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Monster Attack!

Developer: Kwalee Ltd
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.5
ID: com.kwalee.transformhunt


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Get ready for the epic hide & seek battle!

The monster is coming for you, and hiding is not the only option, there’s a twist in the game. What’s better than to disguise and save yourself from evil?

Become a prop and hide away somewhere they can’t find you, don’t be in front of the monster’s eyes! What would you turn into? A plant or a book? Become a table lamp and hide before you are caught!

Also, become a hunter and catch the ones who are disguised as props, keep an eye open to hunt all of them down!

Hunt & Seek Features:
-Become a cool prop
-Run and hide away!
-Become the hunter
-Challenge yourself!

Version history

+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting
+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep hunting

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Remove non-optional ads from Hunt & Seek)
EA075094124✱✱✱✱✱ B498286✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads
(Remove non-optional ads from Hunt & Seek)
EA075094124✱✱✱✱✱ B498286✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads Discount
(Remove non-optional ads)
EA973579994✱✱✱✱✱ F12FE02✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
60.8K Ratings


The only way
What do we need from there I have some stuff I have some more things that I’m not doing and some stuff to get ready and stuff for tomorrow I need a few minutes and I’ll get you something if that’s cool I will just come to the office I have some thing I can get it for me but if you’re busy or busy you don’t want it I’m here I just don’t have a phone so you have no way for us and I’m just not in my car and you can talk on here if that’s all I know I just know
hello bye lol,
To many ads
I played this game multiple times and there is way too many ads. I can’t even know if I was gonna get caught or not just don’t play this game it’s horrible and if you’re looking at this, just download it and just give it a one star because it’s horrible do not play this game. I’m warning you do not play this game. There’s way too many ads you’re gonna get annoyed and probably break your phone do not play. I gave it a three star for a reason. Way too many ads. I played this game multiple times in the woods with me and I can’t even know if I was going to get coronavirus just don’t play this game it’s horrible and if you’re looking at this
WAY way too many ads.
This game is very fun to play. I like it a lot but… there is way to many ads where it just isn’t very enjoyable. If there were a lot less ads then I would rate it a solid 5 stars. The ads bring it down a lot though, because they give you them every round. Which includes every time before, after, and during. It just ruins the game when they put this many ads. If your a person who doesn’t mind paying for no ads, I recommend but if your a person (like me) who isn’t gonna pay for a game that I will probably play once a month, then I probably don’t recommend.
Fun game but…
This is a really fun game but there are just wayyyyyyyyyyy too many ads. Like every time anything happens, ad. It gets to the point where when you are playing the game you are watching ads more than playing the game. I get you could pay to remove ads but there shouldn’t be so many and not everyone wants to or is able to pay. So it’s a fine game it just needs less ads.
All and all it’s pretty ok
So this game is really fun but there are some things I’d like to change 1st in order to be the hunter you have to watch an add and personally I think that’s annoying considering this game has so many adds to start with the second thing is in between ever level there is a race you have to complete before moving on. I think it would just be better to have an option.
This game is so fun hope you download it because despite both these things it it stil not a bad game!
Too Many Ads
I understand that ads bring revenue for the creators I get it… but the ads were so bad I couldn’t claim any of the rewards because there would be another ad trying to load over it, or it would claim it’s unavailable while loading another ad and then the game would just crash. I would literally be playing the game and a ad would pop up like every 10 seconds. Not enjoyable, it just feels like their trying to force you to pay before you can even really test it out. I bet even after paying you’ll still need to deal with ads, it’s not worth it for me.
Pastel Puppies,
I don’t enjoy it. Way too many ads!
First of all, I can’t go one game without seeing 3 ads or more! It’s ridiculous! I get that free games need ads to support them, but there are just way too many! Also it’s not that fun anyway. You always win because the rest of the players aren’t real. It’s honestly really pathetic and lame. I would rather pay to play a different better game because this one is so terrible. Please fix this creator. I really would like to play a good hose and seek game!
Fun but..
This game is really fun and I like the idea, but it can get really repetitive. The same thing happens over and over again. The part I hate the most is that they give you ads in the middle of the hunter coming to find you but the game doesn’t stop. You have like 20 or 30 seconds to hide and it gave me an ad as soon as my timer started. When the ad ended I only had 9 seconds left. I know games like this are going to give you ads on top of ads but at-least make the game pause while the ad is playing!
no? yea!,
JUST got the game
First of all, I’d like to say that the actual game was fun. But I had to delete it within the first 5 minutes. In the first 2 minutes, there was an ad. I barely knew how to play the game, and there it was, an ad. I played it a second time thinking “oh maybe it was a glitch they gave me an ad so early” but no. This game has WAY TOO MANY ADS. creator, I know the ads give you money or whatever, but your losing players because of the ads. You need to quit it with so. Many. Ads. Don’t get this game. WAY too many ads.
WAY too many ads
If I could give this game a zero star rating I would. This is a very bad game. For starters, I know app companies use ads for money, but the number of ads in this game is just outrageous. There are so many ads I’ve never gotten past a level without an ad popping up and restarting me. The amount of ads is crazy. Second is the Glitching. The glitching is so bad in this game I can’t even begin to tell you how. You start a round and then you don’t get to finish it because it restarts you. I would not recommend this to anyone I know or to anyone I don’t know.