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Developer: New Star Games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 0.8.15
ID: com.newstargames.retrobowlcollege


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The official spin-off of the smash hit RETRO BOWL takes you back to the old-school. If you thought managing a Pro Team was a challenge - you've seen nothing yet!

Make a name for yourself as a winning Head Coach for one of 250 College teams. Manage tight budgets and encourage your hotheaded young players to keep their eye on the ball when they're surrounded by the temptations and distractions of College life. Can you tell the difference between the next Pro Football superstar and the party animal who doesn't know when to quit? Can you foster their talents and help them make the Draft? Can you turn your school into the greatest Football College of all time?

Version history

• 1-point conversions are now taken from the correct yard line.
• Fix for the "Perfect regular season" achievement not unlocking.
• Fix for flickering colors on player uniforms on the side of the field.
• Fix for the YOUR HISTORY conference placements and Rankings being offset by 1 (e.g. "0th" instead of "1st").
• Head Coach statistics no longer start with 10 games already played.
• Fix for completion stat being over 100%
• Fix for players' season/career stats mismatch.
• Edited Conference acronyms can now be 4 characters long instead of 3.
• Fix for a crash when entering the Rankings menu using a controller.
• Fix for the Head Coach name not appearing correctly in some Epilogues.
• Fix for the Awards not being formatted correctly in player CVs.
• Fix for incorrect links back to the Conference name editor when editing the "Atlantic Championship".
• Edited competition names no longer persist when re-using a deleted career slot.
• Fix for uniform related crashes in the pre-match screen.
• Fix for keyboard controls on MacBook (where available)
• Fix for a crash which could occur at the end of the season when finishing the Pro Draft.
• Fix for a crash which could occur after winning a notable game and which would persist over a 'Loading' message when reloading that save.
• Fix for a crash which could occur when accessing the Yearbook. (History data may be corrupted; this is being investigated)
• Fix for a crash which could occur when pressing the Head Coach card. (History data may be corrupted; this is being investigated)
• Fix for a crash which could occur when scrolling the Rankings.
• 12-man roster is now working properly.
• Boosting GPA above the Lift Suspension threshold with a Meeting makes the player available for the next game instead of the subsequent week's game.
• GPA no longer reduces in the same week if boosted from a Bye Week dilemma.
• Overtime possession order is now more realistic.
• Overtime periods are now numbered.
• Revoking scholarships during the Admissions process no longer reduces the morale of newly recruited Freshmen.
• VIEW button added to the main menu so that OVR stats can be checked.
• Arrows added to Conference screens for additional quick navigation.
• Postseason competition names are now shown in the game strip in the main menu.
• Teams qualifying for semifinal Bowls are now highlighted in the in the Major rankings.
• 15th team is no longer missing from the Conference table for Minor conference "LITTORAL".
• Unused Bowl names have been removed from the Editor.
• "Major" and "Minor" in the player profile are no longer affected by Editor entries.
• Fix for a crash when restoring recent backup saves.
• Performance optimisations for load times in the menus.
• "Loading" message added to longer loading instances.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Unlimited Version
(Unlocks the unlimited version )
EF311304777✱✱✱✱✱ 3DE0D60✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 250
(Boost your team with 250 credits )
EF351857288✱✱✱✱✱ 36C9FCE✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 500
(Boost your team with 500 credits )
EF599399716✱✱✱✱✱ 3F817B3✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 100
(Boost your team with 100 credits )
EF488144145✱✱✱✱✱ 8A476B8✱✱✱✱✱
Coaching Credits x 50
(Boost your team with 50 credits )
EF773915971✱✱✱✱✱ 1157307✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
3 752 Ratings


Potential to be Great
I like how every game matters and that the margin for error to get into the CFP is small (unlike Retro Bowl, where it feels like all you have to do is make the playoffs to win the Retro Bowl). The signing process and scholarship cap also forces you to calculate and sacrifice more, and means you can’t build an all-out five-star dominate team, which keeps the game exciting when you play tough teams. The GPA meter is interesting, and I have no problem trying to maintain it during the season, but if GPA drops during the season shouldn’t it rise over the off-season? It doesn’t seem fair that a player’s low, end-season GPA remains the same the following year (did he not study during spring and summer semester!?). And a four or five star Minor team can actually be more difficult to beat than most Major teams, so there might need to be an adjustment there. And I’m still confused about how to maximize the prevention of fumbles, especially for running backs, who seem to fumble more than WRs and TEs. And, of course, maybe the ability to choose a few more teams at the beginning would be nice. Also, I never liked having to play the final game of the season as your first game as head coach; teams usually hire coaches before the new season, and I’d rather start fresh than be at the tail end of a crappy season.
Needs to be more like the current college game
Love the OG retro bowl and have customized it as a college game for awhile now. So I was super excited for an actual college version to play but have found this one a little disappointing. First off, the gpa is weird as a lot of people have commented on so it needs to be changed where you don’t have to bench your players every other week. Once or twice a season seems more accurate. Second, where is the transfer portal and NIL? These are huge parts of the current game and could be easily modulated from the pro versions free agency and salary cap. New star needs to research this and add it here. It would be a nice wrinkle to have to match NIL offers from other schools between seasons.
Third, why can’t you start at the school of your choice? I like the work your way up approach but also might like to pick my team for a different game just for fun. I want to be able to do both. RB is escapist entertainment and sometimes I want to escape by working my way through the ranks and sometimes by dominating with my fave team. Give both options.
Finally, I don’t understand why certain parts of the game aren’t included. If you have kick returns why not punt returns? Kickers but not punters? Let us play defense! And actually see our defensive players we recruit in action! Let us have more players! 12 is not enough.
Overall RB is the best sports game app hands down and my fave. Keep working to make it even better.
Can’t pick College of youre choice - but why not?
I like this game. I also like the regular, Retro Bowl, which I played for years now. The main problem with the college Retro Bowl is that you’re unable to pick the college of your choice. When you first start playing the game, you can only choose from a limited number of low to your colleges. The question is, why? Why Is it structured this way? If the goal of the developers is to have the players work their way up, I get it. However, at some point, it’s simply ridiculous to prevent people from playing the college that they really like.

If the goal is to prevent everyone from picking, for example, Alabama, and winning every game every year, well, then make it harder …. The real fun and joy of playing a college football game is the colleges themselves. If you can’t play the college that you like, then this game is maddeningly frustrating. To put it bluntly, as structured, it serves no purpose.

To be clear now I have won multiple majors championships with multiple teams, including Nevada and Las Vegas – I won with Las Vegas two years in a row - Which should set me up as a pretty good player. However, most of the major college teams are still blacked out and I cannot pick them to play. Why? It serves NO purpose.
Great game with small things to fix
I’ve been a fan of the bowl games for as long as I can remember and the developers are usually pretty good at making adjustments. College football is definitely a bit harder to manage due to the huge amount of teams, locations, bowls, rankings, standings, etc. I really do hope they can make it work because it’s ones of the best mobile games in our time. Issues I’ve noticed: ranking system is weird, doesn’t make sense at times; a lot of teams with the wrong names, and school colors (team editor helped for my favorite team); no way to maintain players GPA levels other than spending a lot of credits player by player each time (Maybe add option for investing in overall Academics); Other aspects missing is actual recruiting work not just admissions; the Transfer portal similar to Free agents in NFL version; having the name of the city or team in the end zone; other team being able to stop the clock with their own time outs; show the final top 4 teams in bracket form; finally implement some type of way to play defense and control my defensive stars. Great work to the whole team that has worked on this project. Hope it can continue to grow with a lot of support.
Great Game, small issues
First off, I love all of the “Retro” games you all have made. The depth of these simple mechanic games are incredible. I’ll probably never go back to the original Retro Bowl after playing this version. I don’t mind the GPA mechanic. It’s not hard to work around that. I never spent points in the original retro bowl on players so now I actually have to for GPA. I’d rather more focus go into how the rankings work each week.
For example I started at Vandy and I played Georgia week 7. Both undefeated me #14 and Georgia #1. I beat them and Georgia remained #1 the following week while I only climbed to #7. I’ve noticed lots of rankings are weird like a 3 loss bama team or Penn St. will still be top 5-6 and one loss teams will barely be in the top 10. I’d recommend applying some tweaks there. It really breaks the immersion of the game.
Also if a team doesn’t play in their conference championship at the end of the season it should hurt their ranking for the playoff. 3 loss bama shouldn’t be the #4 team in the playoff when they didn’t even play in their own conf championship.

Again, these are small issues and I love the game just ideas for how you could continue to tweak it.
dom rugby,
Awkward mechanics in the game
First off I love this game I have always liked cfb better than the nfl but have been disappointed in just a few aspects. First off I like how the game doesn’t let you pick the specific team and have you build up to get that offer, I have been an Ohio State fan for my whole life and the fact that I have to build up was kinda interesting but way too time consuming as it took me 9 straight seasons of winning the major to get me that offer. Second I think gpa was an interesting twist but I got my players gpa from a 1 to a 3 using coaching credits in the meeting and he still is benched? Finally I think it’s interesting how its much more difficult to become ridiculously overpowered because you 5 star players wont reach their potential by the time they’re out of college. I also think its weird how some jerseys are completely inaccurate since the teams don’t violate copy right, why was this not an issue in the original game, if you don’t know what I am talking about for example university of Illinois’ uniform is purple and yellow instead of the navy and orange, the indiana hoosiers are also like a texas orange instead of the dark red
Nickname here you go,
A bit rigged?
Great game and I recommend it highly. However, as you play on there is clearly an algorithm that works against the player. I have it on both the phone and ipad, so play two separate leagues and I play often (I travel a lot, so it’s a tidy little activity while the plane is boarding, etc). In two unrelated experiences the game is constantly penalizing me with negative issues, sometimes two at a time (curfew, skip studying, etc.). The game clearly wants me to pay for more credits to upgrade, increase GPA, increase happiness, etc. Similarly, the whole GPA path is basically a pay to play/win scheme, in this case, sort of literally. You essentially have to pay to play your players. Otherwise, they are often on the bench. In my lifetime I don’t know if I have ever heard of a star player actually benched for academic reasons, while if I didn’t pay for grades it would happen to almost every player every season. That’s a bit much. Injuries as well.

Finally, add a SIM button. All my offensive players are injured (another thing that has happened on iPhone/ipad at similar times), it would be good to sim the games without them.
Near perfect
The game is such a fun sequel to the original retro bowl, but there are just enough differences to make it a noticeably different experience. I think more players leaving during their Junior Years could be an interesting addition, as well as the installation of a transfer portal feature. The in-game sprite comparison between the original RB and RBC seems extremely odd- I took screenshots of my Colorado QB from RBC when he’s throwing and my custom team’s QB from RB when he’s throwing and the difference is very noticeable. The Retrobowl in-game sprites look more built and full, while the college sprites look like they’re starving. The college qb’s arm is one pixel thick! I’d love to see a mix of the sprites in the college game- maybe have the star players have the original sprite? I’m no game developer.

Another complaint is a stupid one, but when I see a college like Northern Iowa called NIU instead of UNI on the scoreboard just bugs me- same with Southern California not being called USC. I wish having the premium in the original retrobowl would transfer over to the college experience, but I could understand why it wouldn’t be.
Anynouoms Player,
I love this game but,
I love this game but, there are a couple major things missing, 1: A rivalry system, I know it may be complicated but if there could be something maybe in the team editor where you can assign a rival, and then the last week you play that rival should be a must in any college football game, 2: a transfer portal, I’m sure this is on the way but during the offseason you can select player that want to play for you with CC just like free agency, but only during the offseason, it’s not a necessary thing to add but it would be a great addition to give a team a boost, 3: finally, whenever player go to the draft and you over fill you scholarship fund I think it would be nice to receive some reward so what is for every 5k or 10k over the scholarship fund you go you get 1-2 CC to give incentives to have players declare early and give the player more chance to improve the facilities or raise the scholarship fund. Those are just some ideas I think would add a great deal to the game but still a great game, highly recommended to anyone
Retro Bowl College may be the best app I’ve ever downloaded. For College football fans, it doesn’t get better than this on mobile. It’s just like retro bowl but there are a few differences. First, seasons are 14 weeks, you get two bye weeks, and the playoff section of the season is a total 5 weeks long. The biggest difference is when people go to the NFL, they donate money back to your team, but they will not keep all the money. With the money you have left, you recruit players to your team. There is no salary cap. Another huge difference is you have to maintain your player’s gpas. If they drop below 1 or so, they can’t play unless it eventually goes up or you use coaching credits to make it go up. Overall, the game is insanely fun and very addicting. Every single college team including FCS schools are in the game. Some of the jerseys are off and some team names had to be changed for copyright purposes, but other wise, this is easily the best college football game I’ve ever downloaded on mobile. Maybe the best game ever.