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Turn-based SRPG

Developer: Seaease (Hainan) Network Technology Co., Ltd
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Price: Free
Version: 1.8.3
ID: com.seaease.koa


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In the vast Galtian Continent, where the sun rises first, heroes stopped the invasion of the barbarians, founded the six peaceful and prosperous kingdoms, and left the immortal epics.

As time goes by, the original vows are forgotten by the rulers, and the continent is sunk into war fire again. During the chaos, seize the chance to be a tyrant of the continent, or loyal to the knight’s norm, save the innocent, my lord, what is your choice? !

【About the game:】
* Turn-based SRPG.
* Each character will die finally. Marry, raise children, worship ancestors, and inherit your family bloodline for ages.
* Various formations with different faces, talents, professions, skills, equipments, houses, countries, races, etc.
* Engaging stories led by your choices.
* Conquer and rule your castles.
* Hundreds of challenging tasks and levels.
* Lead your mercenaries to defeat enemies.
* Do business around the continent.
* Experience the culture and customs of the grand Continent of Galtia.
* Cooperate with other players to capture forts and share trophies, or PvP in arenas.

【Contact us and join our communities:】
Email: [email protected]

Version history

Fix the occasional game crash
New map, new professions, new gameplay, new artifacts, new tasks!
New World, New Professions, New Race, New Artifacts, New Tasks!
Fixed the issue that the incorrect deduction of an active number of the family under certain circumstances resulted in abnormal data related to the decline of the main family.

Fixed the issue that the special effect of the 4 shoes in the equipment sale shop was also triggered when the allies use ENG skills.

Fixed the issue that the profession, Duelist, did not correctly trigger "When CRIT is triggered, the target of this fight is unable to be attacked."

Fixed the issue that the target monster [Landgravine] does not have weapons in the "Rebirth" mission around Lv.80 in Cyniest.

When you click the avatar of the family branch on the family interface and the unselected role, only view is switched to the selected state, and click again to pop up the basic information (long press to go through the main role information).

Fix the problem that the effect that should take into limited occupations (related to Infantry) is ineffective for Duelist [Master].

Fixed the issue that the limited movement effect is ineffective for characters with the state of increasing the number of moves.
The new version updates the content:
1、 Ghostdom Arena (formerly known as Ancestors Arena)
2、 New artifact
3、 New Profession
4、 Advanced skills and skill learning
5. New festival— The Spiritual Festival
6. Increase the upper limit level of castles and buildings
7. Heirloom can break through to higher max level.
8. The function of dressing character is available.
9. Other information
Due to character restrictions, more updates are available on the Facebook home page
Fix the bug that some players can not get their top-up correctly
New version fixes:
1. Optimize data dot
2: Optimize the restart problem of switching language
3: Increase crash statistics
4: Fixed some bugs
Update Content
● Bloodline Description
◆ Add a button to the bloodline position of the character bloodline interface to illustrate the function of bloodline
◆ Add text to the bloodline of the character to vaguely or directly indicate the attributes that the bloodline mainly affects
◆ Add a button to the potential position of the character bloodline interface to clearly indicate what affects the six dimensions
● Title Description
Add a button in the Honor Halls of each royal city to explain the title function
● Formation Optimization
◆ Click and select the role in team, and the role information will be displayed above
◆ Click the upper right button of the role in team to remove the role
◆ The information view is modified to a button with a "magnifying glass" icon style
◆ Add a page-turning icon in the character interface
◆ Replace "Marriage status" with "Married"
● School Optimization
Add school rule description
● Family Optimization
Add family rule Introduction
● Age description modification
Modify the original text of age
● Deity's Statue Optimization
Add description of Deity's Statue
● Official website external links
Add official website link in the main interface
● Facebook Popup
Add [Do not prompt again] button
Fixed Content
● Modify the improper text box in the English environment
●Fix the problem of the incorrect reward preview of Monarch Fort
● Fix the problem that catching Sunlight Fortress did not get "Sunlight Medal"
● Increase the difficulty of Sunlight Fortress
● Change the archer in the pirate-related missions of the Kingdom of Hyllest to Longbowman
● Fix the problem that upgrading Shield Heirloom did not add attributes. Clear the attributes that have already been added to Shield Heirloom (Shield Heirloom only needs 1 soul crystal to break through the upper limit of the level)
● Fix the problem that some players’ accumulated recharge event points of "Welcome Gift from Merchant Guild" had 1 missing point
● Fix the problem that the captain did not display the mark when activating the level V mercenary group skills in the battlefield
● Because of the adjustment of the calculation method of the skill, the actual effect of some skills was affected due to the algorithmic relevance. The following modified content will be restored to the pre-maintenance version
◆ When there are multiple stacks of "ATK damage +%, CRIT damage +%, and DEFL", the algorithm is adjusted from addition to multiplication
-- Such as: +10%, +20%, -5%, -10% exist at the same time, the original algorithm "basic value*(1+10%+20%-5%-10%))" is adjusted to "basic value *(1+10%+20%)*((1-5%)*(1-10%))"
◆ Deft Scout: When deflected, the physical damage mitigation rate +20% - 40%
◆ Returning Chop: After attacking, according to the speed difference with the target, launch a Combo. When deflected, the physical damage migration rate +20% -40%. Extra damage to heavy infantry +40% -> 60%
◆ Dodge: Three levels of physical damage migration rate +20%, +30%, +40% are adjusted to +40%, +60%, +80%
◆ Horseback Talent: Adjust "Movement +1. When Deflection is triggered, DEFL Damage RED% +20%. When the battle ends, moves 2 squares toward enemy" to "Movement +1. When deflecting, the DEFL damage migration rate +40%. After attacking, it's available to use the remaining movement to move again."
● Fix the problem that if the target interface is dropped and reconnected, the target interface will be abnormal
● Fix the problem of the unclear requirement description of the equipment modification attribute in the Mission Goal Equipment Ⅱ (actually is "Possess 2 pieces of equipment with two modified attributes")
● Fix the problem of the unclear requirement description of the reputation points in the Mission Goals Diplomacy Ⅱ/Ⅲ (actually is "any reputation meets the specified condition)
● Fix the problem that the reputation points of the Mission Goal Diplomacy Ⅱ/Ⅲ did not exclude world reputation
And more updates, see the game content
Fix the crash bug of ipone6 and iphone6s

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Daily limited gift pack
GA343555415✱✱✱✱✱ 52C52D2✱✱✱✱✱
Recommendation Mail Cyning
(Ramand1; Rapier1; Round Buckler1; Crystal30)
GA173397871✱✱✱✱✱ 27432D7✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Pack-Building Materials
(Granite60Wood300Sandstone300Silver Coin10000)
GA474755015✱✱✱✱✱ 0F7BC3C✱✱✱✱✱
Privilege Reward
(Get additional equipment、prestige、other props)
GA459605872✱✱✱✱✱ 5A96F49✱✱✱✱✱
Knight's Gift
(Silver*4000 Sundries)
GA712904867✱✱✱✱✱ 2104115✱✱✱✱✱
Monthly Pack-Basic Resources
(crystal40Sandstone、Wood、Raw Iron100GoldCoin50)
GA744030345✱✱✱✱✱ 48BA00B✱✱✱✱✱
Starter's Gift-Weapon
(Including 6 weapons like Horse Spear, etc.)
GA752474725✱✱✱✱✱ 8C48424✱✱✱✱✱
Weekly Pack-Professional
(Royal Emblem2 Kingdom Medal3 Robber's Skull2)
GA731195341✱✱✱✱✱ 40B60BD✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Pack-House Cyning
(House Cyning 7500 Forest's Blessed 2500)
GA019449829✱✱✱✱✱ 294A3FA✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Pack-House Pelffin
(House Pelffin 7500 Forest's Blessed 2500)
GA377889101✱✱✱✱✱ 7C30802✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
260 Ratings


Game good
This is a great game. Very in depth storyline, engaging mechanics and RP aspects. Gets a little repetitive after a while, but you unlock more and more mechanics and cool stuff to do as you level so there’s that. Great combination of a lineage trait building game and a squad based action adventure. (With some base building and conquest mechanics in there too, pretty fun.) it’s an overall challenging and engaging experience that makes you want to grind out characters and buff stats with rare weapons and such. And when I say rare, I do mean rare. This isn’t the type of game where you can pretty much be OP right away, there is a lot of grinding and strategic thought that becomes important once you start getting into higher levels.

Message for the developers!!

It would be really awesome to be able to save multiple different team presets so you don’t exclusively have to switch all the troops out manually in order to train or just go with a different unit strategy. Allowing like 3 different save slots would be perfect. Also, it might be cool to have specialty missions that grant double XP that pop up every so often. I just found it a little difficult to level characters before they were too old to keep fighting.
I first downloaded this game without much thought but as I played it I became easily Addicted. I’m now halfway through it, the game has interesting lore and it stays true to its name! It’s a very fun Strategy RPG mobile game that you can actually play whenever you have free time to relax. There are in game currencies you can purchase if you want but it’s not needed at all, you can grind the game and finish it without spending a dime and still play it after! The story itself feels like it could be a triple A console game or even a movie and the combat is definitely strategic, it requires a brain and some skill but easy to learn. AND best of all it’s free! No need to buy anything, sure if you like the game definitely spend a couple dollars on it for some in game items and to support the developer. However the devs don’t make you pay for the game, nor do they bombard you with pop ups and advertisements. It’s overall a good experience and I hope that the devs can continue to build this game up for many months forward, perhaps even years. This game is definitely worth your time.
LOVE it. I’m so excited to see where this game goes
Do the devs know how much potential this game has? It’s awesome. I would love to see more updates that help us with our eugenics 😂 like being able to marry within the mercenary corps. Also, the Discord is super helpful and has an awesome community that will answer any questions. When I first started, I didn’t know how to get off the secondary maps that unlock during events. All you do is press the button, so it was kind of a stupid question and the Discord did not act like I was stupid, which is rare. Lol. But yeah, the breeding and races are super cool. I love mixing up the races of characters to get the stats I want and they always look so cool. The character design is awesome. I absolutely love this game and I cannot wait to see what updates we get in the future. Don’t give up on this game, devs. This has the most potential of any game out right now. Huge room for expansion in my opinion. Your hard work is so appreciated guys. Cheers!
Actually really good fire emblem like
Surprised this game doesn’t have more reviews and that the current score is so low. This easily could have been a purchasable game. Thus far feels like Viking fire emblem with an interesting story and marriage simulator. Battle controls feels very fluid as well. Seriously the game should be rated much higher.

Edit: after playing for more time I’ve actually become incredibly bothered by the low App Store score of this game. This is easily one of the best turn-based strategy (fire emblem-like) on the phone. It has a really interesting story (though admittedly can get confusing since a lot of political factions and backstabbing), really good combat/strategy (more sophisticated than the typical turn based games), a lot of unit options, marriage simulator that doesn’t make your units feel replaceable, not hyper focused on sex (which most rpg/turn based gatcha games seem to have given to), cool artwork (more gritty/bloody), and other pretty interesting features. If the game had more reviews it’d probably be a 4.8-4.9. Guessing the reason it doesn’t have more reviews is because the game doesn’t awkwardly ask you to leave a review after the first hour of gameplay (which a lot of games seem to do to trick people to leave 5 stars early).

For those who want to try a fire emblem-like game (pre console) that has a better story, more complex gameplay and options…try out this game. I don’t think you’ll regret this one.
Bëjorn G,
Well first off I’m Swedish so my English isn’t the best but I’ll try my best here.

I started the game just running through it to see how it plays and after two missions I realized just how good this game is. Maybe this is a little much but this reminds me of Banner Saga which is an amazing game also. I really love this game because it’s like Banner Saga but in a little more faster pace. I just can’t believe this is a free game. I’m just blown away so far on how addicting this game is. You did such a wonderful job of this game and I’d say it’s very well balanced and you can tell the people who made this game took there time and put in a lot of work and love into making this. Im very picky about games so this one passes 10/10 which for me is hard. Thank you for giving this game to the world and for making it free.
This game is super complex, super underrated and super unique. YES THE GAME IS HARD, but with each passing generation you become so much stronger, a lot of things in this game are difficult to get, but not impossible, the odds of certain things to happen could easily be fixed by praying, every character has their unique talents, and certain strategies may work with that given character, and others may not, I’ve been playing this game for a year, always making different accounts so I could be more effective in the story line as well as after, everyone should play this game, it has a lot of bugs in the game, but the devs have fixed a lot of them with the passing of time, overall 100% recommend this game to people who like long term strategies!
Good solid game
It's a good solid game. The dialogue and story of the game is amazing and all the things you can do like training, marrying, hunting, killing, etc. It's all amazingly good. There might be some times where there could be a glitch or two but otherwise it's still a solid good game. When I first played it I was instantly hooked. I played and played and I like the idea that you can continue your generations on and on and on. I find it fun and enjoyable considering you've grinded enough to get to a good place but it was worth the time. Definitely recommend. I've searched for other games like this but I can find any. Very good and solid game.
Instantly hooked
As many others, I installed this game not expecting it to be much and probably uninstalling within an hour or so of gameplay, but from the moment of the character creation I could not keep my eyes off of this game. It literally kept me up all night and every single minute was worth it. This game is so much more than a basic turn-based rpg and there seems to be genuine love in the creation of the game. I hope to see many more updates to come and suggest this to anyone looking for any good rpg mobile games because they are getting more and more rare nowadays.
Needs fixes
The story is nice, but the game becomes wayy too hard for a casual player to contiue like this. You can use only 6 characters in a battle against over a dozen other enemies who are stronger than you. I believe you can grind your way into it but the grind is way too long(can take hours) and boring considering leveling up becomes harder and you have to do boring jobs over and over. The immersion to the story is great but then if you would like to grind to complete the game every job you complete time passes and so your character, his children and everyone else gets old which also ruins the immersion greatly. At the beginning it felt that the game had been very promising as to become one of my favorite games but now i am in utmost disappointment :( . Hope things will change for the better in the future.
Game Breaker
I can honestly say the game is thoroughly enjoyable however, do not spend money on this game and do not break the game in any way. I believe I have accidentally glitched my game and it will not allow me to do any more story quests or fix it so now after spending money on this game (which I did to support the game I was enjoying) I cannot continue playing the story and I’m stuck at 50%
This is a serious flaw that could ruin anyones progress. I’d like a refund for this and wouldn’t recommend anyone else buy into it. If you play be careful how (freely) you make choices and do things that the game “allows” but could end up ruining the linear story. I like the story. But if a decision I was making would break the game then don’t allow me to do it. Sad that the devs missed that detail.