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A story of beauty and illusion

Developer: ustwo games
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Price: $3.99 (Download for free)
Version: 3.3.1037
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Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.

Sequel to the Apple Game of the Year 2014, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand new adventure set in a beautiful and impossible world.

Help Ro as she teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way.


“Subtly more sophisticated than its predecessor” - WIRED

“Little vignettes of a surreal world that works its socks off to make me happy” - POLYGON

“I was enraptured by everything I saw and heard” - DESTRUCTOID

“One of the best gaming experiences available on any device, let alone mobile” - POCKETGAMER


A completely new story from the Monument Valley universe. You don’t need to have previously played Monument Valley to enjoy Monument Valley 2.

Enjoy beautiful levels filled with illusory, meditative puzzles, using brand new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters.

Artwork inspired by an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, artistic movements and personal influences, each translated into stunning geometric structures.

Immerse yourself in uniquely melodic interactive soundscapes, tailored perfectly to every step of Ro and her child’s journey.


Monument Valley 2 is only compatible with devices running iOS 9 or later.

Version history

Bug fixes and general improvements.
Bug fixes and general improvements.

The Lost Forest is a special chapter we have created to help protect trees, as part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam.
With these four intimate scenes, we hope to inspire you to sign the Play4Forests petition and declare our shared interest in forest conservation.
We hope you enjoy the new update and join us to help preserve our forests!
Bug fixes and general improvements.

The Lost Forest is a special chapter we have created to help protect trees, as part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam.
With these four intimate scenes, we hope to inspire you to sign the Play4Forests petition and declare our shared interest in forest conservation.
We hope you enjoy the new update and join us to help preserve our forests!
The Lost Forest is a special chapter we have created to help protect trees, as part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam.
With these four intimate scenes, we hope to inspire you to sign the Play4Forests petition and declare our shared interest in forest conservation.
We hope you enjoy the new update and join us to help preserve our forests!
Fixed an issue which was affecting some players when playing while connected to cellular data, and other small bug fixes.
Added full support for iPad Pro (3rd Gen) and fixed some minor visual and user experience bugs.
Sorry folks - nothing much has changed in the game. We're updating our store assets for iPhone X :)
Fixed an issue which was causing in-game text to display in an incorrect language for some players.
Support for full screen display on iPhone X, updates to UI and general bug fixes and improvements.
Fix for 2nd generation iPad Pros
Updates to store metadata, Thai language fix, bug fixes and maintenance
In which we put together a quick update to improve your Monument Valley 2 experience :)

Improvements include:
- Install size optimisation (200MB less!)
- Localisation fixes
- Performance fixes
- General bug fixes

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4.5 out of 5
6 114 Ratings


ArisoL MakarA,
Great! But...
I loved monument valley, and monument valley 2 is a very good game, however the levels weren't as challenging and they felt really short. Plus, the storyline was lacking. From what I can gather it is a mother teaching her daughter the ways of something so that one day she can take over. You rapidly aged the little girl and I felt that was unnecessary. I know it is meant to imply the passage of time, but I felt it took away from the game. We don't learn anything about the ghosts?? Or temple guardians?? What is their purpose? Why are they there? I thought it would also somehow tie into the first game. A little disappointed. I don't want to leave on a bad note, so I would like to say I did enjoy the game and I had a lot of fun with it. I look forward to a monument valley 3 hopefully, or perhaps a game that happens very early in the timeline of this universe and explains why everything is now in ruins. As always, coloring and graphics are amazing! Great job to the design team and artists who worked hard on it. Overall, i love the game and will continue to play monument valley in the future. Good job guys!
A loyal fan <3
Sequel Falls Short of Expectations
As a huge fan of the first game and forgotten shores, this second installment did nothing to raise the standard set by the first. The art and music were on point, but the levels themselves were shorter, simpler, and far less intriguing than those in the first.
The difficulty/complexity of the first game made it rewarding to play and also increased the playtime such that retrospectively I’d have happily paid twice the asking price to download the first... on the other hand I’d tell anyone who hasn’t played these to only buy the first and forgotten shores and skip MV2 (or play it first).
MV2 also seemed to have a smaller set of puzzle mechanics. Typically in this game you are limited to rotating platforms and sliding platforms. In MV1 you had these, but you also manipulated the entire map relative to camera angle, redirected water flows, channeled bird people to/from switches etc. The only new mechanic in this game was having two characters that you could direct which ultimately functioned as an easier version of the NPC birds or smaller version of the block friend you work with.
In short, the first game had puzzles, clever mechanics, presented a challenge and had a compelling storyline. MV2 felt like a reader rabbit game; a children’s interactive storybook with simple references to the original. The first game involved multiple sessions of play, this one I finished in under an hour.
Where is has the ingenuity gone?
I love monument valley, I really do. But what has happened to the cleverness, the difficulty, the head scratching puzzles that made the first game what it was? The first game had a main story, forgotten shores, and idas dream. There were some hard puzzles in the main story, harder puzzles in shores, and the hardest puzzles in idas dream. Each section of the game built off the last in terms of difficulty, in the way platforms would move, in the way the world would visually bend to your finger. Monument 2 is completely devoid of any challenge whatsoever. Some levels of the game have proactively no puzzle whatsoever, and you’re limited not by your ability to think in the MC Escher world, but by the walking speed of the character. The recent “expansion” (I use this term very loosely) for the game got me excited. Wow, 4 new levels since the game was released! They’ve had all this time to think of clever puzzles and unique ways the world can hide a solution. Imagine my disappointment when it wasn’t 4 levels, but rather one level with 4 transitions, and that it has the same difficulty as the third level of monument 2. The difficulty of the puzzles was never something anyone complained about in 1, so it makes no sense to me why it was removed. I know monument valley 3 is in the works- I sincerely hope that it won’t become the boated brain-dead mess that 2 is.
Mickeys bff,
The settings set me back...
As a huge fan of he original MV, there seemed to be a distinct difference in the effort put into the original and the sequel; MV2’s settings, for example, were a bit too simple for my taste. The settings in MV seemed to do a better job of creating a clear vision of what the fictional setting of “Monument Valley” looked like with its tower complexes, waterfalls, meadows, cliffs, and ancient catacombs (one of my favorite parts of the original). The detail of those settings really involves the player more in the story about restoring the Sacred Geometry to restore the valley. MV2, however, consists of overly-simple settings, most of which are literally just a floating block in the middle of a plain background (comparable to the levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker), where’s in MV you’re scaling actual mountainsides, climbing actual towers, and exploring actual cave complexes. MV2 could have at least given us a waterfall or something in the background to look at and remind us that “Monument Valley” even exists as a setting (the level Botanical Gardens especially did not at all give off any “garden” vibes when it definitely could have). Not to be completely negative, I did love the level where you’re inside Totem; that was pretty awesome.

P.S. This is all without mentioning that it literally took me, like, an hour to beat the game, and most puzzles can be solve by simple trial-and-error methods (with a couple of exceptions, to be fair)
Confusing storyline.
THIS GAME IS THE BEAT GAME OF ALL TIME!!!! I thought the first one was good, and then this one came!! As soon as I saw it in the App Store, I bought it! It was so fun! The levels were just the right amount of challenging, not to easy not to hard, but I have a few minor suggestions: the main thing I didn’t like was that the story lines are not clear. I have so many questions about MV1 and MV2. Is Ida the queen or princess of the crows? Why did she go on that whole adventure? Who was that ghost lady and why does she call Ida a “ thieving princess”. What is the ghost lady even talking about? And what does totem pole guy have to do with it? The story line in MV2 was a little clearer, but it had nothing to do with the first one.
Is Ro’s child Ida? Is Ro the ghost in MV1? Why does Ro have to leave her child? What were all the little sparks coming out of Ro’s hat? And I was also kind of disappointed when there were no bonus levels in MV2. In MV1 their was Idas dream and forgotten shores but there were none in MV2. But otherwise I loved it! Please consider what I said if you are going to make MV3 (which I hope you do) thank you 4 reading!
A beautiful game
I struggled a bit with how to rate this game. Most likely if you’re reading this you’ve already played the first Monument Valley. Let me affirm what others have said in that this is an easier game in terms of mechanics. However the game is very beautiful, more so than its predecessor, in terms of art, gameplay, and story. I was a bit perturbed by the ease at which I solved it, however I can’t in good conscience rate this less than 5 stars. As a stand-alone title it is superb and absolutely gorgeous. The philosophy of the story is extremely whimsical and almost meditative in its beauty. The fact that the difficult is less than the first may turn off some to which I understand, however I have no problem paying the price for a title like this on iOS. If this game came first it would be met with the same acclaim the predecessor had. If I were to recommend this series to someone I would advise they start here and then go back and try the first one plus expansions. All in all, it’s a fantastic puzzle game filled with rich art and animation.
Thank you
In a time where mobile games are perceived as quick cash grabs, I’m genuinely happy to see a team out there who dedicated this much effort and love into their game. The geometric puzzles are always a joy to solve, never too hard nor too easy, but just with the right amount of challenge. The further I progressed into the game, the more I grew fond of the characters. The game’s art style and visuals are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve tried a plethora of mobile games, but none were this close to beautiful. The best part wasn’t me playing through the game, but seeing my own mother, who haven’t played anything more than one or two mobile games in her life, walk through the game by herself (and occasionally asking for help for a really challenging puzzle!). Not only did the developers manage to make a great game, but they managed to do so while catering to both avid and casual gamers. To the team behind this masterpiece, I want to tell you that me and my mother, and many others I’m sure, can’t wait to visit the world of Monument Valley once again.
Wonderful game, but...
The game is wonderful! I had a blast playing this, but after about 1:30 of gameplay it was done. Before I knew it, I saw the credits. No extra content. Only 14 levels. The game demographic is clearly for kids >6, as they would struggle a little. The puzzles and illusions are great, and it really played with my mind. (Especially the last one!) But, the solutions are a little too obvious in some of the levels. The way the game introduces the mechanics is great, and made the game too easy. After you beat the game, they shove the original in your face. I deleted the game after beating it. If you like hard puzzle games, maybe not this one. About 20 minutes of the game for me was hard. If you are starting puzzle games, I truly recommend this. Some of the levels made me say “Woah.” This is no exaggeration. Anyway, this game is awesome and it’s really fun! Thanks for reading this novel, and have fun playing the game!

After thought: The price is not really worth the content if you can breeze through these types of games.
Monument valley is one of my favorite games. I saw this app in one of those apple stores where they let you play on the tablets and phones. Since then I kept and kept looking and looking for it on the AppStore. The moment I started playing that was it... I was hooked. I saw the second version and I knew that I NEEDED to get it. And to all those people that said the storyline was boring, I have something to say to you. This storyline was about the same character as in the fist one. And the child was her daughter, which means that the storyline in both apps connect which I love . I think not a lot of you knew that because you didn't take the hint when under one of the levels names it said "In which Ro ____ an old friend" (I forgot the other part) .The old friend that it was referring to was the block dude which was in fact in the first version. I LOVE this game so much that I would like to see version 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, (one day later) and version 100,000!!!!

P.S. I cried many times during this...

Mkay bye😜
Like active meditation
During the end of my semester I was stressed and would take breaks by going for a walks and smoking a cigar.
I came across this game (if you can call it a game) and it became this relaxing time I would take away from studying.

It’s not a strategy, you can’t die and you don’t collect points; In other words, there’s nothing creating a tension forcing you to want to keep playing. Just the opposite, I find I don’t want to spend all my time on the game so I can save a level for another Time. The levels become precious moments of peace that I didn’t want to hastily consume.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t smarts involved. You are forced to look at the pathway differently in order to see there are more ways to travel than the most flat and straight road.
It’s Penrose stairs come to life.

It’s a relaxing joy to find the alternate path and more so when you can see the options like you’re in the matrix. I can feel the tension in my shoulders relax and the knot in my chest loosen when I play this game.

You can’t play stressed because it’s not fast paced. Play with the intention to relax and you will become relaxed. It’s immensely enjoyable and therapeutic. I only hope they keep making levels and add ons because this has become a treat that I savor and I’m running out with no more supply after I finish MV2 😬 I'm getting stressed thinking about it... Better go play a level.