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Dream Outfit Stylist Challenge

Developer: Tricky Tribe Ltd.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.5.1
ID: com.trickytribe.brideshaper


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Welcome to the wonderful world of Wedding Dress DIY. If you're a fan of girl games, dress up games, and outfit makeovers - then you're going to love this super stylist fashion battle! This wedding game is all about creating the dream wedding dress of your dreams. Let your creativity run wild and design the perfect dress for the perfect day!

In this exciting Wedding Dress DIY game, you'll start by choosing the perfect fabric for your dress design outfit makeover. With so many gorgeous materials to choose from, you'll have a blast exploring all the different colors, patterns, and textures. Once you've found the perfect fabric, it's time to start designing your dream wedding dress.

With three different levels of difficulty, this game is perfect for players of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned dress designer or a newcomer to the world of fashion, you'll find plenty of challenges and opportunities to showcase your creativity. And with three different wedding games to choose from, you'll never run out of ideas or inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? With girl games and dress up games combined, along with the challenge of a super stylist fashion battle, this dress design game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. And with three different levels of difficulty and three different wedding games to choose from, you'll never run out of opportunities to create the dream wedding dress of your dreams.

Version history

Keep playing this beautiful game!
App optimization and bugfixes!
New levels!
New levels!
New honeymoon levels, shape the face, new venue!
Various improvements
New levels, new items. Try it out!
More cool content and we got rid of many little annoyances.
Try out all the new items!
Also plenty of bugfixes.
Now even more beautiful brides!
Try out 3 new categories.
Beatiful new levels!
New levels added!
New levels
New levels!
UX improvements and various bugfixes.
Try out all the new amazing stuff!
Various improvements and bugfixes
More new content!
More amazing choices added!
More brides, more dresses! Yay!
More dresses!
More content for you to enjoy!
Even more beautiful bridal dresses!
Improvements and minor bug fixes.

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4.5 out of 5
3 026 Ratings


Game glitch
This game is amazing, I’m addicted to it. I found it yesterday and I’ve been playing since. But there’s a problem. After a while of playing it doesn’t load. It’s just a white screen after the loading screen. I wonder if it’s my device or the game but if it’s the game please fix it. It only happened twice but I keep losing progress.
gpapi jr,
literally so many ads
like what. like i don't mind an ad. like i see reviews all the time that are like there are way too many ads but i tend to not mind but this was crazy. i couldn't even get through the first level with out watching FOUR (4) ads and there's only 5 steps so there was an ad in between and the tutorial made me chose an option that required i watch an ad right after i just watched an ad to get to that next step. and i don't mean like in between levels i mean like first step pick a top INSTANT AD second step chose a skirt next step INSTANT AD third step pick a bouquet then AD then choose hair but oh!! you have to watch an ad. then another ad to the final step and i closed the app and wrote this review. but what should i have expected this is the exact game that looks like it would have a bunch of ads but this was CRAZY like can even remember what dress i made there were so many ads. like this is completely unplayable with out airplane mode but i hate that :/
The ads are a bit much.
This game seems like a fun time killer but what isn’t fun is after pressing any single thing you get an ad, even if it’s just to view something you have to wait for the ad. Normally I don’t mind ads in these kinds of games, but there is an ad after every single selection and step in this game, eventually making it frustrating and unplayable. I didn’t even get to make my first dress yet because what should of taken me 1 minute to create has now taken me almost 10 minutes.
A very beautiful and fun game, and I would give it five stars, had it not been for this problem, which is that after a period of playing, the game stops and a white screen appears and continues in this state. When this happened last time, I deleted the game and downloaded it again, but I faced this problem again Now, I hope you will solve this problem as soon as possible because it is a great game☺️
can’t watch videos for stuff
i have seen all the complaints for the ads. But now there are absolutely none and it won’t let me watch the videos for the extra clothes or hair styles. Not trying to complain but it would be nice to be able to do that.
Make it no ads please!!!
So basically this game is a amazing cool Whatever whatever BUT there has been so much ads!! one time i watched a ad for a reward and i freaking got another ad right after!!!!! The ads are so annoying basically if you take to lomg deciding on what you wanna put on them
and you finally decided and you click next it gives you a AD please remove the ads they are annoying thats why its 3|5
Wedding dress
Hey y’all to the people who trying to get this game it really fun and good but it dump at the same and the reason why i said that it because you can a beautiful and after that there people rating it and the dress next to you UGLY but the ugly dress win which doesn’t make sense to me and yeah there low key toxic if you don’t play the game for a good two days they notify you being like why are you ignoring me but other than that it cute game
lexi gads,
Too Many Ads
I understand that some games need ads. However, this game has way too many ads. Any time that I touch anything I get an ad and each Ad can range anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds long and it is a little outrageous. Even touching things without a video symbol on them, generates an ad. For each section of the dress there is an ad. If this game had fewer, then I believe I might enjoy it but I am too frustrated to keep playing. I can’t even find a way to remove the ads.
This game is fun but after clicking a button or doing something a 30 minute ad pops up and it’d irritating, after all of the dresses you do after you click the skirt button for example, another ad will pop Up. I’m not saying the game is bad but after 20 seconds of the game I feel like more and more ads come.
I enjoy the app, there’s just some issues. First, it won’t let me go to the next chapter past the beach. I’ve gotten every purchase there, I believe it’s 14 and I’ve bought all/watches the videos. Yet, it still says I need to complete it… also, a minor issue is it says I have a grading waiting for my dress ups when I’ve checked them all.