle approach and landing in incredible detail and accuracy. We’ve tried to combine realistic flight dynamics with stunning graphics and fun game play: Each landing attempt takes just a few minutes. Our landing analysis and scoring system tells you exactly how to improve your next landing. It will make you come back and try again.

No ads, no in-app-purchases.

Each flight starts at either 10,000 feet, already aligned with the runway, or at up to 50,000 feet, before banking into the heading alignment cone. During descent, the Orbiter is an unpowered glider, so you will only have one chance to get it right. Astronauts used to call it a flying brick: because of its 200,000 lbs. gross weight and low lift over drag ratio, the approach is six times steeper and two times faster than a typical airliner approach. Landing the Orbiter takes practice, but the built-in autopilot demo and tutorials will get you started. After your first safe touchdown, chase that perfect landing, compare your high scores online with your friends, earn medals, and unlock achievements. Experiment with different weather conditions, night approaches, and even emergency scenarios or system failures. At the end of each flight, watch a replay from different camera angles.

You control the Orbiter’s pitch and roll axes by tilting your device. Alternatively, you may switch to on-screen analog sticks. Rudder, speed brake, gear, and chute are usually handled by the autopilot, but you can have full manual control if you like. For beginners, we’ve added rectangles that visualize the desired approach path. Simply try to stay within the corridor of rectangles, and they’ll guide you right to the touchdown point. Advanced pilots can turn them off and rely on the instruments in the head-up display (HUD) instead. The simulated guidance, navigation and control (GNC) systems are authentic replications of their counterparts in the real Orbiter, and the HUD features all the instruments real Space Shuttle commanders used to employ to skillfully land this unique aircraft. Now it’s your turn to give it a try.

Here’s what others have said about it:

“Because this app is so visually exciting, so technically deep, so sophisticated, so beautifully done in its realism, effects, and documentation, it earned a perfect 5/5 rating, Outstanding.”
John Martellaro, Senior Editor for Reviews, The Mac Observer

“I was excited to see that I can enjoy flying the space shuttle realistically also on my iPhone and complement my addiction to our Space Shuttle Mission Simulator on PC when I am on the road.”
Alex L., www.space-shuttle-mission.com

“Absolutely awesome app that is a must for shuttle huggers and aspiring astronauts.”
Chris Bergin, Managing Editor, NASASpaceflight.com

F-Sim Space Shuttle takes full advantage of modern iOS devices, but also runs smoothly on older hardware. We’ve tested it on all iOS devices, and iOS versions 3 to 7.

Version history

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

This is a relatively minor upgrade. New features include
• support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus screen resolutions
• enhanced user interface on iOS 7 and iOS 8
• a new replay manager: F-Sim Space Shuttle now stores replays of the 10 most recent and the 10 best flights. You can watch them later or save them as video
• MFI game controller support. Tilt controls are still the preferred way to control the orbiter, but if you have an MFI game controller, you can now use it as an optional control input (switch to analog controls in the options menu when your game controller is connected)

We hope that you like this update and kindly ask to rate or review it in the App Store.

We are already working on a major update and on a new flight sim app. Stay tuned!
This is a bug fix release, there are no new features in version 2.8.2:

• Fixes a bug where the volume sliders were unresponsive on iPhone and iPod touch
• Fixes a bug where the radio volume was set to 0 after recording a replay
• Fixes a bug where F-Sim would crash if Game Center was used on iOS 4.

New features in version 2.8:

You can now record and save your replays¹. They are rendered to video in HD (up to 1080p²) and saved in your camera roll. From there you can upload them to YouTube, send them via e-mail, or import them into other apps (e.g. iMove for post-processing).

¹ requires iOS 5 or newer
² record in HD on iPhone 4S or later, 5th generation iPod touch, and iPad 2 or later
You can now record and save your replays¹. They are rendered to video in HD (up to 1080p²) and saved in your camera roll. From there you can upload them to YouTube, send them via e-mail, or import them into other apps (e.g. iMove for post-processing).

¹ requires iOS 5 or newer
² record in HD on iPhone 4S or later, 5th generation iPod touch, and iPad 2 or later
Version 2.6.2:
This is a minor update that fixes a few bugs and typos:
• Bounced landings now still count as “safe” or even “good” landings.
• Improved gyroscope support.
• Shows tilt indicator on top of the screen when “tilt with device” is turned off.
• Fixed landing analysis scrolling issue on iPhone 5.

Version 2.6:
• Full support for the 4 inch screen on iPhone 5
• New sound effects
• Improved ground textures
• Full GameCenter integration (replaces OpenFeint)
• Full support for the 4 inch screen on iPhone 5
• New sound effects
• Improved ground textures
• Full GameCenter integration (replaces OpenFeint)
• Full support for the new iPad’d retina display
• Wingtip vortices
• New camera perspectives
• Auto-edit mode during replays
★ Fully animated 3D drag chute. This has been by far the most requested feature. It took some time to get it right, I hope you like it.

★ Approach path “corridor” view. I think this is a great help for newcomers. Advanced pilots can turn it off in the view setting and focus on the guidance and flight-director symbols in the HUD.

★ Improved 3D model of Atlantis.

★ High-res textures on the Orbiter and the virtual cockpit (on all devices that support 2048x2048 pixel textures).

★ Vibrate on touchdown (iPhone only, disabled by default, can be turned on in Options ⇢ Settings ⇢ Sound & Vibration).

★ A news page.

★ Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
This is just a minor update. Recompiled with iOS 5 SDK, fixes a small issue when running on iOS 5. Tested on iOS 3, 4 and 5.

This version does not include any new features (but don’t worry, I’m working on it :-)

Note: The drag chute is fully simulated, but not yet visible in external views. A 3D model of the chute will be part of the next regular update (version 2.2).
This is a major update and features:
• External views: Besides the pilot’s point of view, you can now choose from 5 different external views. The gorgeous 3D model of Atlantis has been created for F-SIM Space Shuttle by George “Desktopsimmer” Winnard. Even minute details like the drag-brace-assemblies or torque-arms are fully animated

• Replays: After touchdown, you can watch your landing (from the pilot’s point of view or any of the new external cameras)

• A completely rewritten rendering engine for even higher performance and some amazing effects—it now renders the atmosphere, stars, the sun and the moon, dynamic shadows, particle smoke and much more

• New virtual analog-stick controls (optional, you can of course still use the tilt controls)

• Countless small improvements and some minor bug fixes

Note: The drag chute is fully simulated but currently not visible in the external views. It will be part of the next update.
• Universal build, runs on any iOS device and supports multitasking where available.
• Full retina display support (iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch): The 3D graphics run at 960x640 pixel, and we've also updated every bitmap used in menus and the satellite map with new hi-res versions.
• Full iPad support: The 3D graphics run at 1024x768 pixel, and we've redesigned every single menu to take advantage of the large screen.
• A new virtual cockpit*: You can look around, zoom and even move. Drag or pinch with 1, 2 or 3 fingers to pan, zoom and move respectively. Double-tap with 1, 2 or 3 fingers to reset.
• A newly designed, even more realistic 3D head-up-display*.
• New options to fine-tune the accelerometer sensitivity.
• Easier for beginners: Even crash landings get a non-zero score now, and there's a new "hard landing" category between "safe" and "crash landings”. It still takes nothing short of perfection to perform a "perfect landing" though ;-)
• GameCenter** is now integrated, with 5 different leaderboards and 15 achievements.
• GameCenter** and OpenFeint now support time scoped leaderboards.
• GameCenter** can be turned off in the settings menu.
• New leaderboards for consecutive safe, good and perfect landings.
• A new statistics screen, tracking the number of flights, successful landings, total flight time and more.
• Landing analysis now includes approach precision (groundtrack and glideslope). This is also reflected in the score.
• Fixed a bug in the guidance I_PHASE transition from HDG to PRFNL. It's much smoother now and also works on the minimum-entrypoint (MEP) HACs.
• The autopilot (autoland-demo) can now perform a full approach (depending on whether new flight is set to full or final approach).

We've been working on the external views and the replay option, but unfortunately these features didn't make it into this release. Both of these features are planned for the next major update (version 1.8). 

*On older hardware (e.g. 1st and 2nd generation iPod touch, iPhone 3G), some features are disabled by default to ensure a high framerate. You can turn them on in the settings menu, but they might have a negative impact on the framerate on these devices.

**GameCenter requires iOS 4.1 or later.
▸ Manually control rudder, speedbrake, gear and chute (this is an option, you can still let the autopilot control these things and focus on flying)
▸ Pedal controls for wheelbrakes and nosewheel (optional)
▸ Simulated system failures like a stuck speedbrake, hydraulics failures, guidance or HUD failures and degraded NAV accuracy
▸ Autoland demo
▸ OpenFeint highscores and achievements

This update DOES NOT contain the external view or replays. Both of these features are planned for the next major update (version 1.6).
With this version you can:
▸ Fly night approaches;
▸ Dive through a layer of clouds;
You can configure the visibility now, and the head up display has been updated to include the runway overlay.

This version also includes several small improvements and some minor bug-fixes.

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4.6 out of 5
835 Ratings


Fun, BUT
It wants me to buy it again... I got tired of it after a while and decided to take it off my iPod (I played it more than I should have lol). I was going to download it again but the little cloud with the arrow wasn't there. I tried and it asked me for $$$. Ok, maybe I bought it with a diff account? Nope, I checked other account and same thing. I KNOW I paid for it because it was the 1st thing I got with an iTunes card (AppStore cards are too mainstream). No need to say how I feel, pretty sure you guys know. This has only happened with another game (Airfighters Pro by ROTORS or RORTOS). I still give it five stars because this problem isn't related to gameplay. Not telling you guys not to buy it but please be careful when you get it (get some proof that you got it. I usually take a screenshot of the electronic receipt but I went idiot-mode and deleted this game's receipt so I'm screwed lol). Gameplay: The ONLY reason you're gonna get bummed with this game is because you're gonna wish these developers made sim for airplanes. It's that good.
The most realistic flight sim in the app store, period. This is the exact approach and landing that the shuttle flies (oops, flew). The developer nailed the shuttle's HUD perfectly. It's not just some generic cut-and-paste HUD and flight profile like many sims throw in their half-baked shuttle add-ons (*cough* x-plane). This is an inch-perfect shuttle HUD reproduction.
The flight profiles are also beautifully accurate. You can choose different approach directions, HAC profiles, runway direction, and weather conditions. This allows you to actually recreate historical landing conditions and fly them as they originally did.
Because of all this, this app is also a major challenge. In the four years I've had this app I've made thousands of landings in varying conditions. It took a long time to be able to make consistent "good" landings, and even now "perfect" landings still aren't a guarantee.
Simply put, this sim is remarkable.
A BIG Thank You to the developer and his team! And I'm looking forward to that X-15 sim!
Just What I Wanted
I’ve wanted to buy either a space shuttle simulator game or an aircraft carrier game for a while. I don’t mind if I had to pay for it. I finally looked around and came across this one. The reviews (which didn’t seem like they were b.s. or written by friends or family), were pretty good so I ended up buying this last week. After making only one landing out of my first 25 attempts, I can fly this thing but it will take me time to land this safely. I’m glad it is difficult because I didn’t want to be bored so fast. I’m hopelessly addicted to it and make myself stop playing. The only thing I will never get is the technical terms in the help section. I understand some of it, but I’ll have to read the other stuff a few dozen times before it sinks in. Besides, there’s so much going on just trying to fly straight that it would be impossible to take all that data in.
Best App on my iPhone and iPad
Simply put, this is the best game I have downloaded for my iOS devices. I bought this game for my iPhone 4 shortly after it was released almost five years ago. I have since owned several iPads and iPhone and currently have the iPad Air and 6 Plus. F-Sim Shuttle looks and plays great on all of them. This App has been updated frequently. The graphics and realism are stunning, especially for a portable device. I am a commercial rated pilot and while nothing compares to the real thing, this is hands down the best flight simulation app out there and I have tried several flight apps and simulator for iOS. The scoring system is great and has become more challenging through updates, but the challenge keep me coming back even after five years!
I recently went on vacation in Florida, and of course I went to the Kennedy Space Center. The “Atlantis Exhibit” was breath taking! So, imagine my elation when I saw this game, (about a month later), and purchased it. The graphics alone sent me on vacation all over again! The game play takes a steady hand, but I really enjoy the challenge it presents. And the fact that you can view your most recent attempt at landing this thing is quite the bonus! I am really enjoying this game; so much that I made reservations for me and the little lady to go back down to Florida again in December to see “Atlantis” again!
One Healthy Addiction
I’ve experienced this app on an iPad a few months back and after an hour of landings was beyond hooked. Honestly I found the iPad an easier tool for successful landings than I am experiencing with my iPhone. I don’t know why and won’t venture a guess but short of sitting next to a simulated crew member during descent and upon stop, opening the door and walking down the ramp to the tarmac with them and waving at the TV Cameras in the distance this is just a blast of game that requires you to pay attention, focus, think, learn new skills and have a blast all at the same time.
Excellent ! Very realistic and fun.
Buy this app if you want a very accurate Space Shuttle Simulator. Flight model, sounds and scenery are spectacular. Works great on my iPhone 7 plus. Lots of options to adjust controls if needed. You can replay your landings for review, you can also record the videos and save them to your photo file to share with friends. Very cool. I've made about a hundred landings so far and it's still difficult to get it right ... very realistic. Choose between landing at Edwards or at the Cape. Day or night, clear or bad weather. Five Stars all around !
Best space shuttle sim
I first tried this sim a few years ago on my Samsung tablet, very good graphics, good sound FX, and controls are basic. Although the sim is limited to flying the final approach it requires a lot of practice & patience to at least survive a landing. Now with an IPad, I purchased this sim to see if I could get a Perfect landing but without success. But that’s the attraction of this sim. I like the new updates for the sim with the option to manually operate certain controls, and to save your best landings. Best of all the developer is still improving this sim.
Next best thing to being a shuttle pilot
The words "Outstanding graphics" does not do the game justice. Maybe phenomenal comes close. By far the best space shuttle sims game currently available. Although landing the shuttle in order to register a "safe landing" score takes a lot of attempts and at time gets a little frustrating, this sim app is a lot of fun. Additionally, if this app is any indication of future games produced by this designer, I look forward to a lot more enjoyable as well as visually stunning sim games. Keep up the outstanding work.
Frakn love this app.
Have been “landing” shuttles on this application for almost five (5) years and still as challenging as one wants. Fun to “flight test” with different atmospheric conditions and random failures. No go arounds def add as much self-induced pressure as any left-seater desires.
Graphics and terrain could be updated along with more current ILS and glass cockpit controls. (Current day instruments mode?)
Anyone down w a SpaceX version? I know dif payroll, sponsor, and equipment, but still.... would pay $$$$ to try n land on Mars w variable gravity and atmosphere. (Additional parameter setting?)

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