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Developer: Ironhide S.A.
Category: Games
Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.8.2
ID: com.ironhidegames.ironmarines


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From the creators of the award winner, Kingdom Rush saga comes the most extraordinary space odyssey. Fight challenging real time strategy sci fi battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command brave soldiers, mighty mechas and powerful aliens against hordes of space monsters, swarms of insectoids and robot armies in a galaxy far far away.

PLAN, ATTACK AND BEAT ALL THE ENEMIES ADAPTING YOUR STRATEGY by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of the combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers.

ADAPT YOUR STRATEGY by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of battle, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers.

RECRUIT AND TRAIN THE GREATEST HEROES in the galaxy, lead them into dangerous territory against near-impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities.

TURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE with orbital strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets and a wide array of special weapons.

Armies of robots, crushed starships, gigantic monsters, unknown races, brave assaults, desperate rescues, audacious sabotages... the galaxy needs your command.

The galaxy needs the Iron Marines


• 21 CAMPAIGN MISSIONS across three sci fi planets. Each action-packed challenge will have you improve your strategy to save the galaxy!
• 17 SPECIAL OPERATIONS that will test if you have what it takes to battle your way through space.
• 40+ UPGRADES to build the ultimate RTS army! Choose between Defense Drones, Napalm Rockets, Ricocheting Blasts, Lethal Weapons and many more.
• +7 UNITS to bring into battle and give your hero some extra firepower!
• 8 SPECIAL WEAPONS to unleash hell on your enemies and keep expanding your tactics like space itself! What’s better than a well-placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high-explosive missiles!
• DEFEAT UNIQUE BOSSES in epic battles. They are green, mean, killing machines!!! Well… some are machines and these aliens aren’t green… but they’re all massive and determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!
• 70+ ACHIEVEMENTS to complete and show everyone you’re the best RTS commander in the whole galaxy!
• NO WI-FI IN SPACE? No worries, offline play guaranteed!
• CHOOSE YOUR DIFFICULTY MODE: Casual, Normal or Veteran. Don’t get cocky! Or Do! Your choice!
• IMPOSSIBLE MODE. Only for the most daring, reckless, all-out-of-bubblegum marines in space. We dare you!

Version history

Fix stage rewards
Small bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
Bug Fixes and Improvements
* Bug fixes and improvements
* Bug fixes and improvements
* Bug fixes and improvements
• All missions have beautiful Chinese New Year decorations!
• Find the precious ancient coins!
Bug fixes and improvements
All missions have Christmas pick-ups. Find the merry snowmen and gather tons of funny thingamajigs!!
* Bug fixes and improvements
- Halloween cosmetic modifications.
- Have fun chasing friendly ghosts and harvesting laughing skulls!!
- Bug fixes and improvements
* Bug fixes and improvements
* Bug fixes and improvements
Bug Fixes and Improvements
All missions have beautiful Chinese New Year decorations!

Find the lucky pigs and precious ancient coins

3 new challenging Challenges !!
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Fixed: Challenges now give the right reward
- All missions have Christmas pick-ups. Find the merry snowmen and gather tons of funny thingamajigs!!
- New Ascendaar and Borealis missions!
- Brand new Challenges System with new special missions!!
- New Enemy: Overseer, the Peripheroid mighty champion

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Hero Mark X
(Unlock an amazing special hero!)
AJ561804784✱✱✱✱✱ 1B231B5✱✱✱✱✱
Special Pack 4
(Boost your army with this special offer.)
AJ841849514✱✱✱✱✱ 66FFF64✱✱✱✱✱
Special Pack 2
(Boost your army with this special offer.)
AJ939472113✱✱✱✱✱ CEAD8E7✱✱✱✱✱
Hero Blue Dragon
(Unlock an amazing special hero!)
AJ511105878✱✱✱✱✱ 233F822✱✱✱✱✱
Special Pack 5
(Boost your army with this special offer.)
AJ034094674✱✱✱✱✱ 0EA3217✱✱✱✱✱
Hero Dr.Graff
(Unlock an amazing special hero!)
AJ841293491✱✱✱✱✱ 6CCA103✱✱✱✱✱
Hero Fate
(Unlock an amazing special hero!)
AJ839757079✱✱✱✱✱ B87456B✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(Boost your army with this special offer.)
AJ374495839✱✱✱✱✱ 12D3CED✱✱✱✱✱
Hero Ajax
(Unlock an amazing special hero!)
AJ691379451✱✱✱✱✱ 76FAECD✱✱✱✱✱
Hero Sha'Tra
(Unlock an amazing special hero!)
AJ151997165✱✱✱✱✱ 152BC97✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
25.6K Ratings


Great Game Ignore Whining Plebs on Difficulty
I would first like to preface the review with the fact that I have beaten every single level in Iron Marines with Taggins, the first hero, on impossible difficulty without using any consumables and only a few of the levels I thought were very hard but I was still able to do it. I have a history of playing RTS games like Starcraft2 and Total War Warhammer and this game carries a similar theme. It's not gonna hold your hand as you shut off your brain and play through for fun. You are going to have to think, practice and plan in advance or else you will not succeed. That is not something for everyone mind you but if you enjoy that type of experience Iron Marines is very rewarding. With a decently large sized roster of units and a large skill tree it's gives you a lot of room to experiment. Visually it's fantastic, just as you would expect with any of the titles by Iron Hide and it has many many silly little Easter eggs to be found (something I always appreciated the amount of effort they put into in every one of there games). The sound design is great too as the characters and units never get annoying with a varied pool of quotes when you move them over and over and all the weapons and enemy units sound great too. Over all the experience was great it was fairly easy to pick up, played and looked great, was challenging if you wanted to really challenge yourself, and rewarding to finally complete.
Great game. Ignore reviews of difficulty.
I have been a gamer since the early days of Atari, this is a fantastic game from iron hide studios. For five dollars you get a graphically rich incredible take on real-time strategy and tower defense rolled into one. Folks who are having trouble with the difficulty are probably not used to having to grind out levels or adjust strategy in wave driven games. This is absolutely necessary in a game like this. If you enjoy that sort of thing that this game is for you, if you want something that is not occasionally challenging and doesn't require you to adjust your strategy in order to win, then look elsewhere. Yes it is easier if you are able to purchase the higher level heroes, but it's more than possible to grind out boards in order to get all of the resources you need without having to pay for anything. I myself don't mind paying for the higher-level heroes, one because good game makers are in such rare supply on the App Store these days, and two I remember all too clearly what it was like to pay $80 for a 16 bit game on the Super Nintendo. The gameplay is fine even in a repetitive fashion, the graphics are incredible, there are Easter eggs everywhere and the sound is fantastic. All the things we come to expect from iron hide studios. I happened upon this while replaying the original Kingdom Rush, and I look forward to the continuation of that series as well.
Good challenge not to easy or too hard
I am a big fan of strategy games. I also know a game is fun if the challenge is big. That being said, I rate this game five stars due to its vast amount of variety. What I mean by this is even without spending a single penny on this game you are still offered a ton of hero’s and units to make a working strategy. Just like kingdom rush this game has a great sense of challenge and strategy, all though I do find this game a bit harder.

To address those people who say this game is impossible without spending money. I say to you, that when I say this game is a bit harder I mean that it took 2-4 tries to beat a level on impossible. Normally in kingdom rush I can do it first try or second if I’m unlucky. My point is that you scrubs who say this game is hard, you are simply incompetent, a strategy game, requires you to actually think and this game does a perfect job at that. If you lose it’s simply a mistake in your strategy. Improvise and retry.

I say that this game is not too hard or too easy for a reason. It’s not too easy in the sense that it doesn’t require effort to win and it’s not too hard due to it actually being beatable within 1-3 try’s. Hard for me would be taking about 6-10+ try’s to beat a level. In summary this game a good challenge that is easily beatable if you use your units and hero’s correctly.
In depth perception,
Great game, albeit a bit short.
Iron Marines is one of the best games I've played via iOS and the best RTS on mobile. I've played hundreds and hundreds of games of all genres on my iPad, and this one is right up there with the best of them. I do have a few minor gripes, but for the most part I'm a happy customer.
I didn't find the game too difficult. A few of the levels were tough, but starring up my hero made them doable. I'd rather a game be more on the difficult side anyway. Who wants a game of this caliber to be completed in an evening or two? This is a well crafted experience and do wish it were longer.
That brings me to my only gripes about the game: As I said, the game as it is is far too short. But it looks like more planets will be added at a future date. A few more units would be nice (expansion pack possibly?). The game also needs a multiplayer mode. What's an RTS without multiplayer? Maybe it's in the works and I just haven't done my homework. And lastly, (and this is a very minor gripe) I wish the color palette would change from time to time and give the cute, neon hues a small break.
In conclusion, this is a great game overall. It's got terrific gameplay, art style, humor and music. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It's worth the price and a whole lot of fun besides.
No better game.
I have played all of Ironhide’s games and this is, by far, my favorite. The blend of tower defense/RTS is well executed, combining many of the best elements of each genre without some of the baggage, and while it may seem oversimplified upfront, trust me, it is anything but. The skill trees have depth and dynamism and allow for a lot of flexibility with how you choose to play. There are also, oddly, a crazy amount of passive boosts you can upgrade making various aspects of your armies and bases stronger. I feel like there are too many... kinda takes some of the challenge out of the game. It’s easily replayable, and often necessarily so. The side challenges are fun too and offer decent rewards for the work. I prefer Paragon as his abilities, when maxed out, can make a small group of soldiers basically invincible. The artistry behind the design is exactly perfect, both the graphic and audio elements. The only thing lacking is in the size of the levels that can often feel like they are too confined and wanting more room, and because navigation is well designed it could easily support larger levels that take longer to win without it negatively effecting gameplay. I am very eagerly awaiting more worlds because the last 4 levels released felt like a tease.
Did you notice?
So I’m a huge geek and a long time lover of this entire game company and how they tie some things from some of there other games into this. With that being said, who knows if you have noticed this but the game has been out a year so you might have. So you all know the hero shatra and if you didn’t know he’s also in kingdom rush frontiers as a hero. What you might not know is that one of shatras ability is to use the crystal from Kingdom rush frontiers. But here comes the really geeky part, if you played kingdom rush frontiers and beat the original levels on the last level it will take you to this cutscene about the crystal being lost in this cave and this alien picks it up. That alien is shatra and if you go to shatras hero room, (in ironmarines not kingdom rush) under the ability where it uses the crystal it says something about shatra traveling to another world and collecting this unique crystal from the world. Anything ring a bell? I’ve know about this for a while now but this is the first time I’ve shared it. Some of you may know about this and if you do then congratulations your as nerdy as I am.
THE Queen Bethy,
Frustrating and a bit disappointing
I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series, and was really looking forward to this release. I don't mind paying the $4.99 (some people really got mad about paying for it) because...that's how game developers make a living, right? I don't mind that there are still in-app purchases. The game is lovely, visually. Great graphics. The usual quirky, fun little hidden things you see in KR games. I like some of the weapons. Some of the baddies are pretty cool. Being able to change troops on the fly is long as you can find your troops (more on that later).

Here's the thing. This game is just not fairly balanced. Playing on casual, the lowest setting, should be somewhat doable. You clear an area and move on, right? Nope. You clear it but baddies keep coming from offscreen. The number of troops you get is way too small, if you leave some behind to guard the area then your hero dies. If you take the troops, you have to keep running back to guard the area. In the thick of battle, it's really hard to see where all your troops are, much less be able to move them quickly enough. It doesn't feel winnable, and tbh it feels like a chore to try to get through a level.

I'm glad I bought it, but it's not the game for me. Real life is hard enough. I thought it would be fun to be the victor on the battlefield of Iron Marines, but that ain't happening. If a game is too tough on the lowest difficulty, it's too tough.
x Lyssa Baby x,
Great, Except...
This game has all the usual high-quality features of other Ironhide games, but for 5$ and a whole lot of expensive heroes and "coin packs", you'd expect a reasonable level of difficulty and obvious ways to start to counter other enemy strategies. That's not the case. Your best way to counter enemies depends on how much you're willing to spend. You can make it decently far, but if you even want to play on normal difficulty, it becomes apparent that the game is attempting to put up pay walls, and entirely too early. Other basic mechanics need some work as well. It's easy to lose your units in a sea of enemies, with no way to mass select all units and move them. And enemy onslaughts are entirely endless, even if you destroy what seems to be a unit production structure, endless waves of enemies will appear off-screen and continue to batter your weak defense on your own structures, forcing you to take the small amount of units you're using to complete an objective and constantly have them abandon the mission to save the base. You can give yourself zero breathing room which is why this is sort of failing as a strategy game. It's obvious that this would probably have faired better as another tower defense game rather than an all-out RTS style version of the same thing. Fun at times and feels decently well polished, but it needs some changes to really earn a 4-5 star rate.
Excellent Mobile RTS
This is by far the best mobile RTS I have ever played. I'm an avid starcraft fan, and although I've only played iron marines for about 2 hours, I can already see the genius in the design. there are a few problems of bringing the classic rts system to mobile, mainly micromanaging without hotkeys, unit control, and commands. creating a squad system is a genius idea to both simplify unit commands, while still offering the strategic depth of choosing your own attack force. the ability to switch unit types mid fight is also an excellent and clever workaround, that really is just a unique feature to the game. group commands are excellent, the only changes I would make is adding an attack move.

the bases being pre constructed/fixed capture points is a nice balance between the freedom of a traditional rts to build literally anywhere (unless you're the zerg) and a tower defense. you still have options how to build your base, and most tower build zones are already strategically place. Bravo Ironhide, you are my favorite mobile developer by far!!
Amazing game!
I don't understand people's complaints about difficulty level? If you can't win change up your strategy. Have people not ever seen Starcraft played? While this is clearly no Starcraft or Warcraft (I mean this is a mobile game after all) it is by far a top of the line game. It is difficult yes, but you can go back and play any level to gain coins and xp for your heroes any time you want. If one hero isn't working on a level try a new one. For people who don't like that there are other heroes for purchase, well welcome to an ironhide game. They make quality heroes for free and then make some more that if you wanna give them extra support you can buy. If you don't wanna pay up it doesn't hurt your game experience. If your patient they always put them on sale on holidays and such. As far as coins I'm personally never going to buy coins but I'll watch videos that give me free coins and also support the developer. Remember the more support they get the more and the better games they will be able to put out!