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Ragdoll Physics Sandbox Game

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Version: 1.0
ID: com.ragdoll.topsimulatorimek


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Ragdoll Simulator is a kind of simulation and physics game set in a sandbox and highly virtual environment. The idea of this ragdoll game is Mutilate a Doll in various ways using a lot of tools.

Using over a lot of items, you can Mutilate a Doll in a set of grim and creative ways. This hilariously sandbox game lets you completely customize every part of the experience. Who would have thought mutilating could be so fun?
Ragdoll Simulator is a one of simulator games, so it can be played however you want. In this Hilarious Ragdoll games physics, you can put your creative ideas to the test and let off some a lot of creativity.
You can choose from a lot of elements and characters, even being able to set up a perfect stage for your characters to mutilate in the fun way possible.
If you like ragdoll, stickman and physics games, you should love Ragdoll Mutilate. With the best physics simulation and effects, all the moving, all the techniques of rag doll, stickman never be soft like this.

Do not wait, Download our game "Ragdoll Simulator" now for free and enjoy endless moment of rag doll rampage! Have fun throwing and controlling the ragdoll!

Ragdoll Simulator Features:
- Brand new Game with cool colorful graphics and realistic Ragdoll physics.
- Control the physics of mad Ragdolls character is very easy and funny.
- Great Ragdoll sandbox graphics and animations.
- There are so many funny stuffs that you can use for Mutilate A Doll.
- Many different worlds and weapons for you to choose from for Unlimited creativity.
- Just have some fun with our cool Ragdoll sandbox. You will definitely enjoy them.
- Many different Ragdoll characters for you to choose from.
- Beautiful modern graphics, Easy controls and addictive gameplay.
- Fun with Ragdoll Simulator.
- Physics are designed to be simulation level so controlling it is really fun.
- Hilarious Ragdoll games physics.
- Best Ragdoll sandbox simulation will make this game favorite of yours.

Tips and tricks:
- The Ragdoll Sandbox Games lets you enjoy everything you love about rag dolls progress through the game.
- Also you have a lot of weapons, and items and other funny things that you can use for Mutilate A Doll.
- Rag dolls in this Sandbox game is super funny ragdoll humans, you can moving ragdolls where you want in many different worlds, just play with it.
- Fun with ragdolls will lead to many funny and rage inducing a beautiful and amazing moments.
- The goal of this Ragdoll games is Mutilate a doll in various ways using a lot of items.
- Every time you try a new world, try to play with a new character as well in order to add a lot of fun to playing.
- You can playing without the appearance of effects on the characters body rag doll.
- You can Mutilate a doll in a variety of grim and creative different ways. just drag and catch the character and move it with ease.

Ragdoll games learning us to test our knowledge of movement our muscles, and provide a big challenge, you may think it is easy to make someone moving for example, but it can be quite testing. The goal in this game is about mutilate a doll in various ways and having fun as much as possible and enjoyment as well.
You well find a fascinating place to experiment with different items and effects. When playing Rag a Doll Mutilate 2 there’s all kinds of things you can do to your funny doll. Play to find out all the cool combinations of items and effects you can create!
You can also change gameplay options, add effect blood, turn on or off music. so why not try our ragdoll games today and see how good you can control a dummy ? come and play our game on Hayapp studio for that all-important stress relief right now!

This game is improved frequently for all user. If you have any ideas you want to share with us, please contact us, Now let the game begin and enjoy!

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3.9 out of 5
1 035 Ratings


Just one thing
This game is pretty good, but I just wish you could pick up the weapons. If you can already, please make it easier.
It’s good.. but just a few things
It’s a good game I love it but for some reason every time I go to the weapons I try to go down and it does not let me, can you fix this, and one last thing the photos of the game show that you can have multiple characters as well or more but I only get one so can you fix there this game would be super fun if you fixed them! Have have a great day y’all!!
lj spaceman,
The game is pretty good but some problems
I was playing when I noticed that in the picture there was multiple Ragdolls and the wepons had two bars but me playing on iPad Pro iOS the wepons only had one and was hard to move I could on select one Ragdoll at a time they couldn’t grab wepons and you couldn’t build what I was thinking doe there could of Bonn something that builds things but I couldn’t get to there because the wepons tab scrolled very badly please fix this
This is terrible. Do not download!
First off, you car about our privacy? You want us to accept your non existent privacy policy?
Secondly, this is a complete rip off of mutilate a doll. This was a flash game that was eradicated from the internet when flash was deleted.
Thirdly, are you serious?! This game has at most 12 weapons, you are in a small box, have no control over weapons, need to get coins to unlock better weapons that would be visibly impossible to unlock unless you spent 20 hrs on this game.
Im done.
Lady there is a option in settings to make is not bloody ok😎
But of course your kid can cut it off but I respect your choice also the game is for 17 year olds so ya your son shouldn’t have been playing it at all so ya not mi problem that’s a problem for you sorry about your bad luck lol😂
This game is a total rip off and copy of the game and wasn’t made by the original creators. The actual game is mutilate a doll 2 it is very cheap or you can find it for free on lots of websites play that not this. This game has so many typos (I car about your privacy) and looks like a game you would make in 10 seconds I bet the screenshots they show for this game was taken in the actual game with stuff put over it.
RB Emily,
Absolute garbage
I remember something EXACTLY like this game, and I played it all the time when I was younger. The weapons category was way more diverse, there weren’t any stupid adds, and the physics were more more on point. The raggoll wouldn't immediately T-pose when spawned, and it actually had a reaction to being injured. Plus, the blood was more graphic and realistic. Total rip-off of the one I remember.
good graght,
How it’s like people playground but bedder
It’s has gore it has blood guns everything is good blood never lags graphics are good with the blood it’s the game itself isn’t bad itself it’s good
Tony wicks,
It’s a ripoff and is badly made
It is a copy of the game mutilate a doll. And you think it might be the same thing because they even copied the background, but NO. You can’t spawn more dolls, the ads are lying, they just added kick the buddy parts into it because the more you attack the more money you get, and you can barely control the doll or the weapons.
Great game
Add some blood and then you’ll get a lot of people to get your game because then it’ll be like people playground except for phone