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Fun logging factory management

Developer: Game Veterans
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.8.5


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Build your own lumber empire and become a lumber tycoon!

Welcome to Lumber Inc - a brand new idle simulation game. In this idle simulation game, you start running a small sawmill and working hard to manage, expand your factory to chase big dream: building lumber empire!

Manage Forests
In order to harvest trees sustainably, you need to hire tree planters to grow your forests! Purchase more lands to green 'em all! Train your lumberjacks to become skilled workers so they can harvest logs efficiently.

Build milling lines
Purchase and upgrade new machines to process log fasters and produce more lumber products. Lots of machines awaiting you to discover.

Maintain and upgrade vehicles
Log Trucks, forklifts deliver logs from storage to machines. Upgrade, maintain them well to keep the factory working continuously

Manage Sales
Run marketing campaigns to attract new clients, process orders efficiently to earn the most profits.

Biz Upgrade
Earn BizPoints from each processed order, spend your hard-earned BizPoints wisely to boost the Factory income permanently.

Buy new factory
Purchase new factories to earn much higher income.

Enjoy the new addictive idle game!

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Version history

Get your pumpkins and candles ready, it’s Halloween in Lumber Inc!
- You have two weeks to collect candies and pumpkins by completing quests! Spend them on spooky decorations and get precious rewards!
- Mr Blake is back! Only available for purchase at this event!
- Boo! Global leaderboard! Are you scared of your new competitors?
- Get your CEO dressed up properly with the new limited set of clothes!
- Bugfixes
Huge update for your sawmill!
- Welcome the new member of your team - the CEO!
- A distinguished CEO like him should wear appropriate clothes! Choose an outfit which suits him most! Each item has unique bonuses for your sawmill!
- Complete a full set of clothes to get a pet!
- Upgrade your clothes to increase the bonuses!
- Get enough items to craft Legendary sets!
Huge update for your sawmill!
- Welcome the new member of your team - the CEO!
- A distinguished CEO like him should wear appropriate clothes! Choose an outfit which suits him most! Each item has unique bonuses for your sawmill!
- Complete a full set of clothes to get a pet!
- Upgrade your clothes to increase the bonuses!
- Get enough items to craft Legendary sets!
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
Download this update! You won’t regret it!
New weekend event: Cold Snap! Don’t we all want a little chill in the summer heat?
Collect dices in the new event! Throw them to get rewards or to advance to the Jackpot board!
Download this update! You won’t regret it!
New weekend event: Cold Snap! Don’t we all want a little chill in the summer heat?
Collect dices in the new event! Throw them to get rewards or to advance to the Jackpot board!
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
Check out the new update!
- Trees have skills! Get different kinds of trees from Tree Chests and get unique bonuses for your sawmill!
- Several annoying bugs were fixed as well!
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
Guess what this bunny has brought you?
- Join the Easter Event! Collect eggs and get precious rewards!
- Board game! Throw the dice, watch the Easter Rabbit go and get all kinds of rewards!
- And how dare we leave you without a special pass. Start an Easter Pass and collect event materials there!
- New legendary manager! Daisy is not only cute, but also gives workshop manager cards!
- General bug fixes.
Ding! You’ve got a special delivery!
- Yeah, that’s right! Look out for a truck, full of rewards! The more rewards you claim - the better they become over time!
- Bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
Timber! The update is ready to download!
- You don’t have to swing axes to win in a competition! Reach the top of the event LEADERBOARD!
- Lumber Pass is more convenient! It will start when you are ready and have 35 levels!
- Gary, Larry and Samuel get more qualified! Level them up to 25!
- One more factory is available to open, check it out!
- Camera Button was moved to the Settings menu.
Love is in the air…
- Complete tasks and get roses to increase your Valentine Pass level!
- Welcome the epic couple: Neil and Jane! Their power of love will boost your workshop immensely!
- Product managers get more qualified! Increase their level up to 25!
Meet the first update of this year!
- Celebrate the new event with your workers! Complete simple tasks and earn valuable rewards.
- An issue with saving progress after completing special events has been fixed. In this update, you will receive compensation for the inconvenience caused.
This update was brought to you by Rudolph the Reindeer!
- Bells ring out to welcome the new Christmas Event! Play to earn new rewards! Be the first to get new legendary manager Ms. Doris and unlock a new village statue!
- More perks for VIP members! Bill Mark’s cards are available for purchase.
- To increase your festive mood, your lumber mill is decorated with a Christmas theme!
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
Halloween pumpkins are gone - time for a new update!
Our village felt a bit cramped, so… Welcome a new Village! Who will be the first one to fill it with houses?
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements
Trick or treat? It’s your Lumber Inc update! Join Halloween event!
- Buy and upgrade decorations for your mill!
- Exhange candies and pumpkins for decorations, chests and unique rewards! The rewards are LIMITED! Get them before they're out of stock!
- New Legendary manager Mr. Blake available at the event store!
- Get a unique statue for your Lumber village!
- Search for a little pumpkin ghost and catch it to get candies!
- Have fun!
- Bug fixes
- Technical improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Piggy Bank: Idle Factory Boost
(Piggy Bank)
DF477877389✱✱✱✱✱ 8A5F0BD✱✱✱✱✱
Lumberjack's Premium Pass
(Premium Pass)
DF477071559✱✱✱✱✱ 4A32926✱✱✱✱✱
Material Pack 1
(Material Pack 1)
DF142400387✱✱✱✱✱ AFA14E4✱✱✱✱✱
Material Pack 2
(Material Pack 2)
DF139395959✱✱✱✱✱ 02B4CA4✱✱✱✱✱
Diamond Pack 3 - Idle Upgrade!
(400 Diamonds)
DF915369544✱✱✱✱✱ 2D1571A✱✱✱✱✱
Ad Free Tycoon Games
(Ad Free)
DF547711010✱✱✱✱✱ 407222E✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(Starter Pack)
DF309511547✱✱✱✱✱ 5434B6F✱✱✱✱✱
Diamond Pack 4
(900 Diamonds)
DF100467405✱✱✱✱✱ D4784D1✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(Medieval Starter Pack)
DF309511547✱✱✱✱✱ 5434B6F✱✱✱✱✱
Diamond Pack 2
(150 Diamonds)
DF338637737✱✱✱✱✱ 378C24C✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
70.1K Ratings


Good game but stale in content
This idle game is great if you need something to do for a little while. It’s fun and just cool to watch all the workers get lumber set. Still requires your attention to set goals and complete orders so you have to be active to do that but your income from the NPCs running the mill gives you income. Downside though! And this is why they get 4 instead of 5. Season passes are $9.99 I’ve played idle games before and this is robbery. $4.99 would be better but lower than that is always preferred. $9.99 is just bad. Second you have events every 2-3 days that las for 48hours. This is great because you get extra for reaching milestones but it seems the devs have something against the player here. In order to make your machines go faster the supervisor at that station needs to be leveled up with cards you get from crates and while you can get a lot of crates and all supervisors at the station are the basic cards you get. You’ll find that you will get more of some then others making it impossible to reach certain milestones in income for the event. Basically one station can have a maxed out speed due to your supervisor level but in another you won’t have a single card to upgrade them and it clogs the work load. The events are pay to win but the rest of the game doesn’t seem to be a required buy in unless you want the $9.99 ad-free boosts.
It’s a solid game but having to wait 30 minutes to watch a 30 second ad to get manager cards that has a low chance of dropping the manager card you need is annoying. Not to mention that the only time you really make profit is by staring at the game 2 hours straight instead of going idle. To make matters worst the only way to get Sales managers AND Workshop managers is through gems. 300 for Sales and 150 for Workshop. But you earn 10-15 gems for completing task. This game essentially want you to drop 20 dollars in order to make some actual progress but in reality it’s probably not worth it seeing how I was able to get to the second to the computerized sawmill with more level 3 managers than anything else. Manager levels in my opinion should be capped at level 4 and to buy workshop and sales manager should be decreased dramatically seeing how hard it to get manager cards for your actual sawmill forcing you to waste gems on the cards if you want to make some kind of process. The last problem I have is the orders you have to stay on for 2 minutes of the game to get an order drops 9 biz points, 4 tool kits, or 4 paint buckets, it’s extremely inefficient. We do have a manager that completes idle orders that give you more money tho, but if you want to make actual progress you have to be active on the game and deal with ads and terrible RNG and you will be punished if you rush your saw mills cuz then you have more manager cards you have to try and unlock.
New update
Its nice to finally see some change, especially the fact that Larry, Gary and Samuel can exceed their max level caps. Although I find it hilarious that all the cards i have gotten for them before this update have still gone to a waste. It was a disappointment when you stopped giving diamonds for cards that couldnt be used and it felt pointless when you started giving bizpoints instead. I have over 300k bizpoints, getting useless cards and being given bizpoints doesnt seem right.
Also it seems every other event, the final card you earn is for Evelyn. I have not needed one of her cards ever. I have all the little forests unlocked and i have the lumberjacks and tree planters maxed out. I havent run low on tree’s in forever and getting an Evelyn card feels like a huge disappointment and a massive waste of time after spending 2-3 days on an event trying to complete it. Especially the event that just ended where it claimed I didnt complete it (the final challenge is make 50ac and i had over 10ad when it ended) so it gave me the option to purchase the final mystery card with 150 diamonds, which i did just to get an Evelyn card and regret it. On top of that the diamonds are far too expensive its really ridiculous and knowing i wasted 150 on that one useless card was annoying. Thats $5 worth of diamonds if i were to purchase them. I hope this new update changes some things because as i get to higher levels its feeling less fun and more of a waste of my time.
Save your Time
While this game is a lot of fun in the beginning (which i feel like is exactly how they hook you), it just seems too easy in the beginning and then as you progress, the less things are actually automated.. the more mills you purchase the more you need to upgrade your managers. Well you better hope that when you actually watch the ads to get the boxes or you actually buy the boxes with your gems or whatever that you actually get the cards to level up the actual manager you need… don’t even think about trying to use the actual gems to just purchase the next level manager because that’s gonna cost you 400 gems eventually. it is very fun in the beginning i’ll give the game developers that but why would you require me to have higher level managers the more i upgrade the saw mills. i understand maybe for the equipment, but it doesn’t make much sense for me to be at the 6th saw mill and have mill workers doing things by hand again and everything getting backed up, and truck drivers falling asleep and forklift drivers falling asleep. don’t even try to leave the game on over night or anything because again, the drivers just fall asleep.. so save your 4-5 days of time of grinding and watching hours and hours of ads just to make it impossible to level things back up. thanks but no thanks.
Requires constant active participation
The game starts off fun and progresses quickly enough. The mill interaction with the workshop and village are good and not overwhelming. The game collects money for short durations while your away that you can use to upgrade some things. However, after a few factory upgrades and opening of the workshop it becomes apparent that the only way to progress is to complete “orders”. This is how you upgrade supervisors (which control production speeds) and how you get tools and paint for the workshop. The supervisor upgrades start taking a ton of cards and those are given in orders only sometimes and only with ads. And only a couple at a time and which ones you get are random.

So the real problem. Fortunately, orders come through every ~2 minutes and take <1 min to complete. Unfortunately, the orders have to be accepted manually AND that is 1-2 minutes is of active play. If your phone goes idle after a minute the countdown stops until you are actively playing again. And so the only way to progress is to sit with the game open and active waiting for the next order and then actively clicking on it and repeat. Not really an “idle” game at all. Needs to be updated with some ability for passive play progress.
raymond hog,
Not an idle game
The game is pretty good and fun but the “idle tycoon” part is pretty misleading. To truly progress in this game you need to complete orders. You build wood and sell them through these orders to get money and materials. If you aren’t completing orders, all of your tools get backed up and eventually stop because there is a storage capacity (which is fine). But this is where the problem comes in. The orders are manual so you have to accept them. They don’t take long to complete and take about two minutes to refresh. They don’t refresh if you are idle, which is issue. The two minutes only refresh when you are playing the game which is garbage. My battery gets drained and this game now becomes a non idle game and I am now forced to sit here watching nothingness just to make sure I can progress. Now you can unlock managers to help run orders that earn the money in the game, which almost makes it idle. But the orders needed to progress earn materials. Money only helps to a certain point and then you need materials to unlock challenges that help you love forward. Now I have only been playing for about 5 days but this is kind of upsetting when I leave the game for a few hours, to come back and see that I still have 110 seconds left on the two minute timer. It’s honestly a turn off and doesn’t live to the true name of idle tycoon.
Rng isn’t great
Every time you get a crate it is most likely gonna be a Darius or Tyler. I’m not sure if you have a higher chance to get them since they’re early and maybe considered common cards but it’s just too much. Especially during events, I learned to not rush through it and at first and slowly get the managers to get them running efficiently. I only have the 1 debarker and 2 cantings and want to get the truck, storage, and forklift managers out of the way but instead I have none of those and lvl 4&5 Darius and Tyler’s. Literally out of the countless crates they have ONLY been those 2. Yes it says I can get those cards but I have only gotten those 2 and I don’t find that fair. The chances for each card should be divided equally and with those two cards that level it shows that they aren’t and I don’t think it’s fair that I have to spend money on a free game to fairly play. If you want more people to stick around either take out rng and have them as wild cards you earn through the game (hopefully not through ads) or just make the rng make sense (like equally divided odds, different types of crates for that row of machines for better chances to get what you need, or the wildcard thing). Seriously about to stop playing
Could be so much more
This game is boring and could be so much more. It’s to straight forward, and it doesn’t last that long. I understand that it is geared more towards younger audiences but it could be so much more. I like that it’s simulated based on reality but it doesn’t contained all the factors of reality. It should contain more negative factors but doesn’t. They have a few, such as keeping employees awake and working and making sure you have enough supply to meet the demand.

But they could include more negative factors to add a little bit of difficulty to the objective. The game designers could add the factor of machines breaking down or equipment breaking down and maybe making sure to maintain the equipment. Another thing the designers could add is the fact that employees get sick and have to be absent from work, or they take time off from work for various reasons. Another thing is natural disasters happen, should as storms or a fire breaks out in areas of an operations. One other factor could be to include rainfall into the factor which could slow or speed up the process of tree growth.

This would add some difficulty to factor into the gameplay as one try’s to become successful at progressing farther. Like I said, the game is geared more towards 8-12 year olds mostly but I think this could broaden their fan base to include more age groups and still be clean gameplay and fun to play.
Game makes you spend all your money in popup tutorials then makes you start from scratch
This game is so incredibly frustrating. I was enjoying this game quite a bit. That is, until I was able to build myself a nice little process and save up a lot of money. Then, a popup tutorial came and forced me to spend all of my money, millions of in-game dollars. I was infuriated. I hate saving up al of that money just to have my hand forced into doing something I don’t want to do. I already had the hang of the game. I didn’t need another stupid tutorial.

But that wasn’t even the worst part. After I acquiesced and made the forced purchase, it reset all my previous systems back to zero. Removed all my hires, removed the upgrades I had made on my equipment, everything. I completely undermined all my hard work and time. All the time I wasted watching ads and tweaking things to be just the way I wanted. I could bot believe that was the outcome.

What an immensely idiotic way to design a game. I’m so glad I did not rate this game with in the period of time I was actually enjoying it. Which was very brief. Serious question developers: what makes you think people want to play a game where they have to spend significant time to develop things the way they want only to then have their choice completely removed then all their hard work undone? Unbelievable.
Machines and Boosts throttled during events
I love this game. Got the VIP membership to get rid of ads. But I’ve noticed over the last couple months that I fail to complete the Tuesday and Friday events. I take advantage of most of the VIP, Extra Logs, 2X Boost, and Order Boosts. BUT nearly every time I click the 2X boost, production seems to be throttled. The workers move faster, sometimes the production output doubles on the individual machines, but doesn’t reflect in total output report. More often than not, the increases are a small fraction of whatever output shows on a machine before hand and when the boost expires, it cuts to lower output than when I began the boost. This most recent Tuesday I had one of the first two machines up to 1.5b output BEFORE the 2x boost. When the boost went on, it stayed at only 1.5b. The total output report showed 1.5b. The math didn’t math. Output at 2X should have been 3.0. During the boost I leveled up that machine, so output went from 1.5 to 3.1 and when boost cut off, production went back to 1.4b. So I lost .1b output. It seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes the machines and reports show 2x, but a lot of the times the numbers are not accurate and I end up losing output. I’m a casual spender, but I’m not paying for anymore packs if this continues.