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Developer: New Star Games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.5.91
ID: com.newstargames.retrobowl


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Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

Version history

- Added ability to use edited Team setups (names, uniforms, and current strengths) from Career Mode in Exhibition Mode (Unlimited Version required).
- Added ability to use Star Players from Career Mode in Exhibition Mode (Unlimited Version required).
- Edited Conference/Division names are now also reset by the master 'Restore All Teams' option in the Team Editor.
- Fix for a crash affecting users who had not selected a Head Coach image on earlier versions.
Additional bug fixes.
Additional bug fixes.
Fixed no-star QBs getting 3 audibles in franchise mode
Fixed exhibition team rating when picking same team as save slot
Fixed exhibition conference names after using edited save slot
"Exhibition" displayed on replays
Fixed incorrect drive direction in single player exhibition
Bowl history updated
Lowest free agent age increased
Fixed not seeing 4th down or punt option in OT
Play-off OT rules in Exhibition
Fixed Touchback occurring when player out of bounds in endzone from KO
Touchback kneel fix
Interception in end zone results in a touchback
"Game Over" messaging fix in exhibition
Added exhibition games with local 2 player mode
Fixed HOF players disappearing
Fixed kicker XP attempts not affecting fan rating
Clock usage tweak
Tweaked CPU field goal success
Updated team ratings (thanks RetroBitCoach)
Fixed playoff overtime not ending correctly
Can use a time-out to change between 1pt/2pt attempt
QB won't kneel when close to goal line
QB game rating tweaked
TE game rating tweaked
RBMVP award tweaked
Can see multiple DPOY medals on player card
Separated kicker PAT stats from FG stats (from this point onwards)
Fixed overtime issues
Fixed commentary color during action
QB tackled not a sack if running
QB slide now a kneel if behind scrimmage
Slight oline buff when fielding OL star players
Defensive players can jump on Extreme
Defensive player speed slightly increased on Extreme
Capped maximum fan hit at 15%
Tipped catches count as a completed pass
Fixed overtime safety crash
Fixed fumble issue
Sim: Fixed QB cmp over 100%
Sim: Fixed TE and RB not getting passing TDs
Sim: Fixed 100+ yards records
Fixed exceptional morale icon on boss profile
Fixed player sort on restart screen
Lower chance of Kicker RB MVP
Commentary colour represents team in possession
Updated celebration screen
Fixed tackle for loss
Fixed OT errors
Fixed stars on stat screens
Fixed seeding error in divisional round
Fixed opposition offense issues
Added Head Coach image and profile
Can edit player images
Added player attribute buffs
Can sim games
Renewing 5 star coach contract triggers achievement
Coaches won't retire under contract
Added Retro Bowl MVP award
Sacks don't count as rush attempts
OL fan appreciation increased
Added attribute buff information
Can change mind after choosing field goal with a timeout
Team strengths and unis updated (thanks @RetroBitCoach)
New OT rule for post-season
Added WR hitch route
Added sim match history
Fixed free agent crash
Fixed touchback/safety issue
Fixed apostrophes in player names
Fixed total of/df on review screen
Tweaked running game
Toned crowd noise down
Added return stats
Tweaked CPU going for it
Can use a backup player as a kick returner
Fixed bye week erasing previous game stats
Possible fix for incorrect division sort
New achievements:
-Complete 20 seasons
-Pass for 500 yards in a game
-100% pass completion in a game
-25y kick return
-50y kick return
-75y kick return
-Score a TD return
Added kickoffs
Added replay controls
Added gameplay pause
Updated gamepad controls
Fixed incorrect onside kick chance
Updated crowd sounds
Added 1st down kneel celebration
Fixed CPU punting when losing in overtime
Fixed OT rules regarding field goals
Added tutorial fail messages
Overtime coin flip tweaked (50/50 on Extreme)
Fixed QB not being sacked for more than 5 yards
Updated Retro Bowl history
Updated team strengths
Fixed tutorial fail when driving right
Fixed kicking cheat
Fixed editing of division and conference names
Fixed zoom when kicking
Fixed kicker not getting tackled
Fixed clock stopping on 4th down conversion
Fixed league report screen buttons
Added QB slide anim
Fixed player game rating issue
Fixed 16-0 achievement description
Clock stops for turnover on downs
CPU won't onside kick when tied
Fixed inverse stamina issue
Bullet throws easier to complete
Save system updated
Other games and links screen added
Fixed PS label on W18 load slot
Fixed kick arrow issue
Fixed iPhoneXR juking issues
Continue button doesn't need to be pressed
Field goal range extended to 66 yards
Fixed 16-0 achievement
Updated stadium roof types
More chance of poor catchers dropping ball
Updated AI onside kick logic
Fixed play-off seeding crash/schedule issue

Gamepad controls working again
Retro Bowl "home" team now random
Coordinator crash fix
Kick-off/continue buttons added
Uniform update (thanks @RetroBitCoach)
17 game schedule (when a new season starts)
Bullet throws (second tap whilst aiming)
Added 1st down anim
Added cheerleader anim
QB attempts and completions not recorded for 2pt conversions
Fixed unlimited contract extensions
Increased name pool
Added choice of roof type in editor
Blitz tweak
Tweaked CPU team 4th down logic
Tweaked CPU team onside kick logic
Onside kicks offered on tied score
QB not credited with additional catch after a fumble
Player ratings adjusted according to quarter length
Divisional round seeding
Tiebreakers now H2H > div/conf win pct > net pts
Tweaked praise/criticise effect
Fixed iOS9 crash
Achievement issue fixed
Fixed edited conference names on job offer screen
Fixed difficulty level display during replays in snow
Fixed OL fan rating
Tweaked player awards
Fixed forced fumble effect on game rating
Fixed 5 star player ratings
Added Tampa Bay to RB winners list (new careers)
Fixed scout button on maxed potential players
Retirement delay costs are exponential
Patched keyboard exploit
Tweaked DPOY award
2 extra uniforms per team
Implemented 14 team playoff structure
Added bye week for #1 seeds
Added onside kicks
Kicker accuracy affects onside kick chance
Added 1 min game length
Fixed clock usage when opposition go for it on 4th
Fixed TE not getting route if other is benched
Ball choice is save dependent
Fixed DF not getting XP for sacks
Tweaked OP/DP awards
Added prev/next buttons to meeting screen
Fixed player rating drop when levelling up
Fixed fumble out of bounds in endzone
Fixed OT not ending after a FG and a failed drive
Safety can end overtime
Can check stats when resigning a player
Fixed correct player question always being left button
Fixed maxed out rookies not showing potential in draft
Can use apostrophes in names
Tweaked AI clock use and yardage
Fixed unnecessary energy hit on Extreme
Fixed AI punting after 4th down sack
Reduced kicker fatigue
Fixed OT rules
XP for forced fumbles
Fixed low rated free agents
Fixed DL getting interceptions
Increased effect of OL and TE blocking
Reduced RB nerf in Extreme
Fixed bye week exploit
Updated league report screen
Fixed post game question crash
Fixed receivers getting stuck on pylon
Fixed bye week exploit
Reduced fan hit on releasing newly signed players to 15%
Reduced player morale boost cost
Dynamic replays now trigger on passes over 25y
No dynamic replays on 2pt conversions
Staff hires refresh at start of new season
Added rushing attempts to league report
Added receptions to league report
RBs terminate receiving route earlier
Tweaked injury chance
Tweaked defense
Tweaked awards
Added half stripe ball
Tweaked energy recovery on Extreme
Fewer weak teams on harder difficulties
Receivers initials always shown
Defenders can dive head-on
Added replays (unlimited version)
Difficulty option no longer restricted to unlimited version
Added ball styles
Updated clock usage
New text and fixes
Can refresh staff list to force higher staff ratings
Added 2nd page of free agents
Can refresh free agent list
Actual star rating shown on job offers in Extreme
Added quarter scores to post-game screen
Fixed OT rules
Opposition can receive OT kick off on any level except Easy
Audibles reset in OT
Improved RB award chances
Tweaked AI catch radius
Can add player to HOF before releasing him
Can boost squad morale
Can boost squad condition
Can increase salary cap
Can boost player morale
Can boost player condition
Can level up player
Can extend player contracts
Can delay player retirement
Bigger hit on squad morale when releasing newly signed player
30% hit on fan relationship when releasing newly signed player
Added player season stats to league report screen
Possible juke fix
Reduced save file size (may help with app closing when taking a call)
Minor anim fixes
Added new post game questions
Draftees need scouting to reveal potential
Added scout trait (can scout 3 extra players during the draft)
Should always be at least a couple of good players left in the first draft round
More defenders means more chance of stopping the opposition
Tweaked pocket time
Mid-ranged dig and out routes added
Star tight ends always get the route if available
Added forced fumble stat
WRs swap sides when changing ends
Tweaked running speed
Opposition can go for it on 4th down
Tweaked injury rate
Fixed AI team getting multiple plays on 0:00
8 letter name length
Fixed standings error
Potential fix for HOF crash
Can use a timeout to kick after choosing 4th down
Tighter CB position on short yardage
Fixed blank schedule results page
Added 2 save slots
Adjusted team strength balancing (and conference strengths)
Tweaked award calculations
QBs and Kickers don't start losing strength until 35
High rated free agents get taken quicker
Free agent costs aligned with with resigning player costs
Players have a hidden development trait which affects xp rate
OL tackle stat changed to blocks
Can use periods in edited names
Can edit conference and division names
Increased energy recovery during play-offs
Updated uniforms
Added extreme difficulty

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Unlimited Version
(Unlocks the unlimited version)
CF520934693✱✱✱✱✱ F68165E✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 250
(Boost your team with 250 credits)
CF679036501✱✱✱✱✱ 8124E92✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 50
(Boost your team with 50 credits)
CF376451201✱✱✱✱✱ 8B34CEF✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 100
(Boost your team with 100 credits)
CF373537197✱✱✱✱✱ 8D7B3D1✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 500
(Boost your team with 500 credits)
CF394759011✱✱✱✱✱ 201BD79✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 75
(Boost your team with 75 credits)
CF948174123✱✱✱✱✱ 764EE38✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 25
(Boost your team with 25 credits)
CF751461186✱✱✱✱✱ 5A9E7A4✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
902.6K Ratings


The game is without a doubt one of my favorite apps i’ve ever downloaded and i continue to love playing this game. Although, i think they should update it with a feature where you can see opposing teams roster, coaches, facility ratings, etc. They should also do something where you can simulate different choices during the game like getting an injured player halfway through the game so you have to make a decision on whether or not to let them keep playing type of scenario. I also think that letting you choose your defense set up or different defensive plays would be cool. I say that because of the fact the game only uses a 4-3 defense and i’d love to see my team with a 3-4 defense and occasionally a 5-1 defense on the goal line maybe. I think it would also be neat if they added the option of drafting or getting a punter from the free agents list where the better the punter would also help with a better, more dominant performance from the defense cause the offense would have to gain more yards. The option to not only customize your team on premium but also your stadium, field, and stands would be really neat. Getting the option to make an avatar for yourself as the head coach would be really cool or the option to edit parts of your story leading up to becoming head coach of that team that you chose or got selected to. I think these would be really cool in a future update to the game or even a possible sequel. Nonetheless 5 star game without a doubt!!
Best sports game on App Store!
This game is incredible, I love everything about it, but that doesn’t mean there’s room for improvement. One thing I wish you would do is add it so you can see a opposing teams roster, coaches, etc. along with during gameplay you can see your opponents Star players on defense, like how you do with the users players. I’m pretty sure other people have said this in their reviews too, but it would be awesome if we were able to start in college or choose to stay in college, I don’t care if I have to pay for that feature, I would get it either way. Another one is of course the option to play on defense as well. I think it would be cool if you added a simulation feature to it, so you can sim games you don’t wanna play, because sometimes after like 5 full seasons of games, you just kinda get tired of playing and wish you could progress your career and franchise without actually having to play the football game. Also I think it should be easier to get Coach Credits, sometimes it’s really hard to resign guys because you don’t have enough cap room, but the only way to make more is to either cut someone or pay Coach Credits to expand the cap, but the expansion cap is mega expensive and the only way to get it without paying real money for more Coach Credits is to farm them for like 10 season. I think if you add this stuff this game becomes App games hall of fame worthy. Keep updating and make this game even better!
Hope bug fixes are coming soon
This is without a doubt the best sports game you can play on your phone. Full stop, no competitor. I was really excited to see the kick return update last week, but I’m really hoping we get a bug fix update soon that can return the rushing game back to normal. It’s almost unplayable right now taking a 3 yard loss one of out of every five times you try to run the ball. There’s no way I’m the first person to bring it up so I hope it’s coming soon! I’d love to see RetroBowl MVPs and maybe halftime stat breakdowns in future updates. Would also love to see a 3rd interchangeable receiver added as well like you can with TEs. I’ve seen other people say they’d like to see the other players and star players league wide and I totally agree. Would make the trade/free agency market more fun. Would love to have league wide stat boards as well to see who is leading in different categories and make record stats league wide and not just for the franchise. Hope updates like that roll around eventually, I would totally pay for any upgrades that come along. I enjoy the soccer game as well but it isn’t quite as addicting. Would love to see other sports as well, basketball would probably be pretty tough in this format but I bet baseball would be awesome. Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 for SNES would probably be sort of the model for that I’m guessing. Mostly came to plead that the rushing gets fixed but rambled on. Keep up the great work.
This game is good period. Without a doubt the second you download this game, your hooked. Improving your team with pixels from way back when, that’s amazing! First thing I would suggest is being able to play Defence. I just think it would be so cool if you were able to play with the your opponents but on Defence. That would also provide room for multiplayer. I think it would also be cool if you could play with a friend, play by play. Second thing I would suggest is logos for teams. That would be put in the middle of the field of course and where you keep the score. Third thing is Being able to make longer games. With Defence and longer games, this would Improve your game better than it already is. Fourth. I think people have already asked this a billion times, but it’s just a good idea. You should be able to have a mode that allows you to have real players, current and past. Such as Tom Brady or Brett Favre. Fifth, and last. Simulator mode. Kinda like a idle game where you upgrade things but better. I think it would be cool to be able to build and improve stadiums and be able to see what your doing, and make restaurants inside your stadium. This is one of the random ideas, but I’m just trying to provide suggestions for future updates. Thank you for making such a fun game, have a wonderful day-month-year and I hope you put my thoughts into consideration. Thank you again. - Sincerely, DogeMan 😏
Best app for passing time
Games are short and easy for premium team customization is great I literally made a whole college roster with it gameplay is amazing the graphic are simple but amazing passing and running are great but things they could improve on is that there should be a option to put one of your players on kick returns cause i don’t like how slow the normal ones are and I feel like they could improve on dynamic difficulty I wanna feel the struggle against a 8-2 team and not the score being 60-20 and then the next week where a 1-8 team drops 55 on me and I barely get by but that’s pretty much my problems with the second one I can just easily change the difficulty to extreme I like the role of the upgrade system with the franchise like the stadium where if you lose with a 1 stadium your fan base basically goes to 100 to 50 from 1 lose to a 10 stadium where the fan base is barely affected like the role coordinators play and the attributes play but to finally cut this off my take away is you can pick up this game do the bare minimum by just playing games or get into the more complicated side with managing cap , coordinators, facilities, contracts , players morale or condition and trying to break records and you can get caught up in it I’ve never been more invested in a franchise centered sports game since like 2014 with ncaa 14 and if this game to me is better than madden 23 as a whole that says a lot
Fun retro style game. Better with the premium version
This game is very fun. I’m on yr 13 on my save slot. I paid the dollar for the premium version and it’s definitely worth it plus the 25 CC. I am dedicated to keeping my QB on the team. He is 4 1/2 stars with MAXED arm strength. He has 3 rings and 3 MVPs. I like the option to switch from team to team. One thing that could change is when you switch back to one of your teams after one year I wish you could still have some of your former players. The good thing about the premium is that you can tag them for your HOF so you can remember your former players and see how many rings and awards they had as well as there stats. This game is worth the download and it barely takes any space up which is a plus. I strongly recommend getting the premium version for the dollar just to get started. One good strategy that I used to get started after a while of playing is once you start trade your players that are not so good for draft picks so you can pick younger better players. I also like being able to have 5 save slots at the same time. It’s good also because you don’t have to spend money to win like most other games and it has no annoying pop ups of new offers. It has a very simple shop where you can get CC coaching credits, as well as websites to browse at shirts and hoodies. Over all this is a 100/5 stars worth the download.
What I think
I feel like overall the game is really good I feel like #2 football game in the App Store obviously behind madden but I prefer this game I like everything is has to offer with hopes there’s more updates in the future I feel like the game is fun but it’s missing something to me I feel like star players make a difference but you can’t really do any moves I feel like qb scramble could definitely get more interesting I don’t like how you can’t play defense it’s almost pointless to get defensive players to me overall I feel like gameplay is my biggest problem I’m waiting for some massive update or something where this game will dominate the app market The off-season is also very cool wish there was more to the draft process and I wish free agency was a thing I think the coaches kinda make a difference maybe let’s higher rank coaches have access to different plays or something to make it feel like they actually matter outside a buff or upgrade In conclusion I feel like this is a really fun game and I will continue to play it hopefully this game becomes more of a complete football but as of now still think this a good quality game

Also I feel like trading is fun I wish you could trade your own picks for other teams players or picks and make the game more competitive

I get it’s a fast paced game but I wouldn’t mind it slowing down for better quality
idshdbtn no,
Really good game
Overall 10/10 game but a couple changes could be made to make it even better. First I think the trading system could be expanded upon. The option to trade players for players or picks for players would be cool. Also a trading block and ability to trade multiple players/picks would be great. Another thing I would change is the option for a legit Hail Mary. Most NFL quarterbacks can throw at least 50 - 60 even yards even at the end of a game but the max a quarterback can throw in this game is like 30 or 35. Maybe near the end of a half or game the option to call a Hail Mary where your quarterbacks arm strength and receivers speed increases significantly but it is still a very difficult play would be awesome. Another problem is with the simulation mode. I think simulating games was a great addition to the game but the players stats are clearly completely off of what happened in the game. For example, sometimes a kicker will miss twice in a game but afterwards it will show he was perfect or you will score 4 touchdowns but it will show the quarterback threw four himself and the runningback scored one rushing. Also, the new retrobowl mvp award has some issues. It keeps getting awarded to the players who barely made an impact. My tight end had 3 catches for 29 yards and won it over everyone else. Other than these things the game is pretty much perfect.
Nostalgic App that takes you back to the best of an era
I don’t ever write reviews but I love this game! Definitely one that brings back memories of my youth and has the same great action! Love the player skill development and free agency and draft features. Coordinator hires and development with traits adds to the game play as well. Retro feel but with dynamic features that app developer put a twist on. Look forward to more updated versions that could possibly add more roster slots so you have younger players on deck to build up skill-wise while veteran players get ready to retire. Would love to review other team player stats and also a leaderboard with comparable stats for each position. More realistic trade scenarios where trades are proposed to your team as well as you can go in and request a player trade from opposing teams. The app should have the ability to track or realistically keep stats on previously developed players from old teams if you change teams and if they also get traded once your heading a new team. That would give you the ability to pursue and trade or sign previous players you’ve had on your roster and have had success with before. Also lastly, developers can surely bump up the difficulty in the AI just a few notches for more challenging seasons. Looking forward to more app developments and updates!
The Patriot pablo,
Great game but needs some fixing
Retro bowl is a great game don’t get me wrong, its just frustrating. First of all you should have the option to be one of the players meaning that you should be able to have a qb franchise or a wr franchise and not only be able to be a coach. Also you should be able to request a trade or demand a release from the team your on because I’ve been on the chargers for 6 years and I signed a 4 year contract. Also the other teams offense is a 1 star rating and I have a 5 star rating defense and the other team scores a touchdown every possession, I literally mean every possession. Also if one of my players are on a fast break the defense catches up every time. How does the defense not run out of energy yet my players have max stamina and run out of energy in like 3 seconds. Another thing, when you throw the ball it’s almost like it’s an interception every single throw. If I throw it 3 yards or less near a defender then it’s going to be an interception. If you throw it anywhere near a defender it will be an interception. Even if there not that close to it but there in diving range they still intercept it without diving, it’s annoying how I have to keep allowing points and changing possession. Also players that don’t have a name and a star above there head are just flat out useless they gain 3 yards in 5 seconds, like what’s the point. Other than that it’s a really good game and I really recommend it.